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Found 5 results

  1. So a while back, I got a message asking me if I wanted to play with some new hardware. How could I resist? I mean, new hardware, short timeline, lots of other projects going on, the holidays...sounds like a challenge to me! Originally, my idea was for an open design with the mb and gpu on display with the rest of the hardware in a base, but it felt done. Lots of cases have pulled off that look and I gotta be different, so back to the drawing board...or rather the shower, cause that's where the idea hit me. Standing there with shampoo in my hair, and I'm running through the details of a case design. An aluminum shell with the tray suspended, and everything as compact as possible to keep the size to a mid tower or less. Vertical mount the GPU, check. SFX power supply, check. Does it work with the parts I've already told them I need.........this will be interesting. First up we needed a design to see if I could fit it all together. Next we're gonna need some hardware, obviously, so let's see what we've got to play with. The new hardware and what will become the foundation of the design, the MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard. And what will be filling it's slots??? How about some HyperX Predator DDR4 RAM. 16GB of 3000Mhz. And a HyperX Predator 240GB M.2 drive. Power is going to be handled by a Silverstone 600w SFX PSU. And on the graphics front, we have the beefy MSI GTX980Ti Lightning. Water cooling parts are from Bitspower and consist of... A 360mm Leviathan Slim radiator. A Water Tank Z-Multi 200 V2 res. For the pump and top, MCP655 + D5 TOP V2 (POM Version) with the white mod kit. A Summit EF CPU block in clear acrylic. The matching clear acrylic block for the MSI Lightning. And a gaggle of fittings. For fan duties, I've snagged three Thermaltake Riing 12 fans in white cause I just like the look when they're lit. Now I guess I should put all this together...but first a shout out to the sponsors for this build, MSI, HyperX, and Bitspower.
  2. The Concept: Addition To The Design: How It Came To be I came up with this idea a while back but didn't know how or when I would implement it. As time passed the idea went into my book along with all my other crazy ideas. After looking at some Be Quiet products on their site I came across the Silent Base 800. The bottom “skids” or feet were perfect! Exactly what I had been looking for. After exploring the idea further and taking some more looks at the Cooler Master MasterCase 5t; I realized it was the perfect candidate. My idea was to make it look like the MasterCase 5t and the Cosmos had a love child and named it, “SyNAPSE.” it couldn't have come together any better. Combining those designs cues with the ones found on the hardware and I have a complete build that is something I would want to own but doesn't exist. It will be an uphill challenge as mounting brackets will have to be custom made and more than likely 3D printed. Less than a week ago I saw the Cosmos 700 prototype and they ventured from the round skids or feet for ones that were more like the ones I will be using. This made the SyNAPSE build even better. Behind SyNAPSE: I've named this build SyNAPSE as it will bridge the gap between organic and mechanical. Sharing a lot of design styling from Gundam and other off shoots. The SyNAPSE case mod will be heavily inspired by Gundam. All of the popular movies and games we see on a daily basis were born from the original, "Mobile Suit Gundam." This dates back to the early 70s and has been a mainstay in Asia ever since. Gundam consists of the futuristic mech robots that have been adapted into a lot of different platforms. It has evolved into an extremely popular line of games, tv shows and movies. I want to go back to the roots of Gundam and adapt it to current day perspectives while focusing on the designs found throughout the hardware being used in the build. The combination will make this build one of the most cohesive builds I've ever done. Every detail from the hardware will be carried over into the rest of the build. CPU: Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700k Motherboard: Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9 GPUs: SLI Aorus GTX 1070 X 2 SLI Bridge: Aorus RGB Memory: HyperX Savage DDR4 16gb Storage: HyperX Predator M.2 - HyperX Savage SSD PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 (1,000 watt) Cables: Modular custom sleeved CableMod cables (red, black & silver) Fans: Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 (high speed) 3 X 120mm Alphacool Watercooling From ModMyMods: CPU Block: Alphacool Eisblock XPX (clear) w/custom red mount kit Pump: Alphacool VP755 v2 Radiator: Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 360mm Reservoir: Alphacools New Helix 250mm tube reservoir Tubing: Alphacool 13mm Satin Hardtube Coolant: Mayhems Opaque w/custom die Fittings: Alphacool chrome fittings Flow Meter: Eisflugal Acetal flow meter PWM Cables: Alphacool LEDs: Phoybia white leds Switch: Phoybia Vander switch (white) Top & Bottom Feet: Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Other Cables: CableMod sleeved PSU cable, ethernet cable, SATA cables and others Thumbscrews: CableMod anodized (red) LED Strips: CableMod RGB/W dual wide angle LEDs that work with Gigabytes RGB Fusion controllers.
