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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so I have my Hot Sauce build mostly done (it will never fully be done since it's my 'test out this method' build) and I have been in desperate need of a project. I'm a big fan of all things EVGA and when they released the Hadron series I really wanted to work on one. Fast forward to now and I finally decided to get the ball rolling on one. I had a plan in my head (even when I was doing solo cabinetry, my plans never seem to fully go on paper other than scribbled numbers and small sketches) and I got to work gathering measurements and such for: Front mounted Alphacool NexXxus Monsta 120mm Radiator Corsair Air SP120 Fan MNPCTech Overkill ring (black) with round mesh Black Vandal Resistant Power Switch with Orange ring LED EVGA Z97 Stinger i7 4790K Corsair Dominator Platinum (originally Titan Black Hydro Copper) EVGA 980 Hydro Copper (soon to be released) I also knew I wanted to get some orange cast acrylic to make false panels for around the mobo and to hide the PSU. I know a lot of people are going to question my choice to go with a custom loop for CPU and GPU with only one 120mm radiator, but I really wanted to give this a shot with the Monsta series since it's crazy thick. If it proves to be a no-go, I'll pull the Hydro Copper 980 and replace it with an ACX 2.0 980. So, case teardown was first (and most fun) on the list. A lot of unfinished areas, which I knew would need some paint. But I also wanted to remove the drive cage since there will be no optical or HDD. I'm going to start with a single SSD 500 GB and take it from there. Out with the drill. And now even more unpainted areas. I figured since the case has some extremely tight tolerances for rivet heads it would be best to attempt to leave it together while painting the inside. Since that would be a drippy mess if not done perfectly I opted for flat black inside, high gloss outside and high gloss orange accents. If I were to drill those rivets, they would need to be replaced with perfectly flat headed rivets or the panels would not fully seat. Chopped a huge hole in the front so the radiator can sit half in, half out of the front of the case, keeping the size down as much as possible. Also, painted the front orange to sit behind the future orange acrylic panel. The rear panel has a clip that hides the thumb screws for the GPU. Given the tight tolerances of the case, those thumb screws are actually in the back of the case as opposed to inside like a full or mid tower. This begged for some accent painting. Again, trying to nail the smallest details, I made tape strips of screws so I could paint the heads. Finished look here. (Disregard that dog hair. LMAO) By this point my orange Mod Smart Kobra sleeving arrived so I got started on that. I have always cut the sleeving a little longer than necessary and then snipped it with a nose hair scissor once on the wire to avoid melting the ends a bit. Decided to try to melt ends on this build and ended up with ugly lumps under the surface so I'll be redoing it. But for the sake of eye candy this is it. And BAM! An MNPCTech shipment arrived just in time (Thanks again!) for me to get some more paint done before shipping out to Orlando for a family vacation. Orange paint on the mesh and some M3 Screw'd screws I had left over from Hot Sauce to give accent contrast. I also managed to get a first stripe of orange onto the case. I plan to carry a few thinner stripes as well, but needed this to fully cure first. Color scheme is coming along nicely. But sadly, I had to walk away from it for a week to go be a kid with my nephews in Disney and Universal. I'm back home now, got parts on order, sleeving to finish and acrylic to bend and snap. I got smacked by pneumonia which worsened on the return flight so I might be MIA for a day or two, but should have another update within a week. Let me know what you guys think and if you have a sweet name for this little monster, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Hello to you all in Mod Zoo! This will be my first post, first thread and first build that I'm posting here so forgive me if there are some problems with images or with something else :D Computers has been my hobby for 12 years and always wanted a PC case from scratch. Now I had the time and know-how on how to make one. My budget is limited so don't expect any 1000$ CPU's or Titans in this thread. Luckily I was sponsored for this build by BitFenix, Kingston and Finnish Jimm's PC store. This worklog is in few other forums too and it has been going on since December 2012 so I will copy paste a lot of progress on the first post so bare with me :) Starting the build 25th January 2013 First day with SketchUp and managed to make rough plan with the components and this is how the parts will align in the case. After a day or so i learned how to make parts in SketchUp and managed to do these A week went by and i was able to start this project in workshop where i have helped the staff with computers and in return i can use their facilities, machines etc. I decided to use 2.5mm aluminium for this project (This is going to be a bad decision as we notice later on) . I cut 40mm wide strips and press them into right angle and also made motherboard tray and one other plain sheet. And yesterday I supposed to weld everything together but as I looked the machine closer it appeared to be a DC tig! I tried to get it working by just changing ground to - position but no luck there. If you didn't know, for welding aluminium tig needs to be AC so it can break the aluminium oxide layer that has melting point of 2000 °C and aluminium in common has melting point of around 600 °C . So I couldn't break that oxide layer and that means no welding with that thing. Tomorrow I'll see if I can do anything with aluminium mig and if there's no luck I'm changing material to stainless steel. While thinking my enigma I drilled and tapped the motherboard tray. Hole is 3mm and thread 3.5mm. The package that i received from BitFenix right before christmas I got all of my cables, led's and fan controller. And this is what there was Loads of cables, two of each to be exact and reason is in the last picture. LED's should give a nice touch for the case in low light. And the reason for having two of each cable was that I wanted to make cables better looking by making them red&black instead of them being single colored And at the end of my opening post I'll put a list of all the parts that I'm getting Components: Getting myself unless I get a sponsor :) CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K (Got it) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77N-Wifi (Got it) Ram: Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB (Got it, Sponsored) GPU: Something that barely fits there (Not yet) PSU: Super Flower Golden King Platinum 550w (Got it) SSD: 2x Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB Raid0 (Got it, Sponsored) From BitFenix (Sponsor) Freebies: - BitFenix Recon 5,25 Fan Control panel - Black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin EPS12V 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved red/red BitFenix 24-Pin ATX 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to SATA Adapter 45 cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Molex to 3x Molex Adapter 55cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix 8-Pin PCIe 45cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix 2-Pin I/O-Panel 30cm - sleeved red/black BitFenix SATA 3 Cable 30cm - sleeved black/black BitFenix Alchemy Connect 6x LED-Strip 12cm - red x3 BitFenix Alchemy Connect 15x LED-Strip 30cm - red x3 Watercooling stuff: Got a deal from Jimm's PC Store for these @ 500€ This build has been made possible by:
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