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Found 22 results

  1. This Mod is now done! Never done! __________________________________________________ Ok the system needs upgrades to keep up with my demands so revamp time! ___________________________________________________ Hello fellow modders! My name is Peter I`m 17. I´m from Denmark i study technology and design. After a while of having a stock 500R so i watercooled it, made small mods for cablemanagement. That was Tundra, now Frozen Tundra is based on a black TJ07, the major mod is the 360 rad in the front drivebayes. I have no "plan" just a idea. New Start on page 12! As i started in November last year her is a recap: I cut the midplate in the drivebayes to make room for the rad. Test fitting the rad, it was perfect not a lot of room made cable routing holes in the midplate and mobo tray. i made the radmounts and fitted them with Nutman inspired dome nuts. made a plexi coverplate with holes for the dome nuts, then i sanded it with 60 grit in one direction, to make it matt. I used the top mesh from my 500R to make a cover for the bayes i am real happy with the way it turned out. I installed my hardware on the mobotray. Then i made the loop. And filled it with Mayhems pastel ice white. next i made a bar to hold 2 120mm fans in the top. i really like the look of that. after a while my tubing became gray/greenish, so i drained the loop and filled it with demin water, there was enough ice white left that the liquid is now white. this is how it looked until a few weeks ago, when my sister asked if i wanted her to paint something, she painted the bay blanking plate white on the sanded side, with the same direction brush strokes. this is where im currently at. my dad i trying to get some alu so i can make blanking plates for the basement and a mid plate. All feedback is welcome! //PWE
  2. This project is brought to you in collaboration with the following companies Mod Zoo Munky PC Case badge designed by Cheapskate! http://mnpctech.com/pc-case-badges-en/mod-zoo-munky-case-badge.html I have been threatening to do a salvage build for some time now. I've lost track of how many times I was asked why I was named "cheapskate." I swear! Do a few high-budget builds, and everyone forgets the cardboard bear. Sadly, my stockpile of old denim that I had saved for "ghetto carbon fiber" disappeared when I wasn't looking, so I will resort to metals. I have a fair amount of stainless steel thingamabobs, and lots of aluminum. It's quite possible everything including the kitchen sink will be used, (as I have at least five of those at the moment.) The plan this time around is just to use as much junk as possible. The first option will always come from my garage, or my attic, or the woods behind the subdivision. There's going to be hammering too! :D I love to beat the shit out of stuff with hammers. This will be a very therapeutic project. -I settled on this sucker for my primary container. I'm hoping to chop it down as much as possible. This is an old stainless steel soda syrup container. I'm sure anyone who follows me knows I pick up weird stuff from vacant houses. It's unbelievable what you find sometimes, and you have to wonder what they were smoking to steal/keep one of these. -Wait, I kept it... What was I smoking? -The first thing that had to happen was the heavy rubber end had to come off. I wanted something vaguely BOMB-like for the look, and that squared tail wasn't working. I had to sharpen the chisel anyway, so some heavy rubber chipping happened. -I made a glorious mess. :D The pliers were because I found the rubber could be torn easier than it could be cut. -I had to switch to a rasp closer to the metal. -After an attack with the sander, I found metal. As soon as I saw that seam I was worried it would look like a thingy. I appropriated a few aluminum pans for possible re-cladding. - I have to get inside somehow, so I chopped the top off. Here I've hack sawed a start just above the top weld seam. This promptly went outside as it was already smelling like a drag race. For using the jig saw, I made the mistake of sitting on the tank to keep it steady. .01 seconds of ultrasonic vibrations to my nethers later, I decided that was a bad idea. I also had to explain that the exclamation I made wasn't because I had cut myself to everyone in earshot. I did NOT tell them why I suddenly did a Rob Halford impersonation, though. -This shot should have captured the white smoke of burning rubber wafting out of the tank. It didn't. -It looks like I can fit a 650W power supply barely. I might look into small form factor power instead. -There was some flower arranging, only with computer parts. I decided the radiator I had laying around was too big, so that's the first item I didn't get to use salvage for. -I resorted to a cardboard mockup of a 2 x 140 radiator. I think I'll center two 120mm fans on that. -Say hello to restaurant heat shield. Apparently, If enough people drop a part because it's hot, the welds on the shield break, and someone throws it away. :D It said it was hot. You would think they would know better with that big warning on it. A small eternity after this pic was taken, I drilled through the stainless steel rivets to remove the sign. -Tough little bastards! -A little SMACKIN' with a ball-peen sledge, and it matches nicely. Big rubber doormats make a good anvil. I have a bit of microwave surround in the pic for possible use too. -I drew up a fan hole and sawed. -and sawed. -and SAWED. Did I mention cutting the top off earlier dulled a NEW jig saw blade? I resorted to a hack saw since it was much quieter than ringing this big metal drum with a power tool. -No, that's not a reference to my earlier junk oscillation. -It took forever to dremel a start hole in the flat cuts. I had to use one of these horrible things: a hack saw blade holder. It's amazing how many times you can bend a blade without it breaking. -Like this, I can have the radiator flush against the inside wall, and have more room for other stuff. Bending was done with a really big crescent wrench. -Here's the other reason to use only 120mm fans: They fit the heat shield perfectly. :D With a little slap, she fit and stayed in place with a friction fit. -That's where I'm at now. I have nothing lined up for hardware, and only a vague fuzzy feeling about where I'm going with the design. I gotta make stuff FIT first. Looks come after.
