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Found 7 results

  1. Thermaltake Case Mod Invitational Build: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/43337-australia-corey-gregory/ Hello everyone and welcome to my build log. Firstly I would love to start by introducing myself. My Name is Corey Gregory and I go by the modding name 'Imfaceroll Gaming'. I am 22 years old from Australia. By day I work in the engineering fields of Surveying. My main hobby's are obviously PC Modding as well as Sports and Gaming. I like to think of myself as being an average Joe trying to achieve his goals. My PC Modding life started 18 months ago with my first pc being a desk pc. Since then I have gone on to build a number of builds for displays at events like PAX. My PC building grew into a passion and having no access to 3D printers, Lathe and CNC machines has really helped me develop skills which have all been self taught with basic hand tools. 'If you do not give it ago you will not achieve' I live by this philosophy, something may look difficult to do but I encourage people to have ago and strive to achieve. As you can see from the banner I am heading towards the SI-FI side of things and in particular Star Wars. I didn't want to revile too much to begin with so I feel a teaser banner is certainly fitting for this PC. Please feel free to have a guess =) It is a privilege to work along side these top modders and I thank Thermaltake and all Partners for making this event possible. I will be video logging Progress here: www.youtube.com/imfacerollpcgaming and posting photos on Facebook as well as this thread www.facebook.com/imfacerollgaming Specs: Asus ROG Maximus VIII Forumla Motherboard Intel Core i5 6600K Asus GeForce GTX 980 Strix x2 Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256gb Avexir Red Tesla 16gb 2666mhz Thermaltake Toughpower DPS RGB 1250w Thermaltake Liquid Cooling
  2. Many of us are gamers, and those of us who are can very easily name off games that have impacted is in some way. From the joy of playing Super Mario Brothers for the first time, to the excitement of downing a new WoW raid with your guild, and the sobering discomfort of games like Spec Ops: the Line. There have been a lot of games I remember over the years but, the best of the bunch has been the Mass Effect series. Rarely do I see a game that sucks me in so deep that I want to replay it as soon as the credits finish. So it seemed like the perfect theme to use to freshen up the look on my current rig. The subject of this mod is my Thermaltake Core V71. I'll be really honest here, it isn't the greatest case I have ever used. If I had known a year ago when I bought this how much better of a case I could have gotten for a bit more money I would have. However, part of the fun of modding is making what you have accommodate what you want. So I opted to continue on rather than ordering a new case. I will say however, this case is nice for drive space and cable routing. When I build my next system I will likely leave this one intact, minus the water cooling, and turn it into a home server. As for the to-do list, it's nothing too crazy. Plasti Dip the outer chasis. Create a badge for the front of the case. Etch a design on the window. Install a water cooling loop with a 360 mm radiator. Shroud the power supply. Step one: disassemble the case. Unfortunately that means discovering how dirty your computer really is. Probably should have finished dusting before I took that picture... The window on this case bothers me a little because it scratches pretty easily. I still haven't thought of a good way to change it since it is held in with metal tabs that fit through slots in the plastic. Similarly, the metal mesh on the top and front can be simply removed by unfolding a few tabs that stick through the plastic. I must at this point give a shout out to Bill Owen. I first found out about Plasti Dip from his YouTube videos, and I LOVE IT. I have discovered that I am very impatient with painting. Normal rattle cans tend to make me frustrated but, this stuff is super forgiving. Honestly, the best surprise I got from Plasti Dip was the easy cleanup. Yup, all the over spray dried before it hit the floor. A few seconds with a broom and the evidence is gone. :)
  3. Hello to my Mod Zoo friends!! I would first like to thank everyone for following my last project, Grey Matter! I loved the support and kind words from everyone, it really motivated me throughout the build process. I always couldn't wait to post here to show you guys what I got done, thanks so much! The build is currently entered in the 2013 Cooler Master Contest, wish me luck!! I am trying to keep the ball rolling right into this next build, Black Frost, a Fractal Design Refine R4 case mod! I was originally planning a different mod, but I won this Refine R4 case in a case review giveaway here at the Mod Zoo. I will be posting a review here on the forums under the Fractal Design thread if you are interested in my opinion, the review will be up soon! The case was really nice so I decided not to waste any time and get on it! Thumbs up to Fractal on making a solid case! I am attempting to do something different and make this build a little bit more open concept and the goal is to have everything as neat as possible. Most systems are completely shrouded and the slack from the wires is smashed in a box basically. I want