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Found 29 results

  1. So a while back, I got a message asking me if I wanted to play with some new hardware. How could I resist? I mean, new hardware, short timeline, lots of other projects going on, the holidays...sounds like a challenge to me! Originally, my idea was for an open design with the mb and gpu on display with the rest of the hardware in a base, but it felt done. Lots of cases have pulled off that look and I gotta be different, so back to the drawing board...or rather the shower, cause that's where the idea hit me. Standing there with shampoo in my hair, and I'm running through the details of a case design. An aluminum shell with the tray suspended, and everything as compact as possible to keep the size to a mid tower or less. Vertical mount the GPU, check. SFX power supply, check. Does it work with the parts I've already told them I need.........this will be interesting. First up we needed a design to see if I could fit it all together. Next we're gonna need some hardware, obviously, so let's see what we've got to play with. The new hardware and what will become the foundation of the design, the MSI Z270 Krait Gaming motherboard. And what will be filling it's slots??? How about some HyperX Predator DDR4 RAM. 16GB of 3000Mhz. And a HyperX Predator 240GB M.2 drive. Power is going to be handled by a Silverstone 600w SFX PSU. And on the graphics front, we have the beefy MSI GTX980Ti Lightning. Water cooling parts are from Bitspower and consist of... A 360mm Leviathan Slim radiator. A Water Tank Z-Multi 200 V2 res. For the pump and top, MCP655 + D5 TOP V2 (POM Version) with the white mod kit. A Summit EF CPU block in clear acrylic. The matching clear acrylic block for the MSI Lightning. And a gaggle of fittings. For fan duties, I've snagged three Thermaltake Riing 12 fans in white cause I just like the look when they're lit. Now I guess I should put all this together...but first a shout out to the sponsors for this build, MSI, HyperX, and Bitspower.
  2. Welcome to the next project! It's one of two that I want to finish this year. The second will be in the new Cosmos C700P and soon I will also start the thread here on the forum After the 24-hour Nvidia GeForce Garage in Poland, I return to my favorite Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG. This project is for (and in cooperation with) MSI. Plan The case will be painted and airbrusher in a "candy red" color. On the front will dominate the MSI dragon in silver / gray style and two stripes. The case will be modded inside to simplify and smooth the style. Components ▪ Intel i9 7900X ▪ MSI M7 ACK X299 ▪ MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X ▪ Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass ▪ Seasonic PRIME PLATINUM 1200 ▪ Bitspower water cooling RAM and SSD are not yet resolved :-D Here are a couple of photos of the case and HW Everything is already home and some progress is already recorded, so very soon ther will be first update here is the current progress:
  3. PROJECT ORION Hello all, Today I present to you a mid range gaming build. This project is sponsored by MSI and Silverstone Special thanks to Team Group And Alphacool This is all white build with colorful lights, coolant and details, inspired by beautiful Orion Nebula. Components Silverstone Redline RL07 chassis i7 7740x MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic motherboard MSI GTX 1070Ti Gaming graphics card Team Group Night Hawk RGB DDR4 3000mhz 2x8GB Silverstone Strider Plus 700W power supply Silverstone LSB01 8 port RGB controller Silverstone FG121 RGB fan grill Cooling Alphacool XPX Eisblock cpu block Alphacool Eisbecher 250 reservoir Alphacool DDC 3.1 pump HW Labs Black Ice Nemesis LS360 radiator Primochill Revolver fittings+ Primochill acrylic tubing Silverstone FQ121 fans Big thanks to the sponsors of this project; MSI and Silverstone
  4. Hi guys, super excited to be posting this. I'm a member of AMD's Red Team Plus, and AMD sent me over a extra special box of goodies to coincide with the Ryzen launch. My plans so far are to build with what I have currently, and as I do tutorials on various modding practices, add to the build log. Soo.. lets see some sexiness Parts list: **Sponsored parts** AMD Ryzen R7 1800X MSI Xpower AM4 2 x 8gb Corsair LPX 3000mhz AMD Visiontek Fury X **self-financed** Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV ATX in Anthracite Grey assorted cabling, sleeving, tubing Swiftech H-240X Mayhems Pastel Orange 2x 4TB Seagate SSHD Intel 600p 256gb Will be building in my current case until the Phanteks gets here, and testing for stability etc.
