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Found 2 results

  1. PROJECT 47 (T-47) : Why I am doing this Case Mod: The T-47, one of the most over looked ships in the galaxy (and is my favorite). Rogue Flight (later blue team and then later rogue squadron) were an elite group of pilots that took the battle into their hands on Hoth. They also performed search and rescue missions as well, in these ships. This is a little homage to these men but mostly to all the pilots in the real world who have done the same across the globe. Hello Everyone! This is My DELL XPS 700, it was my old editing computer from 2007 everything still works but its time to put my rig in this case. The case has been through a lot with me and has been by my side for years. So I thought id use my artistic mind and create something unique. I also made some "Work Vlogs" so you could see more detail and get more info that wasn't typed out. This case I modeled after the T-47 Snow Speeder from Star Wars during the Battle of Hoth. (I'm not sure if i should go into great detail about the design but here is the back panel. let me know if you want to see the rest of the concept art.) WORK VLOG: I started with the front window door so I could get the vision out of my head and get a solid start on the look of the case. After taping and drawing my window design onto the tape. I added some details with white pencil so it would stand out against the blue. (I ran out of blue tape and had to use scotch white) I started cutting the window out first using a Metal Cutting Disc by Dremel. Then I used a Jigsaw with a Bosch "Progressor for Metal" blade. The cutting then started! Making sure to cut along the white lines. Windows holes are all cut! Onto the Acrylic Sheets! So these little pieces cover parts of the window to look like it was riveted to the window of the aircraft (sorry for blurry photos). I was at Lowes and was going to get some metal. I then realized that I forgot my card at home and had 10 bucks on me, so I got this acrylic instead. I cut the acrylic with a scoring knife and then snapped it on the edge of the table. I ran into an issue with snapping a design. I accidentally snapped a corner off of the sheet leaving a broken corner. I accepted the broken corner and realized that its okay that it was broken because the case is supposed to look beat down and like it went through combat in the snowy wastelands of Hoth. So all in all it worked out. Finally after a half hour of scoring and snapping, It finally got done. Now it is time to drill out the holes for the Bolts to connect all the pieces! I marked all of the spots I need to drill out with the bolt and some watercolor paint. I then took all the pieces, marked them all in the same spots and started drilling. Now that it is all cut out, drilled and placed in a safe spot, I am not going to tare this case apart. UPDATE NEXT WEEK. I am waiting for my mesh to come in the mail so in the mean time ill be keeping bust getting the Motherboard tray made.
  2. Hi, this is my third mod so far. First on this forum. I just hope you will like it. I switch btx to atx and give the case 3 more fans. One 20cm and two 12cm. Made infinity mirror for the flor and add some more swtchable leds.
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