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Found 4 results

  1. Tempered glass seems to be quickly becoming the next big thing in computer cases these days. The Anidees AI Crystal has no shortage of tempered glass, sporting both side panels and the front in all tempered glass. It gives a cool aesthetic, and a full view into the case from all sides. It packs a good offering of features into a relatively small case, which is always nice to see. Read the Full Article Review HERE
  2. UPDATED 1/3/15 Hey all, Now that school is done and found a comfortable steady income, time to start collecting materials to begin working on the case. Bear with me as it might take a while to get everything constructed. I'll be fitting in work in between diaper changes of our new baby born Aug 21st 2015. So.... this will be a build that will take a long time to complete(just warning everyone now) :o Just wanted to get some input while in the beginning stages of the build. I am seeking sponsors, the more I get the quicker the build will complete. PARTS LIST P - Pending O - Ordered H - Have MAIN COMPONENTS MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming ATX Extreme OC - PCORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 - P Corsair RM Series 850 Watt ATX/EPS 80PLUS Gold - PKingston SSDNow V300 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive - PSeagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive - P COOLING Swiftech Apogee XL PPCS Custom Dragon II - PCorsair AF120s Twin Pack Quiet Edition(x2) - P !!! A huge thanks goes out to [@]Osco[/@] for donating the below bitspower fittings to the build! Monsoon Chain Gun Compression Fitting - 3/8"ID x 5/8"OD – Red - Quantity: 2 - HBitspower G1/4 Male to Female Extender - 30mm - Matte Black - Quantity: 4 - HBitspower G1/4" D-Plug Male / Male Coupler Set - Bold Red - Quantity: 1 - HBitspower SLI / Crossfire Multi-Link Adapter Pair - Deep Bold Red - Quantity: 2 pairs - HRigid PrimoChill Ghost Compression 3/8in. ID x 1/2in. OD Fitting – Knurled Grip – Anodized Black - Quantity: 1 - HBitspower Quick-Disconnect Male w/ Inner G1/4 - Matte Black - Quantity: 1 - HBitspower SLI / Crossfire Crystal Link Tube Set - HPhobya Fan Shroud 120mm Black x6 - HPhobya Y- Cable 3 pin to 6 3 pin splitter (black) - HPhobya Y- Cable 3 pin to 6 3 pin splitter (red) - HPhobya Y- Cable 3 pin to 4 3 pin splitter (red) - HPhobya Angled clip 90° for 19/13mm tubing (black) - HPrimoChill flex tubing x 6ft (Clear) - HPrimoChill flex tubing x 9ft (Black) - H MISC. MOD SUPPLIES Black Gutless Paracord - H (Night Shark Leftovers)Red Gutless Paracord - PWhite Gutless Paracord - PSeveral feet of sleeving (black) - H~24" of rubber trim (black) - H20 LED Station/ molex power - H24" LED (red) x2 - H24" LED (white) - H12" 8 pin Extension (black) - H18" 8 pin Extension (black) - H24" 24 pin Extension (black) - H12" 8 pin to 2x 4 pin Extension (black/red) - H12" SATA cables (red) x3 - H500mm 180 SATA cables (black) x2 - H500mm 90 SATA cables (black) x2 - H TO DO Take cases apart down to the bones - CompleteDesign custom reservoir and send to 3D printerTrim case #2(white) to match height of case #1(grey)Rework motherboard plate to provide management holesCut and redesign frame to allow for bottom and rear fansFlip back panel in reverse ATX stylePrice Acrylic vs Aluminum for new back cover, top panel, front coverOrder panel materialCraft top panelCraft back coverCraft front coverCraft cable routing coversPaintOrder any remaining componentsTest components for bad piecesInstall watercooling componentsTest fit componentsInstall asthetics(fan convers, fan controller)Install main componentsRedesign waterloop(if needed)Install loopLeak test loopFinalize buildPost final pictures and celebrate!! UPDATES - Most Recent First More Parts Sketchup Renders Black and Red? OR...... White and Red??? Design Considerations Air Flow Diagram Custom Waterfall Reservoir(for side panel) First Watercooling Parts Arrive Demolition of Cases
  3. Hello guys, Want to share with you my latest project. This project has been just finished, but with the shear lack of time was not able do the build log in the daily update style as I did with my Raised from the dead project, but any ways bear with me, as the project did turn out rather well :) So lets go: This is my interpretation of a Apple G5 case mod, turning the Apple G5 case to accept a ATX format motherboard. In this case a friend of mine had a rather beat up G5 case and wanted me to fix it up and install his mATX based PC inside. He wanted to keep the outside of the case as original as possible and to run everything on air, so there was not so much room for any mayor mods. Before he asked me to do this i did not even know that such things were made and after looking at some done projects on line, decided to accept the challenge, and plus im not the worlds greatest apple fan so Apple case + Dremel = FUN :) And fun it was :D My first priority was to make the cover for the back and to get a mobo tray. A old PC came in aid as it had a awesomely big mobo tray that was riveted to the PCIE slots and I/O opening so took out all the positioning issue for me. and for the back cover a piece of cardboard came in handy to measure out the dimensions and the cut outs correclty
  4. Happy 4th of July monkeys! OK, so here's the plan: I'm wanting to mod my nzxt case with a window, handle, psu cover, and hdd cage cover. (as well as some artwork) It's DRAGON themed (black with red accents). I currently have the idea of doing a chinese style dragon wrapping around the case with a glossy red vinyl (custom made vinyl work). I will also be doing some red LED lighting in the window and possibly in the front of the case where the fans have the little intake grill. For the hdd and psu cover, I was just going to get some black acryllic and do 90o bends to fit around them. I also had the idea of creating an acryllic video card blackplate but i'm not sure how it's done. Currently I'm running into a few problems. I'm not sure what design to use for the window cutout, and as for the handles, I would really like to just have one handle in the center of the case (so I can carry it with one hand and have my other hand free to carry my monitor or suit case) Plus, I have yet to come up with a cool name for this build. Project _______. help fill in the blank :) Tell me what you think. All criticism and ideas are going to be well considered.
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