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Found 32 results

  1. This Mod is now done! Never done! __________________________________________________ Ok the system needs upgrades to keep up with my demands so revamp time! ___________________________________________________ Hello fellow modders! My name is Peter I`m 17. I´m from Denmark i study technology and design. After a while of having a stock 500R so i watercooled it, made small mods for cablemanagement. That was Tundra, now Frozen Tundra is based on a black TJ07, the major mod is the 360 rad in the front drivebayes. I have no "plan" just a idea. New Start on page 12! As i started in November last year her is a recap: I cut the midplate in the drivebayes to make room for the rad. Test fitting the rad, it was perfect not a lot of room made cable routing holes in the midplate and mobo tray. i made the radmounts and fitted them with Nutman inspired dome nuts. made a plexi coverplate with holes for the dome nuts, then i sanded it with 60 grit in one direction, to make it matt. I used the top mesh from my 500R to make a cover for the bayes i am real happy with the way it turned out. I installed my hardware on the mobotray. Then i made the loop. And filled it with Mayhems pastel ice white. next i made a bar to hold 2 120mm fans in the top. i really like the look of that. after a while my tubing became gray/greenish, so i drained the loop and filled it with demin water, there was enough ice white left that the liquid is now white. this is how it looked until a few weeks ago, when my sister asked if i wanted her to paint something, she painted the bay blanking plate white on the sanded side, with the same direction brush strokes. this is where im currently at. my dad i trying to get some alu so i can make blanking plates for the basement and a mid plate. All feedback is welcome! //PWE
  2. Hi everyone, Im happy to share with you my new project, its a PCDesk Mod :D Well since my last mod didnt receive the "shares" I wanted from the brands (HAF in HALF video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67tdCmEaEc0 ) that supported the build, I wanna move foward to this one and make something unique and possible for everyone, thats something I always try to pass for those who see my content, everyone can do this you just gotta plan everything well enough to avoid major problems. Why a desk? Well I dont like big cases and since "setups" are starting to be a trend I wanna remake my own so nothing better than make a new desk with a PC built in. So key words are: - Confort - Performance (air flow/temperatures) - Simplicity Well still need to edit all the content about it, but for now this is what I have to show Best Regards Tankian
  3. Welp, it's been long enough since PCB was completed and I think some major bumps are out of my life, time for a new project! My gaming obsession for the last eight or so years has been Dota and one night last year I kicked the idea of this build around with a friend. It's blossomed in my mind since, time to put it into motion. First off, thank you to my generous sponsors for this project: This will be a scratch build I think? I'm making an external frame out of mahogany and using a Fractal Design Node 304 essentially as a motherboard tray. It will save me some time in terms of layout and I happen to have one on hand. The concept will come from Dota 2 of course. While I could focus on a specific character in the game for a theme, I decided instead to base the mod off of a treasure chest. Players in-game win cosmetic items for their characters by obtaining various chests after they play games. What sort of grotesque name is Fresh Meat for a build? It's the catch phrase of one Dota's most loved/hated characters, Pudge, and from a modding perspective there are two reasons: one, it's a new project, fresh meat for me to bite in to, two, there will be cutting. I though this would be a fun theme to play with and would give me lots of design choices as well as making a mod that almost all Dota players could relate to. Without further ado, let's get into it. A log note: The flow of this here log may jump around a bit. I'm a paper and pencil guy when it comes to layout so I don't have any fancy 3D renders to show you. Keeps up the suspense right? You'll just have to trust what I've got cooking in my head to come together in the end. First up was picking material. My dad has some footage of mahogany available, lucky me :D After I had some lumber picked out, it was time to actually do stuff. First up was making a jig for the chest legs. The legs will taper on two sides, from 40mm square on the bottom 25mm at the top. After that tank was put together, you've got to test it, right? Of course, you can't test on the real deal. Here's what the legs will be cut out of once the jig is dialed in. Can't you see a couple legs in there? A look at the test leg to get an idea of what the shape will be. It's a subtle angle. Well unfortunately that's it for the first post. I'll keep collecting junk to stick in this thing, you keep checking back
  4. Hi every body, I present to you a small project i start a long time now... This project is based on a phanteks shift X anthracite , the idea is to associate two tendency " RGB and polished aluminium ". The goal for me is to realise a sober project with good cable management and add some aluminium plate to get a harmonious result. The sponsors who followed me in this project are: Je les remercies chaleureusement car sans eux et sans vous rien ne serait possible. this is the configuration of the project : Processor : Intel core I7 8700k Motherboard: Asus Z370i gaming VGA : Asus gtx 1080 8go Ram : Crucial ballistix tracer RGB 16go 3000Mhz SSD : Intel SSD 600P M2 1to SSD : Intel Optane 16go Power Supply : Bequiet SFX 600W Cable : Cablemod personnalize First step on this case , add some plate to hide the PSU and the bottom of the case. This two plates will be paint in black when the case will be totally finish. next is time of sanding and polishing with belgom alu i start to sanding with grain 80 because the metal got a special hard treatment before i start to got the natural aluminium. First step with grain 120 and the result was : " i go grain 80 or i order a ton of grain 120 " Finally we take the grain 80 , i use 5 disk by face of the case. Yes it s really better we try the polishing to test Résult : awesome lets go !!! First passage for polishing : second passage , third and others : Then we arrive to a correct result : " on way to polishing again " I decide to paint the top ot the case too , but before i polished all the line and paint all in black exept the top of the line, the result is perfect. J'en ai profiter pour faire la partie supérieur du boitier aussi , j'ai appliquer la même méthode ponçage + polissage puis j'ai peint en noir tout le reste en ne laissant que les lignes du haut. It s time for hardware, i mount a part of the configuration. to ensure all was of for the dimension. I m really impressed to imagine 1 to on this small things We test the cable from cablemod. this is the version pro with metal cablecomb, this cable are awesome, never hesitate to buy it. We add an awesome ekwb watercooling bloc specially realise for this motherboard. Same treatment for the VGA Meanwhile I am to contact by an old modder which work to phanteks and which participated in the development of this case which proposes me of sponsored certain products. A few weeks later I receive at my home Halos Lux Rgb Frame taken out a few months ago only in CES 2018, a pack RGB strips and a box has tools terribly effective and of a really good finish. we put it on the case Then I noticed that in the case there was a space side GPU which was rather ugly once the installed configuration, we saw many cable and not bad really ungraceful thing there. I thus began to realize an aluminum plate hide all this. I still feel myself for this plate of " raw or polite " metal. Then we passed in the tubing full house metal: (the first time for me and I made it found that very easy) The tubes of acrylic and those metal stands out in the same way in the end. I used one cuts tube which we find in the business for the plumbers. I have of to drill holes for the pump because even if there is one platesin this case which take care of my pump the configuration was not adapted has what I wanted to make. Voucher a the end of day, always the same bad problem in the finger but the result is really beautiful. I wonder I even to have ended him in the 1 day. I have to proceed to the paint of plates alu " alim mask and bottom of case " in black, to realize the cable management. The project is not crazy is there because I wanted him sober and simple, not by feignantise but because I want that it adapts itself for example has an environment of lounge quoted of a TV. There is all the same 70 working hours on this case, the polishing, the cutting and the folding of rooms to create for the case having taken me more than 70 % of my time. The final photos are thus for soon. Thanks to all to support us, quite your small messages, your likes, your sharings, Thank you.