  3. The Concept: Addition To The Design: How It Came To be I came up with this idea a while back but didn't know how or when I would implement it. As time passed the idea went into my book along with all my other crazy ideas. After looking at some Be Quiet products on their site I came across the Silent Base 800. The bottom “skids” or feet were perfect! Exactly what I had been looking for. After exploring the idea further and taking some more looks at the Cooler Master MasterCase 5t; I realized it was the perfect candidate. My idea was to make it look like the MasterCase 5t and the Cosmos had a love child and named it, “SyNAPSE.” it couldn't have come together any better. Combining those designs cues with the ones found on the hardware and I have a complete build that is something I would want to own but doesn't exist. It will be an uphill challenge as mounting brackets will have to be custom made and more than likely 3D printed. Less than a week ago I saw the Cosmos 700 prototype and they ventured from the round skids or feet for ones that were more like the ones I will be using. This made the SyNAPSE build even better. Behind SyNAPSE: I've named this build SyNAPSE as it will bridge the gap between organic and mechanical. Sharing a lot of design styling from Gundam and other off shoots. The SyNAPSE case mod will be heavily inspired by Gundam. All of the popular movies and games we see on a daily basis were born from the original, "Mobile Suit Gundam." This dates back to the early 70s and has been a mainstay in Asia ever since. Gundam consists of the futuristic mech robots that have been adapted into a lot of different platforms. It has evolved into an extremely popular line of games, tv shows and movies. I want to go back to the roots of Gundam and adapt it to current day perspectives while focusing on the designs found throughout the hardware being used in the build. The combination will make this build one of the most cohesive builds I've ever done. Every detail from the hardware will be carried over into the rest of the build. CPU: Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700k Motherboard: Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9 GPUs: SLI Aorus GTX 1070 X 2 SLI Bridge: Aorus RGB Memory: HyperX Savage DDR4 16gb Storage: HyperX Predator M.2 - HyperX Savage SSD PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 (1,000 watt) Cables: Modular custom sleeved CableMod cables (red, black & silver) Fans: Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 (high speed) 3 X 120mm Alphacool Watercooling From ModMyMods: CPU Block: Alphacool Eisblock XPX (clear) w/custom red mount kit Pump: Alphacool VP755 v2 Radiator: Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 360mm Reservoir: Alphacools New Helix 250mm tube reservoir Tubing: Alphacool 13mm Satin Hardtube Coolant: Mayhems Opaque w/custom die Fittings: Alphacool chrome fittings Flow Meter: Eisflugal Acetal flow meter PWM Cables: Alphacool LEDs: Phoybia white leds Switch: Phoybia Vander switch (white) Top & Bottom Feet: Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Other Cables: CableMod sleeved PSU cable, ethernet cable, SATA cables and others Thumbscrews: CableMod anodized (red) LED Strips: CableMod RGB/W dual wide angle LEDs that work with Gigabytes RGB Fusion controllers.
