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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, I'm going to be spray painting certain sections of the H440 so it matches my build. However I've never sprayed a case before so was wondering: a. Will I need to sand the case down before hand or can I spray straight over its matte black finish? b. Will I need to apply self-etching primer to the case? Kind Regards, Alister Looking at an inverted white-black design.
  2. Hi, I was wondering is it worth buying a entry level paint gun or the paint quality wont be better than a spray ? I dont have any existing painting equipment and it would be nice to hear you opinion and if you have any recommendations.\ Please note that amazon.com does not ship to my country and .uk and .de dont ship 100% of the items.
  3. Looking for a site that can make stensils out of PNG files. Anyone know a good one?
  4. The Theory Cosmos SE The Theory is proudly sponsored by: Welcome to my 3rd project This is my 3rd project, and the case that will be modified is, the stunning Cosmos SE from Cooler Master. This project won't be alike to the others, it won't be super filled with colors and super overrated. This time it's going to be more simple, slick and gentle. What is the pannel colors then? Black, Grey and White is the planned colors. This case have maybe not seen 1.000 of mods but there is quite some fine ones and as well some really spectacular Cosmos II out there. So I hope that I can lit up your fire of attension and hope that you will follow the progress of this long term project. The timeline is as following. Will be finished at the event of NPF#16 in 2015. (Okt) To start it all up I've gotten the case to start measuring and tinker with the case. here is some photos of the great case that Cooler Master have sponsored The Cosmos SE! Update Log (none yet :-D)
  5. Hello all, Having just finished my 900D high-end build, I have begun the planning phase of my newest build. This is a budget build that I am doing for a Boys' Home in New Orleans. The theme (and I'm sure that this will not please NFL fans in other cities) is going to be a black and gold NO Saints build. This is particularly easy given the black/gold color scheme of ASUS' most recent line of MB's. A brief outline of the parts I have decided on so far: MB: Asus A88X-PRO APU: A10-6800K GPU: None RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (CMZ8GX3M2B1600C9G) SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB HDD: 2x300GB WD Green Drives that I took from old machines PSU: Corsair RM 450W I have narrowed down my chassis selection to 2 options: Corsair Obsidian 450D Mid-Tower Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full-Tower Which of these two chassis would you recommend? The price is comparable, and I am familiar with Corsair's Obsidian Line; however, I am leaning toward the Phanteks because it gets praise from reviewers, it comes with a psu cover and hdd cage plate, and because it looks quite nice; however, I am worried that -- since this is a budget build with an APU rather than a GPU+CPU -- the system may look empty in a full-tower chassis vs a mid-tower. I also am not so sure I like the way that the Phanteks panel windows are laid out, but I cannot judge this without having seen the case. I am leaning toward the Phanteks chassis, but I am open to suggestions for the 450D or any other case. My second question is about gold spray paint. Can someone recommend a good gold metallic spray paint for my custom painted parts and components? I typically use automotive quality spray paint, and I prefer enamel based over lacquer for the durability. I can use a lacquer paint, but I hate having to apply clear enamel as I am inept at doing so evenly. Obviously I need the paint to match the gold on the MB, so that is really of paramount importance. Thanks for any advice on these two issues, Carson
  6. Hello all, I have a question regarding spray paint. As such, this isn't a modding guide, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I use a unique color of grey for my build: it's Duplicolor Cast Coat Iron Engine Enamel automotive spray paint. The issue that I have run into is that when assembling my rig, sometimes a little chip in the enamel occurs. When it happens, I've been biting the bullet and removing the piece for complete respraying. Now that I've filled my rigid tubing loop with coolant, this has become a far more problematic scenario. Specifically, I used the paint to customize my bay res face plate, which involved unscrewing the plate from the device and breaking the water-tight seal. For obvious reasons, I do not want to have to drain my loop, disassemble the res and respray now that I've bled the air out. I've searched high and low for a paint own that is even close in color, but have had no luck. My question is this: is there a way to use spray paint on a touch up brush. I was thinking about spraying down onto wax paper or something, and then using a small piece of felt or something similar to the tip if a paint pen, soaking up a bit of the enamel before it dries and then carefully touching up the chipped spots. Is this a feasible workaround? Are there any better ways of doing this? If I bought a can of paint, is there a service that would take it and put it into a touch up style brush? Thanks so much for any advice, Carson
  7. So I am in the process of planning out my wifes build. I am looking for a spray paint that matches nvidia green. I have looked a bit myself just through google and at local hardware stores with no luck. hoping maybe someone has an idea...
