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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I present to you my next mod project: Achromodic! As the name implies, this mod will be totally devoid of color. I've always tried to do something new for each and every mod, and I recently realized I've never done a black and white theme. And with all the RGB craziness going on these days, I thought it would be fitting to go completely off the technicolor reservation for this project. Cooler Master was kind enough to send me their flagship case, the Cosmos C700P, along with an 850w PSU as well as their new AIO Liquid Maker 240 watercooling kit! CM has partnered with ASUS and ROG, and they've supplied the motherboard and GPU: Zadak511 also joined in, and sent me this awesome kit with RAM and an SSD: Here is a shot of the Liquid Maker 240 kit.. This has everything you need to put your CPU on water, and it's not hermetically sealed like an AIO would be, so you can add blocks or swap out components at your liesure! For the design, I wanted it to be sleek and elegant, as an exotic supercar would be, but with some organic touches thrown in. So the case will be a majestic white with black chrome accents, and then some random webbing will be incorporated into the panels here and there. Should look pretty cool when its done! Here's a concept rendering I pieced together in Photoshop.. One thing I wanted to do was have a see-through center on this case. The side panel is smoked tempered glass, and it's interchangeable with the other side, so I ordered a second glass panel so you'll be able to look through the case, even when the doors are closed. The motherboard and GPU will be supported by the organic webbing in the center of the case, and all four interior walls will be lighted panels. So in theory, the hardware should be easily visible through the smoked glass doors. We'll have to wait and see! Thank you Cooler Master, ASUS, ROG, and Zadak511 for allowing me to get creative once more, and hopefully end up with a beautiful showpiece. Work is already under way, so the first update will be posted shortly..
  2. Here is a quick little project for AMD to highlight their new small but powerful R9 Nano graphics card. They wanted a scratch build, and were pretty flexible on concepts, but the card had to be the main feature. They also wanted an emphasis on small. So after noodling around in Sketchup, I came up with this design: I figured what better way to feature the card than putting it up on a pedestal? For hardware, I picked out the best parts I could find, keeping in mind the goal of an extremely small footprint. The obvious choice was mITX, so I went with an ASRock X99 board with an Intel 5960x processor, a Crucial M.2 500Gb SSD, G Skill Ripjaw DDR4 memory kit, and a tiny Silverstone 450w power supply. To cool the cpu I got a Corsair Hydro H80i AIO 120mm cooler. Once I got the design finalized, I sent the files out for laser cutting. Special thanks go to Primochill for helping me out on this! With the cut pieces back, I could start assembling. First up was lining out all the ribs and gluing the cross pieces in to connect them together. I used a couple 1/4" pieces of acrylic to get my 1/2" spacing between ribs. After all the ribs were glued, I temporarily assembled the lower box together with the psu and set the rib cage on top for placement. And I had to set the Nano card on it's pedestal to see how it looked, with the backplate taped on for good measure. This lower section will be the only exposed part of the ribs. Another angle.. And here are a couple shots with the motherboard in place. I was testing out the fitment of the PCI-e extender cable that will be tucked under the curved support arm. Don't mind the toolbox, I was working on this during LANfest, while my son was gaming away next to me lol. So far so good! I'll have another update in a couple days. Stay tuned!
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