  5. The First Double Sided Mod Art QUADRAD Custom Case In The World / With Four Loop Four Radiator Four Rezervoir Hello there. Welcome to my new project. We designed a big extreme case. A case with a square look. 4 radiators, 4 pumps, 4 reservoirs in the system. I wanted to build a system with 4 loops. For this reason the name QUAD-RAD. Case design is mine. Thanks to arg-ist for hand labor .. This case can be used in different systems. The case would be made from scratch, not by modifying a standard case. After our first work, we decided to make a case in this view. Case Designed as square cross-section and 45 degree broken. The case is a plain-flap shape with the front and rear top panels on the wings. It is designed to bend 45 degrees towards the side covers. With this, the depth of the cradle, normally 18 cm, was removed by 30 cm. We started making a 1/1 carton to see what the case would be like. There are air grids on the wings. And on the outside there are reservoirs. In the form of 4 reservoirs in 4 corners.
  6. Hey everyone, welcome to MSI's PRO MOD Season 5! My name is Dave Cathey, or InsolentGnome as a lot of folks know me. I hail from the US and I've been picked as a judge for this season. I know...crazy! Who in their right minds lets a gnome be a judge, let alone an insolent one, right? Part of the judging duties is to make a demonstration mod with the Arctic theme with the sponsor's hardware, which is some pretty nice kit, but let's start off with the theme... This mod is named Crevasse. A crevasse is basically a crevice, but in a glacier. Crack in rock...crevice. Crack in ice...crevasse. It just sounds fancier, like a swan ice sculpture. The idea for the case is to appear to be a crevasse in an ice shelf that has opened up to reveal an inner cave. While it won't be as dramatic as it sounds, I think it should turn out pretty cool. Get it? Yeah, the puns will be out in force with this worklog. For hardware, I'm starting off with the In Win 303 in white. The motherboard is the MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic. And yes, you read that correctly, B350 so this baby is gonna have a new AMD Ryzen chip, the Ryzen 7 1700X to be specific. Cooling for our Ryzen chip will be handled by the new MSI Core Frozr L tower cooler. Populating the memory slots will be 16GB(4x4GB) of HyperX Predator DDR4 @3000MHz Storage will be a HyperX 240GB Predator PCIe SSD in the M.2 slot. Power is coming from a Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000w PSU. And case airflow will be handled by Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans. Three 120mm and two 140mm. I'm still waiting on some of the other hardware and will update as soon as it arrives. The first thing we need to to with all this nice hardware is to set it up and get the board updated since that's been an issue with Ryzen. Break out the Open Benchtable. This thing is pretty slick and lets you bench up a system pretty easily. I know that the GPU coming is supposed to be a RX580, but all I had with an air cooler laying around was a GTX 760, but it will let me get started. Now to find a monitor... Sponsored by:
  7. Hi all. Project Sofia came to light one day when I was watching Sofia The First on tv with my 4 year old daughter. One of those grab a coffee and chill for 5 minute times. I was already in talks with Antec uk on a project,myself and my fiancée own a few antec cases.media centre and my personal build. Whilst watching the kids show with my daughter,the colour theme and build came to life. Something small,clean lines,elegant, like Sofia in the tv show,and it had to have a wow factor on the colour scheme. So I passed my plans on to Antec,and the green light was given. SPONSORS ANTEC UK :- http://www.antec.com/?lan=uk MSI UK :- https://uk.msi.com/ Team Memory :- http://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/T-Force%20Gaming Alphacool :- https://www.alphacool.com/ Watercool:- http://watercool.de/en/home Re Born To Be Wild :- http://www.reborntobewild.com SPECS:- CASE:- Antec Cube MOBO:- Msi Z270i Gaming Pro Carbon MITX CPU:- Intel i7-6700k MEM:- Team Dark DDR4 3000mhz in grey. PSU:- Antec High Current Pro 850 watt. GPU:- Sapphire RX480 8 gig. SSD:- 2 x Kingston Hyper X 3K 240 gig M.2:- Samsung SM961 256 NVME. FANS:- Antec Truequiet 120 UFO white. WATERCOOLING:- RADS:- 1 x Alphacool 240 mm Eisbrecher Pro XT45. /. 