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Found 12 results

  1. This was a quick scratch build I did as a Christmas gift to my parents. It's got sort of mid-range hardware (older generations), and runs a Plex Media Server, so they can use it to record and watch TV shows, primarilly. It's replacing a computer I built them 10 years ago, that was serving the same function (DVR), up until earlier this year when it stopped working correctly. The front and top are birdseye maple, and the grain flows continuously up the front, around the corner, and down the top. The bottom piece is mahogany, and both are finished with shellac and wax. The rest of the chassis is made from plywood, painted black, and clear coated with semi-gloss rattle can.
  2. Hi guys! Sponsors: So this is Spectrum! Spectrum is an ITX scratch build that at its core is an "open" system, with that i mean that the components will be exposed. The general idea for the "case" is that it's supposed to look like the components are "rising" up from the base as if it all was the same piece. The name Spectrum comes from yea you guys guessed it, RGB :)! The case will be constructed out of 10mm acrylic sheets and in the bottom layer i will place an rgb strip that will be facing up so that the whole base will shine. This version will not be watercooled im afraid but i might do another in the future with watercooling. PS. components in the sketchup model are placeholders, i have not decided yet on exactly all the hardware. I would love to get your feedback so do not hesitate to comment :).
  3. Since 2007 the Aperture Science Portal Project has been the cornerstone of our aggressive recruitment program. Thanks to the Portal project we have been able to weed out any test subject with any of the following personality flaws; cowardice, impaired motor skills, poor judgement, fear of heights, drowning or fire. Now our marketing engineers have discovered a way to offer consumers a home version the Portal project. We are pleased to announce the Portal project workstation. A little history of me, I am a Design Engineer in the Sioux Falls SD region by day and avid gamer. My wife and I recently purchased our first home and as a reward I get to build a desk inspired by the Red Harbinger Cross Desk. One of the things that bothered me about the Cross Desk and other Desk Mods was that none of them were designed for a corner area. With this in mind I wanted a desk to fit a theme I could decorate a man cave with and decided on Portal / aperture sciences. I spent the last 2 years designing and drawing plans for the desk and finally was able to get the sheet metal work completed and powder coated. A collection of parts off the box break. Returned from Powder coat.
  4. . So I have been going back and forth on what kind of desk to build. I wanted something thin and sleek but also wanted something that would house a watercooled build. I also wanted to do something with RGB lighting (seeing as this is the new craze). I have done some stuff with individually programmable LEDs in the past and wanted to incorporate this into my build using an arduino. I started a desk build a couple weeks ago, got about a quarter the way through it and decided I didn't like how it was coming. It was made of wood and once together and partially painted, did not look like I wanted it to. I then decided to do a render, plan everything exactly, and then build it. I wanted something that hadn't quite been done before. I wanted a shape, design, and setup that was different than everyone else. I believe with what I have planned, this will be so! I have done some custom builds in the past, including another desk, but nothing quite like this one. It is completely from scratch and all made by me. CPU - i7 7800X Motherboard - Aorus X299 Gaming 7 Ram - 3000Mhz RGB Trident Z MSI 1070 Seahawk EK - Will remove the dragon and replace with different design Custom mounted in the desk, not sure it's been done before 32gb RGB Ram - Trident Z RGB Zotac 480gb PCIe SSD - RGB lit, will be custom mounted 2x500gb SSD for games - Brand TBD (Maybe M2) 5tb WD media drive Alphacool 240mm UT60 Hardware Labs 360mm DDC with EK Plexitop EK Evo Supremacy - Nickel EK X3 250ml Res Barrow 12mm Multi Link Fittings Alphacool 90s RGB party lighting - Some cable mod RGB/UV and some adafruit fully programmable LEDsAll watercooling and hardware black and nickel or plexi and nickel - No copperUV CoolantNickel or clear rigid tubing - Maybe!? Spartans FTW! Tossing around ideas for custom mounted temp displays inside the desk. Please note that the plan is to sidemount the GPU and build a plexi shelf to mount it to. I tried making it in sketchup but it wouldnt come out right. This is only thing that will be different. The spartan head and the 3 lines will be all RGB lighting. The max thickness I plan on it being is about 6 1/2" tall.
