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Found 6 results

  1. Hi every body, I present to you a small project i start a long time now... This project is based on a phanteks shift X anthracite , the idea is to associate two tendency " RGB and polished aluminium ". The goal for me is to realise a sober project with good cable management and add some aluminium plate to get a harmonious result. The sponsors who followed me in this project are: Je les remercies chaleureusement car sans eux et sans vous rien ne serait possible. this is the configuration of the project : Processor : Intel core I7 8700k Motherboard: Asus Z370i gaming VGA : Asus gtx 1080 8go Ram : Crucial ballistix tracer RGB 16go 3000Mhz SSD : Intel SSD 600P M2 1to SSD : Intel Optane 16go Power Supply : Bequiet SFX 600W Cable : Cablemod personnalize First step on this case , add some plate to hide the PSU and the bottom of the case. This two plates will be paint in black when the case will be totally finish. next is time of sanding and polishing with belgom alu i start to sanding with grain 80 because the metal got a special hard treatment before i start to got the natural aluminium. First step with grain 120 and the result was : " i go grain 80 or i order a ton of grain 120 " Finally we take the grain 80 , i use 5 disk by face of the case. Yes it s really better we try the polishing to test Résult : awesome lets go !!! First passage for polishing : second passage , third and others : Then we arrive to a correct result : " on way to polishing again " I decide to paint the top ot the case too , but before i polished all the line and paint all in black exept the top of the line, the result is perfect. J'en ai profiter pour faire la partie supérieur du boitier aussi , j'ai appliquer la même méthode ponçage + polissage puis j'ai peint en noir tout le reste en ne laissant que les lignes du haut. It s time for hardware, i mount a part of the configuration. to ensure all was of for the dimension. I m really impressed to imagine 1 to on this small things We test the cable from cablemod. this is the version pro with metal cablecomb, this cable are awesome, never hesitate to buy it. We add an awesome ekwb watercooling bloc specially realise for this motherboard. Same treatment for the VGA Meanwhile I am to contact by an old modder which work to phanteks and which participated in the development of this case which proposes me of sponsored certain products. A few weeks later I receive at my home Halos Lux Rgb Frame taken out a few months ago only in CES 2018, a pack RGB strips and a box has tools terribly effective and of a really good finish. we put it on the case Then I noticed that in the case there was a space side GPU which was rather ugly once the installed configuration, we saw many cable and not bad really ungraceful thing there. I thus began to realize an aluminum plate hide all this. I still feel myself for this plate of " raw or polite " metal. Then we passed in the tubing full house metal: (the first time for me and I made it found that very easy) The tubes of acrylic and those metal stands out in the same way in the end. I used one cuts tube which we find in the business for the plumbers. I have of to drill holes for the pump because even if there is one platesin this case which take care of my pump the configuration was not adapted has what I wanted to make. Voucher a the end of day, always the same bad problem in the finger but the result is really beautiful. I wonder I even to have ended him in the 1 day. I have to proceed to the paint of plates alu " alim mask and bottom of case " in black, to realize the cable management. The project is not crazy is there because I wanted him sober and simple, not by feignantise but because I want that it adapts itself for example has an environment of lounge quoted of a TV. There is all the same 70 working hours on this case, the polishing, the cutting and the folding of rooms to create for the case having taken me more than 70 % of my time. The final photos are thus for soon. Thanks to all to support us, quite your small messages, your likes, your sharings, Thank you.
