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Found 6 results

  1. *DISCLAIMER* The HAF XB was put on hold for now. The build has been switched to a 600T with a much more liberal approach to Iron Man... Hey guys, I haven't been around on the ModZoo for too long, but have been building computers and doing progressively extreme stuff with them as time has passed. (sure most of you can relate)... Anyways, so I wanted to do an Ironman Build, and after seeing the Green Machine, I was sold on the HAF XB. First off the way this build is going to go is I'm gathering parts little by little until mid June, then it's on like Donkey Kong. I've been talking about this here and there in other threads but haven't had enough parts together to really give you guys any eye candy... well, the time has come. Unlike Brian's Green Machine, I'm switching up a lot of stuff and am doing a lot more work to the grill/front. I am going to take some of his ideas in the underside and ditch the drive bays and a few other things. My color scheme, and I'll need a couple opinions throughout this, is going to be red and gold. I ordered some anodized red thumb screws, and since I was thinking about putting copper pipping in this, I ordered one set of the bitspower SLI fitting for a color check to see if I liked them compared to online. I was a little disappointed. Anyways, let me get started with some pics. I'm still waiting for more stuff to come in before I start cutting and doing anything I'll wish I hadn't. So here's the case before I got crazy... Then I took it all apart and start measuring... Then I took 3 120mm fans and made sure they would fit in between the case and the shroud, and it was a pretty fit. Then I took the alphacool st30 and 3x 120 mm fans and layed them out to see what type of room I was dealing with... nice tight fit. I have a couple surprises for that middle fan later... Ok, so the St30 looks like it will fit perfectly after I cut out some breathing room and make a mounting system for it all, But it looks like it's only going to take a piece of acrylic to get the job done. Now... for a taste of what's to come. I have a EK 360 XTX rad that's going in the bottom, but first I need to overhaul the whole front end and make it look more... IronMan-ish... here's a pic of where I'm headed with that.... Thanks Bill for that awesome center piece!! with this, I'm going to have to relocate the power/reset switch, usb3 ports, etc. my main goal is to ditch the drive bays as well, since the XTX will be sitting right behind there anyways. Gotta talk to some local aluminum and acrylic vendors/specialists to see if I can get someone to work with me. oh yeah! color scheme! I really like the anodized thumbscrews, but think the bitspower sli links are too dark... how much you think it would be to anodize the case in red? I really wanted to do copper pipes in this one though... Anyways, That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed, and happy modding!! -Nate
  2. This a sneak peak at my newest project I started last week. Some of the parts are to be announced as they are currently under NDA so once that it lifted I will make the appropriate announcement. ***As of midnight last night the NDA was lifted on the case so I will be posting up some pictures of it later tonight*** List of parts to be used: Case: Cooler Master HAF XB PSU: CoolerMaster 1300W Silent Pro Hybrid CPU: Intel I7 3770k Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z77 Memory: Patriot Viper Extreme 32 gb Sleeving: MDPC SSD's: Intel GPU's: 3 EVGA GTX 680's HydroCopper Cooling: Swiftech Apogee HD CPU Block Alphacool 360 RAD, 12 RAD, & 240 RAD Danger Den Reservoir Aqua Computer 1500 lph Bitspower conversion pump kit Mayhems Pastel Mint Green Primo Chill 3/4 Tubing Fans: Coolermaster Excaliburs Peripherials: Keyboard: Coolermaster Storm Trigger (with cherry blue btw) :)/> Mouse: Coolermaster Sentinel II advance Headset: Coolermaster Storm Sirus Sponsors for this build. I am forever grateful to my sponsors as this build would never be possible without them. This list will be updated as I am hoping and anticipating some more great companies to help me out if all goes as planned. It will be a little bit of time until I can update this build log but it will be worth the wait I hope. I have always wanted to do an NVIDIA themed build even thought there re so many of them out there. I have a deep rooted love for NIVIDIA so if that is the case I will be using this: Here are some samples of the powder coating I will be using in this build. It will mainly be the metal flake one but will also be doing the lighter green throughout for accents. I just got home from work and I found another mysterious package that I was keeping my fingers crossed for, so without further ado I am officially doing 3 way SLI with this mod. Thank you so much EVGA for sponsoring this build, you will be proud when I am done with it. They will look a bit more sexy once I install the EVGA hydro copper blocks. As you can see I just received a Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 from Gigabyte Also I received an I7 3770k from Intel that Cooler Master was able to get for me as well as some other goodies. Now it is time to cut up all the things. I will be placing an order with Frozen CPU for about $1000 and will post up more pics when that gets here but it will be quite some time till the NDA is lifted and I can actually show you the progress of the build. Cheers!! Oh and I forgot to mention that I won an Intel SSD 180gig 520 series SSD from the mod contest at Lanfest....i took 1st Place...lol So I will be using this as the primary in the Green Machine. Now I have my work cut out for me. Got a huge package today from Frozen. Swiftech Apogee HD Block (My favorite) 360 Rad 240 Rad 120 Rad 3 EVGA 680 Hydro Copper full coverage blocks. I received backplates from EVGA a few days ago. "Also it is very close to being able to reveal what case I am modding and can't wait to share with you guys" Here is a look at the blocks. Doing a lot of work on the case now things are really starting to come together. Now to transform my air cooled cards... It never ceases to amaze me how much thermal paste they put on GPU's... I have to say they look a lot sexier now Well I better get back to work modding time is wasting but just wanted to give an update. Cutting a lot of holes and planning my loop in detail now that I have all the parts.
