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Found 9 results

  1. Project JDM So its finally time to start on a new build log this time of a project i call "JDM". The core inspiration of the project was Japanese styled drift cars hens the radiator with outwards mounted ports to illustrate a oil cooler. And the other big small thing that is that i wanted it to be in mini-ITX format. So after a few weeks of thinking i decided to go with a tube frame to keep it true to the theme. Here are some of the renders i made after some designing in Fusion 360. Also big thanks to Alphacool, Bequiet and Teamgroupe for helping out with the hardware.
  2. Hello all! :D I have just registered MOD ZOO! The theme for this time is "Cosmic Dust". Yes, change the project title! :lol: I've tried to challenge the new spray painting. It's like a cosmos... B) I'm already getting parts and putting them together. I plan to make a mini-ITX water cooled system. I have wanted to build a mini-ITX water cooled system for quite some time! Special Thanks to the sponsors! Fractal Design MSI nanoxia I wish to express my appreciation!! -System- CASE: Fractal Design CORE500 PSU: Fractal Design Edison M 550W CPU: Core i5-6500(Skylake) MB: MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC VGA: MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC V1 RAM: G.Skill DDR4-2400 Dual Channel Ripjaws V Steel Blue 16GB SSD: OCZ Trion 100 SSD 240GB HDD: Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB See you later :D
  3. Holy moly it's been a busy week off. Trying to get some yard work done and work on Frozen Throne, then I threw in a scratch Raspberry Pi build, and THEN for good measure my youngest son decided he'd like to build out a brand new computer. Thus this log, a mini-ITX build. He put in a budget of about $700 to $1000 (we exceeded that just a pinch). He let me know he's looking to do some gaming and wants to start trying out some video editing and youtube stuff, as well as having some portability to take to friends houses for streaming, etc. So within that budget I was trying to tackle things like a] decent video card, b] some cpu horsepower, c] decent amount of ram and d] a good amount of drive space. As you can probably imagine that's a lot to balance within that budget. Here's what we settled on for parts: - Corsair Graphite Series 380T Portable Mini ITX Case, Black - AMD A10-7700K APU, Black Edition 3.4GHz w/ 4MB Cache - HIS Radeon R9 285 IceQ X² 2GB PCI-E w/ Dual DVI, HDMI, DP - G.SKILL RipjawsX Series 16GB PC3-14900 Dual Channel DDR3 - Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI w/ DDR3 2133, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit - TT Smart Standard 650W Power Supply - Seagate 2TB Desktop SSHD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache - Seidon 120M AIO cooler Per the usual process recommend online we started assembling the basics, mobo, ram, psu, cooler so that we could run a quick post test. The AIO cooler is a 'spare' that I had in a different box. I had a Corsair H100i from a different build awaiting use, so I threw that into my nas box and pulled the 240m out to put into this build. Tried to do what I could to save him a few dollars to throw at components. Got all the basics set up on the box for a quick post test. And yay! Posted fine and temps stayed stable, so off to the build. The case itself was a bit of an extravagance for him. I posed two different cases, one that was $100 less and much more within his budget. However he REALLY liked the look of this case and the convenience of the giant handle for hauling it around. In the end this is the extra $$$ he spent over and above his max. This is my first ITX build, so looking inside it seemed fairly tight. But in the end it had plenty of room. I can certainly imagine some other ITX builds to be a lot tighter than this. The PSU sits in the very bottom of the case. You may spend a fair amount of time wondering how the heck it gets in there. Turns out there's a mounting plate on the back you can pull off then slide the PSU in. It sits on rubber tracks, so you have to push pretty good to get it in all of the way. The side panels and front pop right off so you can get at the frame easily to mount everything. Fortunately he was looking for a red/black build, so the colored GPU connectors didn't end up being a big mis-match at all. In the end I had to settle on putting the rad in the front of the case. I really initially wanted it in the back blowing the heated air out of the case, but there we fit issues with the AIO. A little hard to see here, but the roof has some protrusions that prevent the 120mm AIO from fitting the holes by about 2 stinkin millimeters. Now I could have either filed down the holes a bit in the back or cut some notches in the top. Being that this is a quick build for my son I didn't quite want to do any damage to the case yet per chance we needed to do any returning. We may revisit this later on. The fan and rad fit nicely into the front, no issues. It will be blowing the heat back into the case, but with the large mesh sides this really shouldn't cause much of an issue. We'll just have to keep an eye on the GPU temps. Speaking of, the GPU fit nicely into the side. The bracket in back allows for a single screw to remove the slot covers and install the card. That single thumb screw goes right back in to hold everything in place. One complaint (sorry I didn't get a better shot of it here) I had to push WAY TOO HARD on the mobo to get the screws to go in. