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Found 15 results

  1. THEME Pretty simple, favorite sports team coming off of a championship year (http://www.Esks.com). CONCEPT Always wanted to do a scratch build. Custom "wind tunnel" design allows air to enter through the back platform, push through the PC and past the radiator on top. Built to support up to two 360mm radiators. Water-cooled, dual GPU design. 3D-printed supports with aluminum bar and acrylic sides. Intended to be dead-simple and repeatable. SPECS Details TBD Twitter: @Krepadoodle || Project Hash Tag: #ESKIMOD2 Initial test print worked out pretty well. Just used a simple 10% infill for now. Bar slipped right into place. Will add screw holes for final print.
  2. In my spare time i started designing this res. If you have feedback or questions, please post.
  3. Well, the title basically sums up my question. I'm looking at either sleeving my current PSU, a ZX-850W, or buying a new PSU with better looking cables (i.e. flat stock modular cables). I've had this power supply for about 3.5 years. I've tossed around the idea of sleeving it for some time now, and every time I start to do it again, I realise how much of a mess the pin out is on this thing! It is about as far away from a one-to-one pin out as you can get. Basically I'm looking at getting about a $150 in sleeving supplies or using that money towards a new PSU. And if you're wondering, I will eventually sleeve the new one if I get one. So if you're suggesting power supplies, keep in mind I'd like to find one that is better suited to make custom cables for. If anyone has any input or thoughts, please let me know. It's all appreciated!
  4. Hello there! I'm rather new into the case modding world but I feel I've been progressing quickly. This buildlog took place between late 2014 into early 2015. I've always been very interested in computers and as many others, more interested in the hardware and how a computer works more than the games that you can play. I decided to make my own case mod, at first I did not have a name for it so it went under a build name called Project Blue Dream 2.0, but as the build progressed I started getting clearer visions of how I want the PC to look like when I was done. The name that I decided on was Project Chernobyl, I'll tell you more about how I thought of the name later in the build log. Well, Who am I? My name is August Lindgren and I'm a soon to be 17 year old student, on my spare time I do quite a variety of things, I like to ride snowmobiles, dirtbikes, workout, play on my PC but mostly, build PCs. I started this project because I really wanted to achieve something, something good! I apologize in advance for the image quality during the build but I assure you there will be better photos for my later builds! now that you know who I am, let's get started with the build log! The current specifications in the system are: CPU - AMD fx-8320 ( 20x * 220Mhz @ 1.365V = 4.4GHz) MOBO - Sabertooth 990fx R 2.0 RAM - Kingston HyperX 16GB 1600MHz GPU - R9 270x Vapor-x GPU2 - R9 270x Vapor-x PSU - Corsair HX 1000i HDD - 1x WD green 1tb SSD - Kingston v300 128 GB SPU - Xonar Phoebus Solo here are some pictures of what the computer used to look like before I got started. And here is my first vision of what I wanted the build to look like. These renders were created in Google Sketchup 2015 and rendered in Visualizer. So I got to work! List of things to be done Strip the case of all its panels and hardware Get the fanrings painted yellow Paint the front bezel yellow remove heatsinks from RAM and Motherboard for respraying I started prying of the heatsinks from the RAM sticks for repainting. This is the front bezel, fan rings and the ram sticks painted. I also painted the motherboard heatsink but I forgot to take a proper photo of it. Massive pile of hardware here these are the new fans that will be going into the system, also with yellow painted fan rings instead of the dull blue ones. at first I thought this was just going to be a small little project but it ended up being so much more than just that. as the project went on I got more and more ideas for it and started over again, and again, and again.. here are some pictures from after the first mod was done. doing some test fitting. First update! I consider my first goals with this mod to be complete but I want to do a lot more. I've just finished ordering a custom loop so I'm very excited about getting started. to be honest I ordered quite a bit of stuff.. Here's a list! EK-Coolstream PE 360 EK-CSQ 10/16mm G 1/4 Black EK-Supreme LTX AMD Acetal CSQ Laing DDC 12v XSPC Reservoir