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Found 7 results

  1. The term “To Mothball” is military in origin, it's definition translates to - "Held in reserve against a time when it may be necessary to call back into service" Say hello to my Mothball :D What we have here is the chassis of a Silverstone PS07 (Precision Series), I last used this chassis about 15 months ago - more often as not I give away or sell all my old cases, this one however I kept as in my honest opinion it is one of the most versatile mATX chassis ever made (along with it's sibling the TJ08). The one down side to the PS07 is it's cheap and ugly stock case front, Silverstone certainly did it no favours here (the TJ08 fairs much better in this respect); I kinda destroyed mine whilst zeroing in the scope on a firearm a while ago (I sh*t you not lol). Soooo the first order of business in the project will be to create a new one, my inspirations for this stage of the build are our very own E.E.L. Ambiense and Cheapskate; both never cease to amaze me - Eel for his ability to recycle, take to the brink of destruction and create miracles and Cheaps to create anything from what basically amounts to nothing. Did I also mention that to create the aforementioned case front I’ll be using nothing except the materials I have lying around and with the exception of a new motherboard everything else will be donated if you like from another build... More to follow soon
  2. Cases with curves are nothing new to PC cases. Manufacturers have turned to curves to break up the classic beige box and add appeal for end users for many years now. There have been cases with sweeping curves but nothing quite like NZXT’s new mITX case, the Manta. Teased at CES 2016, the Manta is all about curves, featuring not only curved edges, but curved surfaces as well. The case is as sleek as they come and it’s easy to see the sports automotive influence. As I mentioned, the case is mITX but by no means is it small. I’m hoping to coin the phrase “Large Small Form Factor” here guys, help me out with that... Check out the full article HERE.
  3. With smaller ITX form factor gaining traction in the last few years, it’s no surprise to see more cases geared toward these systems, hitting the market. Whether you’re after a portable LAN system, a home theater PC, or something to save desk space, the appeal of small form factor cases is real. Trouble lies in trying to cram a full size graphics card into a small case. Sure you want it small, but you want powerful too. Silverstone’s Raven Z line is built for that challenge, and the RVZ02 is the case for the job. Check out the full article HERE.
  4. Continuing with their line of aluminum Legacy cases, Rosewill is coming out with its W1 mITX case soon. The case looks pretty decent with a 140mm fan in the front and rear and up to a 280 combo in the ceiling. Provided it's aluminum, this might be a fun case to cut into. Rumors are a review is imminent B) Link to Rosewill's page about the W1: http://www.rosewill.com/landingpage/legacy_w1/
  5. Lian Li is showing off some new cases at CeBIT 2014. The PC-Q36 and PC-V359 are boxy mITX and mATX cases featuring a smoked acrylic ceiling, 240mm rad support, sliding panels and or course aluminum construction. Prepare yourself, both of these cases are external drive bay-less. No info on pricing or avalibility from Lian Li's facebook page. Check out a full image gallery and specs here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.290155827806119.1073741838.100644210090616&type=1
  6. Lian Li will be dropping their PC-Q33 mITX chassis soon. Check out the hinged cover! Short graphics cards may be a mitigating factor for some enthusiasts but the unique design and all aluminum case will certainly draw people in. Link: http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/pc-q33/
  7. Well, a visit at hospital made me go into my "idea folder" to pick up something to work on while in bed. (have a bad back making some troubles sometimes and need monitoring at hospital, nothing serious) So i picked up a thing i have wanted to do for a long time. Its all planned and all measures fixed. As i have a truck load of LED´s left from the WOPR i focused on something to do with theese. And here it is. The Thinking Machines Corp. - Connection Machine 2, or CM2 for short. This beast was a big boy from the 1980´s supercomputing era and has a good looking outside. As usual, im not doing it full scale, this one is planned about 20x20 inches. The real deal have 43 LED´s per CPU board, and it have 8+8 boards per cube. That gives a total of 2752 LED´s in the real one. I have scaled this down a bit, but will still look nice to 8+8 lines and 24 LED´s per column, with a total of 1536 LED´s, 3mm ones. The LED´s were used to show when a CPU were active wich made a nice pattern of lights, later on the ended all sequences with a special activation of the CPU´s to draw text or pictures for visitors. Dont know if i want to get into that really :) Have made some orders for the material, as for now the build will start after the CRAY is done. Need to keep up with my brain well in bed too, so here goes one more build in the works :P A fast rendering of the CM2 in my dimensions. Dont really have time for all details, i will build them instead of put them into the drawing :P And the real deal!
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