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Found 1 result

  1. "MZ-2" (Genesis: The Evolution of the Mod Munky) is our second Mod Zoo Staff project PC build with Origin PC's GENESIS Full Tower case. The case will be retailing for $499. The Millennium version of the case will retail for $399 and doesn't come with the lower section. In cooperation with Origin PC, Koolance and Mnpctech PC & Case Modding Supplies Here is Part 2 of our "MZ-2" GENESIS Origin PC Mod Zoo Staff Gaming PC Build, Here is Part 3 of our "MZ-2" GENESIS Origin PC Mod Zoo Staff Gaming PC Build, Watch our 1st staff project video series, "MZ-1" with the Cooler Master / CM Storm Ghost Mid Tower ASUS Z97 Maximus 7 Ranger I7 4790K 4x sticks of 4GB HyperX DDR 2x EVGA 980 GTX Corsair 850 RM Power Supply Samsung SSD 850 pro, 256GB EK Parts: 10x EK-AF Angled 90 degree G-1/4 Black 10x EK-AF Angled 45 degree G-1/4 Black 2x EK-FC980 GTX - Acetal+Nickel 2x EK-FC980 GTX Backplate - Black 1x EK-Coolstream PE 360 (Triple) 1x EK-Coolstream PE 240 (Dual) 1x EK Supremacy EVO - Acetal+Nickel 1x EK FC Terminal Dual Parallel 3-Slot KOOLANCE Parts: 1x RP-452X (Dual 5.25in Reservoir for 1-2 PMP-450/S Pumps, Revision 2) 2x PMP-450 Pump, ID 13mm (1/2") Mnpctech PETG Hardline tubing, 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD Primochill Rigidi Revolver Compression Fittings, 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD, Diamond Knurl Grip Read about the details and features on Origin PC's "Genesis" and "Millennium" case http://www.originpc.com/landing/new-genesis-millennium/ The three of us met in Mosquito's workshop to record more progress on the "MZ-2" Origin Genesis PC. We agreed the build should have Mod Zoo Munky signature. The lower bezel cover appeared to be the best location of the Mod Zoo Munky case badge (on my cap) Mosquito cut opening in the bezel with his Scroll saw while Captain Curry Sauce trimmed a piece of Honeycomb Modders Mesh to be mounted on the backside of the bezel opening. Mosquito cuts open the lower bezel cover with his Excalibur Scroll saw Mosquito files the edges of the opening in the lower bezel cover. We're using Honeycomb Modder's Mesh (79% airflow) is 22 gauge perforated plain steel. 1/4" hexagon holes with 9/32" staggered centers and can be used for creating PC Intake Grills, Fan Grills or radiator grills. Link to Honeycomb Modders Mesh Sheets , http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/modders-mesh-perforated-aluminum-steel-honeycomb-grill-intake-front-fan-slotted-diamond-round-hex/ ScotchWeld DP-190 2 part epoxy was used to attached the mesh to the backside of the bezel. Allow this to cure for 24 hours. This build has premium liquid cooling components sponsored by Koolance We're utilizing two Koolance VID-ND980 GTX water blocks 2x Koolance Video Bridge connectors Mnpctech PETG liquid tubing Koolance 240 with OriginPC 120mm fans These aluminum mesh 120mm filters provide maximum airflow with effective filtering, http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-cooling-fans-grills-custom/120mm-pc-cooling-fan-filter-black-anodized-aluminum.html The tightly woven aluminum corrugated mesh screen is encased in a formed aluminum frame built for ruggedness and durability. The units are easily washed in a solvent or degreaser and can be mounted directly to the fan or to a panel. M4 PC Radiator screws with Red Anodized M4 beveled washers, http://mnpctech.com/screws-anodized-m3-m4-30mm-35mm-40mm-red-blue-green-gold-ek-alphacool-hardwarelabs-corsair-xspc/m4-anodized-washers/
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