Primochill LRT Crystal clear 10/16 Feser one UV Yellow Phobya UV Flexlight Phobya TwinLED UV Phobya Y cable 3 pin to 4x 3 pin Alphacool universal pump mount A third Acer G246hl 24" 1080p AX 4200 Triple Monitor Stand A1 Saga XXL Mousepad I recieved some surprise income and decided to purchase all the things I've been wanting to get. as most of my friends know I'm rather of an OCD case when it comes to cable management, I'm extremely particulour about how I want my cables to sit and look like, so redoing my actual setup is started to happen on a regular basis. more mods on the way! Going to go buy some acrylic sheets that will act as both a PSU cover, Midplate and some GPU backplates. Second update! All the acrylic is purchased and is sitting next to me, I also bought some primer and a few cans of black color. as always, there are some cardboard models of how the acrylic will sit.. Because why not, right? I measured out the acrylic and cut them to size, also got started on bending the sheet for the PSU cover. I was walking around the house when I noticed an old external 2.5" drive, so I dismantled it and made a little SSD case for it! Here are the acrylic sheets all done and painted. Doing some test fits before fastening them properly Third Update! Unfortunately there has been some delays regarding the custom loop, I'm sorry to have kept you guys waiting! Here are some pictures of the first layout. Good news! no leaks, woohoo. I found it extremely hard to actually bleed the loop with the tiny reservoir mounted in the bottom so for the bleeding part I placed it ontop of the case instead, found that was much easier! I must say I am a bit disapointed on the fluid, but really depends on the lighting and from which direction you're looking at it. I managed to get some pretty good shots of the loop while bleeding. Here's a picture of the tiny reservoir I was talking about. here is a perfect example of what I meant with the fluid switching colors! it looks a lot more green in some places. So I ordered some sleeving guys! I really thought the blue cables would suit better in the build but they appeared not to. I ordered some yellow, black and gray sleeving, Which I found suits the build a lot better. there's happen a few things now actually, I've done quite a lot of things. Sleeved all the cables. Mounted "Biohazard" fangrills, more coming soon! Got the text "Chernobyl" printed on the side of the PSU cover and on the front panel. Metal Biohazard logo on the front panel and also got some white E22 decals on the fans, I really don't like the look of the corsair logos on the fans and especially not when they are spinning as they are not centered.. Pictures under the sleeving process! Jesus it makes your fingers hurt. First wire done! I actually ended up redoing the sata cables as I didn't like the look of all yellow. I couldn't post the final pictures directly because I felt that I had to get a better camera for it as my one really isn't doing this build justice. And here we go! I called my cousin who works with photography and she was able to bring her Canon EOS 7D Mark II over and help me get some really good photos! Here are the final pictures guys, the moment we've all been waiting for! Now, you might be wondering how I came up with the name Chernobyl? Yes, it's actually a really simple story, I've always been interested in nuclear plants and especially Chernobyl, I don't know what it is but it just interests me. and late one night while I was sitting just glaring at my computer I got the feeling of a nuclear plant looking at the fluid going through the tubing, that typical "green-ish" look. in my opinion sort of looks radioactive, so I decided to call the computer Chernobyl! Now before you say anything. Yes, I know the reservoir is way too small and I am planning to change it as soon as money allows me to do so. I will be moving on to a cylinder reservoir instead and also I will be changing out the fluid to Mayhems Pastel yellow at some point. but that is for another time. I really appreciate all you guys for reading this log and giving me all the feedback, it has really helped to help me make it through the project! Thank you. August Lindgren
