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Found 1 result

  1. The Mod Zoo's Jesse (Captain Curry Sauce) and Chris (Mosquito) share everything you need to know before your first venture into liquid cooling your custom PC. They also dispel myths about sizing of tubing, radiators, or wasting your money on overpriced brands or designs. Part 1 "Getting Started" Part 2 "Single CPU Loop" Alex Venz shares demonstration video on Pumps, performance curves, pressure drop, and flow prediction. Part 3 " Draining your Loop" Part 4, "GPU Block Install & Dual GPU Single Loop" for 1/2" O.D. PETG DIY Hard Line Tubing, you can use Primochill Revolver, Monsoon, and Alphacool 13mm fittings for Hard tube. (Bitspower is only catering to 12mm OD tubing until they announce otherwise) Using PETG Rigid Tubing for your Liquid Cooling Loop Guide to Alphacool HT 13mm HardTube & Compression Fittings by TheModZoo.com
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