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Found 4 results

  1. Hayhayhay I just finished priming a pretty thick black powder coat. Sanded it for the primer to get some grip, then primed it grey. I now notice some scratches in the powder coat showing the steel underneath through the primer. Do I need to take any particular steps here do you guys think? The steel is primed just as the powder coat itself, so the paint will stick just fine. But I'm worried It will show through the paint as well. The paint is a glossy white. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello guys, I am new to these forums, but I have a new fascination with case modding as a direct result of Bill et al and the wonderful guides that are so graciously provided. I have a question about SEM self-etching primer, as I have noticed that it is the brand of choice for nearly all of the painting guides that are on the site- I live in New Orleans, LA, and SEM Self-Etching Primer is not sold at any of the autobody stores around here... or any other store for that matter. I have been ordering it off of Amazon, but I find the wait-time to be tedious and it can really hinder my ability to complete builds in a timely fashion if I run out. Apparently due to the toxicity of the SEM Primer it cannot be delivered via airmail and so is not eligible for Amazon Prime. In addition to the inconvenience of obtaining the product, the price is steep and I find that the paint spray becomes inconsistent at around 25% full. My question is this: Is it necessary to use the aforementioned self-etching primer, or will any brand do. I went to Autozone and purchased some Rustoleum Self-etching primer to give it a try, and although I have only applied a coat so far (a few minutes ago) it seems to provide even coverage and lays as flat as SEM. So before I waste my plastikote metal flake paint (also hard to come by), is there a major difference between the SEM self-etching primer and other brands? If not using SEM brand will result in a degradation of the final product, then I will just start ordering it in bulk; however, if it is just a brand-loyalty issue or a spray output affinity then I will switch over to the more convenient Rustoleum product. Finally, does it matter what color the self-etching primer is when used in conjunction with a metallic or metal flake color (such as plastikote blue metal flake)... will the primer color affect the outcome of the paint color? Thanks so much for any info on this, Carson Riess
  3. Hey folks, I'm modding up a SFF chassis as a LAN tournament prize and need some advice on painting it. I'm going for a urban digital camo style look similar to: The case is currently black powdercoat. I was wondering if the following would work: Mask off black areas I wish to keep on stock panels Spray etch primer and leave to dry Spray light grey and leave to dry mask off light grey I wish to keep spray dark grey and leave to dry Pull off masking to reveal the light grey and black Spray matte clear coat Would this work? Or would I be left with a very uneven surface due to the depth of the primer and 2 colours vs the stock black powdercoat?
  4. Hey guys I just got a 700D from someone who needs me to do some terrible, horrible things to it. One of them is adding a coat of paint. But not unlike what's going on in this thread, I notice that the bays covers for the 5.25" bays on the front are both plastic and aluminium. How do I best go about priming this compound surface. I can attempt to remove the alu plate from the plastic and do them separately. But I was really hoping I would be able to avoid that. Second I could find a primer that's fine on both surfaces. But I'd usually use an etching primer on alu, and I'm scared to spray the plastic on that. Any thoughts are very welcome. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Edit: Typo
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