  5. The First Double Sided Mod Art QUADRAD Custom Case In The World / With Four Loop Four Radiator Four Rezervoir Hello there. Welcome to my new project. We designed a big extreme case. A case with a square look. 4 radiators, 4 pumps, 4 reservoirs in the system. I wanted to build a system with 4 loops. For this reason the name QUAD-RAD. Case design is mine. Thanks to arg-ist for hand labor .. This case can be used in different systems. The case would be made from scratch, not by modifying a standard case. After our first work, we decided to make a case in this view. Case Designed as square cross-section and 45 degree broken. The case is a plain-flap shape with the front and rear top panels on the wings. It is designed to bend 45 degrees towards the side covers. With this, the depth of the cradle, normally 18 cm, was removed by 30 cm. We started making a 1/1 carton to see what the case would be like. There are air grids on the wings. And on the outside there are reservoirs. In the form of 4 reservoirs in 4 corners.
  6. <<Begin Rant>> What is modding?? I feel like lately the line between a build and a mod has been so blurred that a lot of people don't seem to know the difference any more. Builds with stickers winning in mod competitions just seems wrong to me. For me CES 2017 was a very interesting trip. Unlike most peeps who go there to see the cool stuff, I was more excited to meet some of the faces behind some of the great builds and mods that we got to see. Thankfully someone of the people who I met know the difference between and mod and build (you know who you guys are). Calling a clean build is like flinging poo on the work of greats like Bill, EEL, Cheaps, Calen, Dave, Bob & Rod, Stuart, Mos, etc. So I ask you... what is your definition of a mod? What is a build, and what is customized case? I feel like that zoo hosts some of the biggest names in the modding universe, so I ask the Guardians of the Mods as to what would you call a mod vs a build vs a customized case. Every time I see a big box forum mod of the month competition featuring clean builds with maybe a couple stickers makes me wanna pour hot curry in someones eyes. I'm not a modder, I'm a builder. I may have customized some of my BUILDS with some custom parts, but I don't think I have yet to mod anything. So I ask builders like me out there (you know who you are) to stop calling yourselves modders. If you haven't really voided the damm warranty, it's not a mod. Here is hoping that we can clean up the definitions of modding, and make sure that people who do real mods and custom work (including scratch builders) to get the recognition they deserve. Nothing wrong with builders, I just don't like them to considered modders. Between I added a sticker to this post, so I guess it's now a mod. I should go submit this as my mod of the month entry.... Modders... Please make modding great again. <<End Rant >> Don't get me wrong, builders/modders you all do great work and everyday I learn from all you folks out there. So don't stop what you do, keep the inspiration rolling, keeping pushing those boundaries... just don't blurr them too much please. Captain CurrySauce
  7. Hey everyone! My name is DJ Madrid a.k.a Kryptekmodz from Ph. This time i'll making a project called AURELIO, which means the "FIRST" Filipino Made Super Car. I picked this concept because I like the way they did and I love cars. (but i don't have a car) lol :D. And the modding theme will be Pinoy Pride. That means we are able to mod a Filipino brands or Made in the Philippines. So my co-competitor which these guys are the top case modder here in the Philippines, Tantricmodz (Mhike Samsin), JPModified (Jesse Palacio), Mickee Boy Lacerna (MadMods). so this time, I'll be presenting this concept at Cooler Master Battlemodz Invitational here in the Philippines. I give many thanks to Cooler Master for picking me for this time. I would like to thank all the sponsors, Cooler Master, MSI, G.Skill for supporting my projects now and before. Concept: You may find the full details of the AURELIO Super Car, just click the link. http://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/aurelio-first-filipino-made-supercar/ And here are my components that i will be using for this project Processor: Intel i5 6600k Motherboard: MSI B150m Mortar Arctic GPU: MSI GTX 960 2G RAM: GSkill Trident Z 4x8GB (32GB) PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1200w Platinum SSD: G.Skill Phoenix FTL 240GB Fans: Thermaltake Riing White 12mm (4pcs) Case: Cooler Master Mastercase PRO 3 Water Cooling: Bitspower Water Cooling
  8. I wanted to do this modding on my PowerMac G5 broken, it is a simple and inexpensive way to do this, using parts of other pc removed to keep costs low. Rifinisco con lima fine e carta vetrata. http://g5atxcables.weebly.com/ Extended video working available here Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, Been a while since I've been active on the forums I've been super busy with a new job, move to a different city and pretty much a whole new life! Glad to say that I'm back and with a very exciting project! As the banner suggests it will be based on the Dead Space games and it's my entry for this year's Cooler Master Case Mod World Series as well as the ANZ Edition of the "World Series". I am going all out with for this project and trying some modding techniques I haven't done before so stay tuned and enjoy the build log! I'm gonna give a little hint and say that this will NOT be a clean build I would like to say a huge thanks to Cooler Master Australia for giving me this opportunity as well as ASUS Australia, Kingston HyperX, Avexir, Bitspower, Primochill, CableMod, PLE Computers and a new addition from a friend of mine, Kristian from MercoMods! SPECS Case - Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Maker Motherboard - ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly CPU - Intel i7 6700K Memory - 4 x 4GB Avexir ROG Certified Red Tesla 2400Mhz DDR4 GPU - 2 x ASUS STRIX GTX 980 SSD - 2 x Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB SSDs PSU - Cooler Master V1000 Cables - CableMod Fully Custom Individually Sleeved Cables + MercoMods Custom Braided Extensions LEDs - CableMod Magnetic RGB LED Strip Radiators - Bitspower Leviathan Slim 240 Radiator, Bitspower Leviathan Xtreme 360 Radiator Fans - CoolerMaster JetFlo 120mm Red and White LED fans Pump - Laing D5 with Black Bitspower MOD Package - Pump Top + Casing Reservoir - Bitspower D5 Top Upgrade Kit 150 with Cascade Tube Effect Fittings - PrimoChill Revolver SX Matte Black + Various Bitspower Carbon Black angle fittings and extensions Tubing - PrimoChill Copper Tubing CPU Block - Bitspower Summit EF GPU Block - 2 x Bitspower VG-NGTX980ADIIS For now I'll start with the packages received from Cooler Master: A mysterious box (though the thread title might hint at what's inside) JetFlo fans and a V1000 power supply Stay tuned for more guys! Cheers, Alex
