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  1. Mr. Boddaker, I've been waiting for this mod! thank you Sir.
  2. fantastic build log Sean. Love how your work comes within an inch of total destruction, but you bring the whole shebang back together. great job sir.
  3. don't be alarmed by slightly higher temp on one GPU. this is normal, especially on those 560ti - I'm running a pair for the last few years - always 10 to 12 or so hotter on the top side.
  4. How about dust filter wins and fails? Storage has to be on the list of the best stuff. Sammy's 960 NVMe are bonkers and yes we should finally admit, if you're not making a custom loop, and are thinking of spending more than 50 bucks on an air cooler... you might as well get an AIO.
  5. Best: tempered Glass everywhere. Worst: RGB LED everywhere.
  6. valuable insight gentlemen. I'm going to pump the brakes on this venture and do some learning. cheers!
  7. So this morning, my buddy Paul asked me if I was interested in partnering to get a CnC machine. specifically this model: http://carbide3d.com/nomad/detail/ Paul intends to use this machine to further his current business in custom Vape mods, here's some of his work: Paul's Mods on Google Personally, I can see a few uses for this, especially with respect to PC mods. Honestly, I have no idea about any of this... but when business opportunities present themselves, it is important to open up conversation. Just looking for some pro insight really.
  8. Yes Axle. you could just fill the L360 and forget about it for possibly years. but where is the fun in that?
  9. Thankfully, websellers have dedicated fitting sections into "hard" and "soft" ... makes it at least a little easier to sort out.
  10. yep that valve ^^ and a male-male fitting on one side, and an end cap. Placement should always be the lowest point in your loop. the EK DCP 2.2 X-Res and Pump kit that comes in the L360 has multiple ports that would easily be adapted to a drain. So long as you mount the pump to the floor/base of your chassis. Drain port is the number one forgotten addon for new builders.
  11. Hello. welcome to the wacky world of watercooling! I would start your adventure with fulling installing the EK L360 ... great choice of kits, all you need is in the box. Get that running for a little while, the build process will open your eyes to some of the joys and pains. After you are satisfied, then consider making the jump to PETG. You'll need different fittings all round. The L360 uses 16/10mm compression fittings for soft tube, and these just won't work on hard tubes. My favorite coolant of all time is still distilled water with some propylene glycol. never fails. Then look at colored PETG .. Primochill have a small assortment, but I've never tested it out. Surely, others here will offer up something about coolants, Mayhems stuff and the like. good luck and document your success for a build log over here eh?
  12. Fellas. maybe this? episodes where modders review their older work logs and give us a "what the hell" perspective?
  13. high praise gentlemen. I'm no architect for sure. And I never made a diorama in grade school. but hopefully this practice will lend itself to a PC mod if my C70 fails??
  14. Thanks guys! Its as relaxing as it is fun. Here's a look at one of the boards I made for 2017. This is a graveyard and mausoleum. Don't go down the well.
  15. xu4

    so if you want to send one of these models for overseas testing, I'm your girl!