1 x Alphacool 120 mm Eisbrecher Pro XT45 CPU :- Watercool Heatkiller IV pro Gpu :- Watercool Heatkiller IV pro RX480 RES:- Alphacool Eisbrecher 250 FITTINGS:- Alphacool 13/10 Eiszapfan compression fittings TUBING:- Alphacool 13/10 Acrylic COOLANT:- Mayhems pastel purple. CASE:- Antec Cube CASE COLOURS:- EXTERIOR COLOUR:- House of Kolor fine Pavo Purple with metallic flake. INTERIOR COLOUR:- House of kolor Snow White pearl. MOTHERBOARD:- Msi Z270i Gaming Pro Carbon MITX PSU:- Antec High Current Pro 850 watt. That's it for now,more updates coming soon. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone! My name is DJ Madrid a.k.a Kryptekmodz from Ph. This time i'll making a project called AURELIO, which means the "FIRST" Filipino Made Super Car. I picked this concept because I like the way they did and I love cars. (but i don't have a car) lol :D. And the modding theme will be Pinoy Pride. That means we are able to mod a Filipino brands or Made in the Philippines. So my co-competitor which these guys are the top case modder here in the Philippines, Tantricmodz (Mhike Samsin), JPModified (Jesse Palacio), Mickee Boy Lacerna (MadMods). so this time, I'll be presenting this concept at Cooler Master Battlemodz Invitational here in the Philippines. I give many thanks to Cooler Master for picking me for this time. I would like to thank all the sponsors, Cooler Master, MSI, G.Skill for supporting my projects now and before. Concept: You may find the full details of the AURELIO Super Car, just click the link. http://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/aurelio-first-filipino-made-supercar/ And here are my components that i will be using for this project Processor: Intel i5 6600k Motherboard: MSI B150m Mortar Arctic GPU: MSI GTX 960 2G RAM: GSkill Trident Z 4x8GB (32GB) PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1200w Platinum SSD: G.Skill Phoenix FTL 240GB Fans: Thermaltake Riing White 12mm (4pcs) Case: Cooler Master Mastercase PRO 3 Water Cooling: Bitspower Water Cooling
  9. No Longer The Evangelion Build Ok well im back with my Eva build, The Evangilion Build was a huge fail... So its been re born as a Rust Doom mod Now the case i will be working on is the Raidmax Agusta
  10. Hi my name is Mickee from the Philippines, just wanted to share my current project I hope you like it For the materials I will be mainly using 3mm thick plexiglass and some spray cans. PC Hardware: Chassis: Tecware Alpha System Fans: ID Cooling Fan NO12025 Watercooling: Thermaltake Pacific Watercooling components CPU: Core i5 6600K Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Carbon GPU: GEFORCE® GTX 950 2GD5T OC PSU: Bitfenix Fury 550G HDD: 1TB Western Digital Blue SSD: TBA RAM: TBA Here goes nothing! Here is the base case Disassembly To come up with a new look for the front panel, I removed the wire mesh and the honeycombed grill beneath it then made some acrylic panels using a motosaw. Painted the case matte black as well as the new front panel. Side panels from white to silver. Since the case has a built in PSU shroud I decided not to change it and just add a few details. Painted I do not have a solid plan for this build to be honest that's why the design in my mind keeps on changing. (Yes this is not good a practice) I ditched the original sidepanels and created new ones using plexiglass. Painted. I will use these sliders to mount the new panel on the backside of the case. Here it is mounted, Im quite happy with how it turned out and everything can still be easily accessed from the back of the case if needed be. I have also started to apply the weathering details using spray cans, dry towels, sand paper and a paint brush. Gave the front I/O ports a little tilt. More acrylic for the side panel (front side) air vent style. Additional details for the new sidepanel. Glued together, painted and weathered. Those are all for now, I will be back to introduce and install the PC Components that we will use for this mod or If additional ideas pop up then I will be screwed :duh: but so far I really am enjoying this and that is the most important part. Thanks,
  11. So I applied for the MSI Vortex mod contest and somehow got chosen to participate. 8 contestants have til july 14th at PDXLAN to mod a MSI Vortex case. no hardware involved. I figured I would share my progress. I wasn't even gonna be able to do the contest due to lack of funds but a friend of mine talked to a facebook group about it and the group ended up raising money for me to get the supplies/etc i will need to do the mod!!! So between that and the fact that this is my first contest...i am super nervous lol..but....here we go...
