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Found 18 results

  1. I'll start off with some minor eye candy, my personal PC as it is today, and then describe a few ideas I have for the 900D case. Intel Core i7-8700K @ 5GHz (No tweaking as of yet, so more room to grow here) ASUS Maximus X Formula Z370 Motherboard SLI ASUS Strix 1070's @ 2026 ea 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 @ 3200 Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD Corsair AX1200i Power Supply Phanteks GPU and CPU blocks EWKB radiators, fittings, and pump/res combo Mod One custom sleeved extensions Corsair Crystal 570X Case The Goal: To modify and re purpose my old 900D case (I have new side panels, top panel, and some accessories arriving today). - Cut out the 5.25" bay cage - Modify the front panel and I/O - Replace window panel with Tempered glass - Repaint exterior/interior - Develope a theme (Black, grey, carbon, etc...) - Have this finished by March of 2019 I will add more as I come up with it, I'm still in the planning phases, and I'm still looking for some replacement parts (New bottom panel for the 900D, one of the bottom door hinges bent it out in one spot, and I may have to replace it).
  2. Hi every body, I present to you a small project i start a long time now... This project is based on a phanteks shift X anthracite , the idea is to associate two tendency " RGB and polished aluminium ". The goal for me is to realise a sober project with good cable management and add some aluminium plate to get a harmonious result. The sponsors who followed me in this project are: Je les remercies chaleureusement car sans eux et sans vous rien ne serait possible. this is the configuration of the project : Processor : Intel core I7 8700k Motherboard: Asus Z370i gaming VGA : Asus gtx 1080 8go Ram : Crucial ballistix tracer RGB 16go 3000Mhz SSD : Intel SSD 600P M2 1to SSD : Intel Optane 16go Power Supply : Bequiet SFX 600W Cable : Cablemod personnalize First step on this case , add some plate to hide the PSU and the bottom of the case. This two plates will be paint in black when the case will be totally finish. next is time of sanding and polishing with belgom alu i start to sanding with grain 80 because the metal got a special hard treatment before i start to got the natural aluminium. First step with grain 120 and the result was : " i go grain 80 or i order a ton of grain 120 " Finally we take the grain 80 , i use 5 disk by face of the case. Yes it s really better we try the polishing to test Résult : awesome lets go !!! First passage for polishing : second passage , third and others : Then we arrive to a correct result : " on way to polishing again " I decide to paint the top ot the case too , but before i polished all the line and paint all in black exept the top of the line, the result is perfect. J'en ai profiter pour faire la partie supérieur du boitier aussi , j'ai appliquer la même méthode ponçage + polissage puis j'ai peint en noir tout le reste en ne laissant que les lignes du haut. It s time for hardware, i mount a part of the configuration. to ensure all was of for the dimension. I m really impressed to imagine 1 to on this small things We test the cable from cablemod. this is the version pro with metal cablecomb, this cable are awesome, never hesitate to buy it. We add an awesome ekwb watercooling bloc specially realise for this motherboard. Same treatment for the VGA Meanwhile I am to contact by an old modder which work to phanteks and which participated in the development of this case which proposes me of sponsored certain products. A few weeks later I receive at my home Halos Lux Rgb Frame taken out a few months ago only in CES 2018, a pack RGB strips and a box has tools terribly effective and of a really good finish. we put it on the case Then I noticed that in the case there was a space side GPU which was rather ugly once the installed configuration, we saw many cable and not bad really ungraceful thing there. I thus began to realize an aluminum plate hide all this. I still feel myself for this plate of " raw or polite " metal. Then we passed in the tubing full house metal: (the first time for me and I made it found that very easy) The tubes of acrylic and those metal stands out in the same way in the end. I used one cuts tube which we find in the business for the plumbers. I have of to drill holes for the pump because even if there is one platesin this case which take care of my pump the configuration was not adapted has what I wanted to make. Voucher a the end of day, always the same bad problem in the finger but the result is really beautiful. I wonder I even to have ended him in the 1 day. I have to proceed to the paint of plates alu " alim mask and bottom of case " in black, to realize the cable management. The project is not crazy is there because I wanted him sober and simple, not by feignantise but because I want that it adapts itself for example has an environment of lounge quoted of a TV. There is all the same 70 working hours on this case, the polishing, the cutting and the folding of rooms to create for the case having taken me more than 70 % of my time. The final photos are thus for soon. Thanks to all to support us, quite your small messages, your likes, your sharings, Thank you.