  5. THEME Pretty simple, favorite sports team coming off of a championship year (http://www.Esks.com). CONCEPT Always wanted to do a scratch build. Custom "wind tunnel" design allows air to enter through the back platform, push through the PC and past the radiator on top. Built to support up to two 360mm radiators. Water-cooled, dual GPU design. 3D-printed supports with aluminum bar and acrylic sides. Intended to be dead-simple and repeatable. SPECS Details TBD Twitter: @Krepadoodle || Project Hash Tag: #ESKIMOD2 Initial test print worked out pretty well. Just used a simple 10% infill for now. Bar slipped right into place. Will add screw holes for final print.
  6. PROJECT BUYANGYANG Modder: Andrew Lee(Andrew Lee Adanza) FB: https://www.facebook.com/andrewleekho Intoduction The aim of this build is to showcase all components of a computer. As you can see, all parts are exposed. Even the Liquid Cooling System. Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting this project. Thermaltake Technology Inc Thermaltake Philippines MSI Philippines MSI Global Plextor Philippines Table of Contents
  7. Welcome to the log for my desk scratch build! I have been tinkering with making cases and have went through multiple different mods and such, but ultimately, am not satisfied. My build is sitting inside a half constructed 750D that I was modifying. I already have a concept in mind for this build, and while it may change some, the finished product will be very close to the current concept. First things first, specs of build are as followed: Motherboard: MSI X99S Plus CPU: i7 5820k RAM: 16gb Crucial Ballistix 2400Mhz (Will upgrade to 32gb as build progresses) Video: XFX R9 290 (Will eventually have two) PSU: EVGA 1000W G2 SSD: Corsair Force 120gb, Sandisk V300 (Will probably change, but plan on making custom enclosures) HDD: WD Black 1tb 7200 RPM Swiftech Apogee HD White Edition Swiftech MCP35X with EK Plexi Top EK X3 400ml Reservoir with White Caps Swiftech Komodo R9 29X Series Block EK XTX 360mm Rad Hardware Labs Black Ice 240mm Corsair SP120 Fans Yate Loon Fans Concept Dimensions L:4' W: 2' H: 7" These dimensions do not include the legs, I have not decided exactly how I want to do these yet. Color Scheme White Gray (different Shades) Black Concept I want a minimal desk with my x99 build inside of it. I don't want, or need a huge desk in my computer room. I plan on getting a 29-32" ultrawide monitor, so the desk doesn't need to have room for a triple monitor setup. I also am not a huge fan of lots of crazy designs and multiple different colors. This build will strive to be as minimal as possible (As far as design, colors) however, functionality will not be :) All Concept art, links, index will be in the post following this one.
