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Found 6 results

  1. Did a tutorial on using an etch paste to etch tempered glass panels. And unlike most things I try, it was way easier than I expected!
  2. Mayhems Tubing and Coolant Guide for users. This will aid in choosing the right coolant for the right tubing. It is a very basic guide how ever accurate. All testing is done in house over long periods of time. Tubing can fail for many reasons but failure has scored it a negative mark. Some reason for failure include, Micro fracturing, Cracking, Shrinkage, Drying out and more.
  3. This is a bit of a mashup, part a repost of an old guide I did and part of a small build/mod I did, I'm reposting it here as a single thread. Part 1: So Let's make a filter. This has all come about because the Casecom 6788 doesn't come with a filter for the PSU, I've tried to find one but I've had no luck. :(/> Here's the bottom of the case so you can see what I'm on about Now with a bottom mounted psu, sucking in air from below I want a filter on there so it doesn't suck up dust and there's already mounting slots for it. Now on to the materials One empty box and some fine nylon mesh (it's called Tulle, stuff used to make tutus, haberdashery or ebay it's about £1 a meter), you could use a pair of tights, I just don't have any tights handy but I have got this mesh. ;)/> Tools needed Cutting board, knife, glue (UHU All Purpose, not the solvent free one*), ruler and a pen (not in shot) I've already cut off one of the ends of the Asus box, however as the cardboard is a bit too thick I'm also cutting up a Yate-Loon fan box. How you do this: Measure out the size of the filter you want, for the 6788 PSU filter it's 125mm by 98mm. Draw a rectangle to the correct size on the card board and cut it out. Mark out an inner rectangle and cut that out, to form a simple frame. I used 10mm as a good frame thickness. Now repeat so you have two matching frames. Cut out 2 rectangles of mesh, make the larger than the frame, you can cut off the excess at the end. Glue it all together. Run the glue around the 1st frame Lay on a sheet of mesh Press the mesh down making sure it stays flat. Run the glue around the edge again 2nd sheet of mesh Press down 3rd layer of glue Finally carefully position the 2nd frame on top and press down. There's the final article all glued up. However before we can do any thing with it the glue need to dry, we need to keep this flat and the mesh tight while the glue dries. So stick it under a pile of books and leave it over night. I've also sandwiched the filter between two left over bits of the Asus box, so if the glue does leak I'm not going to end up with a filter stuck to the floor or to a book. Come back tomorrow to see how it goes. *The solvent based UHU is great stuff, the solvent free stuff is just PVA glue, you could use that instead but it's just not the same.
  4. Hey everyone! I recently (ok today lol) repaired a Hp Envy M6 that had it's hinges pop out of place! :( It took me about three and a half hours, and I'd rate it as a moderately difficult job. I did a write up on my website, and I also wanted to make sure that if someone was looking for this guide, the mod zoo might pop up for them :) If it is against the rules to post a guide that links to another website, please inform me so I can make the necessary changes. http://sanster.org/computers/hp-envy-m6-hinge-repair/ Also feel free to look around the rest of my website. Cheers! Austin/Primal
  5. Hey all, As many of you may have noticed the software behind this board is different to what you will have used before, and in my mind it is awesome! However, getting YouTube videos to embed in posts is different. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX26IQf9dsA[/media] Using the above, will give you this.
  6. One of the first things you will see on the forums is the ability to use your facebook login details, this is a feature that will allow you all to quickly register and start enjoying the forums. If you have already registered but have not linked your account to facebook there is two ways to do this: 1) You can log out then log back in using the facebook login, it will then ask if you want to link your account. At this stage just stick in your normal forum details and you are all done! 2) Head into your profile, select edit settings, then manage facebook or use this link. From there you can hit the Login with Facebook button and it will do it all for you.
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