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Found 6 results

  1. Mayhems Tubing and Coolant Guide for users. This will aid in choosing the right coolant for the right tubing. It is a very basic guide how ever accurate. All testing is done in house over long periods of time. Tubing can fail for many reasons but failure has scored it a negative mark. Some reason for failure include, Micro fracturing, Cracking, Shrinkage, Drying out and more.
  2. Which coolant is right for me? Which coolant is right for me? When choosing a coolant there are several types you can go for. Below is a very simple guide for you to choose the correct coolant for your needs. High performance, no colour and low cost Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 For normal water cooling systems there simply is no better performing liquid than pure water. Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 is the ultimate water which has been filtered to such a high level there simply is no better branded Ultra-Pure water on the market. For this reason alone if you would like the get the most out of your water cooling system temperature wise opt for this. However you do need to also consider a few other factors including which biocide you would like to use as without it over time UV rays can penetrate into your system creating the perfect harbour for bacteria and algae to grow. High performance, low cost and colour Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 + Dye As explained above you can opt to use Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 to give you the best performing liquid out there but if you would like a colour tint to the water you can simply add Mayhems Dye range to your system. Mayhems dye range is the Number one dye in the water cooling world to use and is recommended by many of the top modders and water cooling builders out there. It has been tested for many years around the world and has gained the ultimate reputation for being the best and the only dye to use. Mayhems XT-1 250ml Concentrate Mayhem XT-1 Coolant is a High Efficiency, Non-Toxic, Low Viscosity coolant based on Ethylene Glycol. Mayhems XT-1 Is a Low Cost very effective concentrate coolant and can be used to make up to 3 Ltrs of coolant for very little out lay. High performance with or with out colour premixed Mayhems X1 Coolants Mayhems X1 Coolants are made from vegetable extract and are the safest and least toxic coolant on the market today. It comes in many colours to suit the needs of everyone. There is no messing around, you just pour the coolant into your systems and that is it. Mayhems X1 includes all the biocides and inhibitors you will need to protect your water cooling system and doesn’t require the user to add anything extra. If you would like to make your own colour Mayhems X1 is fully compatible with all Mayhems Dyes. We do recommend you change your coolant out regularly as over time the coolant will become less effective. Our recommend change out period is every 9 to 12 months. Mayhems Pastel Coolants Mayhems Pastel Coolants are a Nano based coolant that have an outstanding reputation not only for looks but also for performance. This fluid not only stands out from all the other manufacturers of coolants but all so kicks them in the teeth with metal toe capped boots. Mayhems Pastel is a solid looking coolant that comes in many colours and once again like Mayhems other fluids can be mixed or adjusted to suit your colouring needs using Mayhems Dyes. It has all the biocides and inhibitors in the liquid and needs nothing extra adding. Mayhems Pastel is one of the longest lasting coolants out on the market to date and will last over 3 years with no problems ever reported and this actually makes the coolants more economically viable than any other premixed coolant on the market. Speciality photo work and show system coolants. Mayhems Aurora Coolant Mayhems Aurora coolant lays in an untapped market on its own. No other premixed coolant on this earth even comes close to the looks of this coolant. However there is a down side this coolant is not for the normal home user and will not last as long as the aforementioned coolants and was never created for such purposes. The maximum life span for this coolant is 6 months but in some systems may only last 24 hours. Any user wishing to use Mayhems Aurora should first read our FAQ's as this goes into more detail about this product. Sub-zero Coolants Mayhems XT-1 Mayhems XT-1 when mixed correctly and in the right ratio can go down to a staggering -50 making it the perfect coolant for sub-zero liquid cooling. It is the perfect Coolant for anyone using chillier’s in there systems or any sub ambient type of cooling.
  3. Mayhems has been working hard on new Coolant technologies and direct correlation between high heat systems and ability of certain inhibitors, relating to low grade copper produced products and aluminium produced products. With our new in house analytical systems we have discovered new formulation’s that can improve not only the heat transfer of the fluids but also prolong the life of low grade copper and “all aluminium” based fittings, blocks and components. It will also prolong the effective life of the new coolant based products. The new high grade in house developed inhibitors create a more heat resilient barrier on the copper and aluminium to help protect them from degradation over a period of time and is geared towards small high heat creating systems such AIO’s, micro ATX / ITX systems (using small amounts of coolant) and also duel / triple based GPU high heat load systems. With the popularity of Small micro system utilising less fluids and also extreme high heat system out putting higher TDP / Wattage (support request driven direct from us) Mayhems is the only manufacture who create products based on what the customer needs and expects from us not what is the most profitable. More information will be forth coming as we progress.