  4. Project – ITX Treasure Hi all its been a while since I have done any mod project, but that’s down to moving from London to Kent and popping out my best mod ever my son AJ. Anyway back on track and welcome to the new build I am about to embark on this time. Back in 2010 before mini ITX gaming was even a thing I scratch built a mini ITX gaming rig, since then I have done quite a few mods, but have yet to venture back to mini ITX and with so many sexy and great looking mini ITX builds coming around and on the web, I thought this time round I would try something different and by different I mean scratch the case, scratch any ideas of making my job easy and put myself into a corner. So I present to you my latest build based on a pirates treasure chest, first off though I would like to give a big thanks to the sponsors of this project without who this would of never got off the ground. Website/Facebook/Youtube A big thank you goes out to the guys over at ekwb for stepping up and supplying the watercooling solution for this product, they were kind enough to supply everything that I needed for this build and more. Website/Facebook/Youtube Also a massive thanks to gigabyte for supplying the GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 mini ITX motherboard for the project something that will be needed in such a small form factor due to limitations I have on size. Website/Facebook/Youtube A big thank you to Corsair for supplying the SFX PSU, Memory and SSD for the Project Website/Facebook/YouTube Thanks to Dremel who seem to step up on every build and supply me with accessories and tools. Website/Facebook/Youtube A Massive thanks to the guys over at XFX too for managing to grab me a AMD Fury NANO for the project, this again is another important piece due to the size limitations of the project. Well let’s begin shall we and show you what the plan is roughly, first off let’s take a look at what is going to house all these products. Yes that’s right I chose a small treasure chest, to give you some context on how big this chest is in real life here is a picture of the chest with some of the boxed hardware and products that have arrived. Yes already you may be thinking I am crazy, but in all honesty I am thinking the same thing too and all that is meant for this little chest and that’s without taking into consideration I have to fit a PSU inside this chest too.. let the fun begin as well as the headaches as I attempt to do this. Until the next post :D
  5. Greetings! This is the start of my new project with the name of Monore. This project is going to be based in the Jonsbo UMX3 case and the whole build will circle around its clean & sleek look. I would like to start with a huge thank you to my sponsors for this project. Ocaholic Seasonic Jonsbo Gigabyte Noctua The Components: MOBO: Gigabyte Z170M-D3H CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: GTX 980Ti RAM: Kingston 4x4GB DDR4 SSD: TBA PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W CASE: Jonsbo UMX3 FANS: Noctua COOLING: Bitspower & Watercool The Project: This build is going to consist of various modifications, although some of them may not be declared at this time, this PC is going to stand in as my editing/main computer, therefore it will be equipped with high-end hardware and a full watercooling loop to keep the temperatures low. The case bottom compartment is going to be remodelled to house a 240mm radiator, a vented shroud is going to cover this part to keep the case as simplistic as possible. As I might run into trouble with the PSU mounting method with my ambitions for the case, this will most likely be altered too. Numerous small covers and shrouds are going to be created around the build to soften the esthetics of the build, as I want it to be elegant and simplistic. The colortheme for this build is going to be a bit interesting. I've chosen to go for a full black build with accents of beige (As in Noctua's fan frames). The PSU from Seasonic will be getting sleeved in beige and black aswell to fit the build even further. My plans are to paint and modifiy the outsides of the PSU to get rid of the white panels. As I stated earlier, many of the modifcations are not 100% decided at this time as a lot of ideas evolve as the build is being created. That's all for my introduction, here are a few pictures of the base components of this build! That is all for this introduction, next week will be packed with a more ellaborate view of the case and hopefully a few other components. See you then! -August Lindgren
  6. Hey guys, First of all, my name is Sagar and I am from India This is my very first mod. Project !dea, Basically I have been fascinated by the LOCKHEED SR-71 BLACKBIRD jet (holds the record for the fastest speed). That is where the name comes from as well as the color scheme. The parts that I will be using are: Intel i7 4770 Gigabyte B85m D3H-A Kingston HyperX Fury 1866Mhz 8Gb(4*2) stick [4gb still to come] DeepCool DQ750 80+ Gold Semi-Modular power supply Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming or Zotac GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Edition [still to buy] Cryorig C1 LED strips [Left to buy] I have been working on this mod since last week i.e. 25th October,2015