to have everything cut to exact lengths and attempt to minimize all slack. I am going with a black and white color scheme with chrome accents to cut down on full fledged paint job and keep this build clean. Remember to reference this first post for easy links to all the updates on this project! Update 1 : 2/3/2014 : Case Fabrication Update 2 : 2/10/2014 : Interior Panels and Bezel Work PC Components : *TBA - To Be Announced [] CPU : TBA [] MoBo : TBA [] RAM : TBA [] GPU : TBA [] PSU : eVGA 650W SuperNOVA [] SSD : Samsung Evo [] OPT : TBA (possibly none) [x] Case : Fractal Design Refine R4 Water Cooling : [] TBA Key Mods : <> Open concept. <> Chrome copper tubing. <> Solid PSU wires cut to length. <> Hand made acrylic reservoir, possibly another style waterfall. <> More TBA. I am proud and honored to already have picked up a sponsor for this build: Huge thanks to Casefeet.com. They have some super beast mode case feet! I am really happy and excited to have them on board! Checkout the site by clicking the logo! This post will be updated with more information as the build goes on. With all that taken care of, on to the first update! First things first the base of this creation! The Pearl Black Fractal design Refine R4! Here are some photos of the case, taking it to a blank canvas. The blank canvas!:clap: Measured lines to cut the bottom metal out for better air flow for my floor mount radiator Ill be installing. Unpacked these goodies from Casefeet.com! They came thoroughly wrapped and protected! I picked up some 1.5" ID O-rings from McMaster Carr on my way home from work the other day and rolled them onto the case feet into the milled grooved for the black stripe effect. There are other ways to make the effect its up to your imagination! I am still plotting the exact placement for them, I will decide when I cut out the bottom panel. These are the 24" x 36" sheets of acrylic for the build, also from McMaster Carr. ( I love living 20 minutes from there! :D ) I will most likely have to get more but I am starting with two sheets of each color. I started making the cuts to create the floor inside the case. I like working with a flat even floor from the start. It makes for good panel mounting and a nice clean look. I made some 1/2" strips for the floor supports. Then Ill be cementing them to the floor panel after i make my radiator cuts and drill my holes for the panel standoffs. One of my favorite tools here for making precise marks to mount my fence when making router cuts! Every mark its right on the money at all times! Test Fitting of the floor panel resting on its support strips. I had some left over U-channel molding from MNPCtech.com from my last build so I put it to use. I covered it with Rustoleums version of plastic-dip so I could make it white. Then I trimmed out the front area where Ill be making a 240mm radiator mount. Here is a final shot of where I am sitting now, and a shot showing how the PSU will be oriented, and I set in a spare radiator for perspective. The build will actually be using a 240mm rad in that location. Well that is where I left off last night. I would of liked to been further along but I had another little side project and was busy with the holidays. this build may move a little slower at first because I am currently saving money to buy a nice CNC when I get my taxes back. Once I get that, this build will take off and Ill be taking my modding to the next level! I am super stoked for that! Thanks for checking out the build log thus far, stay tuned there is much more to come!!
  4. Hello & Welcome! This is a project by jompenleet! I am just a casual modder enjoying optimizing the performance & looks of computers. This project is closing soon and iam starting a new build in a Phantom 820 case. The project will contain more reviews, pictures & tutorials. Sponsers! Nzxt.com Gigabyte.com Sleeva.se Sleeva.se supplied me with all the sleeving, cable ties & shrink tubes you'll see in this project TimWill.se Timwill's graphical designer helped me design all the logo's and stickers you'll see in this project MNPCTech.com Order 24" x 12" Acrylic PC Case Window Sheet (Smoked) Order 24" x 12" APPLY 3M Di-Noc CARBON FIBER PC Modding Vinyl FILM Order MNPCTech long sleeved PC Builder / Case Modder shirt in XL Order 120mm grill PC Wire grill / Guard fan guard. This will only be used to locate where to drill holes for extra fans. Order Mnpctech PC U-channel molding for custom window trim, Only to try if it improves the look of the side panel. Order 24" x 12" PC Case Modders Mesh sheet round hole 60% airflow Might use alot of this Order 4x Silver PC Case Panel HD cage Anodized Case Thumbscrew's 6/32 thread Order PC Corsair style Cable Management Grommet 1-1/2" Inner diameter 2-3/8" Outter diameter This first picture ill keep updated with the latest updated pictures Though i recommend you to scroll down to see more pics. RECENT picture Enjoy!! :) Here is theORIGINAL state of the NZXT Phantom 410 case. (Just moved the components of my old OEM computer into the case).. Got me some new equipment. MSI Z77A S01 motherboard Intel Core i5 3570k cpu Scythe Grand Kama Cross cpu cooler (mounting this baby was rocket science due to its size) After getting some new fans (Xigmatek F1253 120mm for the case) & (Xigmatek XAF Series 140mm for the CPU cooler) it looks like this. Interior before Here i actually cut a whole in the side of the case to give it a bigger window.. And i forgot to take pictures!!! :angry:sorry about that. Here's a link to the tutorial i followed to be able to do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpZoE-zj0-k :thumb:Thank's alot to MNPCtech for the really informative tutorials on case mods!! And i also made me a PSU cover from 3mm thick acrylic. And the local store didnt have any pre-painted acrylic so i spray painted the inside of the acrylic with a high glossy white paint for that really shiny look. Here's a link to the tutorial i followed to be able to do this: Psu cover mod starts at about 13:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MRB6OsYYoc&feature=g-u-u Here is how the case looks like after modding the sidepanel window & with the new PSU cover more