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the thickness of the IO cover, the mobo design or the positioning of the mobo mounts on the case itself, but once done I did have a tiny but noticeable bend on the motherboard after getting it installed. The case comes with a 140mm PWM fan for the front and a regular 3-pin fan for the back. We installed the 140 in the front for a little extra push/pull on the rad and some air through the hard drive cages. After that it was just getting the cables plugged in and tucked away as neatly as possible. The case comes with a built in fan controller for up to 3 fans. I really actually wanted to get a nice big 200mm fan for the front, but it wasn't in the budget. Maybe I'll surprise him with it. Being that the case isn't a vertical one I wasn't able to get the cables as tidy as I'd like, but I did get them out of the way of airflow and certainly could have tried a little harder. It was getting close to midnight and my so was pretty eager to get playing. Overall, it's a pretty nice looking case and kind of fun to do a build in. I'm interested in seeing what the SSHD does. It's unlikely I'm going to get at it to do any kind of benchmarks however. My youngest is not the most patient young man. He had Steam installed before the GPU drivers and wondered why he couldn't get any games running. :lol:
  4. Oi lads! After months of wedding planning, moving to a new apartment, new job and everything else Im back, and this time with a casemod, usually Im working from scratch. I will hopefully learn a lot by this small project and get more modding experience. In my opinion I've found the ultimate mini-itx case, the Cubitek Mini Cube. Ever since I installed a computer for a friend in this case I have been in love. It is clean-looking, has A LOT of space behind the motherboard for both cablemanagement and harddrives. My idea of this casemod is to make a "stealth" mod. Everything will be black except for some small details that will be the small contrast to all the black. So I will start by taking the case in two parts and paint everything that isnt black. Then I will be installing a 240mm radiator in the front, yes you heard me, I will be making a big hole in that nice-looking frontpanel. But dont worry, I will be covering it up with one of the most awesome-looking radiator grills from Aquacomputer. This is the hardware Im aiming for, most of it I already have. MB: MSI Z87I CPU:Intel I5 4670K GPU: Zotac GTX 760 RAM: 2x4gb Corsair Dominator Platinum SSD: Samsung 840 120gb PSU: Be-Quiet! Dark Power Pro P10 550W CASE: Cubitek Mini Cube _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Thats all for now. Im currently planning and measuring out where to put the radiator and window and stuff like that. But I will update as soon as possible. I hope you like it. While you wait I would really appreciate if you liked to check out my facebook-page. There you will find more updates, giveaways and other computer related stuff. With kind regards Johan Nyman
  5. Hello to all ;) After my Cooler Master CM 690 III Modded Edition, I'm leaving on a new project. This one is an order from one of my partners and will be completed after a specification. - Partners - Components - Watercooling
  6. C4B12


    Hello there Zoo-animals! BitFenix was nice to send me a Colossus mITX to mod it and do something fun with it. So when I received it I started to think about what I wanted to do with it, one thing I wanted to change after reviewing the case was to change the LEDs to another color then blue/red/green. If anyone are interested in doing the same I will post a simple step to step guide here how to do it yourself. Thank you BitFenix and Inet for giving me this case and some fans to play around with. I made a window on the sidepanel that followed the lines of the LEDs. Installed a smaller U-channel around the edge of the sidepanel too, I dont like U-channels but when I found this one I changed my mind, this one is smaller and cleaner. If you remove the frontpanel of this case you will find this small thing installed behind it. This is the LED-chip. And this is what it looks like if we remove it, the entire LED-bars on this case is powered by two single leds. I made my own little plate and lined it up with the lightbars. Then I soldered together my own LEDs that connects to a regular fan-port. And tada, this is the result. I will keep tweaking it so it will be even better. But if you want to do this it is pretty simple. Remove the old LED-chip.Make your own little plate and drill some holes to fit two of your own LEDs.Solder together two LEDs to your connector of choice.Install your new plate together with the LEDs.Done! What do you think? I dont have any hardware right now for this case but I will keep working on it. With kind regards Johan Nyman Minimalistic PC's