  7. Project summary: I apologize for my English, It is not my strong point. If you prefer to read a more complete and Spanish article, you can do it from my blog A casemod will be made to a PC manufactured by the Spanish brand computers Gaming PCPro , promptly model that bears the same name as the mod, the PCPro "Obelisk", consisting of a chassis Cooler Master , Master Case 5 Pro and the themed television series Sci-Fi called "Agents of Shield" from Marvel, focusing on a very special object in the series called "Obelisk". Sponsors of the project, brief history of the birth of mod: The project is the joint work of many people, brands and businesses that I will detail below. To them all, my thanks for so much effort and confidence. One of the main precursors of this project is NewHomePC , Spanish gaming computer store located in Rubi, Barcelona. NewHomePC brings us to Cooler Master , PCPro Spain and a server, with my brief mod and my English by timid, to join forces and create a PC Gaming extraordinary, not only in power and performance, but also in aesthetics and design, the PCPro Obelisk Casemod by DeKa a filling extraordinary with the proposal and with the whole team encouraged us to dream ... the project joins later Gigabyte , both division of graphics cards such as motherboards, which complements perfectly in power and in the image we wanted, being a brand extremely gaming with exquisite style design, and the project took an impressive way ... Then we looked to maximize performance to our Obelisk , wanted to use cooling liquid to put the highest overclock possible and get an aesthetic as only cooling liquid custom can do, then Ibercool water blocks joins the project and surprise, bringing to market its new kit Ibercool Extreme, in conjunction with the mod, soon you will see for sale with very interesting news ... When it seems that nothing could be better, a trustworthy person recommended me Benq contact who would be interested in the project and their participation was extremely welcome. Clearly, the dream had done reality! Obelisk, design in depth The idea in the Master Case 5 Obelisk mod by DeKa, is to turn the Master Case Pro 5 in the "Obelisk", the subject of much power from another world in the television series "The Agents of Shield" based on comics Marvel. Here some images of the object in question and a brief immersion in its history. History Obelisk, ( freaky & spoilers -on mode) : The Obelisk is an object created, it is not known when, the one known as the Kree race, from another world, in order to turn humans into extra ordinary warriors, in order to use them as a living army to their advantage . the appearance of the Obelisk, also called "Fortune Teller" is a simple piece of metal with a defined shape and with certain brands grid ... But the Obelisk contains within it a power that is only intended for a chosen ... is said to contain the power of the 6 infinite stones that make up the "Infinity Gauntlet" was seen in the movie "Thor" precisely in the Odin cameras. The object emits a strange cryptic writing if you touch a person worthy of his power ... and if you're not, it makes you a little damage These symbols / writings shown in the series on several occasions, the most explicit scripture is made by one of the characters in the series involuntarily ... ... Into the plot of the series, known to display the map of the location of a lost city, where the Obelisk unveil the hidden powers of the chosen, making them "Inhuman" is, giving them amazing powers ... ...at the time of placing the Obelisk on its pedestal, it opened showing the infinite gem and flooding the chamber of his power, causing the "Terrigenesis" which makes the character of Skye on Daisy Louise Johnson series (Quake), a superhero of Marvel that appeared for the 1st time in the comic "Secret War" in 2004. It is said that there are at least 6 Obelisks scattered land with a similar power, it will reply personally to unveil my occult power, I'll be ready? ... The end, ( freaky -off mode) Obelisk Design, the project idea... The idea is to use the form of the chasis as the block "Obelisk", and replicate on all visible components, the cryptic writing of the Obelisk, in a very subtle color, simulating the appearance of the obelisk when it touches "chosen", but fainter. This pattern would spread around the outside, components and partly in the window, this will be done in a colorless ink reactive to an Ultra Violet (UV) light with. This UV light cause the illumination of the mod all writing glows yellow as it would the Obelisk of the series itself. I will make the light comes on when someone touches the Casemod, as it would if we touched the Obelisk of Agents of Shield (thanks luzma!) Worklog picture, to date 06/08/2016 Presentation of components Mobo Mod Modifications to Master Case 5 PRO
  8. Ah, with Gigantea all wrapped up except for putting it back together and adding a awesome little badge that I got from the guys at nVidia while at PDXLAN 28, it's time to move on to the next project. Introducing Project: Rehab, my entry for the Gigabyte 30th Anniversary Mod Challenge. The idea for this build has been rolling around in my head for a couple months now and this seems like the perfect time to put it in writing. The name and the plan: I've decided on calling this build Rehab because part of my goal is to take a Fractal Define R4 that has served me well over the years and rehabilitate it. Give it fresh, new looks, updated hardware, updated style. It's going in dirty and coming out clean. The design and theme: I love the R4. So much that I actually have 2. But it's interior is dated compared to today's cases where they have dropped the drive bays in favor of room for loop setups. So the interior will be gutted and replaced by an interior setup that allows for a custom cooling loop, an inverse board, and mounting the GPU vertically to show it off. The theme will be based on old school hot rods from the 30's. Chrome and billet and automotive themed parts, and the case is definitely getting an old school flame job. More info will definitely be coming as I start tearing into the project, but for now, let's meet the patient back in her heyday. This is when I really started messing around and cleaning up the insides of my computers. It rocked an unlocked Ivy Bridge i5 and a GTX770, a nice little combo for gaming. Through the years of upgrading rigs and stealing parts, it was downgraded to my work PC with an i3 and integrated graphics. Oh how the mighty fall, LOL. So let's get her on the table and begin the rehab.