  5. Hello, I present to you the Infinity, a personal project that is under development. The project is already in progress for several months and have i’ve done regular updates on various places on the web, I decided to enter here too ;) Thanks to all those who have supported this project with a special thanks to my Father. Always been a goal for me to have a real computer (situations in life like school and work sometimes make choices in laptops). The purpose of this machine, it’s not just gaming, i will use in video and 3D renderings, and of course terms of photography (some already know what is "my thing"). Also want to add that it is my first project, and it really have much value to me, few understand this value. Hardware: Case: NZXT H440 (White) Processor /CPU/: AMD FX 8350 Unlocked Graphics /GPU/: Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC Motherboard: MSI 990FXA-GD80 RAM: G-Skill Ripjaws 2x8Gb (16Gb) @1833 Mhz Power Supply /PSU/: Corsair RM850 SSD: Crucial MX100 256Gb HDD: Seagate Barracuda 3Tb WaterCooling: Water/additives: Water: Tudor Bi demineralized Color: Mayhems Dye Dark Blue 15ml Biocide: Mayhems Biocide 10ml Anti-Corrosive: AntiCorro-Fluid 50ml Bomb: Alphacool VPP655 - T12 Bomb Top: Alphacool HF D5 TOP - Plexi G1/4 Reservoir: Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 15 LT Radiator: Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 360mm Tube: Masterkleer tubing PVC 16/10mm (3/8"ID) clear Fans: 3x Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-3 Bionic fan 1900rpm CPU Block: EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel GPU Block: EK Water Blocks EK-FC780 GTX Ti DCII - Nickel Backplate: Feita em acrílico e personalizada (updates em breve) Fittings: Monsoon 16/10mm (ID 3/8" OD 5/8") compression fitting's Monsoon 16/10mm (OD 5/8") Rotary 45° - White Monsoon 16/10mm (OD 5/8") Rotary 90° - White Monsoon screw plug G1/4 - White T-piece inner thread G1/4 - compact – knurled - MSV I took several pictures of the water cooling products, the objective is to see in more detail and also what brings in the boxes. Since they are 96 photos i cant post here on the forum :( This LINK is an album with all the photos mentioned in my official facebook page. Peripherals: Monitor: Benq XL2420T 3D Speaker's: Harman Kardon SoundSticks III Mouse: Razer Lanchesis 5600 Dpi's Keyboard: Steelseries Apex UPS: APC Back-UPS CS 650 Webcam: Logitech C920 [ Gamepad's: Microsoft XBOX 360 (PC) Extras: LED's Light's: NZXT Sleeved LED kit 2m (24 white LED's) Sleeves: MDPC-X (grand bleu+ white-x+ black) Cable Combs: E22 Clear (24; 8; 6) Card Reader: TRANSCEND USB 3.0 MultiCard Reader The choice of components and peripherals was not easy! The objective was a harmony between performance/quality and price. Some of the peripherals i acquired over time and due to its good state of preservation and functionality, until they prove otherwise they will continue in service! Yes, I know, I challenged many odds and divide opinions, i always have the last word and the final decision. I feel that I did my decisions well and I can say that everything is in harmony as tested after the assembly, using the term "no fan boy" machine was also created to show that you don't need follow the "manual"/"opinions" and create a machine with one or even two reference marks, i've created this machine with a variety of brands and, believe it is a pleasure saying that at the end of all the research work of compatibility between parts everything works! Challenges: Undoubtedly a major challenge was the sleeving of the cables, despite having been advised to buy extensions, i wanted to do "by hand" a complete sleeving on the original psu cables. An adventure, which is risky and most often does not pay. Let me explain, if you have experience in this area, and you have done sleeving already and have the necessary materials, go for it! You can create something unique and personalize your way, and you can even save a few $ . Speaking from my experience in this field, i've never done sleeving, I saw some videos on YouTube, but thats not enough! Each case is different, and I can tell you that it takes experience to do things correctly is a challenge I am willing to help others to overcome some barriers that I had. I bought the sleeves in MPDPC X-site, are of good quality. Right now, I have the following cables sleeved CPU (8pin); Motherboard (24pin); GPU (8 + 6pin) by me, i also have more thats comes already sleeved (LED’s; Fans). The first cable that i started was the CPU and as I said the experience was still not much, so it was not as perfect as I wanted, but i can re-do ;) General advice: Check (and check again) that you have everything you need; is very important do a very good mapping of the pins of the connectors before removing. Another challenge was the cable management. After several suggestions and opinions like: velcro; cable ties and etc … Then i found a better way, check the photos bellow ;) LEGO Modding: LEGO marked my life in a special way and have a meaning for me, in terms of this project, don't you