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Found 3 results

  1. 1st of all even this isn't a case mod but as its related to mod that's why posting it here. Thanks to Asus for making such a wonderful monitor which can be modded easily....don't know that was this monitor ever modded before...just tried to reach my modding dream with it... This is my 2nd Monitor mod but the previous one wasn't that much as it was only a vinyl mod..........It started after I have seen the Asus ROG Swift monitors RED Circle ring in the bottom part of the base plate And after that I was really much influenced with the Mayan pattern of the Asus ROG which they started doing in ROG products....searched a lot of places for the same pattern that asus uses but just founded this pic to take it as a reference... Tried to sharpen the pic and gather as much as details to apply it in my mod Actually I prepared the ROG EYE along tym ago keeping it in my mind that I will mod my monitor in the future... this I cutting was really hard as it was 5mm plexi and the dimension of the eye was approx 3 inch and i didn't had any laser cutter at my place.... After That cut out the ROG eye in basic shape and it was satisfactory.... The complete EYE....not finished the work yet Here is the finishing touch it ended up much nicer then I thought started the mod with a paper where I draw the Mayan pattern and as the pattern in that banner wasn't enough for my mod...that's why i did used my imagination keeping the Mayan pattern in mind to draw it.... but 1st i need to draw the base plates outline as my basic guide for modding... Then I have drawn some of the mayan pattern in the paper to see how it looks like thought about some basic line of the Mayan pattern but it didn't helped So I just chose one side of the drawing of the paper and copied to the other side with carbon paper...and it was satisfactory after I have implemented in the base of my mod.... The plan was to keep the ROG EYE in the middle of the base...so that it looks nice... Now its time to do the pattern the MAYAN pattern by engraving it in the base Half Part engraving is done... The engraving part was done done slightly to see how the pattern looks... Full circular engraving was done but it wasn't the final finish for the engraving though The base plate will stay in the stand like that....just was seeing that how does it appears And the final thoughts was to add some LED magic..... ;) Now going little deep for the engraving part to make the pattern look bright.. Here's the Difference of the deeper and the 1st engraving.... This will be the implementation.... Now its the time to engrave deeper for the ROG eye to stay inside the base... I did the ROG eye engraving in a way so that the ROG eye that I made before place in there without using of any glue Colored the ROG logo white so the RED becomes vibrant over it.. And here it looks like after the coloring of the logo and the placement in the base For the Light piping the grove of ROG eye transferred the white light to the ROG red eye....dats why its looking little vibrant in here After checking the effect I went to create the portion where I can attache the LED strip so cut a rubber strip and attached glue in it to attach the LED strip in it Then attached a on off switch to control the light to not get distracted while gaming or movie watching or when doing intensive works if it seems distracting then.... after attaching the LED in the Rubber Some rubber feet raiser for the acrylic not getting scratched Attached some double sided tape to stick it in the outside of the baseplate After the double sided tape attached to the LED strip....I have attached it to the base plate Here it is the complete finished look....though a lot of work in left in the monitor Completely removable and customisable ROG eye.... :D Here how it looks after it was implemented in the Monitor stand Sorry for the MSI wallpaper....as it was a default wallpaper of my pc theme.... Did some acrylic cutting for the monitors side edge mod....for some aggressive look after the vinyl over the red painted acrylic....the red was for just the border... Some Red CF wrap for asus ROG feel...with some Silver vinyl touch After the base plate was done....I modded the stand and the monitor with some acrylics and vinyls... After everything is attached These portions are completely removable as its attached in here with double sided tape which will not do any harm to the monitor at all The Glorious ROG.....Some GLAMOUR SHOTS..... ;) A before and after Mod transformation picture
  2. By: Complx Reasoning: The basic idea for this project was was born out of frustration out of seeing what was available on the current market, a lot of triple monitor stands I saw were wildly expensive. Some cost $300 or more and even after spending that much money on these stands, you still would see people complaining that their monitors that were mounted to the outer arms would often sag and not line up correctly. Another thing I noticed about a lot of these stands was a complete lack of added functionality to the user, besides just holding the monitors, they often would have no real added value or function to them, the only exception that I could find in my research was the XFX Triple Monitor stand, which incorporated 2 USB 2.0 hubs and a Headphone and Mic jack into the base of their stand. So after a bit more research, I still could not find a monitor stand that really offered what I was looking for. In all honesty the XFX stand would have been almost perfect, but the price was a little off putting and I found out that they don't make it anymore. Also, the places that still do have it in stock are charging even more for it than before. So I have set out to design and build a monitor stand for myself that can support up to 4 monitors! Research: As stated before, I did a fair amount of research for the project before i started the real work. There seemed to be 2 "go to" companies when it came to monitor stands, though I know, and looked at, many more. Ergotron and Ergotech seemed to be the big two. But a lot of their models that supported 3+ monitors can run up in price. ($200-$300 or more) One of the issues I had with these off the shelf monitor stands right now is the "sag" some of them tend to have, especially when it comes to the arm which the 2 side monitors (Left and Right) are often attached to. To compensate for this, a lot of the monitor stands have VESA mounts that allow for height adjustment to help line up the end monitors with the center one. While this was a good solution to the problem of sag, I felt the bigger issue had not been dealt with, just kind of patched over. So this was one major area I wanted to focus on, rigidity. The next issue I had was for the price, these stands often lacked additional functionality, besides holding the monitors in place. As mentioned before, the XFX stand had a USB and sound hub built into the base of their stand, which I really fell in love with. So this was the second thing I wanted to focus on, added functionality to the user. The Hardware: For this project, I went out and purchased 3 23.6" Asus VN247H-P monitors, the main reason I wanted these was for how thin the bezel was on them, Asus claims it has less than 1cm of bezel on either side. I have these monitors purchased, but I will post some images of them later. The Concept: So for this project I will be using a material called extruded aluminum, very light weight, but very strong and very rigid. I have made an initial concept model in CAD program to make sure I have a lot of the measurements and tolerances worked out before I purchase the material and start the first steps of the build. These first 2 images were the base I started to work with to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the main supports. Then I started to work out some of the details on how it would go together: Right now this is the most current version of the project in CAD form, there are a few more elements I wanted to incorporate into the model before I start the prototyping and building phase. As it stands now I still need to figure out: - Cable management of the power and video cables - Incorporating speakers onto the stand - Designing the USB hub which will be at the base of the stand Here is a WIP shot of what the speakers might look like when mounted: (Please excuse the gray block, it was a place holder model for my 4th monitor. Stay tuned!
  3. I know a lot of people that are interested in 3 monitor surround setups, but really dislike the borders between monitors. Personally, I've gotten used to it and don't mind, but AOC has a new response for those people. A 23" monitor that is virtually borderless (they state 2mm). It would be fun to see three of these put together with minimal borders. The monitors are 1920x1080 resolution on an IPS panel, so colors should be spot on. It is available on Amazon for $189. Source: http://www.tomshardw...er#xtor=RSS-181
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