  9. ---------------------- As I've watched and learned I've gotten a bit braver and planned a second project that's a bit more invasive than the pimping that I gave my personal box. This one is going to involve some serious restructuring of the case itself as well as a theme applied after. More about the theme later. The PC itself is an unknown box that I got. I've outfitted it with some old hardware for my son to do some light gaming on. The inside itself is pretty nasty. There's an old P5K motherboard & 8800 GTX video card in it. Both actually run pretty decently. Also there are some noisy, nasty 80mm fans in there that need to go. The first item I'm tackling is the CPU heatsink fan. This is a budget build that I'm hoping to spend around $150 on, so I'm not looking to run out and pick up much for internal parts. I have an old 80mm to 120mm fan converter in the closet I'm going to see if I can use to change the fan on it. The idea is pretty straightforward. Take the mount for the 80mm and inset it into the converter. Found a set of hand files for $14 the other day - woot! No more clothespin/sandpaper franken-tool for this guy. I also discovered a workbench in my garage. This is going to be a WAY better place to cut plastic than the bezel I cut in the house last time. (Rotary tools & plastic can really stink up the place.) Some light dremeling & filing later and I had some notches in the converter. And the old fan mount slid right into place. Hmm... might want to dust once in a while. Just another shot of the fit from the other side. From there I just clipped out the old 80mm fan. And I think I'm on my way. Then I snugged up the two with some cable ties. Plopped it back onto the heatsink and it's good to go. Re-installed the heatsink on the cpu. And then clipped off the extra plastic. Popped down to the local computer shop and snagged some PWM fans. Didn't notice at the time that I got some rev 1 & rev 2. They're nice cheap fans (about $7 each) and the white will fit with the motif. I did fire up the machine with this new fan in place. It keeps the cpu at a comfortable 45°C to 50°C. Though running Prime95 it still cranks way up to about 80°C. Between that and the 8800 GTX this may be a box to cut my teeth on water cooling at some point. Now to carve out the drive bays. I only have a single HDD in this box and don't need a CD-Rom in it. I have an external if I need to run a disc on it. With the bays gone much of the gutting is done now. Now I can work on building out the framework of the design. Here's a sneak peek at where I'm going with it. I have some pipe for 'creative' cable management. This is just some plumbing pipe with notches in the back. The wires are a little snug right now so I'll need to grab some 24-pin & 6-pin extensions. That's really the first hint to the theme of the box. I won't say yet where I'm going with it. It'll be interesting to see what people guess that I'm doing here.
  10. Victorian Desktop My wife’s laptop is no longer working happily, so she’s asked for a desktop. Well, I can’t leave well enough alone, so why would I build her one in a stock case (of which I have several laying around), when I could do another scratch build project?! This case will be another wooden scratch build, as many of my projects are. I have some old cast iron pieces that will be incorporated into this project as well. It’s going to be built out using solid mahogany, and will be finished in a way to emulate a lifetime of use. I don’t really want it to look brand new, as the cast iron parts are not, and we like the look of them as they are. A special thanks to G.Skill for sponsoring the memory for this project!