  10. Hello everybody, I present to you my new scratchbuild project named " renovatio mark 1 " , renovatio mean renew in latin and why i choose this name ? because the first idea of this project is to create something new but without change the existing things and mark 1 because this is the first bench table i do . I tell you the story , there are six months of that, I was looking for a bench table "cheap" but "design" to test the components I had in stock , I found things on the internet but at so expensive prices ... Anyway I decided to imagine a " one is never better served than by oneself " the first goal of the maneuver was to quantify the design of a table custom bench and see once modeled if the project is interesting or not . the second objective was " easy integration watercooling ." I started in the plans in 3D Solidworks and after six months of planning and testing, I released this: Top view : light gray clutter of a motherboard ATX Bottom view : side view : Vue isometrique : All gray blocks that you can see inside are the pump and power supply , I plan supports for the pump , radiator, power and SSD, I show you once received . The model measures 47.3 cm x 47.3 cm x 15 cm. The basic configuration will be unveiled shortly. I sent all cut from " johnsteelpro " in France I shall have to do the folds and seams . It cost me € 180 including shipping to those interested a small dot on the config [ ;) ] : and a sponsor follow me , thank you to " EK watercooling " here are the pictures all parts have been folded by a professional " family thank you " I confessed that I had a strong emotion when you see everything taking shape like that while this was an idea. here are the photos : I'll see if it all could be sealed today. See you.
  11. ToddK


    ______________________ THE WHY Well, bless her soul the good ole Downtown mod died on me. Whilst I was helping prep work for me mommie's 70th birthday party the M.2 O/S drive failed on me. And when I tried to fire up a backup box the ancient PSU failed on it. The only remaining solution was to take the best of the best that I had remaining and build something new. Longer term I planned on putting together this mod project, just not yet. Right now the box is built, but much more tweaking is coming down the road. This will be a 'work in progress' worklog, detailing what happens whenever it happens. ______________________ THE PROJECT If you follow me on the old tweet-box (@krepadoodle) you'll know I talk about two things: 1) computer stuff and 2) CFL Football, more specifically my home town Edmonton Eskimos. I'm a big fan of the team and have travelled to see 8 of 9 stadiums across the league so far and I'm 5 and 2 on the road for my team - woot! I don't find much branded stuff online for any CFL team, so it'll be fun to make other team's fans jealous of a gaming machine fully branded for mine. Here are some preliminary concept drawings. Everything is fluid right now. Some quick factoids about the team: Most regular season wins by a teamMost Grey Cup appearancesMost Grey Cup wins (modern era)Annnnnnd... playing pretty darn good this yearESPN in broadcasting some games if you'd like to check it out______________________ THE SYSTEM Corsair Air 540 chassisASUS Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboardAMD FX-9590 CPU16 Gb Kingston HyperX RAMCorsair H100i AIOCorsair Link fan/led/temp controllerCorsair AF120 Quiet Edition fansCooler Master Jetflo 120 PWM LED fansCooler Master v1200 Platinum PSUDual MSI R9 290 GPUsDual ADATA 256 SSDs in raid 1 configQuad WD 500 Gb HDDs in raid 10 configancient Arctic Cooling PWM fan from CPU cooler (why? GPU airflow)______________________ THE PICS At the very, very bottom you'll see some funky zig-zaggy things. These are actually custom drive mounts that I made on my 3D printer. Here's how they were originally intended to work. The original drive mounts at the bottom only held a single HDD each (so total of two) and I really wanted a raid 10 4xHDD setup, so I designed and printed these bad boys to hold the drives. Unfortunately (or not so much) I found second hand GPU online matching my original R9 290 and picked it up for a song (yay!) I did try putting the GPUs in right next to each other in the PCI slots, but darn near burned the new one out on day one. So I had to move the 2nd GPU down which made my drive mounts incompatible. Now they are nothing but a swell idea and weird little factoid in the build. Here they are today. Just filling space at the bottom. Also printed was a support to prevent GPU sag and a placard with the team name. The placard itself is really dual purpose. It's intended to help cool air from the back push between the GPUs while the hot air coming from the heat sinks pushes out to the rest of the box. We'll see how well that idea plays out. I'm still building out a couple extensions for each end. Unfortunately the 3D printer caps at 20 centimeters in length. Originally I wanted football leather in behind, but since I have none at the moment will settle for a print out of football leather in team colors. On the back exhaust fan I modelled a fan cover with the team logo. Still thinking about some fan covers for the top & front. Ideas are all over the map right now. The Corsair Link not only does fan control and temperature monitoring, but also has RGB LEDs. I currently have these cycling through team colors (of course). The Jetflo fans look a little blue-ish in this pic, but they are actually white. I think my camera adds a little extra color saturation when taking photos. That's where she's at so far. At some point I'll look to get the chassis painted up. I'll be extending the placard. Hopefully will be water cooling the GPUs (they get hhhhhhhhot). Looking to add some football leather as a design element. And a major feature wall on the right side (that's a secret for now.) Comments are welcome as always. :D
