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Found 2 results

  1. THEME Pretty simple, favorite sports team coming off of a championship year (http://www.Esks.com). CONCEPT Always wanted to do a scratch build. Custom "wind tunnel" design allows air to enter through the back platform, push through the PC and past the radiator on top. Built to support up to two 360mm radiators. Water-cooled, dual GPU design. 3D-printed supports with aluminum bar and acrylic sides. Intended to be dead-simple and repeatable. SPECS Details TBD Twitter: @Krepadoodle || Project Hash Tag: #ESKIMOD2 Initial test print worked out pretty well. Just used a simple 10% infill for now. Bar slipped right into place. Will add screw holes for final print.
  2. ToddK


    ______________________ THE WHY Well, bless her soul the good ole Downtown mod died on me. Whilst I was helping prep work for me mommie's 70th birthday party the M.2 O/S drive failed on me. And when I tried to fire up a backup box the ancient PSU failed on it. The only remaining solution was to take the best of the best that I had remaining and build something new. Longer term I planned on putting together this mod project, just not yet. Right now the box is built, but much more tweaking is coming down the road. This will be a 'work in progress' worklog, detailing what happens whenever it happens. ______________________ THE PROJECT If you follow me on the old tweet-box (@krepadoodle) you'll know I talk about two things: 1) computer stuff and 2) CFL Football, more specifically my home town Edmonton Eskimos. I'm a big fan of the team and have travelled to see 8 of 9 stadiums across the league so far and I'm 5 and 2 on the road for my team - woot! I don't find much branded stuff online for any CFL team, so it'll be fun to make other team's fans jealous of a gaming machine fully branded for mine. Here are some preliminary concept drawings. Everything is fluid right now. Some quick factoids about the team: Most regular season wins by a teamMost Grey Cup appearancesMost Grey Cup wins (modern era)Annnnnnd... playing pretty darn good this yearESPN in broadcasting some games if you'd like to check it out______________________ THE SYSTEM Corsair Air 540 chassisASUS Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboardAMD FX-9590 CPU16 Gb Kingston HyperX RAMCorsair H100i AIOCorsair Link fan/led/temp controllerCorsair AF120 Quiet Edition fansCooler Master Jetflo 120 PWM LED fansCooler Master v1200 Platinum PSUDual MSI R9 290 GPUsDual ADATA 256 SSDs in raid 1 configQuad WD 500 Gb HDDs in raid 10 configancient Arctic Cooling PWM fan from CPU cooler (why? GPU airflow)______________________ THE PICS At the very, very bottom you'll see some funky zig-zaggy things. These are actually custom drive mounts that I made on my 3D printer. Here's how they were originally intended to work. The original drive mounts at the bottom only held a single HDD each (so total of two) and I really wanted a raid 10 4xHDD setup, so I designed and printed these bad boys to hold the drives. Unfortunately (or not so much) I found second hand GPU online matching my original R9 290 and picked it up for a song (yay!) I did try putting the GPUs in right next to each other in the PCI slots, but darn near burned the new one out on day one. So I had to move the 2nd GPU down which made my drive mounts incompatible. Now they are nothing but a swell idea and weird little factoid in the build. Here they are today. Just filling space at the bottom. Also printed was a support to prevent GPU sag and a placard with the team name. The placard itself is really dual purpose. It's intended to help cool air from the back push between the GPUs while the hot air coming from the heat sinks pushes out to the rest of the box. We'll see how well that idea plays out. I'm still building out a couple extensions for each end. Unfortunately the 3D printer caps at 20 centimeters in length. Originally I wanted football leather in behind, but since I have none at the moment will settle for a print out of football leather in team colors. On the back exhaust fan I modelled a fan cover with the team logo. Still thinking about some fan covers for the top & front. Ideas are all over the map right now. The Corsair Link not only does fan control and temperature monitoring, but also has RGB LEDs. I currently have these cycling through team colors (of course). The Jetflo fans look a little blue-ish in this pic, but they are actually white. I think my camera adds a little extra color saturation when taking photos. That's where she's at so far. At some point I'll look to get the chassis painted up. I'll be extending the placard. Hopefully will be water cooling the GPUs (they get hhhhhhhhot). Looking to add some football leather as a design element. And a major feature wall on the right side (that's a secret for now.) Comments are welcome as always. :D
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