  8. I've been thinking a lot about what kinds of innovations we've seen in modding over the last few years, and where there is room for improvement. What have you guys seen that has really changed or raised the bar for modding? Where do you see the future heading? I really like seeing builds and ideas that really extend far beyond the norm for mods. This is one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Bill's mods in the first place. I have great appreciation for ideas and creativity that stands out and is unique. One example of cool innovation I can think of recently is Mosquito taking apart that LCD panel to make the background transparent, and potentially using that for a side panel. That is friggin awesome, and I love seeing more and more ideas like this come to life. I like this kind of discussion, so lend me your comments, opinions, ideas, etc. etc.
  9. Hey folks! Time for another mod from me. This came about from a decision where SFFreview.com would sponsor a minecraft tournament at a LAN local to me - Aucklan.com I decided to take the opportunity to introduce local LANners to two things - SFF and mods! I bought two of these cases, one for the prize mod and one for my own mod, and both will be shown in this thread as we go along. 47 days to go to get both done! Right,. lets do this! First of all, I've started with the Aywun A1-1001 chassis. It features a 250w SFX PSU, an external 5.25" bay and an internal 3.5" bay. It's pretty small too - coming in at around 11.5L external volume, under HALF the size of the Bitfenix Prodigy and just over half the size of the Coolermaster Elite 120. I will cover upgrades as we go through. I apologise for the quality of the pictures - my camera has packed a sad so I'm relying on my 3MP smartphone camera! First up - better cooling. The stock case comes with a 80mm front intake spot - and we all know 80mm fans aren't that great for moving air quietly. I've cut a larger fan position here - to fit a 120mm fan! This area will fit a regular 120mm fan if I decide to go with a custom HDD rack, or a Scythe Slim 120 if I keep the standard drive mount. Also done: The addition of a custom power switch and 16x2 line LCD unit. The LCD can be used to scroll messages, RSS feeds and pretty much anything else you can think of (except temps thanks to the plugin being abandoned :( ) Thats all for now - in the next few weeks I will be replacing the window with something nicer, sleeving the PSU, painting the case and adding some special touches :D
  10. I know that a number of modders have painted acrylic sheets with opaque paints in their mods. What I am looking at doing is painting or "tinting" a clear acrylic sheet with a transparent paint. The goal is a nicely tinted sheet that you can see through (although not necessarily clearly) but that doesn't look splattered or rough. I'm trying to save money rather than springing for a large sheet of acrylic that would likely be too dark for my use. Any ideas?
  11. Hey folks, I'm modding up a SFF chassis as a LAN tournament prize and need some advice on painting it. I'm going for a urban digital camo style look similar to: The case is currently black powdercoat. I was wondering if the following would work: Mask off black areas I wish to keep on stock panels Spray etch primer and leave to dry Spray light grey and leave to dry mask off light grey I wish to keep spray dark grey and leave to dry Pull off masking to reveal the light grey and black Spray matte clear coat Would this work? Or would I be left with a very uneven surface due to the depth of the primer and 2 colours vs the stock black powdercoat?
  12. Hello gentlemen I'm currently in the business of painting a case. My question is simple. Does anyone here have any experiences with Montana brand Gold or Black series rattle cans? I can see the Gold label is acrylic and the Black label is at least partially lacquer based. Thanks!
  13. I notice in bill's firefly case mod, I realise how to add the rust effect but I'm not sure how do you apply the paint peeling effect like the picture below. If anyone can give some sort of direction. I only know the effect of the rusting and that the rusting process is using oxidising process where mnpc youtube show how it is done.
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