agree with me when I describe how LEGO is timeless and functional while keeping the simple design !? The harmony between the LEGO and the system is unique and very functional, making the ability to make different look’s. I order the LEGO baseplates (white color) in the bricklink website, and believe me now is easier to find ;) The baseplates arrived, then i proceed to cut them. It is not easy to cut these baseplates, i suggest a sharp x-acto. I hold the baseplates to the case with a strong double sided tape (thanks Sergio Lima for providing the tape). The photo bellow show the hole i made in the case to drain the loop, its the lowest point on the case ;) A view from the two areas with LEGO's. This is the Showboard zone. (FUN SHOT) Ive got awesome minifigures (FUN SHOT) Polar bear want a piece of Infinity. (FUN SHOT) Inception, a laptop inside a desktop. LEGO LED holders This is just an example of a simple way using LEGO's to make a baseplate in horizontal. (FUN SHOT) Too fat ?! My GPU can hold LED's in the Showboad area. LEGO's selected to use in the box, all within in the color scheme. The Showboard The objective is to show something customized by printing on vinyl. Below there are photos showing the dimensions (with margins), and a photo that only serves to realize the place in question and the proportions (let me make clear that they are not final photographs from the project with the quality that I intend to). I already made some awesome design’s ;) PS: I want to remind everyone that Showboard is modular and uses LEGO to hold on the baseplate that remains behind the Showboard! And I do not want in any way minimize the importance of LEGO in my project! Dimensions / Print Margins: More real perspective through some photos: A simple behind the scene: Initial photos of the project and mounting hardware: Mounting hardware date: 28 June 2014 Water Cooling The water cooling system was completed and in operation on 15 October 2014. A big Thanks to everyone who helped João Pedro; Ricardo aka r1sKas from the BenchX website and Luís Alves aka Shuper 'Luu' from Moda'a'foca forum. Here is the first video, moments after filling the loop, you can see the addition of color in the loop (Mayhems Dye Dark Blue), the first drop is always special! However I've done other tweaks and additions since the video: re-adjusted the tube coming out of the GPU to the reservoir and added an awesome LED’s lighting. The Infinity Project is not just the case, it's the whole setup that surrounds it. Keyboard SteelSeries Apex The water cooling ambient | Believe me when i say in person is way better. Future This project not finished, there are still three main thing’s that i have to do. - I want to control the fans 120mm (every 7 of them). - Tempered Glass side window. - Backplate for the graphic card, waiting for resolution and I really need some help overclocking Infinity components to a stable 24/7 OC. Thanks for the opportunity for sharing my Infinity project, i always like to see your feedback ;)
  6. Hello everyone, This worklog contains two special projects respectively: Ultimate White - modder Tombino- Sharingan - modder C3r34L K1Ll3rs The reason why we introduce a single worklog is because we are united by 'EXTREME MODDING FACTORY, which is a project born from a shared passion for modding and then resulted in a great deal of work amicizia.Ci completely customized materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, wood and plexiglass and the like and we can work with the aid of milling machines, CNC or laser cutting. The only limit to our work is the imagination, anything you can think of just design it and draw it and in the end you create. These projects have been completed recently, but we are making sweeping changes in both of which we will keep you updated as more !!! Now photos: Ultimate White - https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/110182946646640668569/albums/6043658025353985425 Sharingan - https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/110182946646640668569/albums/6043667785107437153 Look forward to your comments and criticism, but in any case, stay tuned because there will be many new features! Thanks to all Tombino- and C3r34L K1Ll3rs
