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Found 11 results

  1. I'm installing a EKWB full cover GPU water block on my ASUS STRIX GTX1070 which has a back plate, all the holes seem to be there for the new cooler. Do I really need to buy a EKWB back plate or is the one on my card fine. Don't want to spent money if I don't have to. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm modding a 4 cpu system with 2 gpu's Is it best to run everything in series or should I split this up in some distributive manner? The cpu's are 130W each and the GPU's are about 300 (gtx690) My goal is to convert this old server with a lot of loud fans into a quiet workstation so that I can do my rendering and animation. Thanks for the feedback. James
  3. Mind you I did not think when I bought this card that I was going to have a issue not finding a FULL water block as EK I thought would have for sure cover that. But as my luck is they don't make a full water block and have no plans to either.... Actually when I purchased it EVGA was selling there Hydro Copper Water Block for $149.99 but was not ready for water cooling it and did not realize that they would in deed take it off there shelf and have no plans of restocking it. So I am in a bind cause now I am ready to do my loop and I really wanted to add this card to my dual/Res loop and my Formula VI CPU and Cross Chill. Okay so what i was thinking about is to do the only thing available other than sell it for a 780 and I am just alittle strapped for that kind of $$$$ right now and I really like my classy 770. It's a great card and can run anything I throw at it... Very happy with it. So a universal water block would be my only choice. Installing the GPU block is pretty straight forward, but I will need to heatsink my ram. I have never did this before so what else on the PCB would need a heatsink. Or maybe I could get some opinions on the best way of doing this would be. I am sure there is other components that would need to a heat sink but not sure what areas need it and don't need it. I have added a PCB Picture of my card so you can see and maybe be able to help and show all the areas that would need a heatsink and or the best way of doing it, or even if it's really worth all the effort... Just wanted to thank you in advance and thanks for your time ......
  4. Hey all, Recently left my folding@home team at OC (my fearless leader bailed as well as the guy that brought me to the team), and was looking around here for folding stuff. Am I right in saying there is not much going on for folding here? Anyway, I think its needed! Love to see a section dedicated to F@H.
  5. http://www.techpowerup.com/200284/gigabyte-unveils-its-waterforce-vga-liquid-cooling-solution.html Personally I think this is about the ugliest thing I've ever seen. But I know someone somewhere will buy it.
  6. are there any words of wisdom for someone looking to attempt and mount a gpu off of the motherboard sideways using a pcie riser card or cable?
  7. For those of you that have been wanting a dual GPU video card like the 690 but in the 7xx series, ASUS has the answer for you. The ASUS ROG MARS 760 has been launched and it looks like it will be quite the performer. Go check out the details here: http://rog.asus.com/276632013/graphics-cards-2/faster-than-titan-rog-launches-the-mars-760/ As a note from the article, unlike previous MARS super-mega-expensive-limited-run editions, and I quote: "The MARS 760 is – for the first time – a MARS affordable to many. No longer a limited run 1,000 part device, it provides a real alternative to those interested in buying GK110-territory products." Information is really fresh at the moment and I haven't seen pricing or availability yet but it certainly is an interesting development in the video card space. Enjoy!
  8. For those that follow AMD and their graphic cards, you know they have been talking about a new low-level Application Programming Interface (API) for game developers called Mantle. If you aren't familiar, here is a Forbes article written by Jason Evangelho (who I mention again later) discussing AMD's Mantle ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2013/10/08/why-amds-mantle-matters/ ) There is an interesting Windows App Builder Blog that was posted today that was spotted by the same Jason Evangelho. Jason poked AMD about the blog content asking @AMDRadeon the following question via Twitter: "Stupid question: How does @AMDRadeon #Mantle make cross-platform development easier if Mantle isn't on Xbox One? http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/appbuilder/archive/2013/10/14/raising-the-bar-with-direct3d.aspx# …!" Source: https://twitter.com/killyourfm/status/389882660161474563 The key quote in the Microsoft blog he is referring to is: "The Xbox One graphics API is “Direct3D 11.x” and the Xbox One hardware provides a superset of Direct3D 11.2 functionality. Other graphics APIs such as OpenGL and AMD’s Mantle are not available on Xbox One." Source: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/appbuilder/archive/2013/10/14/raising-the-bar-with-direct3d.aspx# The blog continues to talk about Microsoft's ongoing development and advancements with DirectX and Direct3D targeted at both the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. AMDRadeon actually responded to Jason's tweet with this lovely extended text tidbit: "Mantle is NOT in consoles. What Mantle creates for the PC is a development environment that's *similar* to the consoles, which already offer low-level APIs, close-to-metal programming, easier development and more (vs. the complicated PC environment). By creating a more console-like developer environment, Mantle: improves time to market; reduces development costs; and allows for considerably more efficient rendering, improving performance for gamers. The console connection is made because next-gen uses Radeon, so much of the programming they're doing for the consoles are already well-suited to a modern Radeon architecture on the desktop; that continuum is what allows Mantle to exist. ^RH" Source: https://twitter.com/AMDRadeon/status/389889549016391680 I'll let your own brains decide what to think of the information I just provided and how this will all play out for the PC.