  4. yup i poo you not, who would like some free coolant. All you pay is the post and packing. I have approx 30 bottles left of 250ml concentrate and 30 Bottles left of 1 Ltr The colour is X1 UV Active Emerald Green. (250ml or 1 Ltr) You can only have a maximum of 2 bottles only though. Dont forget the 250ml will make a couple of Ltrs of fluid. How to get this offer. Simple, email our head off at "sales @ mayhems.co.uk" the email header must read "Emerald Green Coolant Offer" Include in email you details in this format size : 250ml or 1 Ltr Amount - 1 or 2 bottles Name Address Country (sorry we all dont live in usa) Telephone number Our sales team will email back you the cost of shipping and how to pay. Failure to comply with the above will result in deleted email and no responce. You are only paying for shipping nothing else. We pay for the liquids, bottles, stickers, time and everything else. If the items goes missing in the post we will not replace it free of charge. This is a FREE product nothing more. ​So far we have given away 140 bottles there is only 60 left. once its gone, its gone this is what it looks like in a system ->
  5. Code name : Project Decimation Under Test (early preview). In conjunction with our new partner's we have produced an extremely special coolant for the purest out there. When we say purest, we mean the user who loves the thermal conductivity of water alone and then to add a silver kill coil for protection. What we have done is taken our Ultra-Pure H20 and 99.999% pure silver and smashed them together into Nano Tubes 20 nm to give you an Aurora Effect Real Silver Coolant. The partials used in our new coolant will never clog a system as they are so small they should even pass though filters that are currently used in water cooling systems. There is another benefit and that because we are using Silver Nano Tubes they can carry more heat than water alone making this new coolant one of the best thermal conductive coolants ever to hit the home user for liquids cooling. Another thing that will stand out is that the coolant has a 5 year “in system” life span if it is not contaminated. We recommend you do not use this coolant with Aluminium radiator’s or blocks as there is no inhibitor built into the fluid. Like many of our products this is a early preview of advance coolant. This product has a patent pending.
  6. Win with the Mod Zoo & Mayhems & Specialtech Updated 07 Nov 2012 Prizes have been donated to us from www.mayhems.co.uk and http://www.specialtech.co.uk/ Lets keep this as simple as possible. Say hello and introduce yourself below in this post and if you already have a rig with any of Mayhems products in, post a Picture for a extra chance of winning. Rules This Comp is open world wide. Mayhems or the Mod Zoo are "NOT" responsible for any import duty incurred. Any one can enter that includes Mod Zoo Staff. None of Mayhems Staff can enter. Mayhems is sole responsible for this comp. Mayhems will Pay for postage of the items however we will choose if you get concentrate or Full premix based on were in the world you live. Mayhems will contact you via PM through The Mod Zoo forum if you are the winner. You will need to supply your details. These details will not be passed onto any 3rd parties and are only used to send you your prizes. No money will be offered in place of goods. The comp will close on the 30 Nov 2012 Winners will be announced soon after How to Enter Simply say hello and introduce yourself below If you have a Mayhems Product in you PC all ready post a Picture of it and we will enter you 2 times. For a bonus chance post a link on facebook or twitter to this Post and all so link in you facebook or twitter username so we can check in the same post. Prizes 1st Place Prize = £50 worth of Mayhems Coolant products from our store + XSPC AMD / Intel Raystrom Block + Koolance PMP-450 High flow Pump + Lamptron 12" UV CCFL Kit and Lamptron 4 x CCFL Power inverter with Alu Housing. (if i find any more stuff ill add it on) 2nd Place = £40 worth of Mayhems Coolant products from our store 3rd Place = Random Gift set of products from Mayhems.​ Have fun and enjoy you stay. If you have any questions not related to this comp please make a separate thread and ask away.
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