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Found 5 results

  1. My Fractal Design Define R5 case mod. n00b's first complete water cooling build. (Short back story) So I had every intention of spending my weekend putting together a build log showing progress made on my first water cooled and modded computer build. ...BUT... Last night I completed the water cooling loop and the system started up with no problem. I was super nervous water would just start gushing everywhere, but the system didn't have any leaks and booted without any issues What's the first thing you do after water cooling your PC? OVERCLOCK! I figured I'd play it safe, since its only a Z97-AR, and used Asus' automatic overclocking utility in the Ai Suite. The system reboots a couple times, which is expected. On the third reboot my computer did not come back on. I instantly had a bad feeling about this, like it was more than just a little Windows 10 quirk. When I tried to turn on my PC again it posted fine, gave me the DEL or F12 to BIOS option (which did not work), and afterwards I got a message saying "Data in the EC or EC cash may be corrupt". WHAT THE HECK?! I checked all of the usual things. I did the routine CMOS jumper, battery, power supply, change ram, unplug non-essentials, blah, blah blah. Nothing has worked. So I got the pleasure of wasting all of my previous work and taking apart my nearly finished system so I can try to fix the motherboard. Waiting for a reply from Asus as to what I should do. I'm hoping they will have an easy fix or will be able to replace my board. I was/am so upset about the situation that I figured posting something will make me feel like I've actually accomplished something. So here are the exterior shots of my case. The design is rather simple. 3 blow holes with MnPCtech overkill fan grills and the MnPCtech machined side panel. Eventually there will be a digital thermometer display behind the front cover that can be seen through the middle fan grill. Other than that I don't plan on doing much more to the exterior. My aesthetic tends to be rather simple and clean as opposed to the flash computers that will turn heads and I'm OK with that. The rest of the build will come soon. I'm sure it will be right after I get tired of waiting and go to Microcenter for a new motherboard. ------
  2. Project CURTISS P-40 By Victor Tateishi
  3. HI all, Just wanted to show you some pics of my latest build. Havent had time to add captions to the pics so I hope you dont mind. This is my personal machine that I will use for gaming and LAN's. Let me know what you think ! INSPIRATION : Now to start adding some work pics !
  4. Project Blank I'm not a professional modder like anyone else in this forum so dont expect this build to be as awesome as any other build around here I did a a build log dubbed "Phenomenon" earlier this year and Jess dragged me here to see around This place is top of the top in term of modding creativity in my opinion so please bare with me as I'll try to make this as interesting as possible To cut it short, I’m going to treat myself with a new PC. I’ve been quite obsessed with mechanical keyboards after my last build “Phenomenon” ; which I’ve learnt how to mod it and spend all my PC budget on them and made my bank account cried . Anyway, this time it would be a pc which would run me for the long run, so if anyone expect me to do major or big time mod like I did previously; don’t be, well there will be but its just minor mod. It will be a classic looking build which the components itselves I’ve chosen carefully to suit the build and stand for itself. I tried to grab myself the highest quality components my wallet can afford, not trying to be a cry baby but I have limited option on components here; besides with all those water cooling stuff which I’ve to order from the US, it would cost me twice as much if I have to pay for the custom tax (fingers crossed) Won't be revealing all the components I’m going to use now, but some components will be taken from my previous build since I think they can still serves me well Anyway, I will be updating this first post occasionally for some updates; this will be a slow log since I am taking my time to make something perfect for the long haul. Estimated to be done by end of December And also. I will be playing around with my camera for the shots as well, so stay tuned! List of components: CPU: i7 4930K Motherboard: Asus Rampage iv Extreme Black Edition Case: Caselabs SM8 RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x4GB) 1866 GPU: 2x Asus GTX 670 DirectCu ii TOP edition PSU: Seasonic Platinum 860w Sound card: Phoebus (or none since I’ve external amp/dac) SSD: 2x Samsung Evo 120gb (Raid 0) HDD: 2x WD Caviar Black 1TB (Raid 10) Water cooling: CPU: EK Full Nickel Clean Radiators: EK XTX 480 and 360 Fittings: Primochill Rigid and Bitspower adapters Reservoir: Aquacomputer 880ml Aqualis Pump: D5 Tube: Primochill Tube Black GPU: EK Nickel CSQ for Asus gtx 670 DirectCu ii Fans: Gentle Typhoon AP-15
  5. I was browsing the recently released specs for Crysis 3, slated for 2013 release. It caught my eye that the "Recommended" specs include Quad GPU. This is clearly a misprint, but was it placed there to troll the age old "can it run crysis" question? Who knows. The High Performance specs listed include a 680 or 7970, and crossfire or sli for further increased performance, so clearly quad isn't recommended... just funny ;)/>
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