  3. Hey everyone, welcome to MSI's PRO MOD Season 5! My name is Dave Cathey, or InsolentGnome as a lot of folks know me. I hail from the US and I've been picked as a judge for this season. I know...crazy! Who in their right minds lets a gnome be a judge, let alone an insolent one, right? Part of the judging duties is to make a demonstration mod with the Arctic theme with the sponsor's hardware, which is some pretty nice kit, but let's start off with the theme... This mod is named Crevasse. A crevasse is basically a crevice, but in a glacier. Crack in rock...crevice. Crack in ice...crevasse. It just sounds fancier, like a swan ice sculpture. The idea for the case is to appear to be a crevasse in an ice shelf that has opened up to reveal an inner cave. While it won't be as dramatic as it sounds, I think it should turn out pretty cool. Get it? Yeah, the puns will be out in force with this worklog. For hardware, I'm starting off with the In Win 303 in white. The motherboard is the MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic. And yes, you read that correctly, B350 so this baby is gonna have a new AMD Ryzen chip, the Ryzen 7 1700X to be specific. Cooling for our Ryzen chip will be handled by the new MSI Core Frozr L tower cooler. Populating the memory slots will be 16GB(4x4GB) of HyperX Predator DDR4 @3000MHz Storage will be a HyperX 240GB Predator PCIe SSD in the M.2 slot. Power is coming from a Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000w PSU. And case airflow will be handled by Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans. Three 120mm and two 140mm. I'm still waiting on some of the other hardware and will update as soon as it arrives. The first thing we need to to with all this nice hardware is to set it up and get the board updated since that's been an issue with Ryzen. Break out the Open Benchtable. This thing is pretty slick and lets you bench up a system pretty easily. I know that the GPU coming is supposed to be a RX580, but all I had with an air cooler laying around was a GTX 760, but it will let me get started. Now to find a monitor... Sponsored by:
  4. Hi all, back again with another mod project. This one called "Frozen Throne" inspired by the Lich King trailer. More to that in a bit. PARTS LIST: ____________________________________________________________ FX-9590 4.7Ghz Eight Core CPUASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 MotherboardCorsair Hydro H100i CoolerEVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B1 PSU Thermaltake Smart 750W (see why below)8 GB Kingston HyperX Fury MemoryAData Premier Pro SP900 128 GB SSD2x Seagate 1TB 7200 for Raid 1Crossfire Sapphire Dual-X R9 270x GPUAncient Antec broken nasty old caseMany thanks to the good folks at AMD for their contributions to this project. OVERVIEW: ____________________________________________________________ This project is a gaming rig for my son. He's admired the Downtown build and wanted a rig of his own. He's asked to build out a castle design, so we've come up with the details below. INSPIRATION: ____________________________________________________________ We did some digging around at a number of pics online. What really got us going was the moment in the Warcraft Lich King trailer where Arthas stabs his sword into the ice and it cracks. We thought that would make a pretty sexy window for the PC. Video link here. So I threw together some designs in a vector program. And did some research on cracked ice finding this cool image. Then I took a small piece of acrylic just to proof out that I could create the look I wanted. From there we took the case and started doing some design mock ups in cardboard. Walls for the outside. Pillar/towers for the corners. And some barbeque skewers for the gate. Preliminary mockup done. Still fiddling with some 'accoutrements' for the outside. Will paint the gate metallic and replace the drawbridge with chains from a broken necklace or something appropriate. Finally for now have thrown it into photoshop to work through some of the coloring and such. Some texture work for the 'stone work' on the sides. Likely to distress to give it some wear to the look. Front look: Side look: Lots of stuff left to do. Talking about things like: Sigil over top of the front gate.Embedding speakers in the corner pillars.Airflow points.Lighting effects.Gutting the drive cages & painting.Airbrushing blown snow on top.Much left to do, but more parts for the mod are on order. And waiting for the weather to break so I can get into the garage to start tearing down the box and cutting up the MDF and sheet metal for the externals. More coming when the weather and deliveries allow! :D
  5. good day guys. here is my work log for my latest build.i hope you enjoy :) thank you to my sponsors bitfenix philippines and and kingston APAC i would like to introduce the case and my concept turn my aercool devil red into an inverted case with a fabricated basement i hope you guys enjoy.thanks modzoo community :)
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