  3. New project in the making! This time i will be doing a casemod instead of a scratch build. The main concept with the build is mirrors and thats why i decided to call it simply Spegel (mirror in Swedish). This time i´m proudly sponsored by ASUS Republic of Gamers, Inet, Phanteks Nordic, Seasonic - 海韻電子 and TeamGroup - Global. Thanks alot for the support and more pictures will be coming shortly.
  4. Welcome to the next project! It's one of two that I want to finish this year. The second will be in the new Cosmos C700P and soon I will also start the thread here on the forum After the 24-hour Nvidia GeForce Garage in Poland, I return to my favorite Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG. This project is for (and in cooperation with) MSI. Plan The case will be painted and airbrusher in a "candy red" color. On the front will dominate the MSI dragon in silver / gray style and two stripes. The case will be modded inside to simplify and smooth the style. Components ▪ Intel i9 7900X ▪ MSI M7 ACK X299 ▪ MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X ▪ Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass ▪ Seasonic PRIME PLATINUM 1200 ▪ Bitspower water cooling RAM and SSD are not yet resolved :-D Here are a couple of photos of the case and HW Everything is already home and some progress is already recorded, so very soon ther will be first update here is the current progress:
  5. Hi guys, super excited to be posting this. I'm a member of AMD's Red Team Plus, and AMD sent me over a extra special box of goodies to coincide with the Ryzen launch. My plans so far are to build with what I have currently, and as I do tutorials on various modding practices, add to the build log. Soo.. lets see some sexiness Parts list: **Sponsored parts** AMD Ryzen R7 1800X MSI Xpower AM4 2 x 8gb Corsair LPX 3000mhz AMD Visiontek Fury X **self-financed** Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV ATX in Anthracite Grey assorted cabling, sleeving, tubing Swiftech H-240X Mayhems Pastel Orange 2x 4TB Seagate SSHD Intel 600p 256gb Will be building in my current case until the Phanteks gets here, and testing for stability etc.
  6. So I was asked to create a Final Fantasy XV themed case for the GamesCom announcement of the PC version due in 2018. That sounded awesome and I was looking for something to do so why not? There were only two real challenges: 1) I had three weeks to get it done, or rather two by the time everything was OK'd and 2)I've never played a Final Fantasy game in my life. This could be interesting. So I dove into FFXV, trailers, walkthroughs, the CGI movie and finally came up with a theme I liked based on Lunafreya Nox Fleuret a major character in the story. I decided to use her dresses from the Kingsglaive movie and from her role as an oracle as a guide for the look. The idea being that the internal look of the case would pull details from the Kingsglaive dress and the exterior would draw from the oracle dress. My chicken scratches of the idea. So lets start off this quick build log with the case, the Phanteks Eclipse P400S TG. The S is for silent and you get the top grill covers, which I wanted, and some deadening material. The TG for the tempered glass version. It's a pretty nice case. Open interior with a PSU shroud and a pretty clean look. And the front pops off easy enough, which is good since that's what I'm starting on. After pulling the grills and plastic trim(which, my only complaint about the case is the plastics don't match the paint) I had to figure out a way to mimic the lines of Luna's oracle dress on the front panel. I originally thought foam, but decided to try polystyrene since it bends easily with heat and would give me the lines similar to the folds in Luna's dress. So I cut some patterns and laid it out using tape to hold everything in place. Once I was happy with how it looked, I marked all the edges so I could piece it back together. Starting with the bottom layer, I glued the center section of the pattern to keep everything set and then used a heat gun to let me wrap the polystyrene around the curves. After that I could trim the polystyrene and glue the rest of the layer down. When all the layers were done, I wound up with this. It's hard to pick out the white on white, but the pattern was good, if not a little rough. My touch with the polystyrene is a little rough, but nothing a little bondo and a lot of sanding can't fix. And once it was all smoothed out, I could start laying down the paint on everything. I started out with a white sealer base followed by a water based white. I'm still a little iffy on using this for an entire case since the coat is very thin and it's not nearly as durable as an auto urethane or even rattle can paint. Since I was a bit iffy about the durability and this case was going to shows, I decided that a few coats of a good 2k clear were in order. It also gave a nice bit of shine to the matte finish of the airbrush paint.
