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Found 9 results

  1. I know it's a few days late to post, but here is a project we put together for the holidays! Just thought some of you here might enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE8kQSgUgNQ If I were to post more themed projects here, what would you like to see? Thanks guys! --V1 Tech Hassan
  2. Introduction Welcome to my first build log here on The ModZoo. This build was started a little over a year ago over on OCN but its really taken off in terms of progress, mistakes, stupid ideas, and everything else PC. The idea of the build was to shove as much as I possibly could into the EVGA Hadron Hydro because case manufacturers really do give too much space in cases aimed at the mITX market. mITX is meant for small and compact builds, but with how case manufacturers make their cases to support 300mm GPU's and tall cpu coolers, I took it as a challenge to shove as much as I can into the build and show them that their versions of an "ITX" case are way off. Some companies are going in the right direction, but still arent hitting the mark. The EVGA Hadron Hydro is one of those types of case. It does really well in the overall dimensions and what should be included in a mITX system but its still a tad bit too big when the mITX market is trying to go as small as possible (Like the N1 case, Dan a4, etc...). So here's the challenge: The System Main Components Case: EVGA Hadron HydroMotherboard: Gigabyte Z97-Gaming5-MXCPU: i5-4690kGPU: 2x R9 Nano'sPSU: Silverstone SFX-600WSSD: 128GB Samsung 850 Pro (*optionally a m.2 ssd later on)Watercooling Components: EK Supremacy Evo Nickel-Plexi CPU block2x EK Nickel-Plexi Full Cover GPU blocksAlphacool DC-LT Pump/Res Combo2x Magicool G2 Slim 240mm radiatorPrimochill Hardline Fittings (Purple anodized)PETG Hardline tubing 1/2'' Goals The main goal of this is show that If i can fit a full watercooled crossfire setup in the case with some modifications than its too large for mITX. Secondary goals are to get a show-piece that I can take with me to LAN's. The system will most likely be sold off after completion, so any questions on the case or measurements will need to be asked before that time as a forewarning.
  3. Hey I'm still sort of new at this and I will building my first personal pc in a couple of months and was wondering if the specs look good. Also I will be showing the price I am getting the parts for. *The parts I have not got yet say potentially Specs: CPU: i5-4670k $220 potentially MOBO: Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty killer $115 RAM: Gskill Ripjaws x 8gb (2x4gb) 1600 $67.50 CPU Cooler: Thermaltake NiC C5 $44 SDD Samsung 840 Evo 250gb desktop kit $180 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1tb $55 potentially Optical Drive: Samsung DVD Burner Model SH-224DB/BEBE $15 GPU: ASUS HD 7770 2gb $135 PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 750w $114 potentially WIFI Adapter: Rosewill N900PCE $25 Keyboard/Mouse: Coolermaster Devastator Gaming Bundle $30 Computer Case: Raidmax Extreme Black Smilodon Mid Tower $80 OS: Windows 8.1 pro(student version) $70 So potentially its gonna cost me $1,150.5 The case I want paint the gray interior black and the other inside parts red excluding the case fans except for the 120mm fans to match the red black color scheme. I have with most of the internal parts. Although I need advice on how to approach this and the pc case is easy to take apart, but is solid. I appreciate any advice anyone can give me on the build what I need to add to it, how to improve etc. Also wanted to add the mnpctech billet handles to the top so could move it around easier. Thanks for any constructive criticism to help with the build and hope you like it.