  12. Hi fellow modders, This will be my first own thread here and I hope you'll like it. I hereby present you my new baby The case: Lian-Li PC-V353Noctua NF-S12A PWM front fan (2x) While the case assembly and material is top notch, as expected from Lian-Li, it suffers from several design flaws : Poor cable management Not designed for side power connectors of GPU (had to lengthen the hole) Headphone connector doesn't fit the front panel jack because the panel is too thick (have to use washers with the panel circuitry standoff to compensate that). The hardware: Asus Z87 Gryphon + Thermal armor kitIntel Core i5-4570Noctua NH-C14Kingston HyperX Fury black 8GBEVGA GTX770SC 2GBSandisk Extrem II 240GB The cooler height is limited to 105mm with this case, so I've only fitted the bottom 140mm fan of the Noctua NH-C14 and have it blowing upwards. The case is in a temporary state as I have to fully sleeve my PSU. I'm using my old Corsair HX520 from my previous rig and while the modular cables are nice flat ribbons, the non-modular 24 pins ATX and 12V EPS are : All packed inside a single sleeve, resulting in a disgracious thick multicolored cable. Way too long for this small case, resulting in a pack of noodles in the top part of the case.Once the cable management is solved, I'd like to experiment several modifications. I'm currently moddeling the case and will post several ideas here in the next posts. Current ideas: Custom cable routingFull watercoolingBuilt-in audiophile headphone amp (to replace the poorly designed side connector)Reworking the disk assembly Stay tuned ;)
  13. Hello everybody! As some of you may know, I have been working closely with Bill Owen at MNPCTech over the past year learning and soaking up as much as I can as his intern. We have done several case reviews and mod guides together, and it is time for me to step it up a notch and take on a big themed build. - Theme - This is going to be influenced by oldschool Star Wars, and specifically Rebel Alliance equipment. I love the look of their gear, machinery, technology, and spacecraft, so this will take many ideas from that. We're starting with the Cosmos II, and will end up with something that looks dramatically different in the end. I first must thank CoolerMaster for the sponsorship of the Cosmos II and Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w powersupply, EK for sponsoring the watercooling components, Lutro0 for sponsoring their beautiful sleeving work, Mayhems for supplying their world class coolants and dyes, Cheapskate for dedicating his time into designing custom waterblocks for the 680s, Brian Garrity for his time as the camera man for the upcoming video of this project, and of course Bill and MNPCTech for everything he has taught me and given me during my time working with him. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 - Components - Asus Rampage IV Extreme Intel 3930k Quad SLI GTX 680 Classified's 32gb of Corsair Dominator 2133mhz CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w 512gb Vertex 4 SSD 3x 3tb Seagate 7,200rpm storage drives Cosmos II Full dual loop EK watercooling setup with custom GPU waterblocks designed by our very own CheapskateSupremacy Elite socket 2011 Nickel CPU blockR4E Nickel CSQ mobo block2x Ram Dominator X4 blocks2x 480 XT radiators2x DDC-3.2TP pumps2x X3 150mm resBlack Nickel fittingsCustom Classified blocks by munkeybuttTime for the pics to do the talking! The Cosmos II It's a bird. It's a plane... Cosmos II opened up - I hate that mess of useless feces dangling there. The build will feature MNPCTech's new Cosmos II Full Acrylic window side panel! Available soon for order. This is a serious chunk of acrylic! Here is what the Clear side panel looks like installed on the Cosmos II. It's cnc machined from .5" thick Chemcast Cast Acrylic with two 120mm fan holes with fastener holes for your own fan grills. Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel We also created a Clear replacement window for the Corsair c70 replacement window kit http://mnpctech.com/mnpctech-clear-case-pc-panels/corsair-c70-window-replacement-clear-fan-holes-120mm/corsair-c70-custom-window.html Machined aluminum "Diamond Knurl" pc case feet which are made in HAAS cnc lathe. The base diameter is 1- 3/4" with height of 1" to elevate the case for improved airflow beneath it. They've been painted House of Kolor Kandy Red to fit the Rebel Alliance color scheme A few components going into the system Classified unboxing These cards are bigger than 690's... Shiny! Why is quad sli not overkill? 6000x1080-across-three-monitors-gaming is why. Even the Rebel Alliance has to game from time to time! Stripping down the CMII for some modding. Taping off the top to cut room for a 480mm rad. Lining up the top rad Cages removed to make room for a 480mm rad in the front Creating the mounting system for the 480 in the front bezel Rad mounted into front bezel. I will be doing more in between the rad and the edges to make it more connected. Front rad mounted in the case I wanted to do something special with the edge frame work, so I decided on cutting out slots and putting some modders mesh behind it Clamping down the mesh for some epoxying This stuff is the best for all kinds of modding. Epoxy of the gods I say! Removing the stock top panel mesh Mounting a hinge on the top panel for some flap movement Watercooling time! Supremacy 2011 block and black nickel fittings I love the frosty tops on these blocks! DDC's and tops An army of black nickel fittings! So prettttttty! -- Updates 1/1/13 -- Thanks for following guys! Here are some updates on what is in the works... Measuring out pieces to make dual res holder from 1/4" thick Black Opaque