  7. Hey guys, I have been lurking for quite a while, to start with and I admire everyone who mods :D Basically, long story short, my Dad works for a sheet metal company, and has access to A LOT of special equipment such as formers, benders, laser cutters, all various designing software, coating, all the good stuff. And it hit me that instead of save up for a lovely big case, why not try and start my own project?! So I have done a small bit of designing various features and shapes my case could adorn, but then I got rather put down by the face that I have no clue about measurements! whether it be MoBo standoff holes and the relative distance the I/O has to be, or PCI-E cutouts etc etc. So my question would be to whoever has started a pc build from scratch, is if anyone has any sort of drawings or schematics for the measurements of a pc's internals, I guess especially regarding the MoBo tray :P Or even any tips on how best to go about creating drawings a designer could easily pick up, read from and quickly throw into AutoCAD. Thanks a lot!! Deiru
  8. Just joined this forum, but I've been watching Bill's videos for a while now... I know I'm very amateur compared to most of you guys on here, but I though I'd show my first mod anyway. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Let me know what you think! http://imgur.com/a/spevw
  9. here's a little back ground on me. Ive been building systems for 18 years started with PII and early amd (still have my first K2 cpu on shelf) systems. All have been custom for myself and others. Typically these days i build gaming and media production systems. i've built a few hackintoshes as well as some hackbooks. mods typically been paint and windows along with some overclocking and the usuals. All that being said...hello everyone. Now without further time wasting...the first of my current builds. It will be my daily driver for video and audio edits at home. This project will be a hodgepodge of new and old parts. for the record i just completed this and am reposting from my other log The List: SUPERMICRO MBD-X7DAL-E-O w/modded pcie slot (purchased, modded and test fitted) Dual E5410 cpu's possible 5472 upgrade later or bsel oc bsel mod soon (installed) 16gb ram (installed) GTX 470 video card w/ DD gtx470 waterblock (done an waiting) CoolerMaster gladiator 600 Case painted white outside. Black inside (modded and painted) Custom CoolerMaster HD cage installed (done) Dual alphacool water blocks (done & Modded) xspc rs240 (test fitted) Swiftech MCP120-QP (test fitted) Swiftech radiator bracket (installed) EK Combo Reservoir for EK-DCP 4.0 (test fitted) Phobya DC12-400 pump (order soon) MCW30 (might not be possible) home depot tubing for now. masterklear White Tubing (order soon) monsoon fittings (installing) Custom Clear Window (soon) 1 128gb sdd (order soon) 3xwestern digital red hd's use with coolermaster fan cooled hd cage (order soon) 1 bluray drive (order soon) 3corsair sp120(soon) white led fans(wip) 750watt seasonic x750 (arrived!)
  10. By: Complx Hello everyone! Time for my 2nd scratch built case! This time the focus will be around one of my favorite games of all time, Mirrors Edge. And with Mirrors Edge 2 being announced at E3 this year, I thought, what a better way to celebrate than to build a case around the art direction from the game. I will be using this thread as a complete build log, from design, to CAD modeling, construction, and finishing. So lets get started shall we! One of the many reason I feel in the love with the game was the look and feel of the environment, as well as the game play itself. The environment was very vibrant, bright colors, a stark contrast to a lot of the dull brown a lot of games seem to have. For those of you who have not seen or played the game, here are some images for it that I drew inspiration from. For now, all that I have is an initial sketch of what I hope the final design to look like, I will be doing some photoshop work to it and do more sketching and drawing to get some of the finer details work out in the beginning. A overall ideas I have at the moment about the design Completely white exterior, one of the prominent features of the game is its use of white in all of the exterior buildingsBright colored interior, again, the use of very vibrant colors on the interiors of the buildings was interesting to see and I want to incorporate that into the design as wellNeed to be clean, inside and out, no mess no slop. If anyone has anything else they would like to add say, feel free to comment! I hope this goes well and thanks for viewing! Stay Tuned! Feel free to check out the livestream channel, I will be doing a lot of CAD modeling of this project, and you can watch the progress as I go. Times will be random, but check every so often, you might catch me at a time when I'm streaming! Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/complxdesign
  11. are there any words of wisdom for someone looking to attempt and mount a gpu off of the motherboard sideways using a pcie riser card or cable?