  5. Hey guys and gals, what's up?! I got a new digital camera, finally! It's not the best out there, not even close, but light years ahead of the Samsung Digimax D53 that I was using before. I bought the Canon Powershot SX160 IS. Coming up from the crappy Samsung, I feel liberated by a big degree, lol. I'm going to be using it for a lot of things, especially modding (finally), product reviews, etc. The things this camera can are just sweet, but I expect I'll likely out-grow it quickly at the pace I've been learning to use it at. I've had it for about a week and WOW. Thankfully I also have some peeps to help with any questions, and hopefully I can get that here too, of course. Anyway, expect new quality, and very soon, projekt updates! I have at least 3 different reviews coming up too. Func Gaming, Lutro0 Customs and Alsa Corp., who have all been extremely patient with me so far (thanks all!).
  6. hello guys this is an old pc case, my spot is to recycle as much as possible, I really enjoyed myself and I have experienced strange things that I did not know before, this is my first experience but I hope to continue, thanks to everyone for visiting .. I mentioned a project in my previous post nuclear server after several thoughts and evaluations, it's time, I opt for a different case I need something that is square and aggressive but above all RECYCLED, I pull out of my garage an old PC ATX mid tower, is anonymous and so blue, but no rust and inteno is in good condition, I have no intention of opening windows in the bulkhead right then I will just decorate the outside. First I remove all panels, 2 side panels, plastiva front and top panel and start sanding with 200 sandpaper, I do not care to do a job of finishing because this house is old and damaged deliberately.Together with the sandpaper I munisco a spray bottle to wet the surface of the bulkhead, and actually a lot better and does not raise dust. I dry everything. I'm going to open a vent in the upper bulkhead that will contain a grid decorated with written pc, can also insert 2 optional fans. I munisco scotch and imitation dremel, the preparatory phase is very delicate and it is worth losing a bit of time. I pause for a moment and prepare the logo to the computer that will be painted on the bulkheads. Mold on adhesive paper laser printing is fine but any inkjet printer also. Cutout with my knife precision. Before painting the bulkheads wipe with a lint-free cloth, this will allow the removal of the powder as an alternative advice NITRO thinner. After the 3 bulkheads painted in matt black, I place the strips of paper for the yellow stripes, I calculate that the yellow stripe puperiore will be divided into 2 in a laratia and the other in the top piece. Prefer carve out a piece of cardboard with the angle of 34/35 degrees 45 degrees is too. I position the logos. And go with spray!! I make it dry and proceed at the opening .... The yellow color was too liquid and has gone slightly under the masking tape, but this is not a problem, what I want is to create a very ruined houses, after removing all the masking tape, I munisco steel scourer , one for washing the dishes, and I begin to spoil what I just painted. It takes patience, but the result will strepoitoso and ruined at the right point, rubbing with steel wool all the smudges disappear, rubbing hard emerges a bit of white (original paint) and is perfect looks even more worn out .... I'm going to put 2 handles on the upper bulkhead, this will give a more evil. I'm going to be modding the dvd player that the floppy, then I remove all plastics, the clean up with steel wool removing the lettering, the clean up finally with a degreaser. And I paint with matte black. Since I have not removed toralmente the white color of the houses and readers, rubbing with steel wool, comuncerà you see at the bottom oroginario as in effect giving a damaged bulkhead, perfect. Next phase grids matte black, the mask of the writing I used the same principle but in negarivo bulkhead, then painted yellow. And now .... prepare a hole for an optional fan and then place the grid decorated on the front panel. Cutting with false dremel. I set the pan with silicone, but it would be better to think of the perfect hot glue, silicone pette us too long to dry. This is the final result. Thank you for visiting my post and having accepted my bad English.
  7. We all have different kinds of desk setups and workstations, often determined by what we do with our PC's. What does your setup look like? What do you use it for? What do you like/dislike? Post your pics!
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