acrylic sheet Custom Dual Res tube holder for the EK Res X3s EK Res X3s, ready for mounting What remains of the factory front I/O, this was part of the CM II's top panel. This will flip open. Modified "Laurey" style cabinet hinge, this spring loaded, and found at WoodCraft, http://www.woodcraft....ount-Pair.aspx Spacer for hinge made from 1/8" acrylic, this will be painted later Dual EK Res X3s mounted. This location will be ideal when it's time to fill the two loops. The flip cover, creates easy access for inspecting the loops, if ever needed in the future. The rear cover flips open now too! I wanted to use an ipod touch for monitoring and fan control. This will be mounted in the front top panel and running through the Bitfenix Recon phone app. Making the front phone mount Initial looks of the front phone fan control module. Think Luke Skywalker's targeting computer ;)/> Custom shroud for the reservoirs -- Update 1/6/13 -- Update time! I appreciate the comments and follows guys! I'm very dedicated to making this a very clean build internally, which is why shrouding everything is a must. I also want to keep the interior of the case very open and uncluttered, so there will be next to nothing inside the main compartment other than the mobo and what's attached to it. No drives, pumps, anything located here. It's all about the aesthetics! Cutting 1/4" thick cast acrylic to use as a shroud for the lower portion of the chassis 1/4" acrylic over lower portion which will be easily removable with thumbscrews, 1/8" acrylic shroud on back wall will hide liquid tubing The mid section has 1/2" thick acrylic floor so it's flush with the outter edge of the chassis Using weld-on to attach lip to the tubing shroud for the back wall of the chassis, this will be painted later to match the exterior of the case. Temporarily installing Mnpctech's CM II clear panel to determine the two 120mm fan hole openings in the removable lower chassis shroud The two 120mm fan hole openings are aligned with opening in the clear panel The epoxy on the side bezels has dried and I really like how they look with the mesh Now it's time to do the same thing with the non-window'ed side panel. Cutting the double layered panel was a bit of a challenge, but it's cleaned up and time for more epoxy. I plan to mount an acrylic Rebel Alliance logo on the mesh and illuminate it. As far as the custom classified waterblocks are concerned, Cheapskate has made great progress (though he has reminded me how complex these little buggers are going to be ;)/> This is current design phase with an "X Wing" style backplate that will have the Rebel Alliance logo in the red circle. The layers in the pic are backplate, full copper block, acrylic top, and stainless top cover. Update 2/21/13 Here are screen shots of the custom water blocks and liquid channeled bridge designed by Cheapskate. The blocks will be milled from Copper with Clear acrylic cover and top plate with design inspired by X-Wing fighter wing.These are for Andrew's eVga 680 GTX Classified graphics cards. More to come soon! We'll have a video worklog as well, so make sure you subscribe to MNPCTech's Youtube Channel! Yesterday I made Red Overlay to match the color scheme and installed Andrew's Aquaero into the shroud for the chassis. Aqua Computer's Aquaero product page, http://www.aquacompu.../aquaero-5.html Removing masking tape over window for phoyba RGB light strip Cutting Red Transparent Acrylic Window sheet into overlay for the Aqua Computer Aquaero 6/32 countersink drill bit for the Torx head screws on the Aquaro and installed Phoyba RGB light strip on the side... Update 3/26/13 Aquaero Shroud - Leak Testing Waterblocks on the Asus Rampage 4 Motherboard Milling the front 480 radiator grill bezel from 1.5" thick block of 6061 billet. The backside has been hollowed out, to save weight. the design was inspired by jet engine intake, but
  14. Greetings all and welcome to both my first modding project and first work log! This build has been inspired my 10 years of life experience since my first computer build, a hideous and cumbersome concoction in a NZXT Guardian (shudder). After hauling that machine around for several years to college and back, I knew the next computer I build would be smaller and easier to handle. After much searching I chose the SilverStone TJ-08E for the following reasons: -Small(ish) but sturdy case, coming in at 210mm(W) x 374mm(H) x 385mm(D), 30.2 liters -Positive air pressure in the 180mm front intake fan -mATX board (I'm somewhat of a minimalist so mATX is just fine by me) -MetallicAcid's TJ-08E build on overclock.net http://www.overclock.net/t/1353286/completed-rog-gene-v-inspired-tj08-e-matx With the victim as it were being settled upon, I still didn't have a clear theme in my mind. Eventually I settled on a printed circuit board (PCB) themed build. I'm an electrical technician by trade and I've always been draw to the aesthetics of circuit boards. The flow of traces hypnotizes me, and I thought it would be fun to utilize pcbs in my computer. In terms of hardware several things are still up in the air. I'm going with Haswell so I'll have some time to nail the rest of this down. CPU: Intel i5-4670K MoBo: ASUS Gryphon (mATX version of the Sabtertooth) GPU: A GTX 670? Not interested in SLI right now RAM: Probably will be a last minute impulse buy PSU: Leaning towards Seasonic or maybe a SFF SIlverStone PSU Cooling: Closed loop CPU cooler for now, I will do a custom liquid loop in the future ODD: On the fence, waiting for Kyle to talk me out of it :P Enough talk :D the case: Next step was to cut a window. Didn't take any in-progress shots, but here is the after. I picked up some goodies yesterday from Bill, thanks for the hook up Bill! I'm very impressed with the quality of his goods, MNPCTECH is the real deal people, believe me. The mATX case feet are solid. The foot by the mobo tray had clearance issues, so out came cutting wheel... Laying out the cut I need to get some files for touch up but it came out ok All right, I'll get some more pics up tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the case painted this weekend if it would just stop raining around here.
