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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome one and all to my very first build log. Hopefully this will be a great experience to share with you all as this is a project of many firsts: first extensive case mod, first foray into custom water cooling, first hardline loop too, and first time putting everything out there for public display! Exciting and terrifying in equal measure Asteria II: Rearmoured is based around the stunning In Win 901 Mini ITX case, and was inspired by Laine's "Clarity". It was great to see a custom loop put into this case, but I felt more could've been done with his radiator placement. A year of planning and exploring later I've bitten the bullet and giving it a shot of my own. The name Asteria was a Greek goddess associated with falling stars and prophetic dreams. She was also a Titan and, frankly, that's why the original Asteria was named as such - all of my computers are female and she had a GTX Titan inside The Titan and a few other parts of being reused in this new project, and hence Asteria II: Rearmoured was born. Hardware i7 6700K Maximus VIII Impact 16GB Dominator Platinum GTX Titan Silverstone ST45SF-G V2 PSU Water cooling EK Supremacy EVO Acetal Watercool Heatkiller GPU-X3 Titan LT with EK FC Titan backplate Alphacool UT60 360 primary radiator Alphacool ST30 120 secondary radiator Alphacool DDC310 pump with Aquacomputer DDC top Aquacomputer Aqualis ECO100 res EK 12mm hardline compression fittings Fans still TBC Since this has been in the planning stages for over a year, there's no starting pics of the case I'm afraid since it's all in bits for measuring! Where I can though I do intend to give some stock shots of components before they're modded. Right now though I only have my phone camera available, some cheap lights and a black bed sheet that refuses to have the creases ironed out of it, so don't expect miracles in the photography department Thanks for looking, progress will be updated as it comes.
  2. So I got all the plans, got all the stuff, well most of them, in my hands, and all I need is to grab a Gigabyte Brix gaming system, and this project of mine will be good to go! I was hoping to get a good deal on the Brix BXi5G-760 or a GB Brix that has Intel IrisPro Graphics 5200 this coming boxing day. Another HTPC type build of course, but, as usual, I will add a little twist to it. I finished a few rendering for what I was planning to do. The logo that I was using is a logo of a certain group of people that holds big LAN parties locally where I live. I attended their event last November for the case mod competition, my entry was my first scratch build, DotaBox, and I lost. :P There was a funny story behind it though. So, here's my rendering. (I was only able to finish 2 of them since I need to double check if the components of the Brix plus a 120mm fan and that "little twist" will be able to fit inside a 5"X 5"x 5" cube.) Hopefully, a good deal will come out for those Brix systems so I could start with this immediately. :D
  3. Michael Kaiser

    Wind of Change

    Wind Of Change No it's not what your thinking! While I was doing my last build, Wifey's computer was hanging on by a thread. Considering she endured my obsession, the least I could do was get her good rig up and running. So the two cases, one working and one to mod. My ulterior motive, is that I have everything I need to check fit and measurements. Once I'm done Modding I will transfer all the hardware to the modded case. Apparently all this stuff fits in this case? I trimmed back just a wee bit from cutting edge components. This rig is still total overkill for what she will be doing with it, But I didn't want a wimpy Build either. Trust me this is a very capable Rig! The Mother Board I chose was the Asus Z87I Deluxe which is a more main stream oriented version on the Asus Impact. It has the stand up riser, which makes things a little more complicated when I install the Corsair H100i that I will be using. I figured if i had a clearance problem that the riser would be an issue, It turned out that the USB ports were actually in the way of the tubing from the Rad. So much for just bolting this together! Actually it turned out to be very simple, by modder standards. I opened up all the mounting holes about an 1/8th" and I was happy again! You can see the small amount I had to move up the holes. Take note that there are multiple holes and I used the upper set and just a little more. I had heard concern that this type of mother board would block radiator air flow? I didn't find it to be a problem with where I mounted it. I mounted the fans to move air into the case to get the coolest air and keep spinning fans away from any wiring. The H100i is the biggest Rad that will fit in this case without some bigger mods. There is plenty of room in the front for a second rad If you did a custom loop. I was hoping to put a 200 mm fan in the front, which the case is setup for, But with the H100i in place it was a no go. It comes with a 140 mm fan in the front which probably moves just as much air. There really Is room to do a good wiring job on this case. You wouldn't know it from the picture above, but that was in the middle. It has 4 drive cages in the back and I used the spare 2 to hide the wiring. This is a great case to do a custom wiring job on, because all the wires are designed for a full size case. When I do the mod, that will be a must do! I always wanted a set of Corsair GT Ram, I think they are one of the coolest looking Ram designs. I hope this GTX 770 is enough to run FaceBook? As is standard these days, all the intakes have filters on them, 4 in total. A guy on another forum told me I should put some intake filters on the Metallica case? OK - Ya I'll do that right away! After coming off a major Mod, I have to say, just what a pleasure it was to build a case in less than a day. I hit the on button and the fans whirred up fairly loud and then it dropped to almost dead silence. Wifey looked at me confused and asked, Thats it? I was rewarded with zero issues and a straight build that I just love. I might have to sneak a play on this when Wifey Isn't looking He He. I'm going to take this build very casually. I just want to build, for the pleasure of building. I am not in any kind of hurry and I'll work on it when I feel Like it. I need to refine my Ideas and start bringing in some materials. This is totally backwards from Unforgiven, where I had all the materials but no hardware. This time I have all the hardware and very little materials. Lol