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Found 3 results

  1. Quick little mod today. Something easy with old parts. Just something I needed and well I also needed a mod that I could see then end of sooner rather than later. Parts: Seagate Cuda 7200k 3TB 64MB 6Gb/s Bytecc Aluminum 5.25 USB 3.0 Enclosure DiNoc CF Zalman Heatpipe HD Cooler/Silencer I had a burner in this case, but unfortunately/apparently I burn too many discs and the drives give up the ghost. Out it came and it sat empty for a few months. I had the HD cooler from a previous build as well as the CF film. The HD was full when removed from one of my workstations as I no longer had room for it. Hopefully this storage will be part of my network back up... Test fitting Enlarging the holes for to match screws that I had on hand. Some how, out of thousands, I could not find those exact screws. The disk, naked and on the pipes. Rubber mounts remove some disk noise. All together now. My assistant... sorting random screws n' such. Its about time she asked to be taught to build her own rig! Tomorrow's assignment, find a pink head lamp just like daddy's. Back shortly with benchies and what not, as well as final photos with my SLR.
  2. After my Mini's big bro took a dump, I needed to put my modding skills towards something. As that build was my primary gaming rig, something had to take it's place momentarily. Little did I know how much I could actually get out of this little guy. My GT500 workstation is where I get all of my work done here in the lab. I was hesitant to tear into it as the little FT03 can be a bear to work with. Brilliant cooling design yes, roomy, not at all. Before I started, this rig held an Intel 4770k on an ASRock Z87E itx board powered by the Silverstone Gold 450w PSU. Standard Corsair 1600mhz LP Vengence and several Samsung 840Pro SSDs. Solid building blocks for a workstation, but could this setup handle heavy OCing on both the cpu and gpu? I have seen other builders use 780s, tis and Titans, but I had not seen many in the wild. Could this end with the fastest FT03 Mini on the planet? Maybe? With two hurdles to deal with, being only a 780gtx SC instead of the higher end TI and a motherboard that isn't known for big clocks... First off, I removed the drivers and the EVGA 750ti SC (great card by the way). Putting a 780 GTX in this case requires some cutting. The card is around a 1/2" too long to fit in this case. Both the case and the plate that holds the feet needed trimming. I have seen some ugly cuts out on the net and the right way to do it is with a cutting wheel and dremel. Measure twice, cut once, file last. Make sure that you plan out reassembly carefully. One missed step will require a tear down in which you will need to start all over. Sata, I/0, power connections etc. all need to be made first. Then the gpu and lastly the plate for drives (which I modify for the GT500 to hold SSDs). The large stock fan no longer fits. That's okay as I wanted Scythe Silent Typhoon 14s in push/pull. I still need to clean up the cut, but I am thinking this whole case is going to be painted, so that will come later. Testing on the bench went great as I stopped at 4.8ghz with a 1200mhz clock on the gpu. Great temps there but now it's time to bench inside the case. I will be back with more pics, temps, and benches shortly. No comes the fun part, game testing! Anyone up for some Titan Fall or BF4? Look us up on Origin,"jallen labs." -maestro0428
  3. Some of you may have seen my work on the FT03 on various web spots before (including this site). I build a ton of PCs every year and try to make a few for myself each year also. I haven't gotten to the point when I am just too picky and my expectations have grown out of control. So I am going to make the best FT03 possible (to hopefully get over those previous behaviors). I want to address every detail of the case itself and how to configure the hardware in it. I do have quite a few tools at my disposal, but will farm out what I can't do in house the right way. Hardware is hardware and it will have decent components (and they are likely to change often anyway). I have narrowed down all of the parts that are going to work for the next couple of months and I have most of them anyway. My budget is $2000 US (for the tower only). This adventure started in June of 2012 and must be complete and operational January 1st 2013. Off we go.... Components list: Silverstone FT-03 in Silver/White rev. 1 (this does matter as issues I will address have been updated in newer revs) Intel 3770K (has run at 4.5ghz for over a year and will most likely stay that way) ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x4 ASUS r280x DCII Top rev. 1 (the new one comes out this week) ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD x2 Western Digital Black 250GB HD x2 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 620w M12II Modular Power Supply Various bits that I used or modded along the way. Cooling bits list: Zalman LC 320Q AIO H2O (yes custom h2O would be tasty and it could happen...) Scythe Gentile Typhoon 120mm 1850rpm fan x2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000rpm 120mm fan Gelid Solutions 1600rpm 80mm fan x2 Gelid Solutions Silent 4200rpm 40mm fan x2 Various other bits I will show along the way. Link to manufacturer: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=291&area=en ^these are the best stock photos I have seen. -Still going through photos. I am so unorganized. Here is a link to video of the initial assembly. It is low def, poor lighting, etc. It's only 2:30 though, so its not so bad. I am not trying to advertise with this, so if the intro/logos are no go, feel free to remove it as that is not my intention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ORuBPOUML8 Components in that first assembly included: Bone stock FT03 Xeon 1245v2 ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x2 Nvidia Quadro 4000 HighPoint 2720SGL Rocket RAID/SAS to 4 sata cable Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD Western Digital Black 750GB HD x4 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 520w M12II Modular Power Supply LG Slot loading DVD burner Stock Silverstone 120mm fans x3 Xigmatek S1283 heatsink
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