  8. Hello to you all in Mod Zoo! This will be my first post, first thread and first build that I'm posting here so forgive me if there are some problems with images or with something else :D Computers has been my hobby for 12 years and always wanted a PC case from scratch. Now I had the time and know-how on how to make one. My budget is limited so don't expect any 1000$ CPU's or Titans in this thread. Luckily I was sponsored for this build by BitFenix, Kingston and Finnish Jimm's PC store. This worklog is in few other forums too and it has been going on since December 2012 so I will copy paste a lot of progress on the first post so bare with me :) Starting the build 25th January 2013 First day with SketchUp and managed to make rough plan with the components and this is how the parts will align in the case. After a day or so i learned how to make parts in SketchUp and managed to do these A week went by and i was able to start this project in workshop where i have helped the staff with computers and in return i can use their facilities, machines etc. I decided to use 2.5mm aluminium for this project (This is going to be a bad decision as we notice later on) . I cut 40mm wide strips and press them into right angle and also made motherboard tray and one other plain sheet. And yesterday I supposed to weld everything together but as I looked the machine closer it appeared to be a DC tig! I tried to get it working by just changing ground to - position but no luck there. If you didn't know, for welding aluminium tig needs to be AC so it can break the aluminium oxide layer that has melting point of 2000 °C and aluminium in common has melting point of around 600 °C . So I couldn't break that oxide layer and that means no welding with that thing. Tomorrow I'll see if I can do anything with aluminium mig and if there's no luck I'm changing material to stainless steel. While thinking my enigma I drilled and tapped the motherboard tray. Hole is 3mm and thread 3.5mm. The package that i received from BitFenix right before christmas I got all of my cables, led's and fan controller. And this is what there was Loads of cables, two of each to be exact and reason is in the last picture. LED's should give a nice touch for the case in low light. And the reason for having two of each cable was that I wanted to make cables better looking by making them red&black instead of them being single colored And at the end of my opening post I'll put a list of all the parts that I'm getting Components: Getting myself unless I get a sponsor :) CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K (Got it) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi (Got it) Ram: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (Got it, Sponsored) GPU: Something that barely fits there (Not yet) PSU: Super Flower Golden King Platinum 550w (Got it) SSD: 2x Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB Raid0 (Got it, Sponsored) From BitFenix (Sponsor) Freebies: - BitFenix Recon 5,25 Fan Control panel - Black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved red/red BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix SATA 3 Cable 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Alchemy Connect 6x LED-Strip 12cm - red x3 BitFenix Alchemy Connect 15x LED-Strip 30cm - red x3 Watercooling stuff: Got a deal from Jimm's PC Store for these @ 500€ This build has been made possible by:
  9. By: Complx Hello everyone! Time for my 2nd scratch built case! This time the focus will be around one of my favorite games of all time, Mirrors Edge. And with Mirrors Edge 2 being announced at E3 this year, I thought, what a better way to celebrate than to build a case around the art direction from the game. I will be using this thread as a complete build log, from design, to CAD modeling, construction, and finishing. So lets get started shall we! One of the many reason I feel in the love with the game was the look and feel of the environment, as well as the game play itself. The environment was very vibrant, bright colors, a stark contrast to a lot of the dull brown a lot of games seem to have. For those of you who have not seen or played the game, here are some images for it that I drew inspiration from. For now, all that I have is an initial sketch of what I hope the final design to look like, I will be doing some photoshop work to it and do more sketching and drawing to get some of the finer details work out in the beginning. A overall ideas I have at the moment about the design Completely white exterior, one of the prominent features of the game is its use of white in all of the exterior buildingsBright colored interior, again, the use of very vibrant colors on the interiors of the buildings was interesting to see and I want to incorporate that into the design as wellNeed to be clean, inside and out, no mess no slop. If anyone has anything else they would like to add say, feel free to comment! I hope this goes well and thanks for viewing! Stay Tuned! Feel free to check out the livestream channel, I will be doing a lot of CAD modeling of this project, and you can watch the progress as I go. Times will be random, but check every so often, you might catch me at a time when I'm streaming! Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/complxdesign
