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Found 6 results

  1. Active member of the Zoo, InsolentGnome, who has also been a guest on our Weekly Hangouts in the past, was at it again this summer. He's been putting together quite a few mods, but his project Gigantea has got to be one of the more insane of them so far. This mod is barely a mod, if we're honest. It's really much more of a scratch build, that just so happens to use some pieces of computer cases here and there. He started with a single Cooler Master Elite 130 case, but that quickly expanded to 3 of them. They didn't stay very case like for long though, as each of them got dissected into a number of flat panel pieces. The theme for this mod is based around the S. Gigantea, which is more commonly known as the Amazonian giant centipede. Kind of creepy, but really cool. The case, if you want to call it that, stands p on the rear 8 legs, and is holding a reservoir with 4 more, and just looking menacing with the others. The System installed a Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi motherboard, a 4690k CPU, 8GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM, an Asus Strix GTX 980, a pair of Samsung 850 Evo SSDs, and a Cooler Master V850 PSU. Everything is cooled by four Alphacool XT45 120mm radiators, EK waterblocks, complimented by Monsoon fittings, reservoir, and pump. Head on over to check out the Full Project Log from InsolentGnome for how they built everything, and more pictures!
  2. ToddK is certainly no stranger to the Zoo. He's had several projects over the years since the zoo first started, that have been fantastic. Always fun to watch, his builds have quite a range of inspiration. The latest is themed around his favorite sports team, who had just wrapped up a championship year. Today, we'll feature his latest project to hit the zoo; Eskimod 2.0. ToddK's favorite sports team is the Edmonton Eskimos, a Canadian Football Leaque team, so when they won a championship in 2015 Todd decided to build a case themed around that. He wanted to do a full scratch build, and designed this one around a custom "wind tunnel" design. The design allows air to go from the back of the lower platform through the case, and out the top. It is largely 3D printed parts and aluminum bar for the frame, and acrylic for the sides. The case was designed to fit up to two 360mm radiators, and two graphics cards. Centered around the theme, he even modeled the power button after the championship ring. This part proved tricky to 3D print for Todd, but he eventually got it hammered out and it turned out great! The System installed consists of a Gigabyte Z170-UD3, i5 CPU, 16GB of Avexir Raiden RAM, and a pair of R9 290 GPUs. Todd included a full custom watercooling loop that consisted of Alphacool GPU and CPU blocks, a 360mm radiator, Susurro fans, a bay reservoir, and MNPCTech stainless steel hardline fittings. Head on over to the the Full Project Log from ToddK for how they built everything, and more pictures!
  3. Project: Blue Morpho – BeckModZ BeckModZ picked themself up an In Win D-Frame mini, and decided to get to work making it their own. Not only were they planning on changing the color scheme of the case away from red and black, but also intended to replace the stock motherboard tray with a custom reservoir and manifold panel. Today, of course, we’re featuring the project Blue Morpho. BeckModZ says that they usually start a new project by brainstorming design layout and hitting google image search. They came upon an image of a blue butterfly (a Blue Morpho, hence the name) sitting on small white rocks, and knew right away that white and blue was going to be the color scheme for this build. The white D-Frame Mini sure has a lot of pop to it, and the blue compliments it well. All the major components are watercooled and there is an impressive reservoir and manifold that doubles as the motherboard tray and wire management raceway. Everything is kept nice and tidy as well. The System installed consists of a Gigabyte Z97N-Wifi, i5-4690k, 16GB of HyperX Fury RAM, an EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked GPU, along with 250GB and 500GB Samsung EVO SSDs. It’s all powered by a Super Flower 1000W platinum PSU. It integrates EK watercooling parts including a 240mm radiator, CPU, GPU, and RAM waterblocks, as well as hardline tubing and a DDC pump. Head on over to the forums to check out the Full Project Log from BeckModZ on TheModZoo.com for how they built everything, and more pictures!
  4. Envious Mods has got his hands on a 3D printer, and that sucker is working overtime! Envious Mods has envisioned, designed, and printed some incredibly detailed and intricate parts for his Dark Matter scratch build. Today we’re featuring the latest scratch build he’s completed on The Zoo; Dark Matter Dark Matter came about when Envious Mods was tired of limiting himself to the confines of a mass manufactured case. He wanted to do something of his own vision and style from the ground up. Some of the stand out features of this build are the custom manifold for watercooling, as well as a custom vertical mounting arrangement for the GPUs. There is of course a full custom watercooling loop as well, which works quite well with the over all aesthetic. The heart of the system is a Supermicro gaming Z170-OCE Motherboard, a pair of GTX 960 GPUs, 16GB of G.Skill DDR4 RAM, three 180GB SSDs. The custom loop includes a 480mm radiator, cooling the CPU, with hardline tubing. Check out the Full Project Log from Envious Mods here on TheModZoo.com for how he built everything, and more pictures!
  5. Zenator aka ZenModz is no newcomer to the modding scene. With projects such as The Power Cell, and Project: Fallout 4, it’s clear that he’s certainly got a talent for the weathered and distressed theme. Today we're featuring the latest project that he's completed on The Zoo; Project Doom. Project Doom is another mod using the Cooler Master Master Case 5. As the name would imply, the theme for this mod is the new DOOM game. It was also an entry for this year's Cooler Master Case Mod World Series, similar to our previous featured project. The details on the outside of the chassis were all handmade, sculpted, and painted by Zenator. "Mr Crappy", as Zenator calls him, was hand sculpted from two blocks of sign foam glued together, and then finally layered and sculpted with clay before being painted. Using an Asus x99 Sabertooth, Zenator was able to thoroughly mod the board to fit the theme. Other hardware includes an Asus GTX 970 DirectCU II, Avexir Blitz RAM, and all cooled by a custom watercooling loop with a 360mm radiator in the front. Head on over to the forums to check out the Full Project Log from Zenator for how he did it, and more final pictures!
  6. Featured Project June 15th 2016 Alex is certainly no stranger to the modding scene. A quick browse through his activity feed, and you can see a slew of other fantastic projects that he's shared on The Mod Zoo. Today we're featuring the latest project that he's completed on The Zoo; Project Isolation. Project Isolation is a mod that uses the Cooler Master Master Case 5, with a theme which centers around the Dead Space games. It was an entry for this year's Cooler Master Case Mod World Series as well. Alex did all of the custom paint work himself, to achieve the rusted effect. He describes the process in his worklog, The technique really seemed to work out great! Packed inside the mod, in addition to an i7-6700k, a pair of Asus 980 STRIX GPUs, and a 1000W PSU, Alex has installed a full custom watercooling loop with copper hardlines. The loop includes both a 240mm and 360mm radiator inside the case. Head on over to the forums to check out the Full Project Log from Alex on TheModZoo.com!
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