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Found 10 results

  1. Dark Matter Scratch Build: Who am I? A bit about me; a few years ago I suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused my brain to hemorrhage. After spending a long time in intensive care I kept thinking about case modding. Before long, its all I could think about. After recovering from my injury I was left with epilepsy and brain that no longer functioned like before. I started to look at things differently. Inspiration for mods began to pop up in the oddest places. I eventually became overthrown with modding ideas and designs. Soon I decided it was time to start. Theres nothing quite like being in the grocery store and yelling, “thats it, 45 degree angles” and then running out of the store like a mad man. No matter what I was doing, it all kept coming back to case modding. Today case modding is my life and it allows me to be truly happy. For some case modding is a hobby but, for me its a lifestyle. And So It Begins: Why: I decided to do this scratch build, “Dark Matter” for several reasons. I was tired of limiting my mods to the confines of a mass manufactured case. There are a ton of great cases out there but, I wanted to do something my style from the ground up. The design phase began once I started getting close to completing the StarCraft Day Zero case. However, a lot of the main features for this build have been planned over the last year. During the scratch build I will be using new modding techniques as well as using materials that aren't always associated with case modding. If you like seeing original creations and have a love for the truest form of modding; you're in the right place. Design Screen Shots: I would also like to thank the Sponsors that believe in the Dark Matter Scratch Build • Quad vertical PCI-e slots added • Modded the stock 80mm rear fan into a 120mm • Tons of custom metal fabrication found throughout the build. • 90 degree brackets for the frame of the case • Snap in color matched rings for the 120mm PureWings 2 PWM fans • Gskill logo badge with backlit letters • EK logo with plate on the top grill insert • Extensive cable management setup and cable combs • Case for Arduino Mega and mini TFT touch screen for the animated case badge • 1,200 watt DarkPower 11 Pro BeQuiet Modular PSU • 7 X 120mm PWM PureWings 2 case fans • 16mm angel eye Vandal switch (blue) • 5050 RGB LED strips with wireless remote • Arduino Mega with mini TFT touch screen (animated case badge) • Printrbot various filaments (3D printed plastics) • Large custom lexan water-path behind the motherboard tray • Combination of nickel plated and PETG hardline tubing Main Sponsors: Gigabyte: (SLI GPUs) • 2 x Gigabyte GTX 960 Extreme 4 gig SLI GPUs (8–gig total) Supermicro: (Motherboard) • Supermicro C7–Z170–OCE motherboard G.Skill: (DDR4 Ram) • Gskill Trident DDR4 black & white edition (4 sticks of DDR4) OCZ: (Solid State Drives) • 3 X OCZ Vector 180 SSDs (almost a terabyte Total) BeQuiet: (Power Supply & Fans) • 1,200 watt DarkPower 11 Pro BeQuiet Modular PSU • 7 X 120mm PWM PureWings 2 case fans Ensourced: (Custom Sleeved PSU Extensions) • Custom length cables, sleeving design and cable combs Printrbot: (Filament & Hotend) • 7 rolls of filament and an experimental hotend with a 1mm nozzle EMI Design (lasercut work) • Honeycomb floor panel, 240 grill and bottom door EKWB: (Water-Cooling) • EKWB X3 250 reservoir • EKWB Supremacy Evo CPU block • 480mm radiator (quad BeQuiet 120mm fans) • EKWB Revo pump w/plexi top • Fittings Including: - 12mm HDC hardline fittings - 90 degree adaptors - 50mm spacers - M to M adaptors - 10 & 12mm hardline bending kit - 12mm tubing - Passthrough fittings
  2. I love my motorbikes and I love computers..My friend was throwing out a helmet due to sitting in a old garage covered in mould ..I decided to put the helmet to good use. The end process will be a Linux pc running the usual ssd and a lntel itx board with integrated cpu and some blue leds. So far I have fitted a power button and started working on the PSU fitments using a spare Silverstone sfx PSU and a back bracket from a elite 110, Im trying my best to fix and clean up the cut marks using a plastic poly filler, cut a small square under the rubber trim for hdmi and audio cable. The white cardboard is the exact size of a itx motherboard and will be placed on the roof of the helmet with cpu facing down the way...will do a respray as well ...any input would be awesome I apologise about pictures suck at taking pics P.s I also building a 125cc street fighter
