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Found 9 results

  1. The First Double Sided Mod Art QUADRAD Custom Case In The World / With Four Loop Four Radiator Four Rezervoir Hello there. Welcome to my new project. We designed a big extreme case. A case with a square look. 4 radiators, 4 pumps, 4 reservoirs in the system. I wanted to build a system with 4 loops. For this reason the name QUAD-RAD. Case design is mine. Thanks to arg-ist for hand labor .. This case can be used in different systems. The case would be made from scratch, not by modifying a standard case. After our first work, we decided to make a case in this view. Case Designed as square cross-section and 45 degree broken. The case is a plain-flap shape with the front and rear top panels on the wings. It is designed to bend 45 degrees towards the side covers. With this, the depth of the cradle, normally 18 cm, was removed by 30 cm. We started making a 1/1 carton to see what the case would be like. There are air grids on the wings. And on the outside there are reservoirs. In the form of 4 reservoirs in 4 corners.
  2. Hello everybody! As some of you may know, I have been working closely with Bill Owen at MNPCTech over the past year learning and soaking up as much as I can as his intern. We have done several case reviews and mod guides together, and it is time for me to step it up a notch and take on a big themed build. - Theme - This is going to be influenced by oldschool Star Wars, and specifically Rebel Alliance equipment. I love the look of their gear, machinery, technology, and spacecraft, so this will take many ideas from that. We're starting with the Cosmos II, and will end up with something that looks dramatically different in the end. I first must thank CoolerMaster for the sponsorship of the Cosmos II and Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w powersupply, EK for sponsoring the watercooling components, Lutro0 for sponsoring their beautiful sleeving work, Mayhems for supplying their world class coolants and dyes, Cheapskate for dedicating his time into designing custom waterblocks for the 680s, Brian Garrity for his time as the camera man for the upcoming video of this project, and of course Bill and MNPCTech for everything he has taught me and given me during my time working with him. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 - Components - Asus Rampage IV Extreme Intel 3930k Quad SLI GTX 680 Classified's 32gb of Corsair Dominator 2133mhz CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w 512gb Vertex 4 SSD 3x 3tb Seagate 7,200rpm storage drives Cosmos II Full dual loop EK watercooling setup with custom GPU waterblocks designed by our very own CheapskateSupremacy Elite socket 2011 Nickel CPU blockR4E Nickel CSQ mobo block2x Ram Dominator X4 blocks2x 480 XT radiators2x DDC-3.2TP pumps2x X3 150mm resBlack Nickel fittingsCustom Classified blocks by munkeybuttTime for the pics to do the talking! The Cosmos II It's a bird. It's a plane... Cosmos II opened up - I hate that mess of useless feces dangling there. The build will feature MNPCTech's new Cosmos II Full Acrylic window side panel! Available soon for order. This is a serious chunk of acrylic! Here is what the Clear side panel looks like installed on the Cosmos II. It's cnc machined from .5" thick Chemcast Cast Acrylic with two 120mm fan holes with fastener holes for your own fan grills. Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel We also created a Clear replacement window for the Corsair c70 replacement window kit http://mnpctech.com/mnpctech-clear-case-pc-panels/corsair-c70-window-replacement-clear-fan-holes-120mm/corsair-c70-custom-window.html Machined aluminum "Diamond Knurl" pc case feet which are made in HAAS cnc lathe. The base diameter is 1- 3/4" with height of 1" to elevate the case for improved airflow beneath it. They've been painted House of Kolor Kandy Red to fit the Rebel Alliance color scheme A few components going into the system Classified unboxing These cards are bigger than 690's... Shiny! Why is quad sli not overkill? 6000x1080-across-three-monitors-gaming is why. Even the Rebel Alliance has to game from time to time! Stripping down the CMII for some modding. Taping off the top to cut room for a 480mm rad. Lining up the top rad Cages removed to make room for a 480mm rad in the front Creating the mounting system for the 480 in the front bezel Rad mounted into front bezel. I will be doing more in between the rad and the edges to make it more connected. Front rad mounted in the case I wanted to do something special with the edge frame work, so I decided on cutting out slots and putting some modders mesh behind it Clamping down the mesh for some epoxying This stuff is the best for all kinds of modding. Epoxy of the gods I say! Removing the stock top panel mesh Mounting