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Found 8 results

  1. Inspired by an original project by my friend Randy who made a Pizza box server to use as a router. This project was birthed when discussing our next Mod Zoo Hangout topic: Exotic Materials. The Pizza Box is from Olive Pizza Front I/O will be a recycled from a Bitfenix Prodigy. Sadly the board is missing the USB 3.0 ports as those were taken for another project. This project is also partly a whatever is in arm's reach.
  2. While taking a break from modding for a bit during my Breast Cancer Fundraiser Event (which has been extended to Nov 21) I received this M-ATX case from Fractal Design. I am currently using it as my main PC, but it will eventually become a HTPC. Have not done much to it at this time, but plan on getting more parts from MNPCTech for this build eventually :D So far I just removed the hard drive bays/trays and painted them in black. Also re-positioned it from top location to bottom. Set up is temporary at this time, planning on getting ModZoo Monkey Badge (small) and black case feet so far. Will post updates here as soon as I can.
  3. Mini Watercooled HTPC It should come as no surprise at this point that I love building small wooden HTPCs; or just adding wooden elements to my case mods, for that matter. When AMD released their 25w socket AM1 CPU’s a few months ago, I thought it would be the perfect platform for building a new low power HTPC. I picked up a motherboard and CPU combo, and went to work. This, however, is where things started to evolve… Once I got the hardware, and found the stock fan, something had to change. I’m sure the stock fan does fine, but I wanted something else. I thought about modding an existing CPU fan to work with the 2-mounting hole configuration, but I quickly came to the conclusion of "Watercool it, because why not". It’s true, I’ve wanted to use one of those 2x80mm radiators for a slim watercooled build for a while, so I thought what better opportunity than now to make that happen. Overkill? Not at all… mostly :D
  4. Hey guys, decided to give u some pics on my last HTPC project wich is built ONLY on parts i had laying around at home. so the components aren't new but still working perfect. Only thing purchased was the case wich is a Fractal Design Core 1000 USB 3.0 case. (inverted) I got this case because it was the cheapest decent looking case in the store, also had possibility to invert this case pretty easily and do some minor tweaking for a sleeker look Anyway i will basically let the picture speak for themselves.
  5. Hello everyone! You might have seen this build before, why? Because this project log was started in 2012. But then, why are you here again? Well this project is kind of a never ending story for me, I upgraded the hardware along the way and changed it, I still have it and I still change it. But I never was totally satisfied with it. AMD also released their A-10 7850K a while ago and I really wanted to have this in this small build to make it a really awesome HTPC, but how should I be able to cool 100W in this small case? I will watercool it, first with a Corsair H75 and further on I will make an entire custom loop in this small case. That is what Im going to show you now, but first, if you have time, go through the worklog to see how I built this case from the beginning. I will list all the updates further down. The new hardware in this case will be: MB: MSI A88XI AC CPU: AMD A10 7850K RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4GB 2400MHz PSU: Streacom ST-NANO150 SSD: Corsair Force LS 120GB FANS: 2x Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 12 New things to do: New front and backplate out of aluminium.Sleeve the new PSU and all the other cables.Cut a bigger hole in the bottom for 2x 120mm fans.Installing the Corsair H75.Sand down all edges and polish them.New case feet.Custom loop? I got the idea for this build when I was looking at some of the acrylic I had left from Cold Winter. Saw some nice shape coming. So I started cutting, and got these two acrylic pieces: I got some nice hifi-looking feet and some hinges to put the two pieces together. Then I made a front and backplate and powdercoated them white. Installed a LCD and a simple power switch. Installed a simple Intel Atom motherboard with 4gb ram and a lot of harddrive space. Installed a intake 100mm fan under the motherboard. And here is the final pictures Hardware pics Right side Left side Back Front Thanks for visiting! Johan Nyman