  9. Well now that AMD pushed out the Hawai's, Nvidia should be following up with the release of their 790GTX or Titan Ultra, or both. Those are the current rumors at least. Its also rumored that they will be announced at the Montreal Expo in a couple days, i think the 13th of October. Now my question is how long will it take for water blocks to be for sale for those cards. I'm doing a unique gpu mod in my build involving a pci-e extension cable and I will only be utilizing one GPU so I need it to be a banger! lol. I was really counting on a 790GTX so it would be close to having dual 780's. Of course the card will be implemented in my water loop so I really need a block for it. I was hoping on a clear acrylic EK block with the nickel plating to go along with my CPU and RAM blocks. If anyone knows anything, has heard rumors, or has any general input, feel free to comment. Thanks!!
  10. These are Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 TI Graphics Cards with 1GB of GDDR5 (SLI Ready) PCI-E 2.0 x16. They are brand new overstock from Nvidia and are still sealed in their Anti-Static bags (In plain brown box). The price is $125 Cash and Carry ($130 Paypal) Shipping is about $10 to anywhere in the Continental US. Here's a link to more info at the Nvidia Site: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-560ti I have pics, but, I'm not sure how or if I should post them. If you have questions...... sales@smartcomputerstore.com
  11. Maybe someone here can help, I've tried everything I can think of and no luck. I spent all weekend trying to fix it with no improvement. :(/> I am having issues with my MSI 6950 Twin Frozr III/Power Edition cards. When playing a game (lets use Hawken as an example) my GPU usage never seems to get above 50%. I've tried each card individually and in crossfire but it never seems to make a difference. My frame rates fluctuate between 70 and 20 FPS while the GPU load fluctuates between 30-50%. Crossfire or not the frame rates and GPU usage stays about the same, never using more than 60% of the GPU. Hardware tried: MSI 6950 Twin Frozr III/Power Edition (not flashed to 6970) AMD Phenom II x6 1090T @4.0GHz MSI 890FXA-GD70 16GB Mushkin DDR3 1600 Mushkin SATA III SSD NZXT HALE90 850W PSU 14x FN 120RB 120mm fans Aquacomputer Airplex Radiator with built in D5 Pump i7-2600K @4.6GHz ASUS P8P67 Pro 16GB Corsair DDR3 1600 OCZ Vertex 3 SSD SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W Corsair H60 Things I've tried (tried with both cards individually and in crossfire with no change, and in both systems, and various combinations) -Current Drivers 12.10 -Rolling drivers back to 11.11 -Beta 12.11 Drivers -Set constant voltage in Afterburner (heard that was causing conflict problems between Afterburner and CCC) -Tried switching the cards between my 1090T @4.0GHz and my i7-2600K @4.6GHz and no change (both CPUs stay at around 60-70% so I dont think thats the bottleneck) -Set power tune to +20% -Tried clean install of windows 7 and no change -Checked both PSUs with tester and both check out fine. Games that I've tried (with issues): -Borderlands 2 -Hawken -Dishonord -Skyrim -Dirt 3 -Saints Row 3 -Need for Speed: Most Wanted (always been bad but doesn't seem to be made any worse like the others) I'm getting very discouraged and really hoping my graphics cards aren't going bad (they are only a year old). Any help is greatly appreciated.
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