  15. Hey folks, I just wanted to toss this in here for you, because it's something awesome that I firmly believe we'll all be able to benefit from - both in the short and long term! http://bit.ly/dragonblogger-modboxxarticle01
  16. Had so much I wanted to write about. So much. Told the NKit I was going to post some stuff here for her, well.. here I am. I want to start out by saying first, how facking proud I am to be included in the crazy animal warehouse. To be accepted. I don't know if I really earned it. I haven't modded dog shizz. I'm a wannabee by a lot of sites and peeps. Don't care. I do this to learn. And to learn about those that do this crazy shizzle. And have so for a few short 6 years now. Crazy ride. Best ride. No regrets. espescaily since a little cat came to town here. And I saw... the best of the best stand up.. they just said Hi... welcome. No ther's not 40 or 50,000 people doing that. But to me, the ones who are. You're worth a million points each. IT MATTERS. never ever think it doesn't. I don't know what to say to Cheeps with his maddness that hasn't been said on any given build. I just want him to know. HE MATTERS. all of you. SO why am I writing this, because I'm proud to be apart of this place, that a girl comes and fails to do this or that and blaa blaa blaaa, and... all I see back from all of you is love and support. and more love and support. and It makes me proud of you all. damnit. so I'm just going to post Youtube songs for her... cause I can. do the same, or find other funny shizz to post up here. True cancer is giving up on each other. all we have to do is simple. Be friends, and care. Boston : More Than A Feeling Journey : Don't Stop Believeing Bon Jovi : Living on a Prayer Dream On Journey : Faithfully add what you wish
  17. 2 dear friends call me and say, "if we walk out of here a bit of CASES to give you", I do not ... I repeat 2 times in the afternoon are at their laboratory (thanks DAVIDE and Mattia). Among the various cases and pc to fix or throw that gives me, I see one beautiful, I hasten to load everything into the car. Once I downloaded the situation between what to keep and throw away, inspect it this mystique homes with words, but I can not figure out what model it is and what brand, presents a disc on top of the arms with plastic protruding seem at first sight not split. The case is in poor condition (at least externally) dirty, greasy I do not know what, scratched, with 3 missing pins and bad smelly too ... but the interior is in excellent condition with no rust ... and dry with a nice fan supplied . I go home and when I have a moment of free time I start looking for the model to understand more, at the end I find that is a cooler master mystique 632S, I look good and I find that the front panel can be opened with LED lights there is no That's why that disc placed on top of the case ... it served to open it ... as well as turn it on .... Anyway I find the case beautiful and functional, I love the square houses and mighty, examining it I discover within the selling price of 115 euro ... but!Set it up this guy! and will have to work hard. Here is the complete model. I was planning to take a nice Hackintosh, I also have a nice motherboard tested and kept ready for use ... I decided to fix it and reuse it as cheaply as possible, so farewell furniture front panels (but does not matter) because out of production and the pieces parts are no longer available .. Besides a nice fresh coat of paint, I decided to remove the hard top (I don't like it), having regard to its uselessness, and put a key switch tube, recovered one cannibalized from an old server 486. The put it next to the doors wirefire, audio, usb superior, aesthetically it will look good. I remove the circular disk that I do not absolutely love it, and that ruins the linear aesthetic that I like, but I find that there are a lot of holes due to the various cables that connect: led hd, on, off and reboot, in addition to its indentation of 1 mm in the sheet, so I decided to use a two-component metal putty to close everything and get a nice flat surface, I had never used it before, I'll put 2 strong recessed handles that will give you a more powerful over the comidità to be able to move here and there, it is a big job because the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise after painting you will notice the slight defects (I'm a perfectionist :) ) I close the holes on the opposite side with scotch of paper, I would not want too much putty comes out, because once it is solidified like cement. Preparing to remove the panel in its entirety, for degreasing surfaces use a fantastic product that is generally used in the case, cleans perfectly even plastics pcs old (but does not make them go white when yellow, my macintosh remain so sigh!). Here are the components disassembled, I have to say I'm filthy, because as I said, I'm going to do a daayumn Hackintosh, then keep it at home on your desk, a nice washed and disinfected think it's a must. The components washed ... but I have not yet decided whether to repaint, maybe a different color ..! Separately wash the dust filters with a normal detergent. Here at the end of the color of the remaining water .... Roll out well and clothes, now the filters smell .... I leave in abeyance, now I have to figure out how to proceed with the color, I made several photomontages with photoshop to give me an idea ...While I think about it, I proceed to the removal of color on the left and right bulkheads and the bottom panel (it is black too).Here is how to present the internal structure without the 4 panels .. In the top panel have to drill to put the key switch and the 2 leads. As for the LEDs take the original structure from the round disk, and then mount it under the panel with glue, but I have to make small holes and I have to be very accurate. This is the small support where the LEDs are fixed. Here's what I need, but I will change the cable with led, now we are both white, I'll put them to the hd red and green for power, I have one full-skatole, disassembled by other PCs and set aside in case of need. I take the measurement from the original disc. Here is the result. Meanwhile purchase on ebay recessed handles FLIGHTCASE 5.19 each, for me they are quite cost also because I try to spend as little as possible and recycle everything, but I like too much, I make sure the measures, but especially the depth, I have available 9 mm stocking by a hair, and the case is wide enough to contain them. Choosing the graphics! I decided to keep it simple change its model name, also because it is no longer an original 632S ... So I call CM632M (cm means coolermaster, M for modified) the name RESURRECTION is easy to see, I find it beautiful. This is a photo montage with grab handles, as it should be. The handles have arrived, SDA, fast shipping. I must say that I'm really beautiful and also heavy. Prepare