  3. In this episode of "Keeping up with the NZXT H440", Cooler Master recently announced two new cases: the Silencio 652S and the Silencio 352. Both draw heavily from a minimalist design featuring a clean exterior. With a focus on quietness, both the mid tower 652S and the mini tower 352 feature sound-dampening panels and CM's new Silencio fans. Both do have at least one 5.25" bay and I have to say I like the overall look. More info at Cooler Master's press release and the product pages: Press Release Silencio 652S Silencio 352
  4. Capitalizing on the popularity of other sleek and minimalist cases on the market at the moment--see NZXT--InWin has announced two new cases to round out their offerings in the department. While the 707 and 703 aren't the exotic cases from the company's concept line I love, they should offer a nice option to the gamer that wants a sleeker case. Modders I think will also find plenty of case to cut into here. Both are available in a black/red or white/black, no word on pricing or release date yet. InWIn's product pages on the cases: http://www.inwin-style.com/en/goods.php?act=view&id=707 http://www.inwin-style.com/en/goods.php?act=view&id=703 Here's a quick glance at the full tower 707: And the spec sheet: The 703, the mid tower option: Specs:
  5. Lian Li teasing a new case line today, an open style that can be wall mounted. I'd love to see a desk to drop one of these into for an instant desk PC. Here are the details from their Facebook post: Highlights: Open Air Chassis in Three Sizes: Mini-ITX (PC-O5), Micro-ATX (PC-O6), ATX (PC-O7) Wall Mountable GPU Riser Large Tempered Glass Window HDD Shroud Plentiful Cable Management Space Slim Optical Drive Bay The Micro-ATX and ATX models will have a version that supports water cooling radiators, and are named PC-O6S and PC-O07S, respectively. Both the PC-O6S (pic not included) and PC-O7S support up to a 360mm radiator. Lian Li HQ's post: https://www.facebook.com/LianLiHQ/posts/371846119637089
  6. Hey there guys 'n gals, I just wanted to drop by again and show you my latest PC case review. I've more coming very soon as well, but this is my latest. Thanks for checking it out, and I'd appreciate any feedback you may have, either on here, on the article and/or on the YouTube video. *thumbs up* Article url: http://www.dragonblogger.com/review-deepcool-pangu-v2-sw-pc-case Btw, I actually have 2 of this case, and my son wants 1 of them for his PC, so the Warhammer mod I was going to do last year is now being changed up a lot and done with 1 of these cases. We're both very excited for it, and when I start the post on there, I'll let y'all know. Hopefully it'll be very soon though. Anyway... Oh yes, before I forget, our good pal Iggy "Zangza" Castillo also did a review and build-in with the Corsair Obsidian 450d as well: http://www.dragonblogger.com/unboxing-and-how-to-build-a-pc-using-a-corsair-obsidian-450d/ so check that out too, please, if you're interested. It really is done quite well and is very informative.
  7. Announced at Computex this year, be quiet! introduced it's first case, a mid tower. Now revealed as the Silent Base 800, the noise dampened case will look to go live in October. It doesn't look like this will crush the water cooling competition out there but has a strong emphasis on quiet function. Available in black with black, silver or orange accents. Quality looks decent for $129 and reminds me of the Cosmos with its feet. Specs: ATX, ATX, mini ITX3x 5.25” optical drive bays7x 3.5” HDD bays2x SSD behind motherboard2x SSD inside HDD trayPre-installed Pure Wings 2 Fans2x 140mm front1x 120mm backOptional Fans2x 120/140mm top1x 120/140mm bottom1x 120mm side panelRadiatorsFront 120/140mmRear 120mmTop 120/140 or 240/280mmTop Mounted Access2x USB 2.02x USB 3.0Mic & MicrophoneAll air intakes have filtersMSRP 119 EUR or US$ 129 Source: http://www.hitechlegion.com/news-press/htl-news/40862-be-quiet-first-case-silent-base-800