a hinge on the top panel for some flap movement Watercooling time! Supremacy 2011 block and black nickel fittings I love the frosty tops on these blocks! DDC's and tops An army of black nickel fittings! So prettttttty! -- Updates 1/1/13 -- Thanks for following guys! Here are some updates on what is in the works... Measuring out pieces to make dual res holder from 1/4" thick Black Opaque acrylic sheet Custom Dual Res tube holder for the EK Res X3s EK Res X3s, ready for mounting What remains of the factory front I/O, this was part of the CM II's top panel. This will flip open. Modified "Laurey" style cabinet hinge, this spring loaded, and found at WoodCraft, http://www.woodcraft....ount-Pair.aspx Spacer for hinge made from 1/8" acrylic, this will be painted later Dual EK Res X3s mounted. This location will be ideal when it's time to fill the two loops. The flip cover, creates easy access for inspecting the loops, if ever needed in the future. The rear cover flips open now too! I wanted to use an ipod touch for monitoring and fan control. This will be mounted in the front top panel and running through the Bitfenix Recon phone app. Making the front phone mount Initial looks of the front phone fan control module. Think Luke Skywalker's targeting computer ;)/> Custom shroud for the reservoirs -- Update 1/6/13 -- Update time! I appreciate the comments and follows guys! I'm very dedicated to making this a very clean build internally, which is why shrouding everything is a must. I also want to keep the interior of the case very open and uncluttered, so there will be next to nothing inside the main compartment other than the mobo and what's attached to it. No drives, pumps, anything located here. It's all about the aesthetics! Cutting 1/4" thick cast acrylic to use as a shroud for the lower portion of the chassis 1/4" acrylic over lower portion which will be easily removable with thumbscrews, 1/8" acrylic shroud on back wall will hide liquid tubing The mid section has 1/2" thick acrylic floor so it's flush with the outter edge of the chassis Using weld-on to attach lip to the tubing shroud for the back wall of the chassis, this will be painted later to match the exterior of the case. Temporarily installing Mnpctech's CM II clear panel to determine the two 120mm fan hole openings in the removable lower chassis shroud The two 120mm fan hole openings are aligned with opening in the clear panel The epoxy on the side bezels has dried and I really like how they look with the mesh Now it's time to do the same thing with the non-window'ed side panel. Cutting the double layered panel was a bit of a challenge, but it's cleaned up and time for more epoxy. I plan to mount an acrylic Rebel Alliance logo on the mesh and illuminate it. As far as the custom classified waterblocks are concerned, Cheapskate has made great progress (though he has reminded me how complex these little buggers are going to be ;)/> This is current design phase with an "X Wing" style backplate that will have the Rebel Alliance logo in the red circle. The layers in the pic are backplate, full copper block, acrylic top, and stainless top cover. Update 2/21/13 Here are screen shots of the custom water blocks and liquid channeled bridge designed by Cheapskate. The blocks will be milled from Copper with Clear acrylic cover and top plate with design inspired by X-Wing fighter wing.These are for Andrew's eVga 680 GTX Classified graphics cards. More to come soon! We'll have a video worklog as well, so make sure you subscribe to MNPCTech's Youtube Channel! Yesterday I made Red Overlay to match the color scheme and installed Andrew's Aquaero into the shroud for the chassis. Aqua Computer's Aquaero product page, http://www.aquacompu.../aquaero-5.html Removing masking tape over window for phoyba RGB light strip Cutting Red Transparent Acrylic Window sheet into overlay for the Aqua Computer Aquaero 6/32 countersink drill bit for the Torx head screws on the Aquaro and installed Phoyba RGB light strip on the side... Update 3/26/13 Aquaero Shroud - Leak Testing Waterblocks on the Asus Rampage 4 Motherboard Milling the front 480 radiator grill bezel from 1.5" thick block of 6061 billet. The backside has been hollowed out, to save weight. the design was inspired by jet engine intake, but
