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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everybody! After long years of waiting I could get my hands on a PowerMacG5 chassis! I planed for a long long time to have one , but because of the price I coluld not get a chance. But in this July at a hungarian IT site’s advertise my friens saw one with a suprising low price, they called me and I negotiated with the owner in the next minute.I one week the chassis has arrived. This is the chassis: In the afternoon I removed all parts from the chassis. It was not an easy task, because I never worked with Powermac machines, I had to stop from time to time and had to think how to remove the next piece from its place..... but finally I has success and that was only important. Pictures of taking apart the chassis: https://picasaweb.google.com/110196714993901759069/2012Augusztus2G5#5772085060332594130 I have succesfully removed all the screws, so I can moved out all the parts left in the case. Hurray!! The case has been naked down totally. I can disable further to an inner core and an outer cover, but without the specific tools this is not gonna happen right now.The case has at least 3 types of screws, which need 3 different type of screwdrivers, so more is needed as a crosshead screwdriver. My primary goal is to build a PC in this case , without modifying it too much, I am think of the backplate especially. I have to work out the fixing of the mainboard, the PSU and drives. Thanks for reading!
  2. I wanted to do this modding on my PowerMac G5 broken, it is a simple and inexpensive way to do this, using parts of other pc removed to keep costs low. Rifinisco con lima fine e carta vetrata. http://g5atxcables.weebly.com/ Extended video working available here Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, Want to share with you my latest project. This project has been just finished, but with the shear lack of time was not able do the build log in the daily update style as I did with my Raised from the dead project, but any ways bear with me, as the project did turn out rather well :) So lets go: This is my interpretation of a Apple G5 case mod, turning the Apple G5 case to accept a ATX format motherboard. In this case a friend of mine had a rather beat up G5 case and wanted me to fix it up and install his mATX based PC inside. He wanted to keep the outside of the case as original as possible and to run everything on air, so there was not so much room for any mayor mods. Before he asked me to do this i did not even know that such things were made and after looking at some done projects on line, decided to accept the challenge, and plus im not the worlds greatest apple fan so Apple case + Dremel = FUN :) And fun it was :D My first priority was to make the cover for the back and to get a mobo tray. A old PC came in aid as it had a awesomely big mobo tray that was riveted to the PCIE slots and I/O opening so took out all the positioning issue for me. and for the back cover a piece of cardboard came in handy to measure out the dimensions and the cut outs correclty
  4. Introduction: As you might already know I really like the look and design of the Mac Pro cases from 2006-2010. My last build focused on over the top water cooling. This time I plan on fixing all the issues and things that have been bothering me ever since. In this build I will be focusing on hiding the wires and creating a super clean interior. The colour scheme will be white and black with accent of either green or blue not sure yet on that. My main inspiration is Marvin the Paranoid Robot from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and the Anit-Mac renderings by Roboduck. Oh one last thing this will be using rigid tubing. Big Thanks Goes out to David from Thelaserhive.com. On my last build he sent me two matx conversion kits for Mac Pro. This project would not be possible without him. Thanks Spec: CPU: Xeon 1650 v3 Mobo: ? mATX Ram:? GPU:? Harddrives:? PSU: Corsair RM 850 Worklog History: 12.4.15 Taking apart the case, PSU mounting, Hot swap confirmation 12.9.15 Pump/Res rad mounting bracket + fittings... 12.21.15 Front Panel Bending, Xeon ordered First thing to do is take apart the case and cut a hole for the PSU. Now that the case is taken apart I can start working on the SATA ports. The Mac Pro used hot swap SATA port which I like so I used hot swap kit off a Corisair case.
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