the panel where I will have to drill the holes. Prefer rounded corners, I prepare with my drill. Once drilled the holes, repositioned the paper tape. After cutting with DREMEL like. I measure for holes I'm going to fix them with screws allen black with a diameter of 5 mm on e bay I found them but I will try in the various DIY in my area but it will be a company to find them. Find exactly as I wanted, in a hardware store stocked "Macciachini" in Varese ITALY. Not all grills are in poor condition, so I paint only the worn and rusty. Polishing with sandpaper and subsequent coats of primer must dry for 12 hours. Front panel mounted again. Remount the bottom panel painted with rivets. Any good self-respecting modder must have a hand riveting tool. Now came the turn of the legs, when I accepted the cabinet had only 2 one without gasket, long ago I recovered from an old case these anti vibration feet I had dismantled before throwing it away, it was the only thing that could be recovered. I mount them ... fantastic! Back to top sheaf where I set the ignition key. I had some trouble to fix the door led, I tried it with silicone ... But it was not firm enough, so I removed, cleaned and fixed again with the note glue ... but I think my next purchase will be a hot glue gun. HOUSTON, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Mounting it with the rivets, I realized that he had committed an error of assessment, the screws that mount the front handle impact the support of the case, housings 5.25 that I had not calculated ... here are the pictures. So I pick up my pseudo Dremel and will practice the cuts, do not want to totally remove the supports (even if they are not vital for the structure) but will cut only the parties concerned. Now stocking everything perfectly. Paint bulkheads. Since my workplace is primarily a balcony located on the 2nd floor for painting I built this box removable, I avoid doing damage, even if the painting is not perfect and has some impurities in theory should paint indoors to avoid contamination. Bulkheads right and left painted, 2 coats of matt black, my favorite. Here it is mounted. Painting logo Mystique. Here are the steps for graphics on adhesive paper. With a lot of patience, precision cutter and cut the mask This motherboard a SMI K9N6PGM2-V recovered from a pc for some reason thrown away. Will travel with this processor, but this also recovered from a damaged motherboard. AMD Phenom X3 8650 Triple-Core 2.3 GHz (HD8650WCJ3BGH) Processor Application logo painted, I decided to leave it all black. Back in 1989 when I was in school graphics and everything was done manually, I had purchased a small compressor and airbrush nib 350,000 pounds at the time, then with the advent of computer graphics has taken a different path, and the guns were always Less frequently used, this material has been placed in the garage collecting dust for all these years, and now I decided to reuse it for decorating homes, with my experience HAZARD AF-024 I realized that using cans for small text does not okay, salivate excessively and the color is deposited on the edges, so the gun is ideal. But I'm missing the cable that connects the compressor airbrush lost ..., no problem ebay comes back to help with a charge of 15 € including shipping. Application of graphical masks this is the result after painting ... up visual Thank you for watching. Google translator PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! :-)
  18. hello guys this is an old pc case, my spot is to recycle as much as possible, I really enjoyed myself and I have experienced strange things that I did not know before, this is my first experience but I hope to continue, thanks to everyone for visiting .. I mentioned a project in my previous post nuclear server after several thoughts and evaluations, it's time, I opt for a different case I need something that is square and aggressive but above all RECYCLED, I pull out of my garage an old PC ATX mid tower, is anonymous and malconico, but no rust and inteno is in good condition, I have no intention of opening windows in the bulkhead right then I will just decorate the outside. First I remove all panels, 2 side panels, plastiva front and top panel and start sanding with 200 sandpaper, I do not care to do a job of finishing because this house is old and damaged deliberately.Together with the sandpaper I munisco a spray bottle to wet the surface of the bulkhead, and actually a lot better and does not raise dust. I dry everything. I'm going to open a vent in the upper bulkhead that will contain a grid decorated with written pc, can also insert 2 optional fans. I munisco scotch and imitation dremel, the preparatory phase is very delicate and it is worth losing a bit of time. I pause for a moment and prepare the logo to the computer that will be painted on the bulkheads. Mold on adhesive paper laser printing is fine but any inkjet printer also. Cutout with my knife precision. Before painting the bulkheads wipe with a lint-free cloth, this will allow the removal of the powder as an alternative advice NITRO thinner. After the 3 bulkheads painted in matt black, I place the strips of paper for the yellow stripes, I calculate that the yellow stripe puperiore will be divided into 2 in a laratia and the other in the top piece. Prefer carve out a piece of cardboard with the angle of 34/35 degrees 45 degrees is too. I position the logos. And go with spray!! I make it dry and proceed at the opening .... The yellow color was too liquid and has gone slightly under the masking tape, but this is not a problem, what I want is to create a very ruined houses, after removing all the masking tape, I munisco steel scourer , one for washing the dishes, and I begin to spoil what I just painted. It takes patience, but the result will strepoitoso and ruined at the right point, rubbing with steel wool all the smudges disappear, rubbing hard emerges a bit of white (original paint) and is perfect looks even more worn out .... I'm going to put 2 handles on the upper bulkhead, this will give a more evil. I'm going to be modding the dvd player that the floppy, then I remove all plastics, the clean up with steel wool removing the lettering, the clean up finally with a degreaser. And I paint with matte black. Since I have not removed totally the white color of the houses and readers, rubbing with steel wool, you see at the bottom originally as in effect giving a damaged bulkhead, perfect. Next phase grids matte black, the mask of the writing I used the same principle but in negative bulkhead, then painted yellow. And now .... prepare a hole for an optional fan and then place the grid decorated on the front panel. Cutting with false dremel. I set the pan with silicone, but it would be better to think of the perfect hot glue, silicone pette us too long to dry. This is the final result. Thank you for visiting my post and having accepted my bad English.