  4. One lazy Tuesday I finally get a day off work until I get this text from a good friend of mine (who's clearly been watching too many Mission Impossible movies the night before): Dropped what I was doing and dove into this little project. Planning was mostly as I went along - Accuracy, measuring and straight lines were done with a good hand and a steady eye ;-) Given the fact that I had 3 hours from the time of the text to be sitting in the pub with the finished product I'm pretty happy with my results. The fan is so silent I had my doubts it was doing much, although I've been told it's reduced the running temperature by about 10 degrees celsius. It's actually one I had sitting around from a Cooler Master case. I de-soldered the 3 pin from the fan and soldered on a usb connection I had sitting around. This gives the option of having the fan on or off by unplugging it. I was second guessing myself if I should just cut holes for the air flow or drill like I did; but knowing John - while it's not in use for a laptop it could be used as anything from a shoe stand to an apple slicer if he could use it as one. I decided the fan would be safer to just drill millions of holes. Having a standing table drill made easy work of it. Everything - including paint, metal, fans, wiring, rivets etc. were all just spares I had laying around. This got me thinking - if I put my mind to it, what else could I come up with? John actually won a weekend away in work and he's passing it on to me as I was sitting in the pub with nearly 10 minutes to spare. MISSION COMPLETE
  5. Just joined this forum, but I've been watching Bill's videos for a while now... I know I'm very amateur compared to most of you guys on here, but I though I'd show my first mod anyway. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Let me know what you think! http://imgur.com/a/spevw
  6. By: Complx Hello everyone! Time for my 2nd scratch built case! This time the focus will be around one of my favorite games of all time, Mirrors Edge. And with Mirrors Edge 2 being announced at E3 this year, I thought, what a better way to celebrate than to build a case around the art direction from the game. I will be using this thread as a complete build log, from design, to CAD modeling, construction, and finishing. So lets get started shall we! One of the many reason I feel in the love with the game was the look and feel of the environment, as well as the game play itself. The environment was very vibrant, bright colors, a stark contrast to a lot of the dull brown a lot of games seem to have. For those of you who have not seen or played the game, here are some images for it that I drew inspiration from. For now, all that I have is an initial sketch of what I hope the final design to look like, I will be doing some photoshop work to it and do more sketching and drawing to get some of the finer details work out in the beginning. A overall ideas I have at the moment about the design Completely white exterior, one of the prominent features of the game is its use of white in all of the exterior buildingsBright colored interior, again, the use of very vibrant colors on the interiors of the buildings was interesting to see and I want to incorporate that into the design as wellNeed to be clean, inside and out, no mess no slop. If anyone has anything else they would like to add say, feel free to comment! I hope this goes well and thanks for viewing! Stay Tuned! Feel free to check out the livestream channel, I will be doing a lot of CAD modeling of this project, and you can watch the progress as I go. Times will be random, but check every so often, you might catch me at a time when I'm streaming! Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/complxdesign
  7. Hey there, this is my first post over at the The Mod Zoo so bare with me on this one. ;) This computer is not mine but I have helped on the project and all the photos are taken by me so I am "in charge" of the build log apparently. The Story in Brief: A close friend of mine is a DJ and needed a system to run his software and store his music. Another friend used to work for a coach company and happened to have an old rack cabinet from work that they were throwing away. Long story short, we ended up with a really old crappy cabinet with an old Pentium 4 computer and some really heavy amps and stuff. We decided the whole thing was perfect for his DJ setup and away we went. The cabinet as we received it (minus the PC as we were too eager to take it out and have a look!): And the lovely beast itself: (Ignore the third-party xbox fans in the front, my friend was seeing if they fit.) Now I don't have any images of the hardware that was used in the computer as I wasn't there when it was all pulled out to take photos but I do know it had an Asus P5PE-VM Mobo, Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 20GB HDD and I think about 512MB of RAM. Anyway on with the show - We took all the old stuff out and gave it a little clean over with a sponge. The colour my friend decided on was blue so off we went painting the case and it's naughty bits... While the paint was drying we got to work on the flight case, ripping all the amps and wiring out and cleaning and painting the exposed wood on the inside. We then went a bit crazy with wires and setup a distribution board to power all the amps and the computer, complete with it's own plug socket on the front and custom made speaker wiring throughout to all the amps. The fans you see in the image were already in the case, we reused them and daayumn can those things blow! Anway... paint was dry! I had an old temperature reader I had purchased from eBay many years ago so decided to put it to good use, even though there was already 2 on the front, you can never have enough illuminated numbers! Here's my hand (and disgusting looking thumb) cutting a hole for the display. Now the computer was ready for components! The only images I have of that part (as I wasn't there and they didn't take photos!!) are these 2: Everything is all fine and dandy so far, the motherboard, CPU and RAM have been ordered by my friend and this is what he chose for his DJ rig: Mobo: Gigabyte (I'm unsure which one he has but I know it's blue and comes in a bundle package >.<) CPU: AMD FX6300 RAM: Kingston HyperX 16GB GPU*: Nvidia Geforce GT610 2GB *This is correct at time of this post. Due to the nature of the case it can ONLY have low profile graphics cards but we are thinking of changing it to a low profile version of one of AMD's R9 series cards. Whilst the components were on order we decided to cut a window into the lid of the PC and place in some perspex and UV LEDs around the edge. And last but not least, we placed some LEDs into the case itself and the final product is as follows. I'll let the photos do the talking from now on. If you wish to view the full collection of photos they can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/VOUct#0 (Including a lot more of the flight case build process)