  7. Car manufacturers give face lifts to their older car models, to attract new buyers. Well, Phanteks has done something similar to the new improved Enthoo Luxe. The Luxe Tempered Glass edition is a “face lift edition”, and this small change has made a great little improvement. A lot of case makers have joined the tempered glass trend, that was started by In-Win. But, I feel Phanteks is starting to take that, to the next level. I have to say that I’m so happy to see a hinged glass panel on a case. This makes me less worried about dropping the glass panel on the floor and watching it break. The Luxe as a case, is the perfect sized case for folks that plan on running some serious hardware. It allows you to hold ample amount of hardware, cooling, and storage devices without making any compromises at all. The added tempered glass panel creates a nice view inside your case, and unlike acrylic, it does not attract dust or is easily scratched. The smoked glass panel is perfect, and it’s not a cheap thin piece of glass either. .......... Check out the full review here...
  8. The Plan: A dual system build in the one case – a gaming/office PC ("Romulus") and a FreeNAS / Media streaming system ("Remus"). Why a dual system build? Because they are fairly rare, and why the heck not ! Background My synology thing crapped out and I got sick of the whole lack of support / interest from them. The people over on the FreeNAS forum are very helpful so I decided to go that way. After much deliberation and mind-changing these are the specs I finally went with... So, to keep everything together - these are the specs I am running with. Specifications CASE: Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL http://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-MiniXL-DS.html "Romulus" (Gaming/Office system) MOBO: Asus Z170I Pro Gaming LGA 1151 Mini ITX https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z170I-PRO-GAMING/specifications/ RAM: G.Skill 32G (2x16G)F4-3200C15D-32GTZKW PC4-25600 DDR4 3200 Mhz CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K Quad Core LGA 1151 4GHz CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360mm AIO http://www.thermaltake.com.au/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002775 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX970 FTW SSD1: Samsung 950 Pro Series 512GB M.2 SSD (boot/system/office) SSD2: Samsung 840Evo 500Gb (game library) HDD1: WD Blue 6TB Optical: LG 16x BluRay R/W & DVD R/W (LG-BH16NS40) OS: Windows 10 Home "Remus" (FreeNAS system) Mobo: Supermicro X11SSL-F http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C236_C232/X11SSL-F.cfm CPU: Intel i3-6100 RAM: 32Gb Samsung ECC unbuffered RAM Boot / System drive: Kingston V400 120Gb SSD NAS drives: 6 x WD Red NAS 3TB in Raid Z2 (2 drive failure tolerance) OS: FreeNAS (ZFS) UPS: Cyberpower CP1500EPFCLCD https://www.cyberpower.com/au/product/sku/CP1500EPFCLCD (Australian version thereof)
  9. Hey guys, figured I'd post some pics of a rig I have finally finished. Just new to the modzoo sofigured I should share one of my finished builds So this is a Red Team build and will be used as an OverKill HTPC for my bedroom. Movies surfing and some light gaming will be all it does. Think I'm going to install Windows 10 on it for shits and giggles. Will be hooked into 46" Sony Bravia TV Hardware Phanteks Enthoo Pro Asrock Fatal1ty 970 Preformance FX 6100 6 cores AM3+ @ 3.5GHz 2 - AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870's in Crossfire ADATA SP900 M.2 2280 256GB AMD/OCZ Radeon R7 SSD-240G Western Digital 2TB Green HD BitFenix Fury 750W 80+Gold G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz Cooling HeatKiller 3.0 CPU LC block 2 HeatKiller GPU-X 58x0 blocks Darkside Triple LP360 Extra Slim Radiator Darkside Multi-port Dual 120mm High Performance Radiator PXM240 Darkside Laing DDC 3.25 18W Pump w/ TACH 14 EK HD Adapters 12/16mm - Nickel fittings 2m EK-HD Tube 12/16mm EK-DDC Heatsink Housing - Black Bitspower G¼" Silver Shining Rotary 90° fittings G¼" Silver Shining Aqua-Pipe I Bitspower DDC TOP Acrylic Version DDC TOP Upgrade Kit 100 Bitspower Z-CAP II With G¼" x 3 (Clear Acrylic Version) 3 Scythe Fast Kaze Maru-2 140mm 1700rpm 5 Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-45 120mm 2150rpm on rads in pull Modding Darkside Dimmable Rigid Red LED's 3 - 20cm Black Darkside Sleeve Black Darkside Heatshrink Pins and Cable Connectors While this was a pretty straight forward build I still did a bit of modding. In order to get a thick 240 rad in the bottom of the case I had to shorten the PSU cover by 150mm. I also shortened and repainted