  12. Welcome to our PC build log for the Silver Bullet build I would like to first introduce our Sponsors whom are helping create this small but full featured PC system. IN-Win http://inwin-style.com/en/goods.php?act=file&id=805#product_tab have kindly supplied us with the 805 tower glass case as per our request. MSI has graciously Sponsored us with a main-board aka - MSI Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium Edition Intel Z170 (Socket 1151) DDR4 ATX Motherboard and a Graphics card (more details to come) I will be creating a 1 off special Real 100% pure Silver Nano 10nm coolant liquid for the build. Glass tubing and hopefully some thing just a little bit special but you will have to wait and see....... Super flower are sponsoring us Via OCUK http://www.overlcokers.co.uk a power supply.
  13. Hello all! :D I have just registered MOD ZOO! The theme for this time is "Cosmic Dust". Yes, change the project title! :lol: I've tried to challenge the new spray painting. It's like a cosmos... B) I'm already getting parts and putting them together. I plan to make a mini-ITX water cooled system. I have wanted to build a mini-ITX water cooled system for quite some time! Special Thanks to the sponsors! Fractal Design MSI nanoxia I wish to express my appreciation!! -System- CASE: Fractal Design CORE500 PSU: Fractal Design Edison M 550W CPU: Core i5-6500(Skylake) MB: MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC VGA: MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC V1 RAM: G.Skill DDR4-2400 Dual Channel Ripjaws V Steel Blue 16GB SSD: OCZ Trion 100 SSD 240GB HDD: Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB See you later :D
  14. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is excited for the MSI Pro Mod Season 3! It is an honor to be asked to judge this contest as well as contribute a demonstration build! I will be doing a black and white theme mod using a Thermaltake F51 Suppressor case designed around the MSI z170 Krait Gaming Motherboard. The name of my build is the Achromatic Serpent, meaning colorless snake. Thanks to all the sponsors for the contest! Without them this would not be possible! In addition to the contest sponsors, Primochill will be providing my build with modding materials and supplies like acrylic, cables, sleeve, and accessories! Let’s move on with the hardware for the build! We have some great components that I cannot wait to mod! A few big boxes of goodies! Here is the canvas I will be working with! The Thermaltake F51 Suppressor! Well follow that up with the center piece of the build, the MSI z170 Krait gaming motherboard! You can also see the processor installed, thanks to Intel, we have a Skylake i5-6600k processor! To go right along with the crisp black and white theme is the MSI GTX 970 Graphics Card! G. Skill hooked the build up with some new DDR4 Trident Z memory! This RAM looks slick! Moving on to the 850w Tough Power Modular PSU from Thermaltake! Some super sweet white LED Thermaltake Riing Fans. Last up from Thermaltake is the Water 3.0 Extreme S all-in-one Cooler for the Intel Skylake processor! Next well show the Ttesports peripheral components that will be modded to the black and white theme as well! Well start with the PoseidonZ RGB mechanical keyboard! Here we have the Ventus X Gaming mouse! Last up from Ttesports is the Shock 3D Gaming headset! This thing is super comfy! That wraps up the hardware intro, we also have some SSDs on the way and should be arriving soon. I already began work on the F51 case by breaking it down to bare metal and removing the guts. Now I am ready to start installing my custom acrylic interior to best show off the hardware installed. While I am working on the case I have the hardware installed on my test bench where I will be testing all the hardware before modding it. After drilling out the rivets and removing the interior I can begin my mod with the nice blank canvas! It won’t be blank for long though! This is where I left off for now, I am working out the final design ideas which I will share next update. I wanted to have the case gutted and ready to start the rebuild going into week 2. Next update I have quite a bit or work planned so it should be a mod packed update! I can smell the plastic chips already! Thanks again to the contest sponsors and to everyone stopping by and tuning in! I will see you in a week!
