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Found 2 results

  1. This is another Case Mod Idea by Mnpctech! This was the mod I did to NZXT's 1200w PSU for the WOLFENSTEIN Case Mod Project I'm painting the PSU Matte Black. *Tip, if you don't have a Heatgun, you can remove the sticky residue from the sticker with Lacquer Thinner or Goo Gone After peeling off the spec label, fyi: the stick residue can be removed with Goo Gone After scuffing surface with red scotch brite pad After scuffing the surface of the PSU cover with 3M Red Scotch brite pad I like to use SEM brand "self etching primer" because it provides the best paint adhesion to bare metal surfaces. You want to apply a good enamel paint like "RUST TOUGH" by Krylon. I used Flat Black The PSU was painted Matte Black, before adding Wolfenstein logo and installing 120mm Logysis Red LED fan, after painting it with Mnpctech 120mm "Sniper" fan grill that was also painted Matte Black. The red beam of light over the Black fan blades creates a menacing look. Great fit with our Wolfenstein theme.It's easy to paint a cooling fan yourself. Some PC cooling fans have a "C" clip that holds on the fan blade hub, so you can remove it, but Logysis fan's have sealed hubs, so you can't remove the fan blade hub. You will need to mask off a Logysis PC cooling fan. I used this 120mm Logisys Red led fan. I'm peeling off the stickers before applying the paint. Tip* Using a Heatgun will help remove the stickers without leaving any glue residue. No surface prep necessary on plastic parts, if you use Krylon's "Fusion" aerosol for plastic. I'm using cloth dabbed with Lacquer Thinner to remove the glue residue left by the sticker. I've pulled out the 4, leds and tape all of the wires. Hmmm, this is when I learned Logisys fans are remarkably resilient to my modding abuse I painted one side first, Krylon's Fusion Paint dries within 15 minutes, so then I painted the other side If you have the space, it's wiser to suspend the fan frame from a wire, in the air. Painting everything Black, besides the Red LEDS, creates light beams I'm using 120mm "Sniper" billet fan grill from Mnpctech Since the Mnpctech 120mm "Sniper" fan grill is aluminum, it requires a different type of paint and preparation before I can paint it. Scuff the surface first with a red scotch brite pad, (or med grit automotive sandpaper) then wipe off the grill with a tack cloth. I like to use SEM brand "self etching primer" because it provides the best paint adhesion to bare metal surfaces. You want to apply a good enamel paint like "RUST TOUGH" by Krylon. I allowed the Black paint 24 hours to cure.
  2. Here is another EASY DIY PC mod idea from Mnpctech.com How about giving it the look of Brushed Aluminum? Or you could apply 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber? All you need to do this simple modification is 1. Pen2. Scissors or Xacto knife, Razer blade will do3. Ruler to measure or trace the SSD onto backside of the film. 4. Brushed Aluminum Chrome Film from Mnpctech or any Vinyl film will do! Brushed Aluminum Chrome Film from Mnpctech or any Vinyl film will do! Use a Pen or Pencil to trace around the SSD onto the backside of Brushed Vinyl Chrome film Use Xacto knife or Scissors to cut the Brushed Vinyl Chrome film Our piece of Brushed Vinyl Chrome film is cut, and ready to peel and apply! Brushed Vinyl Chrome film has an adhesive backing. You need to peel off the backing paper to apply the film. Once the Brushed Vinyl Chrome film is applied. Use Xacto knife to remove any excess film from the edges. The SSD installed, and Looks great! This is a great looking modification for anyone's PC, especially if you own a Silver aluminum PC case from Lian Li or Silverstone!
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