  10. By: Complx Reasoning: The basic idea for this project was was born out of frustration out of seeing what was available on the current market, a lot of triple monitor stands I saw were wildly expensive. Some cost $300 or more and even after spending that much money on these stands, you still would see people complaining that their monitors that were mounted to the outer arms would often sag and not line up correctly. Another thing I noticed about a lot of these stands was a complete lack of added functionality to the user, besides just holding the monitors, they often would have no real added value or function to them, the only exception that I could find in my research was the XFX Triple Monitor stand, which incorporated 2 USB 2.0 hubs and a Headphone and Mic jack into the base of their stand. So after a bit more research, I still could not find a monitor stand that really offered what I was looking for. In all honesty the XFX stand would have been almost perfect, but the price was a little off putting and I found out that they don't make it anymore. Also, the places that still do have it in stock are charging even more for it than before. So I have set out to design and build a monitor stand for myself that can support up to 4 monitors! Research: As stated before, I did a fair amount of research for the project before i started the real work. There seemed to be 2 "go to" companies when it came to monitor stands, though I know, and looked at, many more. Ergotron and Ergotech seemed to be the big two. But a lot of their models that supported 3+ monitors can run up in price. ($200-$300 or more) One of the issues I had with these off the shelf monitor stands right now is the "sag" some of them tend to have, especially when it comes to the arm which the 2 side monitors (Left and Right) are often attached to. To compensate for this, a lot of the monitor stands have VESA mounts that allow for height adjustment to help line up the end monitors with the center one. While this was a good solution to the problem of sag, I felt the bigger issue had not been dealt with, just kind of patched over. So this was one major area I wanted to focus on, rigidity. The next issue I had was for the price, these stands often lacked additional functionality, besides holding the monitors in place. As mentioned before, the XFX stand had a USB and sound hub built into the base of their stand, which I really fell in love with. So this was the second thing I wanted to focus on, added functionality to the user. The Hardware: For this project, I went out and purchased 3 23.6" Asus VN247H-P monitors, the main reason I wanted these was for how thin the bezel was on them, Asus claims it has less than 1cm of bezel on either side. I have these monitors purchased, but I will post some images of them later. The Concept: So for this project I will be using a material called extruded aluminum, very light weight, but very strong and very rigid. I have made an initial concept model in CAD program to make sure I have a lot of the measurements and tolerances worked out before I purchase the material and start the first steps of the build. These first 2 images were the base I started to work with to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the main supports. Then I started to work out some of the details on how it would go together: Right now this is the most current version of the project in CAD form, there are a few more elements I wanted to incorporate into the model before I start the prototyping and building phase. As it stands now I still need to figure out: - Cable management of the power and video cables - Incorporating speakers onto the stand - Designing the USB hub which will be at the base of the stand Here is a WIP shot of what the speakers might look like when mounted: (Please excuse the gray block, it was a place holder model for my 4th monitor. Stay tuned!
