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Found 1 result

  1. I was honored when Mark & Bucky approached us about creating a custom "FrozenCPU" theme PC to commemorate their new building expansion. FrozenCPU wanted their PC to be jaw dropping, unique and utilitarian. Cheapskate and I have been brainstorming ideas of a sexy billet Tech Station for a long time. Mark & Bucky were intrigued with the idea. After conference a few calls, I learned they share our love for Sci-Fi, custom cars, and bikes. I made notes before initiating brainstorm session with Cheaps. I purge elements of what I'm envisioning into a funnel, inserted into his mad munky brain. After the Concept is born, the next stage is altering the Concept to host their tasty menu for the best hardware. We suggested the buildf utilize two loops with 480 radiators. Mark loved idea of automating the PC in some manner. I suggested the cover open automatically. We're tentatively titling their build "FrozenCPU Tech Station" but "Billet Pron Bench" may be more appropriate. This build log will share highlights from the build videos that will be produced for Mnpctech's YouTube Channel Another wicked custom PC build by Mnpctech.com! Here the Mnpctech products that will be featured in the build! Machined Aluminum PC Thumb Screws Still debating on colors Silver "Screw'd" Radiator Machine Socket Head Screws from Mnpctech Anodized BLUE M3 Radiator screws Anodized Red M3 Radiator screws Mnpctech Machined Aluminum "Grooved" Case Feet here, http://www.frozencpu...d_-_Silver.html Mnpctech Machined Aluminum "480" radiator with rotating grill inserts here, http://www.frozencpu...m_-_Silver.html The "BIG F" will be mounted on the side walls. The grills were inspired by Mnpctech's machined aluminum "480" radiator grill with rotating grill inserts here, http://www.frozencpu...m_-_Silver.html 480 radiator grill machined from 3/16" sheet, inspired by Mnpctech Machined Aluminum radiator grill with rotating grill inserts, sold by frozencpu here, I will share more updates as soon as my time allows! Update 1/24/13 Cheaps will smirk, only had Phillips pan head screws on hand for the preliminary assembly last night. I ordered Torx flat head this morning. Everything is coming together nicely so far. Here are the photos I took while doing the assembly. The sidewalls are .5" thick and will have Round Modders Mesh will be attached to the inside of the walls. We'll go over all of the bare surfaces of the aluminum parts to remove small scratches with 3M Red Scotchbrite Pads Updated 2/15/13 We're utilizing two Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml Reservoirs from Frozencpu. (approx. 80 x 80 x 170 mm) These measure 70mm in diameter and made from Borosilicate glass, so they're scratch resistant! There is no color absorption in this glass, so dye colors look more vibrant. We're making mounting plates for Aqua Computer Aqualis Reservoirs this weekend. Update 2/18/13 Roboduck will be bummed, I didn't have time to assemble the cover and install Firgelli this weekend, but did get more of the tiny parts finished. This is the front panel Power switch plate , .25" thick alum will mount over .25" thick Light Blue acrylic and fits 22mm Bulgin switch, 5mm LED. The other two holes are for fasteners We've given the Optical drive a dual purpose while saving space....Here is the Dual Aqualis mounting bracket, just waiting for drive to arrive. Here is the Top plate for the six SSDs I'm using 3M red Scotchbrite pads to remove any small scratches or marring to the surface of the aluminum. This is "very Fine" version and it's also a great alternative to sandpaper for prepping PC cases for painting. You can also use these 3M Scotchbrite pads for deburring Steel, Acrylic or Plastic. I've been editing videos mostly this week, I took a mental break yesterday to install our machined alum case feet onto the Tech Station. Frozen retails Mnpctech's Aluminum "Grooved" Case Feet here, http://www.frozencpu...d_-_Silver.html Got the final two pieces finished last night, so today I'm going in early to start assembly of the cover, Yay! Yesterday I took these photos of the motherboard tray. Any interest in Mnpctech offering ATX version motherboard tray & I/O for Scratch Builders? Photos of Pre-fitting the cover.... the front could be more rigid, it flexed a bit, so we're making spacers for the lower front rod, that joins the ribs... I may be implementing Darkside computer modding PC LED Lighting Strips It's been a crazy week, I'm trying to get another machine shop to help progress on Andrew's build, (just ask Cheaps how often I've phoned or email him) and We're preparing for another project, but no where near as involving as these two, so Yay!!! We're looking into adding a gas charged spring to the other side of the Tech Station, just as added precautionary measure, in case the actuator ever failed. Several people expressed interest in making ATX version of the CNC Machined Aluminum Motherboard Tray. I'm looking into contracting another shop to make these, so I don't have a cost confirmed yet, but here is what the proposed kit would look like and include, One Mainboard Tray with four large opening for PSU cables and connections. One Rear I/O Shield Plate with & PCI slots. Two triangular Motherboard brackets that connect Mainboard Tray to I/O Shield. Two reinforcement brackest for triangular motherboard brackets. Nine Motherboard Stand-off risers. Finish is brushed bare Aluminum. Includes 6/32 tapered flat head stainless machine screws. We're adding Ameritool's Gas Spring gas charged lift spring to the other side of theTech Station. This is just added measure to help carry weight of the cover and extend lifespan of actuator and prevent cover from slamming shut, in case the actuator ever broke or failed for some reason. I've chosen the 10 pound lift rating for their 750-4 Stainless Gas Spring End Fitting: EFC-10M included 10mm Ball Studs Sold Separately MATERIALS & FINISHES EXTERNAL SURFACES: SHAFT: Chrome Plated 316 Stainless Steel CYLINDER: 316/316L Stainless Steel Sold in Pairs Only, $108.86, so we'll have spare for future project. FrozenCPU will be using Evga's new X79 Dark motherboard, socket LGA 2011 with X79 chipset for upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors. It will have eight DDR3 slots to supports up to 64 GB. 5, PCI-E 3.0 x 16 slots and single PCI-E x 4 slots. 10 SATA ports and EVBot connector and Power On/Off and Reset switches. Dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth two and 7.1-channel audio. You can join discussion and updates about the X79 as it nears it's release here, http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?&m=1832096&mpage=16 Evga x79 is EATX Form Factor Length: 12in - 304.8mm Width: 10.375in - 263.5mm We're utilizing two Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml Reservoirs from Frozencpu. (approx. 80 x 80 x 170 mm) These measure 70mm in diameter and made from Borosilicate glass, so they're scratch resistant! There is no color absorption in this glass, so dye colors look more vibrant. The Aqua Computer Aqualis Reservoirs are supported by 1" thick aluminum post attached to the floor and 3/16" plate attached to side of the Bluray drive. VGA 780 GTX gpu arrived from frozen, along with EK-FC Titan SE blocks for nvidia reference NVA-P2083, Geforce GTX Titan and 780 series ...and EK backplates... Jesse and I installed them Thanks for tuning in again... I'm just waiting on handful of parts now, so we're almost there! ....I received Primochill's 1/2" OD acrylic tubing, so we can see what these "Revolver" compression fittings are all about...., although the carton I received states "Ghost" on the label?.... Mnpctech PETG Clear PC Liquid Tubing, http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-alphacool-ek-bitspower-hardwarelabs-heatkiller-liquid-cooling/petg-tube-clear-bend-petg-tubing-mnpctech/ Cut PETG Tubing with Mnpctech Ratchet Cutting Gun, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/petg-and-pvc-ratchet-tube-cutter.html
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