  3. Build-log Chapters:Chapter 1: Introduction and hardware list (You are here) Chapter 2: Primochill & Mod/smart goodies! Chapter 3: Installing the system and running it on air (temporary) Hello guys and gals! I assume some of you already know me, for the rest - My name is Desislav, I'm a 23 year old kid from Bulgaria with tons of love for custom built computers and 3D modeling! This is my first high-end PC for the past 7-8 years so you can imagine how overwhelming it all is! :D I just want to take a moment and say that this will not be a case mod, rather a build. It will be made around a PrimoChill WetBench, which in my humble opinion is one of the sexiest benches to hit the market!I mean come on.... Look at it!: I dubbed the project "Frostbite" since I plan to do a little "sanding" on the tubing to achieve a an effect as if the liquid was freezing the tubing. All of the blocks will be repainted in white to match. The sleeving and fittings will be white as well. I hope I can find the perfect match and do ruin it. Over-using white can lead to a disaster imo. Everything needs to be in balance! So, let's go over a couple of things! What's the idea behind the build? Create a build based on a test bench which looks as amazing as it performs.Learn proper overclocking of high-end components.Get comfortable with water cooling.Create a machine that gives amazing performance for 3D modeling, rendering and gaming at the same time. Why I'm doing this? Back in the day I saw Daniel Cannon's (Singularity Computers) Bitfenix Prodigy mod (Client Build 6) and it really got me interested why would anyone want to waste their money making their computer all fancy when you can invest only in performance... I fell in love that build and started doing my research, found a few groups and saw some pretty awesome projects unfold... and I really wanted to make one myself! I do a lot of 3D designs (will post my latest work in a section here, on the forums, later. People who know me, know how much effort I put into everything I do. The thing is, my current notebook (and main "rig") is not powerful enough anymore... It's a Dell XPS15z with a dual-core i5-2400m... You can imagine the horror I live each day trying to render huge projects! This setup will allow me to take my work to the next level!Because it's just freaking awesome! End. Of. Discussion. Hardware list:Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme - x79 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor (12M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz) Graphics card(s): KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White Edition" I don't care what people say, this is the sexiest GPU in production + It's an absolute beast! Memory: GeIL PC3-19200 2400MHz 32GB C11 EVO Leggera QUAD CHANNEL kit (Currently using my Corsair Vengeance 1866 CL9 8GB kit due to financial reasons :D) Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W SSD: Samsung 250GB 2.5-inch 840 EVO SSD Storage drives: Currently using my old Hitachi drive. Will be upgrading to WD but haven't figured which the best ones are right now! Sound card: ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo Cooling: For a while this rig will be running under Air. I want to get comfortable with overclocking under Air before I get into liquid cooling! Heatsink: Noctua NH-D14 Fans: Noiseblocker NB-eLoop® Series 120mm CPU Block: EK Supreme-HF Ram Blocks: EK-RAM Monarch x4 - I'm hoping on a clean, non CSQ version! Motherboard blocks (still thinking about it): EK-F KIT R4E - Hoping these come in clean as well! GPU Water Blocks: Now, here's where it gets a little tricky! Since the GPU's are non reference GTX770s, there are no blocks currently available for them! Here is where the awesome guys at ModWithMe (from here on written as mWm)! The one and only Phame is going to be helping make a really unique block for my GPUs (and my friend Hukkel's GTX680 as well!). We are still thinking about the overall design of the block but it will be extremely clean and subtle. We don't want things to be over the top now, do we? Fittings: PrimoChill Revolver Rigid Compression fittings Tubing: PrimoChilll 1/2in. Rigid Acrylic Tube 24in. - Clear - 4 Pack x2 Flow indicator: PrimoChill Vortex Clear PMMA Flow Indicator with Smoked back plate Reservoir: PrimoChill 240mm CTR™ (Compression Tube Reservoir) Advanced System Pump: Swiftech MCP655 1200 L/ph Pump with Variable Speed Control Pumptop: PrimoChill D5 CTR Cap I know this was quite the long read guys, so I hope you don't hate me for it! Now I want to take a moment and give a huge huge THANK YOU! to the AWESOME guys over at PrimoChill and Mod/Smart for agreeing to sponsor my project! They sent me a huge package of cool stuff recently and can't wait to show you guys what's inside! Those are two boxes full of goodies! Photos of those in the second post! Now. Let's talk design! I do a lot of 3D modeling and always try to visualize the stuff I want. Over the last few months I got good enough to make the models I want/need so I decided to go for it and render a model of what the bench will look like. So, without any further delays, I present to you Frostbite in it's almost finished form! (I still need to decide how tubing will be routed.) I might not be going 4-Way SLI since there is a little incompatibility issue with the sound card, but you can