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Found 1 result

  1. Please take the time to at least look at the pictures and tell me what you think of my design, if you feel compelled you can read the thread but it is mainly just me talking about nothing. But it really would mean a lot to me if you voiced your opinion on my design as any input could really speed up the process, thank you! Backstory: I'm turning 18 in a few weeks and my graduation party is a bit after that, I'm hoping to use this time to get my dad to take one of my mod designs and bring it to life. He's an airplane mechanic and has been working with engines, metal, and other tools and stuff since he was little, and he knows how to do what I can't when it comes to metal-working and things like that so I was hoping to design a mod for him to create as a father-son project before I head off to college in the fall. Now, I've been giving a lot of thought into what I want to do for my very first mod design and a lot of threads on this site, and a few other ones have shown me that one of the coolest mods you can do is to add a window to your case, right? Everyone wants to showoff the inside of the case and all of your awesome components. So my idea was to REALLY showoff the inside of the case so I started brainstorming with ideas on windowed cases and came up with a few of these: Purely clear acrylic case I'd scrap everything I had and just make a full-case made from clear acrylic. Why didn't I stick with this one? I looked inside my current case and saw how terribly I did with the cable management and decided it wouldn't be a good idea to be able to see everything, so I came up with the idea to "See the Best, Hide the Rest." Clear Acrylic Side Panel So not purely acrylic, but what if I just took my current case, made some more clearance for cable managing behind the motherboard tray, and added a few rubber grommet holes. Then I could take the side panel and completely scrap it altogether, replacing it with a whole side panel of clear acrylic. This just wasn't enough for me, that sounded like baby stuff and I don't want me first case mod to go down in history as a baby mod, I need to design something extreme. Clear acrylic body Essentially what I would do here is create a large enough area behind the motherboard tray to house my psu, pump for water cooling, all my ugly cabling, and my drives and then make an enclosure for the rest of my component that would look just like a normal case, but clear. I just didn't like how this panned out in my head and even though I could get help either here or from my dad (This guy's crazy for taking metal and making things that most people couldn't even dream of making) I just couldn't decide how I would want the panels to all come together and how I could do cooling for when I could finally get around to water cooling it, the only place I could put radiators were the front panel or the top and these would both be clear panels, and I was never a huge fan of exposed radiators/fans. So all hope was lost, after sketching different things for a week or two, I was about halfway through one of my notebooks and I had nothing to show for it, and I know my dad well enough to not just come to him with nothing at least sketched. So I slept on it and I had a dream about my grandmother's old house before she moved and she used to have a fish-tank in it. After seeing the fish-tank I woke up but over the past few days I've looked into different fish tanks and it seemed that a few of the larger ones have the fish tank on top, and cabinets underneath it. I think this is how my grandmother's was but I can't be altogether sure as I was really young at the time. So I decided to do something with that sort-of theme, where I can hide everything in an area underneath, and have a "tank" with all my components in it. So I present to you: "The Fish Tank Build That Doesn't Have Fish, Water, or Even Something That Looks Like Water Like How Some People Have Used Mineral Oil" Another day of brainstorming idea names because God knows that name is way too long and makes more sense than a shark mating with an armadillo. (Although Sharkadillo would be an amazing sci-fi movie and you guys all read it here first.) and I've come up with "All Window" Why? Because It's all window, haha very funny, I'm hilarious, moving on. I've put a bit of thought into radiator sizing, fans etc, but I didn't include perfect sizing or anything like that in my renders because I don't have any of the measurements and even if I did, I'm not good enough at any 3-d modelling or CAD programs to be able to set everything up nicely. All I know about cinema 4-d is how to make text look nice and how to make cool effects for forum signatures. I did put some thought into where everything would go to have everything fit for the most part, but I will have to do more thinking on how I'd fit it all in there. I believe the motherboard in there is m-atx but I honestly don't know I just found it on Google Sketchup's Warehouse and worked off that a bit. I know the modeling isn't the greatest but I'm still learning and this is just an extremely basic rundown of what it could look like when it is all said and done. Unless I have the backing of family, friends, or company(s) I'm unsure of how far I could get this project. Without further ado: "All Window" I know it isn't the best rendering its just what I could do on a short-time frame, I'm hoping to get this perfected and in my dad's head before graduation so we could start as soon as possible. I'll continue to update this thread with anything I think of and I'll edit it soon explaining my thoughts on the render. Edit 1: I decided to put 2 fans in the front instead of 3 on the side, I figured this way I know I'd have enough room for the pump to the bottom left of the res, and all the tubing. I would most likely also put a res in the back exhausting air out of the case with push/pull if I can, if not then I'll live with whatever I can get. I also decided to mess with the colors as well, I decided to keep the red on the motherboard just because that seems to be one of the most common colors, that and blue but I'll decide later what I'd choose if I'm given a few options. Also, I'd like to add that along the outside I will be having quite a few rubber grommet holes (Most likely from Corsair) to route cables, I'm unsure if I would route tubing through those holes, or just circular rubber grommets. Any ideas?
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