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Found 4 results

  1. djjiz

    First pc.

    Got sick of trying to stay cool while streaming a phone game on a laptop. Had no clue what to do so bought some used stuff off Craigslist. So far so good. Evga z170 I3 killer CPU 8gigs of mystery ram Corsair 650 psu Powercolor 270 gpu Tiffany blue custom mixed paint. Average stuff. Nothing special.
  2. Hi experts, I'm build my first wc rig. I ordered some Barrow fittings and angled parts from Ali... and when I opened I found that the 90' degree are non rotary and of course when I tried to screw them to my components they're just pointing different without being snuggly fitted. Any tips on what can I do to make them finger tight an pointing to the right direction? Thx J
  3. Background Back in July of 2014 I had an idea for a build, but sadly, RL caused issues to put it on the back burner. With things now going on the way up, and actually got over 1/2 the cost of the upgrade put away, I am now looking at doing my first project. I'n not going to do a major first project. Going to go slow and simple and then slowly update my new machine over time. Since I decided to take a step back I reevaluated my choices and what I wanted to do with the case, and more importanlty , the theme. So after thinking it over, Timberwolf was born as my theme for the build and name of my new rig. Concept and Design Ideas Since my wolf is going to have a wolf theme/motif to it, I was thinking on how to pull it off. As I was laying in bed it came to me. First, the color scheme, looking at my motherboard and case options, saw that i could easily pull off a Black/Gray color scheme, but it needed a bit of color to pop. Then thinking back at one of Mayhems cooling liquids, it hit me.......Red. Now, I plan to watercool this build after the first of the year (I can't do it sooner because I will be selling off parts off this one to help defray the costs of the new rig and frankly, Nov/Dec/Jan/ tends to be the busiest time of my work (proofing legal depositions). I saw Mayhems Aurora and the way it moved through tubing, it sort of reminded me of blood pumping through veins/arties. So the watercooling is also gonna be kind of like blood pumping through the body. The canvas/center of the build is the Evolv ATX chasis. I love the laylout, the look and more importantly, the way the window looks. As far as how the color scheme could look, here is a mock up of something I was curious if I could do: It's not fully done, but kind of is the feel of how I see the colors working out. There are some snags I am running into my build. One is should I keep it to a simple silhotte or maybe add something that is bit more detail. These are just examples, and not my final choices. or Parts List PCPart Picker (just easier to list it here. The 212 is til I can get the custom loop). Watercooling Loop XSPC D5 Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo Koolance 380l Waterblock (saw this in Bil's Trek build and fell in love with the simplicity in the look) PETG Tubing and proper fittings 1/2" OD 3/8" ID Questions, Concerns, Issues Where I could use some help now is fans (I am looking at possibly the Vardar series) and then what type of 360 Rad. I know I can't fit a thick rad, but not sure if I should aim for normal or slim? Standard flow ports or cross flow? Then, what are some good proper fittings for PETG to use? Any ideas anyone can think of to make this build really eye popping?
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to modding, I have always loved to the custom look and mods that people come up with when I look to buy/build me a new computer, so I decided I would try to do some mods myself and see how it goes. I have not decided on a theme yet, all I have come up with is my color scheme. I have yet to purchase anything as of yet because i want to have a firm grasp on where i want to go before jumping in and blowing allot of money on things i don't need right away. For my color scheme i would like to go with a White/Black. But when trying to think of a theme to go with with this color scheme I tend to drift to racing and I'm not really a fan of racing. I am hesitant to choose a theme of a game (don't want to pick something and latter end up not liking the game all that much) I have decided to go with a Corsair 900D case for the room (as i would like to add water cooling next year) and there is plenty of ways to make it my own. As for tools and experience, I don't have many tools right now, just basic screwdriver sets for tearing apart my current electronics. I know i will have to purchase some tools, I myself have never worked with tools much so suggestions on starting tools and brands would be very helpful. Thank you all, and keep up the amazing work. Hope to be one of you soon.
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