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Found 4 results

  1. So I had this crazy idea for something to do with the Lian-Li PC-Q30 case that was reviewed HERE. I decided I wanted to go with some wood on it somewhere. I mean, that's just how I roll. I thought replacing the stock Lian-Li front with a big chunk of figured maple would be a sweet place to start. Beyond that, I'm hoping to have a little fun with the side panels, upgrade the case feet, and see what kind of an HTPC I can throw together. As with most of my other woodworking projects, I'll be doing as much of this with hand tools as I can. At least the woodworking portion of it. Even using a bit and brace for drilling holes. It's just more relaxing that way. Some of the stuff I'm using in this build: Lian-Li PC-Q30 ITX Case MNPCTech White Delrin Case Feet 3M 4010 Tape ADATA 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2400 XPG v2 RAM ADATA 128GB XPG SX900 SSD
  2. New ideas, new project. This motto isn't new to me, but posting it is. One of my friends suggested I put my builds online for people to check out, and since this one will take me at least 3 weeks, why not? I'm new to Mod Zoo Forums, but not to the computer scene. However, there is always room for ideas and growth. Let me know if you think something would be awesome and I'll take a look into it! Anyways onto the build: Experiment 001: Never Settle. HARDWARE Case - Lian Li PC-05sx - Received CPU - Intel i5 4690k - Received MOBO - Maximus VI Impact Z87 mitx motherboard - Received GPU - EVGA 770 Super Clocked - Received RAM - Kingston Hyperx Fury (2x 4gigs) White - Received Storage - 2x Adata 128gig SSD (Raid 0) - Received PSU - Silverstone SFX 600w 80+ Gold PSU - Received Cables - 16 gauge stiff wiring (yes I'm doing custom hardline PSU cabling for the system) - Received WATERCOOLING CPU Block - Bitspower Summit Clear Acrylic - Received GPU Block - EK FC780ti - Received Pump - Swiftech MCP 35x || Clear Acrylic Pump Top || White pump base - Received Fittings - Monsoon Freecenter Hardline Fittings (white) - Received Rad - Alpha cool 240mm slim radiator - Received Tubing - PetG Clear tubing (hardline bending) - Received Updates - - July 11th - Received Ram & SSD's and bought paint and other supplies. - July 13th - Received GPU waterblock & test fit - July 15th - Received Watercooling Parts - July 15th - Drainage plan - July 20th - All I do is Bend Bend Bend - July 24th - Piping done. New Monitor - July 25th - Lighting! - August 9th - the 5 steps of done (step 1) Hope yall enjoy the build! Im always open to ideas and thoughts. Cheers, Baz Here are some initial photos of fitting and testing waterblock compatibility.
  3. Hi Everyone. I am new to this website and a beginner in modding. It is so fun to build,mod and everything about it so I came to the Modzoo cause I really like this website alot and the people in here. My question is which fittings will fit http://www.mcmaster.com/#orders/=w5b1jnfrom mcmaster ? I really appreciate if someone could answer this cause I need to post order and buy more fittings. I am confused about those from alphacool which are 13mm (12.7mm) equals 1/2 " I'm leaning towards bitspower hardline fittings. will this work together ? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/22414/ex-tub-2509/Bitspower_G_14_Enhanced_Multi-Link_Adapter_-_12mm_OD_Rigid_Tube_-_Black_Sparkle_BP-BSEML.html?tl=g30c703#blank ??? and I will be ordering from performancepc
  4. Mini Watercooled HTPC It should come as no surprise at this point that I love building small wooden HTPCs; or just adding wooden elements to my case mods, for that matter. When AMD released their 25w socket AM1 CPU’s a few months ago, I thought it would be the perfect platform for building a new low power HTPC. I picked up a motherboard and CPU combo, and went to work. This, however, is where things started to evolve… Once I got the hardware, and found the stock fan, something had to change. I’m sure the stock fan does fine, but I wanted something else. I thought about modding an existing CPU fan to work with the 2-mounting hole configuration, but I quickly came to the conclusion of "Watercool it, because why not". It’s true, I’ve wanted to use one of those 2x80mm radiators for a slim watercooled build for a while, so I thought what better opportunity than now to make that happen. Overkill? Not at all… mostly :D
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