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Found 1 result

  1. So this is my 1st sponsored built for MSI laptops in our country...the built was a MSI gaming branded laptop cooler...hope u all will like it...and please do comment and suggest anything that you want....1st I want to thank MSI and Cooler Master for making this built possible.... Starting with the main ingredients of my built which is the awesome jetflow fans from cooler master....this was my 1st time to get these bad boys in hands...and they really seems premium in quality which I must admit Some shots of the fans.... But 1st want to show u all the concept art which I made before starting the built...so please do tell me how it turned out I was just taking pictures of it in that time and forgot that I need to start my work.. Here is another important ingredient of my built....Bosny can Spray which is the best I can get in our country....And when I started working I found out that I needed to make holes for the fans where Bill Owen dual 120mm Mnpctech radiator templates came in handy...without those....my built would be much hard to finish...http://mnpctech.com/pc-cooling-fan-templates.html And the funniest part I found out while building this cooler that I don't have a compass in the whole house where I used to have two geometry box and a compasses...so couldn't help myself and bought a compass immediately the next day... Here is the 5mm acrylic sheet which was delivered to me at the mid night...and daayumn it was heavy.... Made some mark outs in the sheet to figure out how I will make the cooler...my 1st concept was to bend the whole sheet as a box....then I found out that It will be too hard to bend the whole thing evenly..and started to cut out the parts And here is the fan face plate drawing And I don't wanted to use glue and cheap out the built that's why drilled holes in the acrylic sheet to insert screws to make it firm All the cutting of the pieces was almost done.... these was the side supporting parts...which I cut later on here are all the pieces drilled out....and it was hell of a pain to make a precise drill as it was really a thin space to do the drilling As the cooler was for the MSI gaming series laptop that's why wanted to give little dragon flavor to it...it came in my mind later on...and as I didn't had any printer and also don't wanted to waste time that's why hand drawn the dragon and the tail or whatever u say it is in the back.....But it was a serious pain to curve it all by hands..... :( At last finished curving it successfully even though there was some identical difference...but it wasn't that major...which was satisfying... Time for fan face plate making... It wasn't bad but also wasn't that much smooth as it was done with power tools...not with automatic acrylic laser cutters... :( Here are the fan holes....was almost perfect in the 1st cut without any major problem at all... And the cut was smooth enough also... though I was dazzled with jet flows premiumness but actually the extended rubber padding gave me quite a pain to attach the 1.5 inch screws with nuts....that's why had to engraves this pattern in the back part of the sheet.... Did some engraving in the front part also so that it gives some clearance in there also here is the full back part Attached the parts with screw for taste purpose to see how it would end up...and I was impressed by its rigidity.... ;) You might wonder why these whole are for...I used these cube holes as spacer between the main side part and the dragon curved part Here how it will look after I put the spacers between two acrylics... And here's the face plate unwrapped,,,,It seems nice this way he he...... :D Here's a test run with the fan and the red led strip on Made a little cf wrap in the face plate Its looking nicer now I guess.... here are the jets with all its glory in the bottom of the cooler...oh and I've painted it red from the inside so the red led strips and other guts inside doesn't become that much visible when it is on Some cable management and rubber foot attaching....but one of another pain of the jet flow was there wasn't any 3pin to 4pin molex adapter given with it...I was lucky to have some in my hand...otherwise I would have to hard wire it.... :( Attached switch in the back part and also painted it matte black so that the insight guts is invincible... ;)...which will make it look cleaner..... Some retouch with markers....LOL.... Another taste run after removing the protective acrylic cover.... Did some black carbon fiber wrapping along with some design to make it more eye catchy and look sleek and little pro.... :P I was so happy that it turned out like this...please do comment freely to let me know how u liked it.... Made a MSI gaming logo in the front with some more cf wrapping here's the finished built with some glamour shots.... ;) here's how the black dragon looks...... The dragon is lighted up with the glow from inside.... Full dark shoot...and it looked much much better then the camera in real life..... And here is my Modding signature.... :).....PLEASE EVERYONE DO COMMENT AND SUGGEST FREELY....I WOULD BE MUCH HAPPY FOR THE COMMENTS OF ALL.... Oh and here is the Implementation picture of the cooler that I haven't posted before...
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