  15. Hello everyone! My name is Martin Katler aka "SKRiPT", a case modder from Slovakia, but this is the first time I post a worklog on the msi forum. Here's my latest project: Project Monochromatic My goal for this mod is to present a beautiful contrast black & white on the theme of the MSI Krait Gaming series (MSI Z170 KRAIT GAMING). The hardware: MB: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K Cooler: Thermaltake NIC C4 GPU: MSI GTX 960 2GD5T OC RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V: DDR4 3000MHz 8GB Case: Thermaltake Versa H35 Fans: Thermaltake Riing 12 White PSU: Thermaltake TR2 500W Gold Let's begin! More photos coming very soon! Components▼ All hardware in detail. Motherboard: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming & Intel Core i5-6600K GPU: MSI GTX 960 2GD5T OC RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V: DDR4 3000MHz 8GB Cooler: Thermaltake NIC C4 PSU: Thermaltake TR2 500W Gold Fans: Thermaltake Riing 12 White Case: Thermaltake Versa H35 Please stay tunned for more info soon... This week I want to start with modding(painting, cutting plexiglass, etc).
  16. PROJECT BUYANGYANG Modder: Andrew Lee(Andrew Lee Adanza) FB: https://www.facebook.com/andrewleekho Intoduction The aim of this build is to showcase all components of a computer. As you can see, all parts are exposed. Even the Liquid Cooling System. Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting this project. Thermaltake Technology Inc Thermaltake Philippines MSI Philippines MSI Global Plextor Philippines Table of Contents
  17. Totally Hand Crafted Acrylic sticker mod for a Corsair 760t Case.....it was a really hard thing to do all these 3 cuts from the plain sheets within just one day....one of them is 8 inches/10 inches in size... One is 5 inches/ 4 inches in size....the acrylic was an opal colored white acrylic sheet.... And the ROG eye was done for a dearest person of mine.....it was done in and red 3mm acrylic sheet.... THE ROG LOGO Some up close pictures..... The MSI LOGO..... This is the 4/5 inches one..... This is the bigger one 10/8 inches one.... Close up Extreme close up.... ;) With MSI logo Both sizes Together.... Please do add your comments and suggestion and anything whatever you like.....each and every comments inspires me a lot to do more..... :)
  18. Here is sneak peek at some of the new items MSI has announced at 2015 CES International. We will be posting more photos and details later this week. MSI_motherboard white pci MSI2 krait x99 James Fisler's Red Dragon Mod MSI Twin Frozr V 970
  19. Hi all I just need a little advice I am using a MSI Z77 big bang Mpower motherboard at the moment but i got my hands on a MSI H81M-P33 with a Core i7 4770 and i just want to know if I should swop the boards. I know my bigbang is more advanced but it6 only has a core i5 3330 but with 16gb ram and loads of HDD now if i more to the new MB i will loose 8gb ram and +- 5 of my Sata slots so i dont know if it will be worth it... http://www.msi.com/product/mb/H81MP33.html#hero-specification vs http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Z77_MPOWER.html both will be running my MSI GTX 660ti PE OC Thanks
  20. Just wanted to share some basic modding to my Breast Cancer Themed AMD PC Build. For more info please follow this link: http://goo.gl/LYZSGH Case: Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Advanced in White I will be painting the front, top fan filters and power buttons in a pink color, replacing case feet and placing fan covers on left side panel. More modding to follow in the future. Will also be removing front HDD cage to allow room for future custom water loop. For HDD cage I'll be using the Xigmatek 4 in 3 (5.25") HDD cage. And for SATA, fan extension(s) and PSU cables the BitFenix Alchemy in white. Here I started removing the mesh and dust filters. Removed power, reset and LED buttons. Not sure about painting handle since it is of a rubber material, will look into options. Replacing case feet. Luckily I did not have to use a drill to use custom case feet, thread matched the included bolts :P Color for the top and front mesh is a Posh Pink Applying first and second coat Looks brighter in person More updates to follow...