  19. Hello everyone, This worklog contains two special projects respectively: Ultimate White - modder Tombino- Sharingan - modder C3r34L K1Ll3rs The reason why we introduce a single worklog is because we are united by 'EXTREME MODDING FACTORY, which is a project born from a shared passion for modding and then resulted in a great deal of work amicizia.Ci completely customized materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, wood and plexiglass and the like and we can work with the aid of milling machines, CNC or laser cutting. The only limit to our work is the imagination, anything you can think of just design it and draw it and in the end you create. These projects have been completed recently, but we are making sweeping changes in both of which we will keep you updated as more !!! Now photos: Ultimate White - https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/110182946646640668569/albums/6043658025353985425 Sharingan - https://plus.google.com/u/1/photos/110182946646640668569/albums/6043667785107437153 Look forward to your comments and criticism, but in any case, stay tuned because there will be many new features! Thanks to all Tombino- and C3r34L K1Ll3rs
  20. Well, i may have too much projects going on but i got curious on the Corsair AIR540, so i ordered one. This gonna be a soft mod (compared to my others). The name "Myria" is something popped up in my head, dont know where i got it from :P Things on the todo list. X is done. - Paint all meshes [X] - Paint all expansion slots [X] - Cut parts for new floor [X] - Paint bays at 5,25" hotswap [X] - Sleeve the 24pin & front panel cables [-] - Cut holes in the new shrouds for all connectors [-] - Wrap shrouding in matte black vinyl [-] - Dust filter under the case [-] - Install watercooling [-] Hardware i´ll put in is my AMD A10 6800k stuff. 16gb GeIL EVO Veloce2x120gb Intel 320 SSDVTX3D Radeon 7950 240mm radiator, EK DCP2.2 pump and clear tubing, nothing fancy. Gonna change my ITX board for a mATX later, but for the first weeks i´m gonna use my ITX. Well, enough talking. First up is some pics of the darn thing! I´m lucky to have some help while measuring :P More pics in a while, need to clean the table :)
  21. My name is Lucas Gardebrand, Im 16 years old and living in Sweden I've been into modding for a couple of years and this is my 3rd project, I want to share this one with you! Why "BeOrange"? - Something more unique! I always start off my projects by telling some of the plot behind the project and also about the name! I thought that many systems out there are made with boring color combinations and are often just black or red. I thought it would be nice if builds could be more colorful. Since Orange is my favorite color for coolant, fans and components, I named the project “BeOrange” Let’s move over to the concept. This build were designed to be extremely clean, but also to have stunning hardware and to be an eye-catcher which can’t be unseen. My first project were mid tower, my second was a HTPC, how's about something big? I also wanna try to go more "extreme" I'm saying i7 and tri-sli! The build will go in two colors, Black and Orange. One of my greatest wishes is to be able to play even the newest games at tri-monitor setup, it would be so awesome! :D Renders This is my idea of how it should look like! Hardware Bought, not bought yet, not decided yet Case: Caselabs SMH10, double window edition! Motherboard: Gigabyte Orange OC-Force Z87 CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K GPU: 3-SLI 780Ti of some sort of brand! PSU: TBA Storage: A couple of SSDs Fans: Orange cougars ___________________________________ Radiator: Alphacool 560 Monsta radiator Radiator: Alphacool 480 UT60 radiator Reservoir: 2x Alphacool 250mm reservoirs Coolant: Mayhems Gigabyte Orange Controller: 2x Aquaeros Timelplan Winter 2013 - Get some of the hardware - Start modeling the midplate Spring 2014 - Get the rest of the hardware - Get everything ready for mounting Summer 2014 - Done with all mods - Filling the loops! Winter 2014 - Beeing able to show this build at Dreamhack Winter 2014! - Ending the project Let's do this!
  22. C4B12


    Hello there Zoo-animals! BitFenix was nice to send me a Colossus mITX to mod it and do something fun with it. So when I received it I started to think about what I wanted to do with it, one thing I wanted to change after reviewing the case was to change the LEDs to another color then blue/red/green. If anyone are interested in doing the same I will post a simple step to step guide here how to do it yourself. Thank you BitFenix and Inet for giving me this case and some fans to play around with. I made a window on the sidepanel that followed the lines of the LEDs. Installed a smaller U-channel around the edge of the sidepanel too, I dont like U-channels but when I found this one I changed my mind, this one is smaller and cleaner. If you remove the frontpanel of this case you will find this small thing installed behind it. This is the LED-chip. And this is what it looks like if we remove it, the entire LED-bars on this case is powered by two single leds. I made my own little plate and lined it up with the lightbars. Then I soldered together my own LEDs that connects to a regular fan-port. And tada, this is the result. I will keep tweaking it so it will be even better. But if you want to do this it is pretty simple. Remove the old LED-chip.Make your own little plate and drill some holes to fit two of your own LEDs.Solder together two LEDs to your connector of choice.Install your new plate together with the LEDs.Done! What do you think? I dont have any hardware right now for this case but I will keep working on it. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  23. Tested is a You tube channel i have been following for some time, covering all things geek and then some These guys are a fount of knowledge on all things mechanical, electrical, and philosophical. Plenty of info for the geek and modder in all of us, whilst not strictly related to modding (rather modding is an extension of topics featured) you will find something to interest you Lots of ideas and stories to inspire the creative megalomaniac in all of us So much information stored in this gold mine of a YT channel, give it a peek Do you need to know where to look for scrap materials? DO you want to know how to make Han Solo's blaster? Ever wonder how to weather a build?
  24. This is a slide show How to on Hand Crafted Fabrication. Some amazing things have been crafted using basic tools and techniques long before CNC mills were ever invented. I want to pass on what was taught to me so that it might help other modders that don't have access to a mill or just want to take on the challenge of making things with basic tools. I have great respect for those that have the ability to program a CNC Mill to craft computer parts, some people would have you think there is no skill in that and I totally disagree. Those are just different skills than I have. There is a great satisfaction in hand crafting pieces so enjoy!
  25. Hey guys! I've been working the past couple of weeks on modding an old Compaq case I have laying around. I've spent the majority of the time customizing the front bezel Well today I pulled the rest of the chassis apart to try to figure some other things out, and there is just no way with the room constraints inside the chassis that I'm going to be able to do everything I want to do. So with that being said, I'm going to scratch build me a case, and the only thing I'm keeping from the original build is the front bezel since I have so much time invested in it. My question is, is there a template or something I can follow in order to get the motherboard layout, the I/O back panel, and the expansion slots lined up correctly? I'm planing on putting the PSU in the bottom, and may coming up with a way to hide the cables, etc. I goggled to see if I could find a back panel and motherboard tray template that I could print out, but I couldnt find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a million! Juston
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