the original GPU back plates to work with my HeatKiller water blocks. Painted my flat black rads to black making a better match to the case. Custom sleeved all wires including Front Panel Audio, USB2 and USB3. No cable left unsleeved. PSU came pre-sleeved with black para-cord. Using 16mm hard tube for the first time I scraped about a metres worth, figuring out how to do nice bends and nice make double bends. Let me also say if you thought getting the soft tube on a barb was hard, that aint feces compaired to the effort required to make some of the connections in this build. I found making sure the O-rings and the tube are both good and wet before attempting to put tube in fitting. I had to grind a small groove down the side of 3 of my fittings to be able to get them on the blocks. 1 for CPU block and 2 for GPU parralel setup. This required me match marking each fitting to each blocks port. With test mount to figure out where to grind. Made a ¼" thick spacer to use between my fans and rad, on the lower rad in pull. I was getting an annoying whistling noise when I had the fans at full speed. The whistling noise was much worse on my top rad and was the main reason I changed that to a push setup rather than make a ½" thick spacer for it to be silent in pull setup. The spacer also allowed me to easily fit my drain setup on the lower port of my rad. This is the absolute lowest point of the loop and works great for draining/filling. Made a couple small covers out of a piece of brass shim stock. A cover for crossfire bridge and one for my M.2 Adata drive on motherboard. Painted black on the out side, a few coats of Plasti dip on the component side. I'm running all my cooling from a G-Vans 30 Watt/Channel controller. Yes I wish it was a Lamptron but it's not and it does work well. A left over from old build. Pump on channel 1. Top Rad fans on channel 2. Lower Rad fans on channel 3. My Darkside Red Rigid LED's on channel 4. Case fans are being run from motherboard headers. Some night shots Some shots with early morning sun light. Still not the best pics but you can see the build at least
  10. At CES 2016 we saw the Tempered Glass version of the Evolv ATX for the first time, and even then the case just looked beautiful. Phanteks had taken an already great case, and added some tempered glass panels, and support for RGB lighting without having to change bulbs like in the Classic Evolv. Phanteks also kept the price in check after adding the new features to the case. At $189 for the new tempered glass version, and $169 for the classic version at Newegg at the time of the review, I think the pricing on these cases is just great. You will not go wrong either way, and will get a case that looks and feels really high quality thanks to its 3mm thick aluminum panels, and a nice heavy glass panels on the Tempered Glass (TG) edition. Check out the rest of the review Here
  11. Phanteks recently announced their power splitter – a small accessory that allows users to power two systems with just one power supply. And now, Phanteks has flipped the power splitter into a power combiner. Why you ask? The power combo allows you to accomplish two things. First, it lets you combine Two (2) smaller power supplies to create one big power supply: you can combine Two (2) 750 watt power supplies to get around 1500 watts of power. Second, the power combo lets you run Two (2) power supplies for redundancy: what if one of your PSUs has some kind of issue? Check out the full article here...
  12. Phanteks continues to make waves in the enthusiast case market, by stacking features and quality without breaking the bank. In 2015 they started going after the budget mid-tower with their Enthoo Pro M, which shared DNA with its high end cousin the Evolv ATX. Now, in 2016, Phanteks wants to tackle that market with a new class of case in their Eclipse Series. Phanteks has introduced the new Eclipse Series, starting with the P400, a budget friendly entry level mid tower case. And while Phanteks does cut costs by not including some features that are normally found on their higher end cases. It doesn’t seem to sacrifice at all in the places where it counts. It still includes some unique features, like built-in RGB lighting/controller and a fan controller (S model only). Phanteks offers both the Eclipse P400 and P400S models in Three (3) Colors; Satin Black, Glacier White and Anthracite Gray. The P400S (Silent Edition) is even available in versions with a side panel window or just a solid side panel. Today, we will be looking at the P400S (Silent Edition) windowed model in Anthracite Grey. Check Out the Full Article Here!
