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Found 2 results

  1. This Mnpctech custom gaming PC project is for 2015 Computex brought to you by Fractal Design and ASUS Upholding the ROG gaming legacy. ASUS ROG proudly announced the 7th gen of the MAXIMUS VII Ranger, designed for what matters most to gamers. Based on the Intel Z97 chipset, the new Maximus VII Ranger offer users a refined gaming experience with innovation of essential features for day-to-day use. DirectCU II + 0dB FAN 30% Cooler. Silent Gaming. Strix drives DirectCU technology further with 0dB-fan technology that lets you enjoy games like League of Legends and StarCraft in complete silence! And during heavy loading, Strix performs 30% cooler and 3X quieter than reference. Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM with 6 phase Super Alloy Power technology offer precise digital delivery and enhance overclocked headroom, compared to 6 phase power design in reference cards. Fractal Design’s new Define S Mid Tower Case is aimed at DIY liquid cooled PC enthusiasts looking for optimal space and value for their money. The Mod Zoo Staffers, Mosquito and Captain Curry Sauce give us a tour of the Define S and it’s variety of options for liquid loop layouts. $79.99 Retail for Non-Window version. $89.99 Retail for Window version. Mnpctech is modifying the Define S from the video review for Fractal Design's Party Event at 2015 Computex. Mnpctech will be installing a custom liquid cooled gaming system for Fractal Design to give away after their event. All of the stages of this project will be documented on this webpage, so Bookmark it and check back often for updates! We're starting out with a Do-It-Yourself guide to modifying Fractal-Design Define S case bezel for additional airflow Supplies & Tools Needed for this Case Mod: 1. 3M Scotch 233+ Green Professional Masking Tape, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/3m-scotch-233-performance-green-masking-tape-roll.html 2. 12" Measuring Square and Pen or Pencil 3. Dremel or Rotary Tool with Reinforced Cutting Wheels, http://mnpctech.com/pc-mod-tools/cutting-wheels.html 4. Jigsaw with 18 TPI or higher Bi-Metal cutting blade 5. Hand File 6. Medium Grit Sandpaper or 3M Red Scotchbrite pads, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/3m-scotchbrite-pads-sanding-buff-scuff-scotch/3m-scotchbrite-pads-en.html 7. One sheet of Mnpctech 24" x 12" Round Modder's Mesh Sheet, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/modders-mesh-perforated-aluminum-steel-honeycomb-grill-intake-front-fan-slotted-diamond-round-hex 8. 3M ScotchWeld DP-190 Two Part Epoxy with Applicator Tip 9. Wire Clip or Tin Snip (Optional) Fractal Design's Define S chassis allows you to mount three 120mm or two 140mm cooling fans directly behind the bezel. This feature allows more interior space for larger radiators or push-pull fan configurations. The bezel's ventilated sides provide sufficient airflow for the factory default fan locations configurations. Opening the front of the bezel will improve airflow even more. The Define S bezel is factory molded from ABS plastic, which is very durable and resilient to cracking. Removing a majority of the face plate didn't effect overall rigidity. The backside of the bezel shows it's simplicity in design. The first step is to cover the bezel with 3M Scotch 233+ Masking tape. This allows you to write measurements onto the bezel and protects it from being scratched by the Jigsaw. Measure and mark off the portion of material you wish to remove. This cut-out will have 1" bordered frame of material remaining. Put on your Safety Glasses and use Rotary Tool with cutting wheel to make incision cuts in each corner. This will allow you to use a Jigsaw to make the long straight cuts efficiently. Use Jigsaw with 18 TPI or higher Bi-Metal cutting blade to make the long cuts as straight as possible. After finishing all of the cuts with the jigsaw, use a hand file and medium grit sand paper to clean and fix all of the edges. Inspecting progress before moving onto the next stage. These are two of the multiple mounting pegs on the backside of the bezel. We've chosen to remove the inner facing base support of each peg with a Wire cutter, so the mesh can be cut as rectangular piece. This step isn't required if you cut the Modder's Mesh sheet to fit around each mounting peg. Use medium sand paper to smooth over the surface after cutting the one side of each peg base. The Define S bezel's new intake grill will be cut from a 24" x 12" sheet, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/modders-mesh-perforated-aluminum-steel-honeycomb-grill-intake-front-fan-slotted-diamond-round-hex This material is 22 gauge perforated plain steel. 5/32" holes 3/16" staggered centers. 33 holes per square inch. It's great for creating custom fan guards, grills, and cooling vents like this. It does need to be painted or clear coated otherwise it is a bare steel and will oxidize over time. The mesh grill will be attached with 3M Scotch Weld DP-190 two part epoxy with mixture applicator attachment. Place bezel on it's face. Apply the epoxy with it's applicator over the mesh overlapping the back of the bezel. It will ooze and sink into the individual holes of the mesh. Use c-clamps or spring loaded clamps to hold the mesh in position as it cures for 24 hours. Place some heavy objects on the mesh. This will prevent the mesh from bowing or warping as the DP-190 epoxy during it's 24 hour cure time. The bezel will be ready to handle 24 hours after the epoxied mesh has cured. People have requested PETG tubing in 12" & 24" length tubes and to be individually wrapped $1.99 per 12" long