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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I'm on to my next build already (no rest for the weary modder!) During my Speeder build, of which Corsair became a sponsor, they approached me about participating in their mod contest. How could I refuse? All entries will be Overwatch themed, so I chose the character Lucio as the subject of my build. I'm using Corsair's Crystal 460X mid tower case, so this is the design I came up with: It will have a full scale 3D printed Sonic Amplifier mounted inside, with the front coming through the front of the case. And with any luck (and time permitting), it will have working lights and sounds. Corsair has graciously provided me with the case, as well as a bevy of other great components to use in this build.. Crystal 460x Mid-Tower Case RM850 Modular Power Supply H100i 240mm AIO cooler RGB 120mm 3-Fan Kit Commander Pro RGB and Lighting Node RGB LED strips MP500 120Gb M.2 drive Vengeance 16Gb RGB Memory kit I've already started printing the parts for the Sonic Amplifier gun. I was fortunate to find a complete 3D model online, so that saved me a ton of time not having to create it myself.. There are quite a few parts for this thing, so I'll be printing pieces for the next couple weeks. This is where a printer with a large print volume comes in handy. The Rostock Max has a 10"D x 15.75"H print area, so I dont have to slice pieces like this front disc.. Progress will be fast and furious on this project, as it has to be complete by September. So updates will be sporadic at best lol. Lastly, I'd like to thank Corsair for inviting me to partake in this competition, and I wish all my fellow modders best of luck! :D
  2. Hey guys! It's been a while and my craving to cut aluminum and acrylic had reached its limits! I have an upcoming case mod project for EVGA's "Gear Up with EVGA" program. EVGA was kind enough to support this project of mine with their awesome components. I will call this project "Dark DragonBlade" and this project will be based on the character of the game "Overwatch", Genji. I just started drawing up a concept for the project just last week and this might take a while. I need to get some office stuff/work out of my way before I can go full blast on this project so please bear with me. Here's a quick sketch that I made for the front panel. I will be modding a Cooler Master MasterCasePro 5 for this project. The design is just a week old so it might still change (hopefully not). The color scheme for this project will be black/green mainly because that's my favorite color combination. Genji is the samurai character on the Overwatch game and he has white/silver/green color scheme on him. Since I am using black/green color scheme, I might just called this project "Dark Samurai". I am not sure yet about the name but "Dark Samurai" sounds good. For now. :P EVGA was quick to send their awesome PC components to me. It only took em 2 days (I live in Canada)! EVGA and Thermaltake will be my sponsors for this project. EVGA's 1000G Power supply looks solid and sexy as hell! They have sent me their Super clocked EVGA DDR4 Memory modules too. Evga X99 Classified motherboard. This is one hell of a sexy looking motherboard. This part though, since I am going with black/green theme, I will paint this up to matte black or green. Can't decide yet but will definitely change the color of this to go with the theme. And this guy, when I opened up the box last week, seeing this beast made my jaw dropped on the floor! EVGA GTX 980 Ti Classified! Even the packaging is just awesome. Here is the case that will be murdered on this project. CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 5. I apologize for the smudges of fingerprints around the case. In the next week or two, I will keep on pushing on completing the sketch/concept for this project. Hopefully I can finish some deadlines and other stuff back at work so I can start wildly cutting up acrylic sheets and aluminum for this project. I apologize for the quality of photo, I am still working on my photography skills which obviously needs A LOT of work. :P Well, that's it for me right now, will put up updates as soon as I can. Wish me luck!
  3. Hello Again Everyone! Thank you for your thoughts and opinions on my previous Worklog, of my first pc case mod, on the old Dell Inspiron. I have finally taken some pictures of my start on this case mod. This build is for my daughter, who loves to play Overwatch... especially D'Va. First, the case I will be using is another of my old cases the Thermaltake Level 10 GTS. I dismantled it and gutted it in preparation for my plans.. And here is the design plans... The left most picture is the right side of the case that has the bump out for cable management. Simple stenciling and painting. The center picture is the left side where I will be using wood to cover the new hole and painting colorful pictures. Keeping the existing fan holes. The right picture is the front. This is the interesting part of my plan. The front will have two panels. The one closest to the frame will be painted in flat black to match the case and have the usb panel, power and reset blinky lights for the hard drives, and a fan hole for a 200mm fan (same as the case came with). Then the second front panel will have the bunny logo on it and be mounted via 4 posts on the square portion. This panel will not be totally flat on all sides. The edges will be beveled on the square portion and the ears will be shaped and rounded on the edges to create a sculptured aspect. Between the two front panels will have approximately 3/4" of space for air intake and be bolted to the frame. I will have to create a new hard drive cage, but am still working out the details since I will have to make it out of wood and attach to the case... unless I find a whole lot of change in the couch. LOL! Might fashion it based on some acrylic concepts I have seen online. Wish me luck!! Icromnius
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