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Found 1 result

  1. Please visit Our webstore for PC & Case Mod Supplies from Mnpctech! After and Before the Mod photos This case was sent to Mnpctech.com by our customer, who purchased it from Alienware's outlet store on Ebay. Before dropping your cash on one, read Alienware's policy! We received two different cases with different issues. The cases are classified as "Renewed" and returned as customer product evaluations or open-box returns. Alienware policy states "Renewed products may contain scratches, cracks, chips, wear, blemishes and/or similar flaws. However, IF you receive a case that you feel to be very badly damaged then we will consider an exchange. BUT that damage must be substantial (not just limited to a few scratches or scuffs) The first case sent from our customer had several plastic mounting tabs broken for the top and side panels. We had no way of replicating new plastic tabs, so we notified our customer about this and they had another case dropped to Mnpctech. The second was in much better condition with only these minor issues. 1. Side panel latch cover sticks a bit, you have to press real firm to release it. 2. The leds are removed from the Alien head badges. (standard procedure by Alienware) 3. The back cover of the bay door had one broken plastic peg, but nothing detrimental. 4. The case feet are real scratched, but this is expected with plastic feet. One annoyance that Alienware could avoid for their customers is using low tack painter's tape instead of "Scotch" tape to secure the panels during shipment. The Scotch tape leaves a sticky residue that may upset customer that didn't plan on painting the case. Alienware ALX arrives from Alienware's Outlet store The chassis was manufactured by Chieftec. Removing the Alienware's top plastic watercool radiator that enclosed Koolance EXOS radiator. Location of 2x 80mm cooling intake fans (not included) in Alienware's renewed cases. Behind the front bezel By the customer request, we removed the center portions between the bars of the side panel vents. These will be sanded, and prepped for flat black paint. Modders Mesh will be mounted behind the bars. Our customer also requested a window in his Alienware ALX's left side panel. The ALX design incorporates a plastic shell over it's aluminum case panel. You must cut two windows in the panel in order to see inside the case. This is a basic run through of what was involved in making the window. If you're attempting to perform this same mod, feel free to contact Mnpctech with any questions, pcbuilderATmnpctech.com You're limited on what you can design for a window without compromising how the plastic shell fastens onto the side panel. The reason is that theres several plastic tabs on it's backside of the plastic that clip onto the inner aluminum panel. You should draw your window design inside of these fasten tabs. You'll also notice the backside of the plastic is reinforced in which I can only describe as a grate. I will post and link a photo in the next update of the backside. To draw out your design, I'll use either #2060 Green or #2090 Blue "low tack" painter's tape by Scotch/3M. You can buy these Home Depot or Ace Hardware stores. You also apply tape so you don't scratch up the panel with the jigsaw's steel guard. Order Dremel 1.5" Reinforced Oxide Cutting Wheels Whenever I make a side panel window, I always use a jigsaw with a 18 TPI (teeth per inch) bi-metal cutting blade. I'll make the intial incision for the jigsaw blade with a rotary tool and 1.5" reinforced dremel cutting wheels After your window is cut, you'll need to use a rounded side hand file to clean up the edges of you cut. Order 3M Scotch 233+ Green Masking Tape Your window isn't finished yet, remember we're dealing with two panels, not one. Apply the low tack tape onto the aluminum panel, then temporarily mount the plastic shell back onto the aluminum panel. Now trace out your first window onto the aluminum panel. Then you follow the same procedure you did for cutting out the first panel. The planned paint theme for the case is all "Flat Black" while contemplating airbrushed carbon fiber accents depending upon our customer's wishes. they've requested the entire case/chassis be painted "Flat Black" I was working on replacing the top panel's screen with modder's mesh honeycomb this is after we painted it Flat Black Alienware's OEM screen for the top panel Making my template, I used a tin-snip to cut the Mnpctech honeycomb modder's mesh After cutting out the shape, I will remove the visible honeycomb cross hairs in the mounting holes Pre-fitting the new grill before painting Flat Black Here is how the final coat of Flat Black Enamel. A nice satin smooth look about it Top panel Here is the side panel, we're thinking of airbrushing the carbon fiber pattern under the bottom arc Our little Alienware dudes will get painted too. Masking off the lower portion of the side panel. Scuffing the paint with 3M Red Scotchbrite Pads Removing dust with tack cloth Theres a lot of opinions of what basecoat color or paints should be used for creating a carbon fiber effect. Theres also many different colors of real carbon fiber, So I encourage you to take what you see in this guide and experiment on your own :thumb: (note: many different cf patterns exist as well) If you don't have a spray gun/compressor, you can use spray paint (rattle can) instead. We'll be following Mnpctech's painter Brad Galvin as he walks us through the stages. The key component in creating the carbon fiber weaved effect, a sheet of Non-Slip Tool Drawer Liner The base coat paint is PPG, Bright Platinum Metallic, (other suggestions, gun metal grey metallic, dark grey metallic) Brad uses a HVLP airspray gun (w/ air compressor) and is doing 1 to 1 mix of the Bright Platinum Metallic and PPG DT860 reducer Pouring Paint (after moxed with reducer) into HVLP spray gun I must admit, this one is growing on me, I could see this case on my desk after it's finished, all flat black is my style..heh. Heres a reference of what the case looked like when it arrived at my shop To keep curious fingers, pets, etc from entering the case thru the vents, plus it looks cool! I'm mounting Honeycomb Modders Mesh Behind the side panel air vents, everything will be painted Flat Black. I first make a paper template for cutting the mesh, crease the paper over the crevices and edges, then cut it out and lay over sheet of mesh. After the mesh is cut, I form it inside of the vent by hand.. You then clean the mesh of any dirt or oil with Laquer thinner, then sand the surface with medium grit sandpaper to prep it for the Flat Black paint later Honeycomb Modder's Mesh, http://www.mnpctech.com/moddersmesh.html After forming, cleaning, and sending the mesh, I use cable or zip ties to temporarily fasten the mesh onto the vent To mount the mesh, I will use 3M's Scotch DP-190, 2 part epoxy, this is a special applicator gun by 3M, so you squeeze equal amounts. Then you need to let DP-190 cure for at least 24 hours, before we paint the vents 2 coats of Bright platium metallic basecoat Lower portion of Alienware ALX side panel Non-Slip Tool Drawer Liner, easy to cut with a scissor! HoK Shimrin Black Couple of light coats to blend in pattern After clearcoat Here is our little mascot after applying Flat Clear, to match the Flat Black finish. Beneath the plastic exterior lies a Chieftec Dragon... built like a TANK. Made the window for the access panel Tracing template for window over Lexan Wheres my shoes?! ALIENWARE will wear these Billet Machined PC Computer & Stereo Case Feet whats inside those? The Machined Aluminum Feet come with Beefy Black Rubber Feet Now, PPG Automotive Flat Black Enamel Paint cover the aluminum grooved rings The Alienware's new shoes, derived from these machined billet PC & Computer case feet, painted flat black enamel Heres a reference guide for the Alienware's bezel door and assembly Bezel door key lock Key lock assembly is held in with one nut Steel tumbler plate mounts beneath black plastic latch Black plastic latch fastens into key lock with machine screw Bezel door rear cover fastens on with 4x tapered screws, 2x holes for pwr/hd activity led lenses Bezel door attached to removable steel hinges, w/o back cover. Alienware logo led wire routes through hole in lower hinge.
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