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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Im happy to share with you my new project, its a PCDesk Mod :D Well since my last mod didnt receive the "shares" I wanted from the brands (HAF in HALF video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67tdCmEaEc0 ) that supported the build, I wanna move foward to this one and make something unique and possible for everyone, thats something I always try to pass for those who see my content, everyone can do this you just gotta plan everything well enough to avoid major problems. Why a desk? Well I dont like big cases and since "setups" are starting to be a trend I wanna remake my own so nothing better than make a new desk with a PC built in. So key words are: - Confort - Performance (air flow/temperatures) - Simplicity Well still need to edit all the content about it, but for now this is what I have to show Best Regards Tankian
  2. Hey guys, i have decided to upgrade my desk build but i do not have the first progress for you so i will link you to my first build log if you want to see the first stages and building process. http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=276640 Hi everyone, I have not posted in a long time and over the last few weeks i have upgraded my desk PC. The upgrades include new hardware, new liquid cooling gear and new custom platforms to house all of the components. SPECS: I7 5960xAsus Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard X99Asus RaidR Express SSD PCIeAsus Xonar Essence one External DAC Soundcard740gb Samsung EVO PRO SSD storage17tb Western Digital HDD storage32gb Kingston HyperX Predator 3000mhz RAM This upgraded system would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors: who helped to supply me with the gorgeous hardware below.
  3. Sponsored by: A huge thank you to Bitspower for jumping in my project and helping out by providing all the fittings, reservoirs and water blocks for my build! Hey guys! I am here again and I want to share my second scratch build of a computer case. This time around, since my room is getting a little bit tight (and the wife started complaining), I decided to make a desk and incorporate a full computer system inside of it. I still don't have a proper name for it yet though. The original design that I ended up with is basically having a desk that can accommodate a full ATX system inside, with water cooling. But since I already have 2 fully functional mini itx systems, why not make a desk that can accommodate 2 Mini ITX or 2 Micro ATX systems? This was my first concept using AutoCAD 2014. This was my second concept. In the photos, you will see that the desk only accommodates one system, but then I decided to go and make it accept two Micro ATX or Mini ITX systems. The materials that I used here were, mostly, pine knot wood. In this photo, I accidentally manage to put a crack on side part of the desk. A little bit of wood glue here and there and a screw fixed the problem. :) I made a design where in the pieces of the desk have certain slots and inserts for easy assembly/ dis-assembly if I wanted to. After all the wood-cutting work, a friend of mine told me that the design of the desk that I made kinda looks familiar to him. He then made a quick google seach, and sure enough, what he saw kinda looks similar to what I designed. The name of the desk was "Vector Desk". I was almost on the verge of giving up on the desk build because I don't want to be tagged as a "CopyCat" with the design that I made, but, instead of giving up, I decided to proceed and add a little twist to the desk. I really wanted a "Electric Sit and Stand" desk in our office since sitting in my chair for 8 hours, 5 days a week, is kinda killing my back, I thought of adding a couple of linear actuators to the desk stands so I could adjust the height of the desk easily if I wanted to. whenever I am at home playing, browsing or doing CAD work. So I purchased a pair of cheap 12" stroke 135 lbs. linear actuators, and started to make a desk stand with rails for the actuators. I tested the actuators first to see if I could tie them on a power supply. It works perfectly! The inside of the desk stand looks like this. I screwed up one of the lengths of the desk stand, but using a jigsaw fixed the problem. I decided to use a pair of post base covers for the top of the stand where the desk will sit. Then I proceeded to make the holes for the fans, the power supply, radiators, motherboard I/O shield and GPU slots on the pieces of the desk. Using the MNPCtech Dual 140mm Billet Aluminum radiator grills, I started to make a sketch on where the radiators and fan holes will go. Got the holes for the power supplies and radiator fans done! Motherboard mounting holes, Done! And after that, this is what the desk looks like with the stands (still not complete). It kinda looks bulky for me. Gigantic stands!!! I then proceeded to make the fan holes on the both sides of the desk and the intake fan hole for the power supplies. The holes for the switches and the Optical Drives are.... Done!! :lol: I will be using vandal resistant switches for the "On" or power button. The black, long switch will be used for controlling the vertical movement of the linear actuators. The switch is called Polarity reversing 3 way switch. After all of the mounting holes for the main components were done, I started thinking of a mounting method for the desk stands that will be easy enough for maintenance. I was thinking if I ever screw the stands on the desk itself, sooner or later, something might happen on the linear actuators, and taking the screws off underneath the desk will probably going to be a pain in the rear. So instead of screwing them in, I made a mounting design with a few angle brackets and U channels wherein I could just actually slide the stands in or out for easy installation or removal. I then started to make the holes for the cable and tube routing in the desk. Now I got all the holes for all the components done! Disassembled the whole desk and preparing them up for the first coat of paint. I just finished the second coat after doing some more sanding on all the surface of the pieces of the Desk. I haven't got to paint to some areas since I ran out of sanding papers but hopefully the desk will be completed next week. This what I have right now. Still a lot of stuff to do. The base for the stands are still on progress, sanding, sanding and more sanding. And more paintings too! I need to get this project done as soon as I can because winter is coming, and if you noticed on the photos, I don't have a workshop for doing modding. I do all of the work in our backyard. Thank you for taking the time to read through my build and see you on the next update! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment! :)
  4. Hey guys! It's been a while since I last visited the zoo! Here I am again, trying to ask for your help. I wanted to put up the work log for this next project of mine, but I just couldn't make a "Cool, memorable" name for the thing. Basically, I started doing a concept of a desk with all the computer components inside it, since it looks like DeskPC's are becoming a trend nowadays. After I made the concept for the DotaBox, I started making some drawings for my desk project. Basically, the desk have two parts. Most of the computer components will go on top of the desk, and the radiators, pump, power supply and maybe a reservoir will go on the bottom part of the desk. The photo above was the first concept I made (autocad MEP 2014). Which later I decided to change because it looks too bulky for me. So I made another drawing and ended up having it look like this. At first, my thoughts were "I need to make it big to accommodate a full ATX, water cooled set-up." But then I thought, since I already have 2 mini ITX systems, why not make it a Dual System DeskPC? And after some thinking and planning of the layout, I decided to make a Desk that will accommodate 2 Mini ITX or 2 Micro ATX systems. After a few weeks of work on cutting all the woods that I need, a friend of mine saw the photo of the second concept that I made for the desk and told me that it looks similar to a desk that was done a year or two ago, Vector Desk if I remember correctly. I did a quick google search after he told me that and sure enough, it kinda looks similar. Since I already started all the wood cutting work, instead of just giving up on the desk, I decided to continue on the project but add a little twist to it. So I decided to do this. I purchased 2 12" stroke Linear Actuators and incorporated them in the desk stands. That way I could adjust the height that I want if ever I want to browse the internet or play games while standing or sitting. I am already at 80% completion on this, and I still can't think of a name. If you guys could suggest a name for it, that will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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