  12. Hey there, this is my first post over at the The Mod Zoo so bare with me on this one. ;) This computer is not mine but I have helped on the project and all the photos are taken by me so I am "in charge" of the build log apparently. The Story in Brief: A close friend of mine is a DJ and needed a system to run his software and store his music. Another friend used to work for a coach company and happened to have an old rack cabinet from work that they were throwing away. Long story short, we ended up with a really old crappy cabinet with an old Pentium 4 computer and some really heavy amps and stuff. We decided the whole thing was perfect for his DJ setup and away we went. The cabinet as we received it (minus the PC as we were too eager to take it out and have a look!): And the lovely beast itself: (Ignore the third-party xbox fans in the front, my friend was seeing if they fit.) Now I don't have any images of the hardware that was used in the computer as I wasn't there when it was all pulled out to take photos but I do know it had an Asus P5PE-VM Mobo, Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 20GB HDD and I think about 512MB of RAM. Anyway on with the show - We took all the old stuff out and gave it a little clean over with a sponge. The colour my friend decided on was blue so off we went painting the case and it's naughty bits... While the paint was drying we got to work on the flight case, ripping all the amps and wiring out and cleaning and painting the exposed wood on the inside. We then went a bit crazy with wires and setup a distribution board to power all the amps and the computer, complete with it's own plug socket on the front and custom made speaker wiring throughout to all the amps. The fans you see in the image were already in the case, we reused them and daayumn can those things blow! Anway... paint was dry! I had an old temperature reader I had purchased from eBay many years ago so decided to put it to good use, even though there was already 2 on the front, you can never have enough illuminated numbers! Here's my hand (and disgusting looking thumb) cutting a hole for the display. Now the computer was ready for components! The only images I have of that part (as I wasn't there and they didn't take photos!!) are these 2: Everything is all fine and dandy so far, the motherboard, CPU and RAM have been ordered by my friend and this is what he chose for his DJ rig: Mobo: Gigabyte (I'm unsure which one he has but I know it's blue and comes in a bundle package >.<) CPU: AMD FX6300 RAM: Kingston HyperX 16GB GPU*: Nvidia Geforce GT610 2GB *This is correct at time of this post. Due to the nature of the case it can ONLY have low profile graphics cards but we are thinking of changing it to a low profile version of one of AMD's R9 series cards. Whilst the components were on order we decided to cut a window into the lid of the PC and place in some perspex and UV LEDs around the edge. And last but not least, we placed some LEDs into the case itself and the final product is as follows. I'll let the photos do the talking from now on. If you wish to view the full collection of photos they can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/VOUct#0 (Including a lot more of the flight case build process)
  13. Im probaly not the only car buff in the zoo and seeing all these brillliant car themed mods around im wondering why there isnt even more..... Paul Tans Aventador J and Titanium S . That hefty blue Nissan GT-R of Ronnie Hara and the likes....maybe we all could find some spark of inspiration lending an eye to whats goin" on the Hot Rod scene? Found this article @ http://jalopnik.com/american-craftsmanship-with-muscle-cars-and-lots-of-car-1459503717 casting focus on what the Ring Brothers have done with this beautiful De Tomaso Pantera and several other truly amazing mods. "buuhuu :( , can i please have back my 70 1/2 Z28"
