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  1. Beautiful project. Waiting to see more of this build. And definitely i'm gonna try this game. Algo i'm goona give the try to the first part of this saga.
  2. Hey man those rings looks really good. I like how they looks in the dark.
  3. Pirra

    At Doom's Gate

    @Mooz that backplate is insame man. It really make the whole GPU shine. Keep it coming parce!!!
  4. Pirra

    Project VF8

    @L4mka awesome design, very clever man. See all the parts of the case and then everything build up is really inspiring!!
  5. Pirra

    At Doom's Gate

    daayumn man, what an awesome modeling job. The first demon is just impressive to see how you manage to get that finish from a 2d print, just mind blowing. And the final place of the frontal skull looks just insane with all tha 'spine thing' behind it. Definitely a world class modd man!!! Keep going witht it!!!
  6. Pirra

    At Doom's Gate

    Hey @MooZ i saw your project at LANeros man, is good to know that you're also part of the zoo. Great Project that you're doing man, keep going with it. I definitely subscribe to this thread.
  7. Great Build Man, I recently saw this project in one of Bill's Vlogs and looks great, the way you make all those things to work out really nice in that tiny room. Really nice and clean build. Definitely another great project in the Zoo!!
  8. I really love to see one of those stickers in my next build for the Campus Party!!! Great Sticker Mr. E.E.L.
  9. I can't believe i didn´t see this thread until now. I was looking for this kind of tutorial to make this in my rig. Great video man and thanks for sharing your knowledge!!
  10. Here is my very humble workplace. After 4 years of been modding in my tiny bedroom i finally manage to make this space throwing aways a few old things. The case is a NZXT Source 210, im trying to put a Pentium D, is part of an "Old days" project with hardware from 2006 - 2008.
  11. Pirra


    Really nice start for this one. And a nice Dremel you got there. I had of those and a 300 series... both of them are great tools... specially for modding. Following now.
  12. Man you're an astist. After i see Clunk and Hubris is obvious that your a great modder, but what you did with this project shows the level of art that you put in your work. Great one mate!!! Pretty Awesome job, is the perfect PC for a little girl. I salute you!!
  13. I really do miss your podcast guys. I was listening your episodes like two weeks ago, they were great man. I really like to hear about you in a reunion podcast, like an update of your project and The Zoo. The very first time i hear you podcart i realized that, no matter where you are from, if you're a pc case modder.. or scratch builder, you face the same issues, like the lack of time to make your projects, the lack of materials (maybe this is my case only), the depression after you finish a project, the longggggg time frame for a single project, etc. When i hear you guy talking about all this, through the episodes of you podcast.... maybe this sounds weird... by feel like home.... because before your podcast... I thought that all this happened only to me. I Whis you luck in your personal project and lifes... and i'll be glad to hear another episode of you guys.
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