  11. I will be calling this project the "Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod" we will be customizing the WWII Memphis Belle Bomber Military Case Mod into something special and added the "T2" touch to this new project. In case you missed it, on Memorial Day Bill Owen posted Corsair 900D WWII Memphis Belle Bomber Military Case Mod Guide to hand off the Dremel to Anthony Reynolds AKA THRASHER2 Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod Hardware Specs Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Desktop Processor I7-965Corsair TX850M Power Supply or a Huntkey X7 1200W Power Supply with custom Sleeved CablesGigabyte G1 Sniper or ASSASSIN X58 MotherboardCorsair 900D Custom Painted WWll Bomber Case with Custom Grills and BOMB front itemSwiftech Custom Water Cooling solution2X Triple 120mm Radiator custom painted green2X GeForce GTX 780 Video CardsCorsair Vengeance® — 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ12GX3M3A2000C10)Swiftech Parts List Qty. 2 - The Komodo™NV-LE (Luxury Edition) Part Number: KOMODO-NV-LE Qty. 1 - The Apogee™ XL Part Number: Apogee-XL Qty. 2 - The MCP35X pump Part Number: MCP35X-BK Qty. 2 - The MCRx20-XP (eXtreme Performance) series Part Number: MCR320-XP Qty. 18 - ½” x ¾” Lok-Seal™ Compression Fitting Part Number: 3-4X1-2-G1-4-CF-BK Qty. 4 - Lok-Seal Quick Disconnect Non Spill Couplings Part Number: QC-NS-BK Qty. 6 - 90° Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 90D-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK Qty. 4 - 90° Dual Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 90D-DUAL-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK Qty. 4 - 45° Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 45D-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK Qty. 4 - 15mm Lok-Seal™ Male/Female extension adapter Part Number: 15MM-G-1-4 MFA-BK Qty. 2 - 4-Way Lok-Seal™ manifold: this 4-way manifold Part Number: 4W-G1-4-TA-BK Qty. 1 mnpctech 480 version of with 4x 120mm "Sniper" grill
  12. good day guys. here is my work log for my latest build.i hope you enjoy :) thank you to my sponsors bitfenix philippines and and kingston APAC i would like to introduce the case and my concept turn my aercool devil red into an inverted case with a fabricated basement i hope you guys enjoy.thanks modzoo community :)
  13. OPERATION CODENAME CITRINE! SPONSORS: (CABLE ACCESSORY, LEDS) I HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL , No One Tried Yet.! LOOKING FOR SPONSORS...! CLUES NEXT POSTS! :) ENJOY! PC CASE: - CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 750D PC SPECS: -Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P - CPU: ATHLON X2 270 , Overclocked 3.720 Stable with Air cooling - GPU: HD6670 1gb , Overclocked Clock: 860 , Memory 980 (In future i will upgrade) - RAM: 4GB CRUCIAL BALLISTIX ELITE 1600mhz ( CUSTOM XMP) - PSU: TURBO-X 550Watt VALUE SERIES II ( awesome for its price, only some issues with Little shorter cables ) FANS: - 2 INTAKE (Front) 140mm STOCK OBSIDIAN 750D - 1 Exhaust (Back) 140mm STOCK OBSIDIAN 750D - 1 Exhaust (Top) 140mm (SIMPLE 2000rpm Silent Fan)
  14. now i would like to rename the project FIERY KNIGHT sponsors: gigabyte for my coolant and other needs would also like to thank my parents,one of the biggest part of my build xD
  15. Also seen here on my personal website: http://www.design4paragon.com/power-mac-reloaded.html First glance of Apple computer was around 1999 when i was still in high school, and it was the iMac G3 with color transparent shell. It just looks amazing, still does today, but I never got a chance to touch or use it. Then I went to college to study industrial design, and one of our professors like Apple's design a lot, and talked about Apple highly all the time. He had a Powerbook G4 Titanium. In my junior year, our new campus was established, and we were given a digital media design lab with all Apple desktops. I was the monitor of my class, and I bargained with my professor to have class on digital media design in the new lab; he agreed. For a whole semester and summer, we were using Powermac G4 Quicksilver models. Back then, we also had all Cinema Display with Powermac G4. For use who all used CRT monitors, this is light, thin, vivid. Yes it cannot adjust angle and stuff as today's standards, but CRT users don't adjust angles much, period. We also received a Sony DV Cam to shoot. It was not the one-hand-operating one; it is the ones media used 11 years ago on people's shoulders. I believe people still put them on shoulders. TA told me it cost the same as a VW Polo. I like to take things apart, but not that DV Cam. Powermac G4 on the other hand, did not escape. In 2000 to 2004, computer case design was a lot different from today's criteria. There was no cable management grommets, routing behind motherboard tray, not even motherboard try. Most PSU still run with 80mm fan on the back as exhaust, and rarely some models use 120mm bottom mounted fan as intake. You don't see thumb screws on side panel often either. I had a magnetic screw driver on my table all the time in college. This Powermac G4 is different, just pull the handle and everything is right in front of you. IDE cable can be used like ribbon, folded 90 degree turns everywhere. Simplicity itself is not simple. It is still very hard to see any case design has better style and more detailed touches, even in today's market. look at that IDE cable on the right hand side. Yes thick bezels. Would you use this for 3 screen surround? Power and digital signal run in the same cable, as we all know here. That is why I didn't buy this monitor for this Hackintosh build.