  7. Hello the Mod Zoo! My name is Johan Nyman, Im 20 years old and living in Sweden, enough with that. ;)/> I just finished with a little HTPC/NAS build, so now I can start with my next project. I have been waiting to start working on this. Ive been planning how to make this as good as possible. This is the project I will spend most time on ever. Hope you will enjoy this log, feel free to comment and please give me advice and tips. Lets start with a little info about this build. You may remember a build I made called Cold Winter. I posted it on several forums around a year ago. I also made a version 2 of it, and now the third and last version is coming. This is my favorite build of all time, so now I want to make it as goodlooking as possible. What Im going to do is to correct the mistakes Ive made before, add some features to hide cables and things like that. I will also fill it with a little bit newer hardware and this time Im going for some nice watercooling, not an all-in-one like the Antec Kuhler I had in V.2. List of things to do: Paint the right acrylic side of the case (on the inside) black, so you cant see in from the side. Thats the side where the motherboard will be installed.Make coverplates out of acrylic to cover cables, psu and waterpump.Make a hole in the bottom and in the backpanel for the new psu.File down the acrylic so it fits perfectly with the acrylic piece.Sleeve everything white, black and aqua.Hide as much of the cables as possibleInstall watercoolingHardware: MB: Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI CPU: AMD A10-6800K RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x4gb 2133MHz SSD: Samsung 840 120gb PSU: Be-Quiet SFX 300W In V.2 I used AMDs Llano, and I fell in love. Since then I have been waiting for the next generation and now Trinity is here. When I have time for games I either play Starcraft 2 or Dota 2 and those arent really hardware demanding games, but the Trinity still is pretty good. So what I want is a HTPC but with possibilities of some simpler games to be played. So what I want to add for hardware is a m-itx motherboard for Trinity, socket FM2. As APU I want the best possible so Im trying to get a hold of a A10-6800K, and then add 2 sticks of 4GB DDR3 2133MHz ram. EKWB! Thank you for helping me. Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2. Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI. MNPCTech sponsored me with this fan grill to have in the front, should look awesome! Clear Acrylic 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" PC Fan Grill from Mnpctech.com EK DCP 2.2 Combo: What Ive done so far is to strip the case from almost everything except the LCD and powerswitch. Front: Back: Left side: Right side. This is the side I want to paint black on the inside so you cant see into it from here. The acrylic is pretty messed up as you can see. It was that from the beginning. Many scratches. But at the same time I feel like it gives the case a kind of vintage look, I still want to make it look a bit nicer though. So I will start by cleaning and polish it as much as possible. Do any of you guys know how to remove scratches from acrylic? Clearcoat it? Use a little blowtorch? Any advice? First thing Im going to start with is to cut the acrylic maybe 3-4mm so it fits perfect with the white plate. Then paint the backside of the acrylic black. So this is what I have to work with for a couple of weeks: Will be updating as much as possible. Please comment and give me advice and tips. Everything and everyone is welcome. Thats all for today! :) Johan Nyman
  8. Hoi! I got a request from a friend, he wanted a small computer to play music, watch movies and check his mail and so on. He is building a bar and wanted a PC there. I loooove making sff builds so this is going to be fun. He just wanted a small working computer, but thats boring. Im going to make some smaller mods and make it look really good and fit in to a bar. I started looking around for a nice case and ended up with a Streacom F1C Evo. I fell in love! It measures 200x200x70mm and fits a mini-itx, slotin slimdrive dvd, 2x 2.5" drives. So now Im currently looking for sponsors for a picopsu and some nice looking feet to the case. CDON.com is sponsoring this build with a ASRock E350M1. Kingston is helping me with a 2x4gb kit DDR3. Kingston HyperX 2x4gb DDR3 1600MHz. To-do list. Install 2x 50mm fans. DONEEngrave the Jack Daniels logo on top. DONESleeve everything that can be sleeved.Cablemanagement.Install some nice feet.Install a IR-receiver for a remote controller. DONEThis is what the case looks like: I remembered Wolverine engraving a Jack Daniels logo to a side panel of a Antec P180 and I thought I would make something similar. It will be perfect for the bar. My friend will be so surprised! :) So today Im starting the engraving and Ill be back as soon as possible. Give me feedback ofcourse! :) With kind regards! Johan Nyman
  9. A few days ago roboduck asked in the chatbox what the ideal ITX case would be for the zoo members.He came up with a design of a wood and aluminium case. I really liked the design but there were a few things I'd change about it so I started sketching something. This is what I got at the moment: There are more sketches with more detail coming up :) Feel free to share your opinions with me!
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