  3. Hi Guys! Check out my new CoolerMaster Haf-XB Its been a project for the past year and I finally got around to finishing it! If I had have known it would end up here I'd have taken pictures when I started. I decided to leave the majority of the case black and paint the front face, panels and top. Its my first time painting a case and I'm headed to the store to see if I can find my next project on clearance tonight! The whole project was done with spray cans, though I really want to move to a compressor and paint gun! "Paint Booth" My first look at the black and pink together: (The case was at my parents, I only had the panels with me at the time) I at first was going to tape off the rivets at the screen, but I realized the rivets were little three piece plastic assemblies that were really easy to dissassemble, made life a whole lot easier. As for the front screen - just a few tabs to bend out of the way. And re-assembled:
  4. Greetings from the Dirty South PC Mods shop once again Mad Modding Monkeys This time I am going to be working on a Tribute build to Superman in Classic Colors. First off I would like to thank my Sponsors without their generosity my builds would not be anywhere near as awesome. http://www.icemodz.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Icesleeve https://www.facebook.com/tekbydesign http://www.lepatek.com/eng/ http://www.enermax.com/ Be sure and swing by their respective sites and FB pages to check out all the Killer Gear they have to make your RIG look Beast!!!! Here is a look at the Hardware that is going to be going into our build. CPU - Intel i5 3470 3.2ghz Quad-core /w Bitspower ICE Blue CPU Block Mobo - Biostar TZ77XE4(Custom Painted Blue Heatsinks, and Di-Noc) Ram - G.Skill Ripjaws 2133mhz DDR3 4 x 4Gb /w Bitspower Universal Ram Block kit Blue/Blue SSD - SANDISK 120Gb SATA III SSD PSU - LEPA MaxBron 700Watt 80+ Bronze certified RAD - XSPC 360mm Slim High Performance, Black Ice 360mm X-Flow Rad, XSPC 120mm Pump - XSPC D5 Vario /w Bitspower Mod kit(Blue) & PPC's Custom Pump Top Fittings - Primochill Ghost Compression 1/2" x 3/4" as well as a few Monsoon 3/4" 90-Deg rotary fittings Res - Bitspower 40mm tube Res Tubing - Primochill 1/2" x 3/4" tubing GPU - EVGA GTX 660Ti 2Gb & PNY GTX 660Ti (SLI) Fans - Enermax T.B. Vegas Trio 9 x 120mm, 1 x 180/200mm T.B. Apollish Blue and 1 x 140mm T.B. Apollish Blue(PSU Fan swap) So lets get this Build started. First off we did a live unboxing http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/b/481331321 Then we Drilled out the Rivets for the I/O Plate & Cut a hole in the bottom of the Case to mount our XSPC 360mm Rad http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/b/481499486 Here is a look at what it looks like. Perfect Fit!!!!!!!!! Then we painted the Chassis RED We then Painted the Chassis Red The Rad and I/O Plate Yellow Well thats it so far. Need to get some more paint. Be back later. Be sure to check out our weekly Live mod show every Wed 10am-2pm http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods Where was I ahh yes. Marking up the Side panels, and the Top panel for windows. Got them cut out and hung up for paint. Now I'm not going to lie this was a bit late after a long day. So my cuts weren't all that strait. Time to bust out the Grinder with a Flapper Wheel so these will have to re-painted. Currently I am at odds with keeping the Mobo tray and painting it. Or replacing the whole thing with 1/8 clear acrylic.However 1/8" acrylic tends to bow under weight. (That's why I usually use it for Windows.) Just hoping once I get the board on the Acrylic it will stiffen it up. Guess there is only one way to find out huh. Ok where was I ahh yes. Well decided to Paint the Mobo tray. Painted the Front Panel and Xigmatek GPU Coolers Handel and 5.25" bay covers Painted the Mesh Red...Looking good We were going to cut the top and put a window but with the release of a new Product by Enermax we have decided to leave it intact. Paint is done..Just waiting for the last bits to dry. Alright now that the Paint is done. It's time to see about squeezing all this hardware in here. Got