  16. http://www.techpowerup.com/200284/gigabyte-unveils-its-waterforce-vga-liquid-cooling-solution.html Personally I think this is about the ugliest thing I've ever seen. But I know someone somewhere will buy it.
  17. BackDraft Evo... BackDraft is a concept I’ve been toying with for some time (12 months plus), the basic brief is for a high air flow water/hybrid cooled rig for general use, video encoding, gaming and to satisfy my passion for overclocking and benchmarking; as both the CPU and GPU will be overclocked a heavy emphasis will be on cooling but I also want for it to be nigh on silent and energy efficient. As the name suggests it will be a project that evolves in stages. 2 of the principle components - An EVGA Z68 FTW Motherboard :wub: My performance lapped 2600K :D And here is some more of the pre build stockpile just after Christmas
  18. Hello & Welcome! This is a project by jompenleet! I am just a casual modder enjoying optimizing the performance & looks of computers. This project is closing soon and iam starting a new build in a Phantom 820 case. The project will contain more reviews, pictures & tutorials. Sponsers! Nzxt.com Gigabyte.com Sleeva.se Sleeva.se supplied me with all the sleeving, cable ties & shrink tubes you'll see in this project TimWill.se Timwill's graphical designer helped me design all the logo's and stickers you'll see in this project MNPCTech.com Order 24" x 12" Acrylic PC Case Window Sheet (Smoked) Order 24" x 12" APPLY 3M Di-Noc CARBON FIBER PC Modding Vinyl FILM Order MNPCTech long sleeved PC Builder / Case Modder shirt in XL Order 120mm grill PC Wire grill / Guard fan guard. This will only be used to locate where to drill holes for extra fans. Order Mnpctech PC U-channel molding for custom window trim, Only to try if it improves the look of the side panel. Order 24" x 12" PC Case Modders Mesh sheet round hole 60% airflow Might use alot of this Order 4x Silver PC Case Panel HD cage Anodized Case Thumbscrew's 6/32 thread Order PC Corsair style Cable Management Grommet 1-1/2" Inner diameter 2-3/8" Outter diameter This first picture ill keep updated with the latest updated pictures Though i recommend you to scroll down to see more pics. RECENT picture Enjoy!! :) Here is theORIGINAL state of the NZXT Phantom 410 case. (Just moved the components of my old OEM computer into the case).. Got me some new equipment. MSI Z77A S01 motherboard Intel Core i5 3570k cpu Scythe Grand Kama Cross cpu cooler (mounting this baby was rocket science due to its size) After getting some new fans (Xigmatek F1253 120mm for the case) & (Xigmatek XAF Series 140mm for the CPU cooler) it looks like this. Interior before Here i actually cut a whole in the side of the case to give it a bigger window.. And i forgot to take pictures!!! :angry:sorry about that. Here's a link to the tutorial i followed to be able to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpZoE-zj0-k :thumb:Thank's alot to MNPCtech for the really informative tutorials on case mods!! And i also made me a PSU cover from 3mm thick acrylic. And the local store didnt have any pre-painted acrylic so i spray painted the inside of the acrylic with a high glossy white paint for that really shiny look. Here's a link to the tutorial i followed to be able to do this: Psu cover mod starts at about 13:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MRB6OsYYoc&feature=g-u-u Here is how the case looks like after modding the sidepanel window & with the new PSU cover more
  19. I'm working on a hardware review of the Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H Motherboard. I decided to do a build with it in the Enermax Coenus that I reviewed earlier. The Mobo has Red chipset coolers and the Case comes with a Red LED Fan. Plus, the OCZ Fatal1ty PSU has a Red LED fan. So, I figured Red & Black :^) Anyway, here's what it looks like so far: The pic doesnt have the 120mm Corsair (red ring fan) in the rear. Anyway, to make a short story long ........ I would like to paint a portion of the top of the CPU Cooler red. Are modern day spray bomb cans formulated to paint aluminum? Can I just tape the design area off, clean it, and spray it Red?
