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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all my Mod Zoo Monkey Bros!!! I wanted to start my CNC thread, even though I didn't start the build yet, I sure am anxious!! =D I am going to be building a DIY CNC using the blue prints from CNCRouterParts PRO 4 foot by 2 foot CNC. I decided on the 4 by 2 because in the future when I get my own shop built It will be easy to extend the x axis, and I will most likely take the build to a 4'x8' but that's a couple years away. As I said I will using the blueprint for their build but shopping around online for any parts I can find cheaper. The kit for the build without the electronics on their site is almost 2800$ and I am expecting to build the entire CNC for less than that. The time it will take to build will depend on if I can sell my Grey Matter PC to fund this or if I will have to go pay check to pay check until its done. The longest it should take is about 2 months ( hopefully ). The first part I am going to be building is the base frame of the CNC. Ill post a parts list, where I bought the parts, and how much they cost. I will do that for each section I build. Basically I am saving money by getting the aluminum, the steel, the hardware, the electronics, and the water cooled spindle from other locations. Ill be using the rack and pinion, brackets, carriages, and pre-built Z-Axis from CNCRouterParts. Today is the 29th of January and Ill be ordering the first parts this Friday the 31st of January! Hope I can help shed some light on CNC's to other who are thinking of building or buying one, and maybe I can provide a helpful work log to show you my process. Well thats all for now, I shall be back with some parts, pictures, and prices!! Stay Tuned! Quick Links to Build Updates: Update : 1 : Starting the Base Update : 2 : Assembling the Table Support. Update : 3 : Finished Base and Table Support. Update : 4 : Gantry Support Risers Update : 5 : Finished Mechanical Update : 6 : June 10 : Electronics started. I am going to start with the base. Here are the parts and where I purchased them: CRP: Pro gear rack : 72.50$ 12x V-con Clamps : 90.00$ Total with shipping : 186.22$ Ebay:3x 80/20 Inc Aluminum Extrusion 40 Series x 4 ft : 161.70$2x 8020 Inc Aluminum Extrusion 40 Series x 3 ft : 46.08$7x 8020 Roll In T Nut Ball Spring M8 (10pc) : 34.93$4x Cold Rolled Steel Flat Bar 1018: 1/2" x 1" x 36" : 43.80$ Total with shipping : 327.30$ McMaster Carr:Button-head Cap Screw, M8 Size, 12 Mm Long, Pack of 10 : 4.61$Button-Head Cap Screw, M8 Size, 16 mm Length, Pack of 25 : 10.72$Button-head Cap Screw, M8 Size, 16 Mm Long, Pack of 10 : 4.86$Socket Head Cap Screw, M8 Thread, 20MM Length, Pack of 25 : 7.84$Cone Point Set Screw, M8 Size, 8MM Long, Pack of 25 : 5.69$Multipurpose 6061 Aluminum, 90 Degree Angle, 1/8" Thickness, 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" Legs, 4' L : 16.50$ -Cut and drilled into 80mm 90° 4-hole brackets : ~ 1.15$ each Total with tax ( I live by them so I use Will Call =D ) : 54.25$ Total cost of parts for the base : 567.77$ EDIT** SORRY FOR SLACKING ON THIS PART. I WAS MUCH LESS BUSY AT THE TIME I STARTED THIS BUILD SO I HAD A LOT OF TIME TO STAY DETAILED ON IT. I HAVE EVERYTHING DOCUMENTED SO I CAN LAY OUT THE PRICES OF EVERYTHING AND EVENTUALLY GIVE YOU GUYS AN EXACT TOTAL ON IT ALL TO HOPEFULLY HELP YOU OUT! CHEERS!
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