  14. Hello everyone I have been building computers for about 5 years now and I thought it would be a good idea to start building custom cases. Here are some 3D models of what I'm planning to make. My first prototype will be very simply and I'm just going to move my current very old rig into it :) Materials will only cost about $40. Once I get more money to do a full build I plan on making a ITX build with water cooling a GTX 670, 3770k all in a size of 11.5" L, 7" W, 13" H. And then I'm going to cover it in Carbon Fiber Film. :D I will be building and getting materials on Tuesday. The orignal thread can be found here The Prototype... This one will be able to hold 2 x 240 rad's in push, possibly a 240 rad vertical in the front if I decided to get rid of the 2 5.25" front cut out. NEW Renders The ITX... This one can hold 1 240 Rad vertical and will be able to hold a GTX 670 or smaller card. --------- Ok sorry for late pic's I started up on Tuesday, but have had the computer taking apart. Some stuff has changed along the way and have gone for a Cube shape The name of the case is "THE CUBE" and once i'm done it will glow, Now on to pic's of first day. Tuesday... Here we are with about 3/4" x 11.5" x 10' $39 went with Red Alder Cherry was $2 board ft more. :banghead: Not spending that money on a prototype. The Shop - I want to thank my very helpful and kind cousin for helping me and allowing me to work in his shop. The old parts going in a new case :o These magnets are Rare Earth magnets that are very strong this will be holding the left, right and top panels on pic's later to show how this will work. Some scraps it's nice wood Getting the sides just right. Cutting the acrylic top pieces Measure twice, cut once :) Tad to much glue, nothing a little sanding cant fix. This is a test piece that will be cut out on the front panel. I hope you can tell it's a Cube. The Scroll Saw is the best tool. This was a quick cutout. So Here we are the next day of work Wednesday, hoping to get more done than Tuesday as we got started late around 4PM, today we start at 9AM... Some more cutting. Testing out the laser ... And yes that blade is at 45o Working on the Scroll saw this is on the front face of the case. This is the very bottom of the bottom panel, it will hold the Front and Back panels on with 2 screws each. Both sides and top are removable for easy access. Lol how do we even keep track of measurements:confused::eek: The front I/O. Well I didn't take many pic's this day to busy working, put in over 8 hours. -------- Back for another day of working (more pic's today) it's Thursday and we are starting again at 9AM. Sooooo many choice what to go for... Of course the very nice Roman Ogee (Top row, third from the right) Got part of the front cut out with 2 5.25 drive bays. I like this Cube These will go on the very top and the acrylic will slide into these Roman corner post Custom fit, and it fit's like a glove, no screw need to secure it. This is what we use to keep the paper temporarily on the wood while we do the cut out's on the Scroll saw. Need's some sanding... Trying to get the Front I/O to fit in nicely This will have some custom trim around it. The very first coat of polyurethane satin finish.(will be 4coats) Waiting for the first to dry. Trying to find space put stuff. More drying... -_- First coat done, now to sand and reapply. A lot of work got done today over 10 hours!:toast: Can't wait for tomorrow! ------- Ok so here we are Fridays work, We start a little late at 10AM. Putting the 3rd and 4th coat on everything my phone isn't picking up all the color from the wood it's more red than the pics. Seeing if the 45's are lining up sadly they are slightly off, but a easy trim can fix this. Again my phone doesn't do this wood justice, once it is fully built I will be using my DSLR. Cutting the cable slots for the motherboard tray. :) Trying to make it a tight fit. The main cut outs are 1" from the side so they can bend easy, in about 1 month I will be sleeving the PSU from Lutro0 Customs This will hold the 2 sides and top panel on with magnets. If a Magnets does every come on glued you can use a pin to pop it out :D (We are using BSI-Inc Glue Insta Cure+) The feet(left) and the top frame(right) Look what just showed up my fans! I hope these are as great as what Ive seen. $50... These feel great and high quality nothing beats German Engineering. Thats it for Friday we put in over 10 hours again, thinking only 2 more work days. We start again Monday. :lol:
  15. How to Make Grey Pastel for water cooling How to make Blood Red Part 1 & 2 To be updated with more vids
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