  8. By: Complx Reasoning: The basic idea for this project was was born out of frustration out of seeing what was available on the current market, a lot of triple monitor stands I saw were wildly expensive. Some cost $300 or more and even after spending that much money on these stands, you still would see people complaining that their monitors that were mounted to the outer arms would often sag and not line up correctly. Another thing I noticed about a lot of these stands was a complete lack of added functionality to the user, besides just holding the monitors, they often would have no real added value or function to them, the only exception that I could find in my research was the XFX Triple Monitor stand, which incorporated 2 USB 2.0 hubs and a Headphone and Mic jack into the base of their stand. So after a bit more research, I still could not find a monitor stand that really offered what I was looking for. In all honesty the XFX stand would have been almost perfect, but the price was a little off putting and I found out that they don't make it anymore. Also, the places that still do have it in stock are charging even more for it than before. So I have set out to design and build a monitor stand for myself that can support up to 4 monitors! Research: As stated before, I did a fair amount of research for the project before i started the real work. There seemed to be 2 "go to" companies when it came to monitor stands, though I know, and looked at, many more. Ergotron and Ergotech seemed to be the big two. But a lot of their models that supported 3+ monitors can run up in price. ($200-$300 or more) One of the issues I had with these off the shelf monitor stands right now is the "sag" some of them tend to have, especially when it comes to the arm which the 2 side monitors (Left and Right) are often attached to. To compensate for this, a lot of the monitor stands have VESA mounts that allow for height adjustment to help line up the end monitors with the center one. While this was a good solution to the problem of sag, I felt the bigger issue had not been dealt with, just kind of patched over. So this was one major area I wanted to focus on, rigidity. The next issue I had was for the price, these stands often lacked additional functionality, besides holding the monitors in place. As mentioned before, the XFX stand had a USB and sound hub built into the base of their stand, which I really fell in love with. So this was the second thing I wanted to focus on, added functionality to the user. The Hardware: For this project, I went out and purchased 3 23.6" Asus VN247H-P monitors, the main reason I wanted these was for how thin the bezel was on them, Asus claims it has less than 1cm of bezel on either side. I have these monitors purchased, but I will post some images of them later. The Concept: So for this project I will be using a material called extruded aluminum, very light weight, but very strong and very rigid. I have made an initial concept model in CAD program to make sure I have a lot of the measurements and tolerances worked out before I purchase the material and start the first steps of the build. These first 2 images were the base I started to work with to get an idea of how I wanted to lay out the main supports. Then I started to work out some of the details on how it would go together: Right now this is the most current version of the project in CAD form, there are a few more elements I wanted to incorporate into the model before I start the prototyping and building phase. As it stands now I still need to figure out: - Cable management of the power and video cables - Incorporating speakers onto the stand - Designing the USB hub which will be at the base of the stand Here is a WIP shot of what the speakers might look like when mounted: (Please excuse the gray block, it was a place holder model for my 4th monitor. Stay tuned!
  9. Hey, JakeGFX is back to bring you back another great build. I'm back to bring you project : primate. The format of this introduction is copied from project : package.* What is Project : Primate ? It's gonna be a scratch build. Yes I know that scratch build is very adored in this community. But I don't really look at scratch build as kings and queens of the modding community I'm going to use parts from my Blacklist build. What is the inspiration ? Since I'm moving to England for studies. I want to bring a desktop with me. With some thinking and research, I'm gonna build a compact case. Why ? I want to play games. Controllers are like my kryptonite. I mean I love my prodigy but its just too big. So I pick a small computer. I normally hate small form factor cases but I need it whether I like it or not. What to expect ? Things to expect in this build is that this build is hopefully gonna be done in 3 months. I have plans for ordering case parts worldwide. Plus my funding has been cut short meaning I have no funds. Meaning that I have no funds and I have to wait for my pocket money. You will expect disaster, a little bit modding. Some types of rant. You will expecting a very clean build. Meaning no airbrush or any airbrushing details. Only spraypaint will come close to this. A very special window I have planned. Watercooling To start this project off I have a sketch of the front, enjoy
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