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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Welcome Greeders! I'd start this project (in background) a long time ago, show it to public at February and I'm doing it on free time of free time of the few free time i have after university and all the work i have at moda'a'foca. So don't ask speedy project hehe Greed One of the deadly sins, greed represents the thirst for money, power, status, the desire of have everything, selfish, will... the absolute focus on win, have, feel, see, ear, a uncontrollable thirst of almost being god. Intro Video Turn On CC for English Subtitles :D/> Spectification # Totallt scratch from aluminum and acrylic, from I/O Shield to board support # Mainboard totally at watercooling, if needed, make waterblocks # Structure powder coated with Anthracite grey RAL 7016 # Parts with Signal blue RAL 5005 and Pure orange RAL 2004 # Moda'a'spacers INOX 10mm with m3 Allen screw 6mm # m3 counter rivets # Design stunning with equilibrium of relief, transparency and color Ideas # Each system will have they unique color and theme with it, from tubes to lightning # Mainboard in different positions # 4 wc loops # Disk/storage zone with 6/8 disk space for each system # Maintain the case able to support further updates if needed # Router N with 10/100/1000 ports inside de case # Control all temperatures and monitoring # LRD Sensor (hope is that one) to make the case shapeshifting at night # Cables - unisleeve and with color themed parts to hide them but make it visual good to # Maintance easy with fillport and valves # Make a custom desk to this case so it can be used properly, with space to moda'a'foca daily work Hardware MEDIA ASUS P5E x38 C2Q Q9550 ZOTAC 8800 GTS Team Elite 4Gb (2*2Gb) Samsung F1 500Gb Samsung F3 1TB Corsair TX750W D-Link 10/100/1000 DGE-528T D-Link Wireless N DWA-547 RENDER MSI x58 PRO i7 950 ZOTAC 560 GTX Ti AMP! Kingston HyperX Blue 6GB Triple-Channel Zalman F1 SSD 120GB 2x Samsung F3 500GB RAID0 Western Digital Green Caviar 2TB 64MB GAMING Gigabyte Z68XP-UD5 i5 2500K 2x ZOTAC 460 GTX AMP! Exceleram EG3003A 32GB 2x Samsung F3 500GB em RAID0 [a lot of them will come] Software - i've to edit this part too - Coldware MEDIA EK supreme Acetal 2x Swiftech mcw30 2x EK Mosfet Asus 3a + backplates 2x Koolance HX-CU1320V RENDER 2x Koolance HX-CU1320V GAMING Need to choose where and what: Masterkleer 3/8" - 5/8" Orange UV Masterkleer 3/8" - 5/8" Blue UV Alphacool Heatmaster II 2 * BP-WTZM150P-BK 2 * BP-CBWP-C18 2 * BP-WTZPC2-BK 2 * BP-WT525P-WH 3 * BP-HDS350AC-BKCL 5 * BP-MBWP-CT 15 * BP-CBDWP-DC06 2 * BP-MBWP-C04 2 * BP-CBWP-C04 2 * BP-DBRWP-C18 4 * BP-DBRWP-C04 4 * BP-DBRWP-C09 30 * BP-CB45R 30 * BP-CB45R2D 30 * BP-CB90R2 10 * BP-CB90R2LD 80 * BP-CBCPF-CC3 5 * BP-CBDWP-DC08 5 * BP-CBTMB 5 * BP-CBDWP-DC06 10 * BP-ATSC-6 2 * BP-CDRG240ALSL-MS 2 * BP-CDRG420ALSL-MS 2 * BP-CDRG560ALSL-MS 3 * BP-AV-PSU-WH 6 * BP-AV-F120-WH 3 * BP-CCFLD300-UV 1* BP-CCFLD200-BL 1 * BP-CCFLD200-OR 1 * BP-CCFLD200-RD 2 * BP-XPII-BK 2 * BP-MINIXSP2F-RD 1 * BP-MINIXSP2F-BL 1 * BP-MINIXSP2F-OR 8x M12-S3HS 4x XL2 8x PL2 4x PE-P Tons of more cooling i've to had here, mannnn B)/> Worklog Videolog Livestreams External ideas from comunitty, after attached Sponsors Bitspower Zotac Exceleram Noiseblocker Logitech Kingston Mayhems Koolance Gigabyte Zalman Masterkleer Alphacool Phobya Swiftech Jingway Steelseries Djungelapa MSI Aquatuning Bacatá How to follow the project? Facebook Twitter Youtube Livestream Skype: modaafoca Messenger: modding@modaafoca.com I will keep this post updated all the time i can, hope you like it and i've to add a header stunning logo too :)/> TIME TO GREED!
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