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Found 3 results

  1. This question is about an AIO cooler. I have a Corsair H100i V2 that I wanted to mod with custom hardline tubing. I've found YouTube vids with people replacing the tubing with aftermarket soft tubing on the older H100i, but the new design is a bit different. Anyone take a V2 apart? I don't even know if they're refillable. I'd also have to figure out how to get the fittings on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. *stands up sheepishly* Hi everyone, My name is Peter and it has been ten years since my last mod For, my first those of you who don't know me (I've been a weak-ass forum participant), My first ever 'proper' case mod was called Refurb - back in the Pimprig days: My last mod (2007) was a DVR that I had built out of a shuttle case and PS2 screen: Things have changed a bit since then though - nowadays, I don't really have the time or motivation to maintain a custom water loop or change out my hardware every month like I used to. I tend to do video editing, VFX and motion graphics in my spare time and have been using an (ugly) Silverstone Raven RV01 that I had been given to review back in 2008. Before you judge me too harshly, I just needed a quiet, stable workstation that would do the job I need it to do - nothing fancy (obviously) Anyway - enough of the public shaming - I've had an opportunity to get back on the mod programme thanks to a generous donation of a Corsair H100i AIO loop from an anonymous benefactor who shall remain nameless (unless he calls himself out here). You see, my CPU is struggling with the summer heat and the stock Intel AIO watercooler that I've shoehorned into the case just isn't cutting it (did I say enough with the shaming? Guess I may have been wrong there....) I have also switched out my wife's PC internals into a smaller case and am in the fortunate position of having a spare, empty Silverstone FT01 case which I reviewed years ago. It's not the best designed case out there (you can't take the 'removable' top fan filter out!!) but the internals are all attached with screws - which is great from a modding standpoint. The plan will be to move my gear out of the Raven and into this - making a few modifications beforehand in order to accommodate the H100i and possibly use up some of my old case moddding supplies that I have lying around (I'm a bit of a hoarder of useful things) Oh, for my last bit of public shaming: where I am living, I don't have space to put my PC on my desk... So on the floor it has to go. Lights and flashy stuff are unlikely to be happening, but we'll see Anyway - let's get into this. The case internals are pretty standard. I've removed the drive cage that sits between the 5.25" and lower drive bays as well as the 200mm fans in the roof and front. I'm planning of either ditching the 5.25" bays or trimming them down to keep the top one (maybe two). Unscrewing the 5.25" drive bay housing, I can get the Power/HDD Led assembly taken out to see what I have to work with: Thinking on where to place the radiator, I was considering mounting it above the 3.5" cage; making a mount out of the 5.25" bay housing. The plus side to this would be that it leaves room for fans to push air through the radiator as well as the option for pull fans to be added: The downside to this though is that I don't have the option of having a DVD drive in the machine - which I use surprisingly often - and that I'd need to install a bare fan in the lower section to move air over the 3x HDD's. Option B was to install the radiator and fan in the space between the HDD cage and the front - which is a very tight fit: The plus side is that I get the 5.25'' bay option back but it's tight and I'd have issues with having room for radiator mesh in the front. I decided to make a couple of temporary mounts by cutting out the strip of metal on the front (it was always going to be taken out anyway) to test fit things and help me decide. Messing around, I actually found that I liked the idea of mounting the radiator externally - Usually I don't go for that kind of look but this one had appeal for some reason. I'm running with it and will be doing a couple of aesthetic and practical things as well to (hopefully) help it fit in That's it for now - next update soon!
  3. Hey peeps this is a guide on modding Corsair's Hydro Series AIO CPU coolers, demonstrated on an H80i. This can be a great mod if you want to use an AIO cooler but want to give it a personal touch. From what I can tell this guide would work with an H100i, an H80i or a H60 (Corair's 2nd gen AIO coolers with the square and glossy CPU caps). I chose an H80i mod because it lights up and I didn't have room for a 240mm rad. What you will need: A Corsair cooler #1 Phillips screwdriver Rotary tool w/ cutting bit File Plastic epoxy Insert or decal Combination square Optional: Spray paint Step 1: Dis-assemble the cooler by removing the 2 screws that keep the cover on. When taking the cover off you'll have to maneuver it around the peripheral jacks on the cooler. Step 2: Map out where you want your insert to be. Both the H80i and H100i have this RGB LED pad under the cover, perfect for lighting up a transparent insert. Being as this was for Project PCB I used a PCB insert and chose to center it over the LED pad to that it would be evenly illuminated after install. For a rough guide I used the grey area underneath the cover. Step 3: When you've settled on what are you want to remove, tape off the top of the cover with masking tape and measure out the section you'll be cutting. A square is nice at this point te get straight lines. Step 4: Cut out the designated area. I found that a fine tooth rotary tool blade works well with no melting. Clean up the edges with a file. Step 5: Cut your insert and fit it into the hole. It works well to cut slightly larger than needed and sand/file the insert down until it fits. You'll want to avoid using anything thicker that 1.5mm or 1/16" if you want it to sit flush with the top of the cover and not damage the LED panel. Step 6: At this point if you're leaving the cover black you could epoxy your insert in which I will cover below. I chose to paint the cover, which I will cover now. Tape off the bottom flange of the cover (this is the area all around the base that has the magnets and countersunk screw holes). This will be covered by the mounting bracket and doesn't need to be painted. Also tape the cut surface where you insert will be so you won't paint the surface that will be epoxied. Rough up the non-taped surface of the cover with a red scotchbrite pad and clean with rubbing alcohol. (sorry for the grainy pic) Step 7: Painting. I used PlastiKote 312 Metal Flake Green and Plastikote #229 Clear Engine Enamel Step 8: After the paint dries 24 hours use a 2 part plastic epoxy to fix your insert into the CPU cover. Lightly cover the surface areas that will contact the insert with epoxy. Take great care to not get any on the side of the cover that will be showing. Drop you insert in from the showing side so excess epoxy will be pushed out on the interior side. Spread out any excess epoxy on the inside with a q-tip and ensure there is enough epoxy to hold the insert in place. (I used Loctite 2 part plastic epoxy) Reinstall the cover and hook up the AIO cooler as dictated by Corsair
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