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Found 1 result

  1. This is a resurrection of my personal gaming PC project tribute to H.R. GIGER. It started out years ago titled "Psychosis". Half way into the build, I decided the P-1 era chassis wouldn't fit my overall vision. I decided on using Cooler Master's 912 mid tower and enter their annual case mod competition in 2011. Half way into the project, Mnpctech was approached by Antec, Corsair, and Fractal Design to create custom PC builds for their booths and hotel suites at 2012 CES. The progress of this PC build is one we're most often asked about. I was talking to Bitfenix about sponsoring the revival of this project right before hearing about H.R. Giger's passing on May 14th, 2014. I will be posting periodic updates on this page over the coming weeks. Featuring PC Hardware and liquid cooling products from.... ADATA was founded the same year as Mnpctech, in 2001. Mnpctech uses ADATA brand DDR and SSDs in our custom PC builds, for their speed, reliability and exceptional customer support. Show your support of the HR GIGER Tribute project by visiting ADATA's website I've worked with AMD on several different projects. My first build for them was Project Phenom for 2006 Cebit Sow in Germany. They deliver the best performance for your dollar. They've sent me two Radeon R9 270X video cards to use in this build. I will be water cooling them with water blocks from Syscooling. Swiftech was one of the first U.S. manufacturers to offer liquid cooling products engineered specifically for PCs. Excellent quality and reliability at affordable price. Support of HR GIGER Tribute project by visiting their website Intel 1155, i7 3770, 3.5 GHz CPU will be cooled by Swiftech's new Apogee XL waterblock. The Asus TUF Shield was removed, before painting it Matte Black Enamel Paint. The custom paint will be done b our Airbrush artist, Brad Galvin. He uses Iwata HP-CH airbrush with custom made air-trap and 50 gallon air compressor. He'll be applying White Enamel paint mixed with Lacquer thinner, so the airbrush doesn't clog. HR GIGER inspired design from the custom PC bezel is outlined in chalk first, before airbrushing it. This is a custom stencil made from construction paper for this design. Don't pay $40 for professional airbrush stencils! Make your own, grab image online, edit in photochop, print it, then cut it yourself with Xacto knife. Airbrushing a spiral design in same location the ASUS Sabertooth logo sticker was applied. I'll be anodizing the factory Green heat sinks Black. You won't see the Brown & Tan PCI Express slots. Round Hole Modder's Mesh Sheet was used as stencil for airbrushing the round background. https://mnpctech.com/images/companies/3/1_cooler_master_case_mod_contest_2014_2015_2016_haf_x_xb_stacker_amd_asus_evga_nvidia_biomechanical_iwata_airbrush8.jpg"> Asus Sabertooth with Intel 1155, i7 3770, 3.5 GHz CPU and Swiftech's new Apogee XL waterblock. AMD has sent me two Radeon R9 270X video cards to use in this build. I will be water cooling them with water blocks from Syscooling. https://mnpctech.com/images/companies/3/1_cooler_master_case_mod_contest_2014_2015_2016_haf_x_xb_stacker_window_biomechanical2.jpg In order to create, you must first destroy... the Cooler Master HAF 912 bezel is chopped and modified Cooler Master HAF 912 chassis was flipped upside down. Custom Nerf bars were added as feet. This machined billet 1/2" thick 120mm PC Cooling Fan Overkill "Ring" from Mnpctech This machined billet ring is from 120mm PC Blowhole Fan grill kit from Mnpctech Mnpctech Overkill 120mm Ring mounted over Black Ice Nemesis 120 GTX Radiator for CPU loop Update Entry: 6/26/14 Test Fitting Hardware Labs Black Ice NEMESIS 360 GTX Radiator. Need to fabricated mounting brackets, and possibly a grill for Black Ice NEMESIS 360 GTX Radiator. Fabricating front holder for front Stainless Steel reservoir, made by Cheapskate! https://mnpctech.com/images/companies/3/1_cooler_master_case_mod_contest_mnpctech_hr_giger_art_tribute4.jpg Stainless Steel Reservoir for the GPU Loop with 90 degree bitspower compression fittings.
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