  11. Hello, Welcome Greeders! I'd start this project (in background) a long time ago, show it to public at February and I'm doing it on free time of free time of the few free time i have after university and all the work i have at moda'a'foca. So don't ask speedy project hehe Greed One of the deadly sins, greed represents the thirst for money, power, status, the desire of have everything, selfish, will... the absolute focus on win, have, feel, see, ear, a uncontrollable thirst of almost being god. Intro Video Turn On CC for English Subtitles :D/> Spectification # Totallt scratch from aluminum and acrylic, from I/O Shield to board support # Mainboard totally at watercooling, if needed, make waterblocks # Structure powder coated with Anthracite grey RAL 7016 # Parts with Signal blue RAL 5005 and Pure orange RAL 2004 # Moda'a'spacers INOX 10mm with m3 Allen screw 6mm # m3 counter rivets # Design stunning with equilibrium of relief, transparency and color Ideas # Each system will have they unique color and theme with it, from tubes to lightning # Mainboard in different positions # 4 wc loops # Disk/storage zone with 6/8 disk space for each system # Maintain the case able to support further updates if needed # Router N with 10/100/1000 ports inside de case # Control all temperatures and monitoring # LRD Sensor (hope is that one) to make the case shapeshifting at night # Cables - unisleeve and with color themed parts to hide them but make it visual good to # Maintance easy with fillport and valves # Make a custom desk to this case so it can be used properly, with space to moda'a'foca daily work Hardware MEDIA ASUS P5E x38 C2Q Q9550 ZOTAC 8800 GTS Team Elite 4Gb (2*2Gb) Samsung F1 500Gb Samsung F3 1TB Corsair TX750W D-Link 10/100/1000 DGE-528T D-Link Wireless N DWA-547 RENDER MSI x58 PRO i7 950 ZOTAC 560 GTX Ti AMP! Kingston HyperX Blue 6GB Triple-Channel Zalman F1 SSD 120GB 2x Samsung F3 500GB RAID0 Western Digital Green Caviar 2TB 64MB GAMING Gigabyte Z68XP-UD5 i5 2500K 2x ZOTAC 460 GTX AMP! Exceleram EG3003A 32GB 2x Samsung F3 500GB em RAID0 [a lot of them will come] Software - i've to edit this part too - Coldware MEDIA EK supreme Acetal 2x Swiftech mcw30 2x EK Mosfet Asus 3a + backplates 2x Koolance HX-CU1320V RENDER 2x Koolance HX-CU1320V GAMING Need to choose where and what: Masterkleer 3/8" - 5/8" Orange UV Masterkleer 3/8" - 5/8" Blue UV Alphacool Heatmaster II 2 * BP-WTZM150P-BK 2 * BP-CBWP-C18 2 * BP-WTZPC2-BK 2 * BP-WT525P-WH 3 * BP-HDS350AC-BKCL 5 * BP-MBWP-CT 15 * BP-CBDWP-DC06 2 * BP-MBWP-C04 2 * BP-CBWP-C04 2 * BP-DBRWP-C18 4 * BP-DBRWP-C04 4 * BP-DBRWP-C09 30 * BP-CB45R 30 * BP-CB45R2D 30 * BP-CB90R2 10 * BP-CB90R2LD 80 * BP-CBCPF-CC3 5 * BP-CBDWP-DC08 5 * BP-CBTMB 5 * BP-CBDWP-DC06 10 * BP-ATSC-6 2 * BP-CDRG240ALSL-MS 2 * BP-CDRG420ALSL-MS 2 * BP-CDRG560ALSL-MS 3 * BP-AV-PSU-WH 6 * BP-AV-F120-WH 3 * BP-CCFLD300-UV 1* BP-CCFLD200-BL 1 * BP-CCFLD200-OR 1 * BP-CCFLD200-RD 2 * BP-XPII-BK 2 * BP-MINIXSP2F-RD 1 * BP-MINIXSP2F-BL 1 * BP-MINIXSP2F-OR 8x M12-S3HS 4x XL2 8x PL2 4x PE-P Tons of more cooling i've to had here, mannnn B)/> Worklog Videolog Livestreams External ideas from comunitty, after attached Sponsors Bitspower Zotac Exceleram Noiseblocker Logitech Kingston Mayhems Koolance Gigabyte Zalman Masterkleer Alphacool Phobya Swiftech Jingway Steelseries Djungelapa MSI Aquatuning Bacatá How to follow the project? Facebook Twitter Youtube Livestream Skype: modaafoca Messenger: modding@modaafoca.com I will keep this post updated all the time i can, hope you like it and i've to add a header stunning logo too :)/> TIME TO GREED!
  12. Hey, JakeGFX is back to bring you back another great build. I'm back to bring you project : primate. The format of this introduction is copied from project : package.* What is Project : Primate ? It's gonna be a scratch build. Yes I know that scratch build is very adored in this community. But I don't really look at scratch build as kings and queens of the modding community I'm going to use parts from my Blacklist build. What is the inspiration ? Since I'm moving to England for studies. I want to bring a desktop with me. With some thinking and research, I'm gonna build a compact case. Why ? I want to play games. Controllers are like my kryptonite. I mean I love my prodigy but its just too big. So I pick a small computer. I normally hate small form factor cases but I need it whether I like it or not. What to expect ? Things to expect in this build is that this build is hopefully gonna be done in 3 months. I have plans for ordering case parts worldwide. Plus my funding has been cut short meaning I have no funds. Meaning that I have no funds and I have to wait for my pocket money. You will expect disaster, a little bit modding. Some types of rant. You will expecting a very clean build. Meaning no airbrush or any airbrushing details. Only spraypaint will come close to this. A very special window I have planned. Watercooling To start this project off I have a sketch of the front, enjoy
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