get a good idea of what it will look like. Moving on! I got a nice photo of all the hardware together (even though the boxes were already opened lol) Now, we can move on the unboxed photos! I couldn't help myself and just had to mount the CPU and cooler on the Rampage IV Extreme... I gotta say it looks daayumn sexy! Got to say... That heatsink is just MASSIVE! I actually had to remove my Vengeance's heatspreaders so I can fit them under it (with the fans mounted)! Anyone who's ever seen NB E-Loops knows how sexy they are... They are even sexier in real life and I got to say the sleeving on those is just... amazing. They come with two different sized extensions to fit all your length needs! The CM Silent Pro M2 is ... just a huge huge BEAST of a PSU! It's semi modular and those cables will be shrunk to like ~10cm to allow for extensions to be added. 120Amps on the 12v rail? Why not... :D You get a lot of options on what to connect here! 4pins, SATA power, 8+(6+2) pins... Amazing! The ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo is also a sexy looking card! I was mind blown by the sound difference I got from the second I first played something on it! For all you audiophiles out there, this is the way to go! Sorry about the quality on this one, seems like my hand moved and focused on the wrong part of the card... What do you guys think, paint it white? ;) Well... Now. I guess it's time for the most important part of my build. The one that tickles my white fetish. The crown jewel in my collection. The KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White edition" I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. That PCB though... Makes me drool by just looking at it! So this will be it for the first post. I haven't taken photos of the SSD since... well it's featured in my photos of building the bench! Stay tuned for that in the next post! Again, huge thanks to PrimoChill and Mod/Smart! I hope you guys enjoyed thread. I tried to make it as simple as possible and do keep in mind this is my first build log so I hope I did well. I encourage people to tell me if I've done something wrong so I can better myself for future updates/buildlogs! Cheers,d* :clap:
  4. Wind Of Change No it's not what your thinking! While I was doing my last build, Wifey's computer was hanging on by a thread. Considering she endured my obsession, the least I could do was get her good rig up and running. So the two cases, one working and one to mod. My ulterior motive, is that I have everything I need to check fit and measurements. Once I'm done Modding I will transfer all the hardware to the modded case. Apparently all this stuff fits in this case? I trimmed back just a wee bit from cutting edge components. This rig is still total overkill for what she will be doing with it, But I didn't want a wimpy Build either. Trust me this is a very capable Rig! The Mother Board I chose was the Asus Z87I Deluxe which is a more main stream oriented version on the Asus Impact. It has the stand up riser, which makes things a little more complicated when I install the Corsair H100i that I will be using. I figured if i had a clearance problem that the riser would be an issue, It turned out that the USB ports were actually in the way of the tubing from the Rad. So much for just bolting this together! Actually it turned out to be very simple, by modder standards. I opened up all the mounting holes about an 1/8th" and I was happy again! You can see the small amount I had to move up the holes. Take note that there are multiple holes and I used the upper set and just a little more. I had heard concern that this type of mother board would block radiator air flow? I didn't find it to be a problem with where I mounted it. I mounted the fans to move air into the case to get the coolest air and keep spinning fans away from any wiring. The H100i is the biggest Rad that will fit in this case without some bigger mods. There is plenty of room in the front for a second rad If you did a custom loop. I was hoping to put a 200 mm fan in the front, which the case is setup for, But with the H100i in place it was a no go. It comes with a 140 mm fan in the front which probably moves just as much air. There really Is room to do a good wiring job on this case. You wouldn't know it from the picture above, but that was in the middle. It has 4 drive cages in the back and I used the spare 2 to hide the wiring. This is a great case to do a custom wiring job on, because all the wires are designed for a full size case. When I do the mod, that will be a must do! I always wanted a set of Corsair GT Ram, I think they are one of the coolest looking Ram designs. I hope this GTX 770 is enough to run FaceBook? As is standard these days, all the intakes have filters on them, 4 in total. A guy on another forum told me I