  21. While I'm still working on my Breast Cancer Themed PC build I decided to start on yet another case mod. I blame Bill for this :P I have purchased attendee tickets for the very first PAX South event on Jan 2015 and noticed that there is an option to be notified for BYOC. I wanted the smallest yet functional case for travel purposes and CM had already provided me with an Elite 110. Since I support Breast Cancer Awareness and this case is not available in white I decided to mod it for this cause as well. Will be painting it white and even though the bottom feet are just for aesthetics I will be ordering some M-ITX case feet. I am aware the bottom is not functional since this case has a top mount PSU, this is just personal preference. Let the madness begin... Taking her apart... Starting with plastic before metal :P I donated my M-ITX mobo and R7 240 GPU so will get an MSI FM2/FM2+ M-ITX along with a MSI R9 270x. Yes, I will not be using built in graphics or getting an APU, will get Athlon CPU and use dedicated graphics. For storage I plan to get either two 480 GB SSDs (prices have decreased) or one 480 GB SSD with a 2.5" laptop HDD. Fans and CPU cooler are up to debate. Thinking about making changes to (one piece) top and side panel. Suggestions are welcome...
  22. So this is my 1st sponsored built for MSI laptops in our country...the built was a MSI gaming branded laptop cooler...hope u all will like it...and please do comment and suggest anything that you want....1st I want to thank MSI and Cooler Master for making this built possible.... Starting with the main ingredients of my built which is the awesome jetflow fans from cooler master....this was my 1st time to get these bad boys in hands...and they really seems premium in quality which I must admit Some shots of the fans.... But 1st want to show u all the concept art which I made before starting the built...so please do tell me how it turned out I was just taking pictures of it in that time and forgot that I need to start my work.. Here is another important ingredient of my built....Bosny can Spray which is the best I can get in our country....And when I started working I found out that I needed to make holes for the fans where Bill Owen dual 120mm Mnpctech radiator templates came in handy...without those....my built would be much hard to finish...http://mnpctech.com/pc-cooling-fan-templates.html And the funniest part I found out while building this cooler that I don't have a compass in the whole house where I used to have two geometry box and a compasses...so couldn't help myself and bought a compass immediately the next day... Here is the 5mm acrylic sheet which was delivered to me at the mid night...and daayumn it was heavy.... Made some mark outs in the sheet to figure out how I will make the cooler...my 1st concept was to bend the whole sheet as a box....then I found out that It will be too hard to bend the whole thing evenly..and started to cut out the parts And here is the fan face plate drawing And I don't wanted to use glue and cheap out the built that's why drilled holes in the acrylic sheet to insert screws to make it firm All the cutting of the pieces was almost done.... these was the side supporting parts...which I cut later on here are all the pieces drilled out....and it was hell of a pain to make a precise drill as it was really a thin space to do the drilling As the cooler was for the MSI gaming series laptop that's why wanted to give little dragon flavor to it...it came in my mind later on...and as I didn't had any printer and also don't wanted to waste time that's why hand drawn the dragon and the tail or whatever u say it is in the back.....But it was a serious pain to curve it all by hands..... :( At last finished curving it successfully even though there was some identical difference...but it wasn't that major...which was satisfying... Time for fan face plate making... It wasn't bad but also wasn't that much smooth as it was done with power tools...not with automatic acrylic laser cutters... :( Here are the fan holes....was almost perfect in the 1st cut without any major problem at all... And the cut was smooth enough also... though I was dazzled with jet flows premiumness but actually the extended rubber padding gave me quite a pain to attach the 1.5 inch screws with nuts....that's why had to engraves this pattern in the back part of the sheet.... Did some engraving in the front part also so that it gives some clearance in there also here is the full back part Attached the parts with screw