  6. Lian Li is showing off some new cases at CeBIT 2014. The PC-Q36 and PC-V359 are boxy mITX and mATX cases featuring a smoked acrylic ceiling, 240mm rad support, sliding panels and or course aluminum construction. Prepare yourself, both of these cases are external drive bay-less. No info on pricing or avalibility from Lian Li's facebook page. Check out a full image gallery and specs here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.290155827806119.1073741838.100644210090616&type=1
  7. Hello the Mod Zoo! My name is Johan Nyman, Im 20 years old and living in Sweden, enough with that. ;)/> I just finished with a little HTPC/NAS build, so now I can start with my next project. I have been waiting to start working on this. Ive been planning how to make this as good as possible. This is the project I will spend most time on ever. Hope you will enjoy this log, feel free to comment and please give me advice and tips. Lets start with a little info about this build. You may remember a build I made called Cold Winter. I posted it on several forums around a year ago. I also made a version 2 of it, and now the third and last version is coming. This is my favorite build of all time, so now I want to make it as goodlooking as possible. What Im going to do is to correct the mistakes Ive made before, add some features to hide cables and things like that. I will also fill it with a little bit newer hardware and this time Im going for some nice watercooling, not an all-in-one like the Antec Kuhler I had in V.2. List of things to do: Paint the right acrylic side of the case (on the inside) black, so you cant see in from the side. Thats the side where the motherboard will be installed.Make coverplates out of acrylic to cover cables, psu and waterpump.Make a hole in the bottom and in the backpanel for the new psu.File down the acrylic so it fits perfectly with the acrylic piece.Sleeve everything white, black and aqua.Hide as much of the cables as possibleInstall watercoolingHardware: MB: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI CPU: AMD A10-6800K RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4gb 2133MHz SSD: Samsung 840 120gb PSU: Be-Quiet SFX 300W In V.2 I used AMDs Llano, and I fell in love. Since then I have been waiting for the next generation and now Trinity is here. When I have time for games I either play Starcraft 2 or Dota 2 and those arent really hardware demanding games, but the Trinity still is pretty good. So what I want is a HTPC but with possibilities of some simpler games to be played. So what I want to add for hardware is a m-itx motherboard for Trinity, socket FM2. As APU I want the best possible so Im trying to get a hold of a A10-6800K, and then add 2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 2133MHz ram. EKWB! Thank you for helping me. Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2. Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI. MNPCTech sponsored me with this fan grill to have in the front, should look awesome! Clear Acrylic 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" PC Fan Grill from Mnpctech.com EK DCP 2.2 Combo: What Ive done so far is to strip the case from almost everything except the LCD and powerswitch. Front: Back: Left side: Right side. This is the side I want to paint black on the inside so you cant see into it from here. The acrylic is pretty messed up as you can see. It was that from the beginning. Many scratches. But at the same time I feel like it gives the case a kind of vintage look, I still want to make it look a bit nicer though. So I will start by cleaning and polish it as much as possible. Do any of you guys know how to remove scratches from acrylic? Clearcoat it? Use a little blowtorch? Any advice? First thing Im going to start with is to cut the acrylic maybe 3-4mm so it fits perfect with the white plate. Then paint the backside of the acrylic black. So this is what I have to work with for a couple of weeks: Will be updating as much as possible. Please comment and give me advice and tips. Everything and everyone is welcome. Thats all for today! :) Johan Nyman
  8. I think it's damn near impossible to visit a tech site lately and not see a mention of the Steam Machine. It has yet to be see how Valve's attempts to break down the barrier between console and computer will fair, but the (Steam) machine they're putting out to do the job is a decent piece of engineering. iFixit had the opportunity to dissect one of the beta machines and the break down caught my eye. Crammed in is a mITX motherboard, an i5-4570 and a GTX 780 via hard riser card in about as small a space as you can fit all that stuff. The cowlings (air duct fixtures for the GPU and CPU) were especially interesting to me and I'd love to see the temps on this thing after stress testing purely out of curiosity. Link the article on iFixit with a lot of great pics
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