  20. EK-FB KIT GA Z87X-OC water block is designed for Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC motherboard. Its a two-piece water-block which directly cools the Intel Z87 chipset and motherboard’s VRM and MOSFETs. Both water-blocks feature high-flow design which allows them to be used with weaker pumps. EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force water block is designed for Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Force motherboard which is the flagship motherboard in the OC series. Its a full-cover single water block which directly cools the VRM and MOSFETs along with Intel Z87 PCH. It also features a high-flow design resulting in better water flow with weaker water pumps. EK-FB KIT GA Z87X-OC comes with a copper base while the top is made of quality POM acetal material while EK-FB GA Z87X-OC Force comes in two models. One of the models has a copper base with acetal TOP while the other one featurs a nickel plated electrolytic copper base. The water blocks are sealed using quality rubber gaskets and the nickel plated brass is pre-installed with screw-in standoffs resulting in easy installation without any issues.
  21. This mod will be an NZXT Switch 810 in matte black, with a green and black theme. I'm enacting a sub for sub principal. if you sub/comment on my logs, mention yours or have yours in your sig and I'll do the same! Parts List! i7 3770k @4.7GHz cooled by Danger Den M6 Nickel Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz @2200MHz 9-10-9-27 MSi Twin Frozr III 7950 @1250/1650 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB Crucial M4 256GB NZXT Switch 810 Matte Black Cooler Master Silent Hybrid Pro 1050W REEVEN RFC-01 Hardware Labs Black Ice GTS 360 in push/pull with Corsair Air SP120's FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V 250ml black helix res Monsoon compressions, rotary angled fittings, green LED plugs Swiftech MCP-655 pump Duralene tubing HP 2311x 23" 1080p monitor KBtalking Pro keyboard with Cherry MX reds and O-rings Razer Naga Epic Razer Goliathus Extended Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Asus ThunderFX DAC Thanks to the sponsors! Gigabyte Thanks for giving me this awesome Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 z77 motherboard! Thanks for believing in me Irene! Performance-PC's These guys were one of my first sponsors, and of course since then I've become their hardware rep! Hank still makes me prove my worth for sponsorships though! Thanks for working with me from the start! They provided a FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Series Black Helix res as well as a few other smaller goods. Monsoon Cooling Thanks for the awesome fittings! You guys advanced the look and uniqueness of my build by letting me have the awesome angled LED fittings and plugs! Can't wait to test them out! KBtalking Thanks for providing a KBtalking Pro keyboard for reviewing! This keyboard is very unique, and the Bluetooth functionality is just what I wanted! The video review will be coming soon as well as modifications. Corsair Memory Thanks to the people at Corsair for providing all 13 fans, 10 of the 120mm SP fans and 3 140mm AF fans, for this build. The cooling power will soon be put to test with some serious rads including an Alphacool Monsta rad. REEVEN I'd like to thank REEVEN for providing the amazing RFC-01 fan controller for my use. It has served me well and will serve me well in the future! Danger Den Finally, I'd like to thank Danger Den. They were my first sponsor, and I love the products they gave me. It's sad that they had to shut down! I wish I still had my best sponsor around to provide any items I wanted from them. I will continue to use and love the parts I've gotten from them, especially the Danger Den M6 Nickel block that will be featured very soon.
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