  13. Phanteks has become known to create novel cases. Our Munkys have visited their suite at CES and found two new cases on show. The 916 and a glass side panel version of the Evolv ATX. Click Here for the full article! Be sure to check back for further coverage from The Mod Zoo at CES 2016!
  14. Hey TheModZoo Forum I just want to ask if its possible to change the stock window in enthoo luxe sidepanel. I will still keep the sidepanel in, and just change the window to acrylic. I want it because im gonna cut a white panther in the acrylic :D Hope u guys will help me out -Silverhelm19
  15. After at least two years of complete silence from my side, it's time to get back into casemodding once again. The case which the mod is going to based on, is Phanteks Enthoo Primo, a one-hell-of-a-beast case, suitable for high performance water cooling. I don't do 3D sketches of how my mod is going to be, as most of you guys are doing. I'm more into doing the whole thing as the project goes, at least that is how i work the best. :) Here is some list of what the overall theme is going to be, and what kind of hardware there is going into it: Color theme: Black, White and Blue Hardware: Motherboard: MSI Z68A-GD80 G3CPU: Intel i5 2500K @ 4.2 - 4.4 GHzMemory: 4 x 4GB @ 1600 MHz (Might be changed)GFX: Gigabyte HD7870 OC (Looking for another one, for a CrossFire setup)OS Disk: 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS (Either I'm going to buy a 240GB og getting another 120GB, for raid)PSU: 1200W SilverStone Strider Gold EvolutionWell, let's first take a look at the actual case. That's how it looks right from the factory, but lets get started on the modding part. :) I'm really eager to get it going. First off, i removed all the mesh, and there is a lot of that on this case. Sanded it, primed it, and painted it white. Looks quite good, better than i had expected. :) As i don't own any optical drives, I'm going to remove the bottom of the 5.25" cage, to get more room for the upcoming water cooling, and some other stuff. But as Bill told in his video review of the case, the 5.25" cage is attached to the actual case with both screws and rivets, so firstly i removed all the rivets, and drilled the holes a bit larger, and cut a 4mm thread into the holes, so i don't have to rivet it together once again. That's it, for the first update, and thanks for peeking. And also, thanks a lot to my sponsors, for letting me do this, and making it all possible. :)
  16. Phanteks is capitalizing off their well touted Enthoo Primo with the new mid sized Enthoo Pro and the Enthoo Luxe, featuring an aluminum face plate and 5 color LED trim ring. The Luxe will be smaller than the Primo but still cater to custom loops with a res mount and room for a 360 roof rad and a 240 front. Link: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ces-2014-cases-phanteks-enthoo-luxe-pro,25729.html Sweet vid from Phanteks designer Boon walking through the Luxe and Pro:
  17. Mod Zoo members, Jesse and Bill Owen affectionately nit-pick minor things, but only because they're enthusiasts and never satisfied with stock...Jesse is writing article with complete Liquid system install on the zoo, it should be published in a week or so here, themodzoo I stumbled across these pics of what has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated case releases... The Phanteks Enthoo Primo Mod Zoo members, Jesse and Bill Owen affectionately nit-pick minor things, but only because they're enthusiasts and never satisfied with stock...Jesse is writing article with complete Liquid system install on the zoo, it should be published in a week or so here, themodzoo Update 08/01/14 To be released in white also
  18. Hello everyone, this is going to be an extension of the Phanteks Enthoo Primo review that I did. Apart from just being a review, the Enthoo as of now has become my personal computer that I use everyday for playing games, typing reviews, watching porn and other random activities. I would also try and answer any questions that you guys might have on the case. So feel free to send me your questions. Link to the review - Clicky Click Here This is how the build looks at the moment. well not exactly the same, I have started modding the front panel to allow for more air flow. Link to Mnpctech 240 Slotted Acrylic Radiator grill Here is how it looks at the moment: Take off the highlighted screws (I don't have photoshop or any advanced imaging tools on my work PC so please bare with me) Once that is done, take off the 4 screws that holds the front plate to the front panel. Once the screws are off, this is what you are left with: I got the MNPCTECH slotted 240mm grill in and what do you know its a perfect fit. The color and size are a perfect match. Next step is to screw in the grill, and button down the front. Next up we will look at something to do for the top panel.
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