  8. Corsair's new Graphite Series 380T Mini-ITX. Spiffy looking space heater, eh? What do you think?
  9. Lian Li is showing off some new cases at CeBIT 2014. The PC-Q36 and PC-V359 are boxy mITX and mATX cases featuring a smoked acrylic ceiling, 240mm rad support, sliding panels and or course aluminum construction. Prepare yourself, both of these cases are external drive bay-less. No info on pricing or avalibility from Lian Li's facebook page. Check out a full image gallery and specs here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.290155827806119.1073741838.100644210090616&type=1
  10. hello guys this is an old pc case, my spot is to recycle as much as possible, I really enjoyed myself and I have experienced strange things that I did not know before, this is my first experience but I hope to continue, thanks to everyone for visiting .. I mentioned a project in my previous post nuclear server after several thoughts and evaluations, it's time, I opt for a different case I need something that is square and aggressive but above all RECYCLED, I pull out of my garage an old PC ATX mid tower, is anonymous and so blue, but no rust and inteno is in good condition, I have no intention of opening windows in the bulkhead right then I will just decorate the outside. First I remove all panels, 2 side panels, plastiva front and top panel and start sanding with 200 sandpaper, I do not care to do a job of finishing because this house is old and damaged deliberately.Together with the sandpaper I munisco a spray bottle to wet the surface of the bulkhead, and actually a lot better and does not raise dust. I dry everything. I'm going to open a vent in the upper bulkhead that will contain a grid decorated with written pc, can also insert 2 optional fans. I munisco scotch and imitation dremel, the preparatory phase is very delicate and it is worth losing a bit of time. I pause for a moment and prepare the logo to the computer that will be painted on the bulkheads. Mold on adhesive paper laser printing is fine but any inkjet printer also. Cutout with my knife precision. Before painting the bulkheads wipe with a lint-free cloth, this will allow the removal of the powder as an alternative advice NITRO thinner. After the 3 bulkheads painted in matt black, I place the strips of paper for the yellow stripes, I calculate that the yellow stripe puperiore will be divided into 2 in a laratia and the other in the top piece. Prefer carve out a piece of cardboard with the angle of 34/35 degrees 45 degrees is too. I position the logos. And go with spray!! I make it dry and proceed at the opening .... The yellow color was too liquid and has gone slightly under the masking tape, but this is not a problem, what I want is to create a very ruined houses, after removing all the masking tape, I munisco steel scourer , one for washing the dishes, and I begin to spoil what I just painted. It takes patience, but the result will strepoitoso and ruined at the right point, rubbing with steel wool all the smudges disappear, rubbing hard emerges a bit of white (original paint) and is perfect looks even more worn out .... I'm going to put 2 handles on the upper bulkhead, this will give a more evil. I'm going to be modding the dvd player that the floppy, then I remove all plastics, the clean up with steel wool removing the lettering, the clean up finally with a degreaser. And I paint with matte black. Since I have not removed toralmente the white color of the houses and readers, rubbing with steel wool, comuncerà you see at the bottom oroginario as in effect giving a damaged bulkhead, perfect. Next phase grids matte black, the mask of the writing I used the same principle but in negarivo bulkhead, then painted yellow. And now .... prepare a hole for an optional fan and then place the grid decorated on the front panel. Cutting with false dremel. I set the pan with silicone, but it would be better to think of the perfect hot glue, silicone pette us too long to dry. This is the final result. Thank you for visiting my post and having accepted my bad English.
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