tube, http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-alphacool-ek-bitspower-hardwarelabs-heatkiller-liquid-cooling/petg-tube/24-mnpctech-petg-1-2-od-x-3-8-id-clear-rigid-hard-line-pc-liquid-tube-clone.html $3.98 for 24" long tube, http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-alphacool-ek-bitspower-hardwarelabs-heatkiller-liquid-cooling/petg-tube/ Mnpctech offers 1/2" OD x 3/8" ID PETG clear tube for Custom PC liquid cooling loops offers the same clear quality as standard Acrylic with an excellent impact strength and easy bend-ability. Mnpctech's PETG Clear Tubing works with these 1/2" hard line compression fittings that include, Monsoon Free Center Hardline Fitting - 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Monsoon Chain Gun Hardline Fitting - 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Primochill Ghost Hardline Fitting - 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Primochill Revolver Hardline Fitting - 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD
  2. Mod your own PC with supplies from Mnpctech! ] OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES! Steps to enter Giveaway of Fractal-Design Define R4 Case Mod by MNPCTECH 1. Register as new member on The Mod Zoo Forums, HERE 2. Reply to this post with description of what you would do if you owned this case? ..and when you have time, please "Like" Tokyoidaho fanpage You have until Midnight, Central Time on 5/15/14. I will announce the winner's name on 5/16/14 I'm giving away this modified Fractal-Design Define R4 Mid Tower case. The theme was inspired by the band, Tokyoidaho. I'm a long time fan of the craftsmanship of the Fractal-Design cases and their prices are easy on the wallet. Fractal was kind enough to send me their White Define R4 mid tower to modify for this Giveaway. The Define R4 retails for very reasonable $89.99 on Newegg Fractal Design Define R4 White case, Only $99 at Newegg The Fractal Design Define R4 is the midi tower in the Define Series of computer cases offering minimalistic and stunning Scandinavian design fused with maximum sound reduction, configurability and functionality. The Define R4 side and front door panels are fitted with dense, sound-absorbing material making it a benchmark for noise reduction. Moreover, the Define R4 accommodates up to 8 HDDs, all modern graphics card sizes, and multiple ventilation options - including two standard Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans - to keep internal components at optimal temperatures. For ultimate functionality, the Define R4 features a front interface with USB 3.0 and an integrated three-speed fan controller behind the front panel door. Key featuresHigh density noise-reducing material for an optimal silent case - To achieve a high level of noise reduction, material with mass should be incorporated which is what we strive to achieve with the dense bitumen used on the side panelsPatent pending ModuVent™ design allowing the user to choose between optimal silence or maximum airflowTop HDD cage (5 trays total) can be rotated 90 degrees or removed for additional airflow or to accommodate long graphic cards up to 430mm in lengthThree-speed fan controller is strategically integrated in the front panel and supports up to 3 fansTwo Silent Series R2 fans included, featuring hydraulic bearings contributing to a longer life expectancy – Silent Series R2 retail fans will now come standard in all casesWider case body that allows for improved cable routing behind the motherboard – now 26mm wideNew tool-less front fan holder makes switching front fans a breezeTwo SSDs can be mounted on the back of the motherboard plate in addition to the 8 slots in the HDD trays, for a total of 10 SSD positions availableSpecificationsATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX motherboard compatibility7 + 1 expansion slots2 - 5.25" bays8 - 3.5" HDD trays - all compatible with SSDs, 2 - 2.5" extra SSD positions3 - ModuVent™ plates - two in the top and one in the side7 - fan positions (2 Silent Series R2 fans included)Filtered fan slots in the front and bottomCPU coolers up to 170mm tall (when no fan is installed in the side panel)ATX PSUs up to 170mm deep when using the bottom fan location, when not using this fan location longer PSUs (up to 270mm deep) can be usedGraphics cards up to 295mm in length with the top HDD cage installedWith the top cage removed, graphics cards up to 430mm in length may be installed26mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plateThick rubber grommets on all holes on the motherboard plateColours available: Black Pearl, Titanium Grey, Arctic WhiteCase dimensions (WxHxD): 232 x 464 x 523mmPackage dimensions (WxHxD): 320 x 535 x 610mmNet weight: 12.3 kg Here are the PC Case Modding Parts & Products from Mnpctech used in this case mod 1x Mnpctech Billet PC Window Frame Kit, Black Anodized 1x Cast Acrylic Sheet Transparent Red PC Case Window 1x 12" Super Bright RED Darkside Dimmable LED light strip 1x Mnpctech Billet 280 2.140 Liquid PC Radiator grill, Black Anodized with two 140mm Prolimatech RED LED PC Cooling fans 280 billet radiator grill is mounted with 8x Mnpctech "Screw'd RED M3 Radiator Screws 1x Mnpctech Billet Overkill "Ring" Custom Gaming PC Fan Grill 1x 120mm Sharkoon RED Shark Blade PC Cooling Fan 1x Set of Mnpctech White Delrin PC Case Feet 4x Anodized RED PC Case Thumbscrews The Giveaway case utilizes Red LED light strip pictured above, Mnpctech is now offering other color LED PC light strips here, http://mnpctech.com/pc-led-lights/ White Red Green Blue Orange UV The Fractal-Design case mod by Mnpctech includes one Set of Mnpctech White Delrin PC Case Feet
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