the XSPC EX360mm Rad on the bottom topped off with Enermax T.B.Vegas Trio 120mm Fans. The Black Ice 360mm X-Flow Rad is mounted on the front with more Enermax T.B Vegas 120mm Fans. The Primochill CTR 240mm Res. All fitted with Monsoon Right Angle Rotary(3/4"), and Primochill Ghost Compression Fittings(1/2" x 3/4"). Got the Biostar TZ77XE4 Mobo w/ Custom Painted Heatsinks and Di-Noc Mounted to the Mobo Tray. The Bitzpower Blue ICE CPU Block and Ram Block /w Custom Di-Noc Trim. Kitted out with Monsoon Right Angle Rotary 3/4" and Primochill Ghost Compression Fittings 1/2" x 3/4" Mocking up the two GTX 260's(Thanks Angel Cruz for the sweet deal on the second card) With Xigmatek GPU Coolers(Before they were painted Blue) Whoaaaa thats a REALLY Tight fit. There is about 2mm to spare so the fans work fine. Alright now to address the stock screws. The solution Tek By Design "Proline" Button Head Fasteners(Polished) Thank you for your generous contribution to our build. Some of what will be posted next was covered in this weeks live show. http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/c/3414063 Alright time to get started Modding our PSU, but first lets take a closer look at the inside. As you can see this PSU is Oozing with Quality Components Ok so first up is a Fan Swap on way to custom sleeving and paint. Stock Black Fan has got to know. Going to replace it with an Enermax T.B.Apollish 140mm in Blue Its already looking good. Just wait till I turn it on. Bazinga Now I gotta take it apart and Prep it for Paint. Well while I wait for the weather to clear up I'm going to get started on the sleeving process. Thank you Mundi from ICEMODZ for all your support. A look at all the awesome stuff from ICEMODZ. Thank you Mundi Ok so lets get started. First up the easy one Molex Next up Sata Cable. Now the Real work starts the 8 and 24-pin connectors Ok guys thats it so far Still waiting on the weather to clear up so I can paint the PSU. Right so the weather is still crappy so I'm still working on sleeving. And I'm out of Red Sleeving have to wait for more to come in. Alright While I'm waiting for the rest of my sleeving to come in Lets get busy with the rest of the PSU and a GPU upgrade instead of using 2 x GTX 260 I will be using 1 x GTX 660 Ti Tearing it apart Getting ready for its Wrapping And our 660 Ti is going to get the same treatment. Ok had a change of heart on the front panel. We ended up taking a couple pieces of clear acrylic and covered the back side with Red Vinyl. We then took some Blue Vinyl and cut out the sponsor logos with the vinyl cutter and put that on the front side of the Acrylic panel. Then we attached it to the front of the panel with 3M double sided tape. We then put one of our ICEMODZ.com Red LED's behind it and you get this effect. We did the same thing with the 3.5" hot swap bay. but with Yellow and there you have it. and of course after I have already painted the Mobo plate we got a wild hair and decided to go ahead and make a new one out of Plexi. We also decided to cut the Top panel and put a clear window on it. with a 200mm hole for our 180/200mm Enermax T.B.Apollish Fan (Blue) Look'n good Now to see about dealing with what can only be described as a Skittles Bag after it has been blown to pieces. Alright thats all I have at this time. Need to order a new Res as the Primochill CTR I already have sitting is wayyy too large. And I haven't Decided what I want to do with the GPU's yetI didn't like the Blue vinyl wrap so I ripped it off.
  5. Hey all! I'm going to be modding my new HAF XB. I haven't done a mod since my Maximum Security one last year. Pics to follow soon!
  6. I have the HAF XB, Antec Skeleton & Antec 900. I’m looking at what mods can be done with the XB, but I have zero experience with setting up water cooling loops. I think this will help me out. I want to add some automation to the case, kind of like the ROG case. Has anyone ever done a retractable acrylic window (Kind of like a moon roof)? I have only painted part of the 900 red (Because I had the paint). Thanks for the help in advance!
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