for taste purpose to see how it would end up...and I was impressed by its rigidity.... ;) You might wonder why these whole are for...I used these cube holes as spacer between the main side part and the dragon curved part Here how it will look after I put the spacers between two acrylics... And here's the face plate unwrapped,,,,It seems nice this way he he...... :D Here's a test run with the fan and the red led strip on Made a little cf wrap in the face plate Its looking nicer now I guess.... here are the jets with all its glory in the bottom of the cooler...oh and I've painted it red from the inside so the red led strips and other guts inside doesn't become that much visible when it is on Some cable management and rubber foot attaching....but one of another pain of the jet flow was there wasn't any 3pin to 4pin molex adapter given with it...I was lucky to have some in my hand...otherwise I would have to hard wire it.... :( Attached switch in the back part and also painted it matte black so that the insight guts is invincible... ;)...which will make it look cleaner..... Some retouch with markers....LOL.... Another taste run after removing the protective acrylic cover.... Did some black carbon fiber wrapping along with some design to make it more eye catchy and look sleek and little pro.... :P I was so happy that it turned out like this...please do comment freely to let me know how u liked it.... Made a MSI gaming logo in the front with some more cf wrapping here's the finished built with some glamour shots.... ;) here's how the black dragon looks...... The dragon is lighted up with the glow from inside.... Full dark shoot...and it looked much much better then the camera in real life..... And here is my Modding signature.... :).....PLEASE EVERYONE DO COMMENT AND SUGGEST FREELY....I WOULD BE MUCH HAPPY FOR THE COMMENTS OF ALL.... Oh and here is the Implementation picture of the cooler that I haven't posted before...
  23. Well hello all in the Zoo tonight time for a new build... looking forward to this one... so with out any more messing about lets get started... So the case I will be modding is a Xigmatek Elysium ( Super Tower ) monster of a case (hehe) And the side window is where I will be starting... Now having access to a UV flat bed printer ( at work ) I would have been a fool not to use it so a very big thanks you to Wit-Color ( http://www.witcolor.co.za/ ) for allowing me to use the printer today. https://www.facebook.com/witcolordigital/photos/a.267499143354412.47714.267498240021169/3740067242764234/?type=1&theater The process stared with printing the design onto vynal that was stuck down onto the print bed, this helps us line up exactly where the print will be and also insures that all the printer heads are firing 100%. Emma Frost Now as you can see I'm using Emma Frost as the main theme in this build... (epic pic) once I was happy with the image placement it was time to print onto the window. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9M-bo7eAkQ And this is the finished result. Very Happy with the end product! whats NEXT you ask... well after payday lots of plasti dip and more perspex things, stay tuned to see the winter blow over the Elysium.
  24. Hi all!! I'm not so forum's addict, from now i will :) This time, i looking for smaller and sli/crossfire capable rig with a "cool look". What will be used: Case: Bitfenix Colosus M Mobo:MSI Z97m gaming (Thank's to MSI for support me!) VGA:MSI N770 TF4 2GD5 OC Memory: Corsair Domintaor GT 2000 cl7 4GB (Until get a better) PSU:Silverstone Strider Gold 1000W Cooling parts: i will reutilize my unused parts, Alphacool and enzotech fittings, Magicool rad and Swiftech CPU block. Here we go... Some meters of MDPC sleeves I dont decide yet which ID hose iwll be used :) Sleeving.. Burning my finger's The one night result: Sleeve the original cable in the Silverstone it's really boring.. in PCI-E cable was a capacitor and ferrite tube ...Just left 3 cables (2 SATA and 1 4 pin) Sleeved fans. Drawing back plate and grommets: Back panel, front panel and badges: Continue...
  25. Hey everyone, I'm new here but this forum is awesome and have awesome members who create realy nice stuff. I'm sorry for my english but hope u can understand me enought to help me. PS: I'm German :P This is my rigg : So here is my question have u guys any idea how to make it looking better ? And maybe cooler ? Do you need information about the pc-hardware i could use which isnt in that system ?
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