  2. Hello all, WOW I registered many many moons ago and never really posted up any content?? For shame of me... LOL! So here I start by giving you my newest project: Stryker This build is a 'work in progress' for a PC build for my daughter. Build Year 2017-2018 Below is the build log to get everyone interested and some of the specs: Let's Begin! ---- Case: BeQuiet Dark Base Pro 900 MSRP: $249.99 Motherboard: Gigabyte K7 AMD AM4 Memory: TBD (To Be Determined) Video: TBD Watercooling: EK, Bitspower Others items: TBD BeQuiet Dark Base Pro case... MSRP $ 249.99
  3. Hey everyone, welcome to MSI's PRO MOD Season 5! My name is Dave Cathey, or InsolentGnome as a lot of folks know me. I hail from the US and I've been picked as a judge for this season. I know...crazy! Who in their right minds lets a gnome be a judge, let alone an insolent one, right? Part of the judging duties is to make a demonstration mod with the Arctic theme with the sponsor's hardware, which is some pretty nice kit, but let's start off with the theme... This mod is named Crevasse. A crevasse is basically a crevice, but in a glacier. Crack in rock...crevice. Crack in ice...crevasse. It just sounds fancier, like a swan ice sculpture. The idea for the case is to appear to be a crevasse in an ice shelf that has opened up to reveal an inner cave. While it won't be as dramatic as it sounds, I think it should turn out pretty cool. Get it? Yeah, the puns will be out in force with this worklog. For hardware, I'm starting off with the In Win 303 in white. The motherboard is the MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic. And yes, you read that correctly, B350 so this baby is gonna have a new AMD Ryzen chip, the Ryzen 7 1700X to be specific. Cooling for our Ryzen chip will be handled by the new MSI Core Frozr L tower cooler. Populating the memory slots will be 16GB(4x4GB) of HyperX Predator DDR4 @3000MHz Storage will be a HyperX 240GB Predator PCIe SSD in the M.2 slot. Power is coming from a Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000w PSU. And case airflow will be handled by Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans. Three 120mm and two 140mm. I'm still waiting on some of the other hardware and will update as soon as it arrives. The first thing we need to to with all this nice hardware is to set it up and get the board updated since that's been an issue with Ryzen. Break out the Open Benchtable. This thing is pretty slick and lets you bench up a system pretty easily. I know that the GPU coming is supposed to be a RX580, but all I had with an air cooler laying around was a GTX 760, but it will let me get started. Now to find a monitor... Sponsored by:
  4. Our Weekly Hangout with Mod Zoo Munky Staffers, Droug, Bill & Mosquito. We talk about PC hardware and other fun stuff. Don't miss our next hangout by subscribing to our YouTube Channel
  5. Hey everyone, I'm new here but this forum is awesome and have awesome members who create realy nice stuff. I'm sorry for my english but hope u can understand me enought to help me. PS: I'm German :P This is my rigg : So here is my question have u guys any idea how to make it looking better ? And maybe cooler ? Do you need information about the pc-hardware i could use which isnt in that system ?
  6. This was my first real case project (I already assembled some configurations) but this time it was a big work :D *********************************************** Before presenting the mod, a small reminder of the evolution of the configuration ... ************************************************* Case XILENCE Interceptor Pro MB MSI Big Bang XPower II CPU INTEL i7-3930k PSU COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold 1200W + COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold 800W RAM G.SKILL Ares 2133MHz (8x4Go) Graphic cards HIS HD7970 IceQ-X² (x3) SSD OCZ Vector 256 Go (x3) + Intel 520Series 180Go HDD Seagate Barracuda 2To + Seagate Barracuda 1To Réservoirs KOOLANCE RP-452X2 + 2X Phobya Balancer 150 Pumps + tops ALPHACOOL VPP655-T12 KOOLANCE COV-RP450 (Rev 2.0) Radiators 1X PHOBYA 480 G-Changer + 2X PHOBYA 360 G-Changer Waterblock CPU XSPC Raystorm Waterblocks GPU 3X SWIFTECH Komodo HD7900 + Crossfire 3X Bridge Fittings MONSOON Pipe TYGON R3603 13/19 Coolant EK Water Blocks EK-EKOOLANT UV Blue & EK Water Blocks EK-EKOOLANT Blood Red Rhéobus NZXT Sentry LXE + BITFENIX Recon Fans BeQuiet Swadow Wings 120mm PWM Sleeving VEDAYSHOP Vinyl ROYAL COVERING Films Titane noir brossé & Carbone 3D noir maille large PSU Cover Plexi Setting up a plexi glass on the side door ************************************************ Sleeve used: UV blue, UV red and black from VedayShop: Graphics cards HIS HD7970 IceQ-X² Mr ZAM and the "Team BABOUK"
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