should put some intake filters on the Metallica case? OK - Ya I'll do that right away! After coming off a major Mod, I have to say, just what a pleasure it was to build a case in less than a day. I hit the on button and the fans whirred up fairly loud and then it dropped to almost dead silence. Wifey looked at me confused and asked, Thats it? I was rewarded with zero issues and a straight build that I just love. I might have to sneak a play on this when Wifey Isn't looking He He. I'm going to take this build very casually. I just want to build, for the pleasure of building. I am not in any kind of hurry and I'll work on it when I feel Like it. I need to refine my Ideas and start bringing in some materials. This is totally backwards from Unforgiven, where I had all the materials but no hardware. This time I have all the hardware and very little materials. Lol
  5. Hello all, I am planning my first custom loop water-cooled build now and need some help before my head explodes. I love to game and will be doing some amateur video editing/ rendering. Here is what has transpired so far: 1. Purchased just before Christmas some parts for this build Intel i7 4770K CPUASUS Maximus VI Formula motherboardEVGA GTX 780 ti Classified graphics cardEVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 PSU2x Crucial M500 256g SSDWD Black 1tb HDD32g (8x4) Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 mhz memory 2xASUS VG248QE 24-Inch Screen LED-lit MonitorCorsair 900D case​Ok. So when I received the case I was pretty unimpressed with the build quality, cheap lower panel magnets and most everything else so I returned it. I then settled on CaseLabs for my next case manufacturer. When thinking and thinking I decided to just go all out and learn to build a custom water-cooled loop as well. It is February now and I decided to sell the video card and PSU as I changed my mind on a couple of things. I sold the GPU because I either want a pair of reference 780 ti cards or maybe even the 780 ti Black Edition cards when they become available. I sold the PSU because I want a Corsair AX1200i for no other reason than I just do :) I still have the CPU and motherboard and am wondering if I ca make a better choice there too. Yes I am losing some money and it sucks but oh well. I am hoping to get some insight on choosing a X79 or Z87 chipset and what the cons/ benefits are. Also is the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition just ridiculous and unnecessary? I can't make up my daayumn mind and I am going crazy. I just want a badass water-cooled loop in a CaseLabs case that I ca brag to myself about.
  6. Hey guys, Just thought I would post a picture of my Rig with my three new monitors .today! Got the desk from Ikea, and bought the LED strip on and everything else on Amazon. Custom Cooling is all EK Products from their home site. Check the link at the bottom for a detailed Pricing. The BOXES! lol The Inside of my rig doe!! So more of that red doe!! Desk bought at Ikea!!! That's it, Thanks for Viewing PC Parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/CallMeVega/saved/2KSs
  7. Hey guys, Got a question for you - I think this is the right place to ask it. My computer died today, the CPU (an old Core 2 Duo) finally gave up after months of working at 100% usage - even a single tab in chrome pushed it over the edge. I'm looking for a replacement for it now, but since I've been out of the computer building loop for so long now (my now-dead computer was a home-build about five plus years ago) I have no idea about current parts and costs. I use(d) my computer for vector graphic work, web design and gaming (games such as Battlefield 3, COD MW3, Skyrim, GTA and Far Cry 3). I need a computer able to allow me to do the things above, and at least have the games set to Medium graphical settings. But here's the catch - I'm virtually broke. I need your advice as to what the best computer or parts I should get, for the cheapest possible price - basically, a gaming rig on the extremely cheap. Any suggestions and ideas? Thanks in advance, David Struve (aka Nerdsauce)
  8. I know a lot of people that are interested in 3 monitor surround setups, but really dislike the borders between monitors. Personally, I've gotten used to it and don't mind, but AOC has a new response for those people. A 23" monitor that is virtually borderless (they state 2mm). It would be fun to see three of these put together with minimal borders. The monitors are 1920x1080 resolution on an IPS panel, so colors should be spot on. It is available on Amazon for $189. Source: http://www.tomshardw...er#xtor=RSS-181
  9. I am a huge fan of games that look pretty... and the Crysis 3 Tech Demo has blown my mind. Discuss games that look amazing on your gaming pc.
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